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Found 8 results

  1. skull_122_steel

    An Idea For CVs

    So I think we can all agree the CV rework was handled poorly, But from what I've seen the main issue people have is that CVs have no direct involvement in shooting down enemy planes. All they can do is pop a fighter and hope the planes fly through it. So I have an Idea, Does anyone remember the old strafe mechanic that fighter squadrons could do. Well my Idea is this, Instead of making attack run you could choose to strafe, Rocket planes would do the most damage while Torp bombers will do the least and when the DB and TB are the same plane the difference in the length of time the strafe last
  2. Esta prueba de la versión no me deja conforme al jugar con los Portaviones, la cantidad de daño parte de las defensas Anti-Aéreas es excesivo, Pregunta Por que Estandarizar el daño anti-Aéreo en todos los barcos? La quejas antes del Rework a los Portaviones era la misma daño excesivo de las AA. Bueno si van a estandarizar el daño AA por que mejor reintegrar el ataque conjunto de los escuadrones aéreos. El daño AA va de 2k o hasta el derribo completo del escuadrón aéreo
  3. Ahoy Fleet! With the deployment of update 0.8.0, we'd like your feedback and thoughts on the items included with this latest patch! Please provide your experience on the following: Reworked Aircraft Carriers: Gameplay Ranked Battles: The Eleventh Season Naval Battle: A Clash Between Clans Content Additions and Changes - Lunar New Year Game Balance Changes To report bugs and other "oooops that wasn't how it was supposed to work" items, please go here. #anchorsaweigh
  4. Well i'm actually a normal player who has main CV (T8-X) but also use DD T8-9, BB T7-X and CA/CL T5-8 just for fun but i think i have a global point of view enough to say what it's okay what is regular and what is bad 1.- the Buff to the AA in TX i find it appropriate but, just a second and goodbye to 80% of the HP of your aircraft and 3 of them died but in anyway as a DD player it's OK for BB i would say it still feels weak but as CV i find it somewhat strong but it's OK for the TX. The general nerf to hakuryuu with the new buff to the AA in general seems execisive to me you should leave hakuryu as it is currently on NA server and only buff the AA littlebit i mean just 5 more dmg in every AA defence of 8.1 PT to reach the ideal balance. --- BUT a T8 CV has everything very bad just up-tiered. 1 tier is bad enough to you, but in TX it's hardly fair in 8.1 PT but you wouldn't be able to do something that makes you feel minimally useful to your team until the 17th minute of the match. But if you are fighting at a lower tier (T6-T8), it works great and even then the battles are still depending on which team has the best players. --- The way to improve the T8, Lexington: increase the divebomber and torpedoes to 4 so we could do an adequate scaling (T4- 1 torpedo, T6- 2 torpedo, T8- 4 torpedo, TX- 6 torpedo and the dive bobmers the same because in TX Midway you have 2 bombs and torpedo per plane) BUT reduce its damage. Speed and other parameters should stay the same as it is still easy to lose your planes. For Shoukaku: in their improved torpedo as well you should raise it to 3 (T4- 1 torpedo T6- 2 torpedo - T8- 3 torpedo and TX- 3 good torpedo or 4 realy good torpedo bombers) and dive bombers need better health in T8 and X this way as a player you realy feel a progress when playing a better tier and that will help to make the player feel good and they are doing some type of progress. T8 feels so deam boring because it's the same fukign thing you know in T6 for the jap CV's and more people used to play Lexington just for fun and the Shoukaku just to get Taiho as for now only to reach Hakuryu. --- NOTE.- The Nerf in Hakuryu to avoid the massive spam of attack, attack, attack, retreat of the 2 torpedo bombers horribly afflicted Shoukaku making it horrible to play. Shoukaku needs to be able to do that if you increase their planes to 3 you can reduce their chances of flooding and damage but only a little if you have 3 but you have to return their attack agility because immediately after attacking you can not maneuver and any AA can obliterate your planes also when you start attacking your planes are completely unpossessed to maneuver any explosion of AA will make them disappear so the Shoukaku realy needs his agility 2.- As a player of BB i think you should increase the efficiency range of the figther to 3.5 km. It would seem fair and a little more aggressive --- The Nerf to the flood seems appropriate but should reduce the necessary damage to get the achievement of unsinkable and Liquidator for get those flags. I do not see this bad for other ships because the damage of their torpedoes is already terrifying. i do not think that losing the damage of the flood will make much difference when 2 torpedo hits have already made 40K damage. 3.- As a DD player i find this nerf excessive in all aspects before you needed to be a very skilled DD to sink an CV (before the rework) if you give yourself the luxury of shooting before the CV receive all your torpedoes is because you were an idiot because you gave him the time he needed to maneuver he could call all his planes and destroy you, now is something similar but you have to wait for the CV to be busy attacking others and just launch your torpedoes and when he is condemned is time to start with the shooting. However the CV (under the new attack planes control) can't defend itself properly because they are to stif to maneuver to defend himself --- teach DD players to use the P key because I can assure the 65% of DD players never turn off their AA
  5. *pictured - Landing Signal Officer (in white vest) watches as an F/A-18C Hornet from VFA-87 (The War Party) on final approach to USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) in the Carribean Sea on 1/31/2003* What is your impression of the upcoming rework of aircraft carrier gameplay and operations? The CV rework has been undergoing sea trials during Public Test 0.8.0 which includes not only new aircraft gameplay but anti-aircraft mechanics as well. In addition, the tiers for aircraft have changed (IV, VI, VIII and X) and air group commanders have new skills to learn and qualify with. Are you undergoing carrier qualifications and ready to receive your "wings of gold"? "I have just taken on a great responsibility. I will do my utmost to meet it." - Chester Nimitz, US Navy #flightdeckfriday #anchorsaweigh
  6. 0.8.0 is going to be a very confusing update, with wargaming actively collecting data for balancing in future updates for the better of the game. Considering that WG really had no other choice than to shove the rework into the live server in order to balance it correctly, they should give older CV players the ability to refund their CVs for doubloons, free xp, and credits even after 0.8.0 is over. This would help people make their final decision to sell their carriers when they see the final version of the class, due to the fact that 0.8.0 will still be a testing period for the ships. WG can be as vague as they want with their updates, it still isn't going to fool CV mains. So, please wargaming, let us have the ability to sell our CVs until you release the final version of the game. I don't care how long it will take. I want to see what CVs will eventually turn into before I make my decision to sell or not. The last thing I need is to sell my CVs right when the update comes, just to see them have a big change in the next update.
  7. Ahoy Fleet! Invitations to our general World of Warships community for the special testing for the aircraft carrier game play rework have been sent out. After logging in and trying out the test session, please provide the following feedback: How bugged is the test session/mechanics? Is the new UI and mechanics playable? How does the new aircraft and ship gameplay feel? Also please provide your thoughts on these questions: If you don't play aircraft carriers now, would the proposed rework encourage you to try more battles in CVs? If you are a current CV player, would the new game play appeal to you or turn you off from continuing to play CVs? Thanks again for participating in this special test session for CVs! #anchorsaweigh
  8. Ahoy Fleet! Start of new carriers beta test is postponed until tomorrow: Thursday - October 18, 2018 05:00AM PT (08:00AM ET). The TST server was not ready for testing so the team decided to postpone it. Sorry for the delay but we wanted to make sure good solid testing of the CV rework was available for all of our participants. #anchorsaweigh