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Found 8 results

  1. Ahoy Fleet! With the deployment of update 0.8.0, we'd like your feedback and thoughts on the items included with this latest patch! Please provide your experience on the following: Reworked Aircraft Carriers: Gameplay Ranked Battles: The Eleventh Season Naval Battle: A Clash Between Clans Content Additions and Changes - Lunar New Year Game Balance Changes To report bugs and other "oooops that wasn't how it was supposed to work" items, please go here. #anchorsaweigh
  2. In recent weeks/months I've found it more difficult to support this game. First, yes something had to be done about CVs. The old system was not working and I applaud Wargaming for taking the first steps in getting the CV problem solved. What I do not support is the rushed release of CVs. They were not ready to go live. Again, this is Wargaming not listening to their CC and ST, plus all of the players that took part in the CV test server and the PTS that said hey great idea, but this needs more testing. Secondly, Wargaming's idea to put the GC at T6 is ridiculous. Not only did I buy this ship at T5 and expected it to remain at T5 and preform AT LEAST as good as it did when I bought it. Also, with the GC Wargaming had it on sale for a year, then gave it to players as a welcome back gift, and lastly put it in Santa crates to have a chance of getting the GC. A lot of people spent a lot of money on crates trying to get this ship, I bought my GC when it first came out, and a month later Wargaming says we're moving it up a tier without basically any buffs. That's a deplorable choice Wargaming, on the verge of fraud and you should be held accountable! I'am certainly reconsidering my choice about if I'll be purchasing premium ships going forward. Another problem I have with Wargaming that I am still working on is; after the CV update I researched the US CV line. All of it. Played one game and decided to sell for the credits back so I could purchase back some ships. I made the mistake of selling in the arsenal instead of port which locked the line again even though I researched after the update, and moved all the free XP researching the US CV line to the USS Eire. I've put in multiple tickets explaining this and Wargaming has said too bad we cant unlock the line or help you. So they've basically charged be 600,000 free XP, which I bought using doubloons to convert to play 1 game. This is WRONG WG!!!!!!!!!!! You've never been able to lock a line after researching it! It was a mistake and your refusal to help has made me question your business ethics and the ethics of your support staff. I have asked several times for an email of someone in management and have been refused! I want this problem resolved! Yes the community needs to hold Wargaming accountable for their recent actions. The way Wargaming is going pretty soon this will be just like World of Warplanes, dead and a barren server.
  3. Well i'm actually a normal player who has main CV (T8-X) but also use DD T8-9, BB T7-X and CA/CL T5-8 just for fun but i think i have a global point of view enough to say what it's okay what is regular and what is bad 1.- the Buff to the AA in TX i find it appropriate but, just a second and goodbye to 80% of the HP of your aircraft and 3 of them died but in anyway as a DD player it's OK for BB i would say it still feels weak but as CV i find it somewhat strong but it's OK for the TX. The general nerf to hakuryuu with the new buff to the AA in general seems execisive to me you should leave hakuryu as it is currently on NA server and only buff the AA littlebit i mean just 5 more dmg in every AA defence of 8.1 PT to reach the ideal balance. --- BUT a T8 CV has everything very bad just up-tiered. 1 tier is bad enough to you, but in TX it's hardly fair in 8.1 PT but you wouldn't be able to do something that makes you feel minimally useful to your team until the 17th minute of the match. But if you are fighting at a lower tier (T6-T8), it works great and even then the battles are still depending on which team has the best players. --- The way to improve the T8, Lexington: increase the divebomber and torpedoes to 4 so we could do an adequate scaling (T4- 1 torpedo, T6- 2 torpedo, T8- 4 torpedo, TX- 6 torpedo and the dive bobmers the same because in TX Midway you have 2 bombs and torpedo per plane) BUT reduce its damage. Speed and other parameters should stay the same as it is still easy to lose your planes. For Shoukaku: in their improved torpedo as well you should raise it to 3 (T4- 1 torpedo T6- 2 torpedo - T8- 3 torpedo and TX- 3 good torpedo or 4 realy good torpedo bombers) and dive bombers need better health in T8 and X this way as a player you realy feel a progress when playing a better tier and that will help to make the player feel good and they are doing some type of progress. T8 feels so deam boring because it's the same fukign thing you know in T6 for the jap CV's and more people used to play Lexington just for fun and the Shoukaku just to get Taiho as for now only to reach Hakuryu. --- NOTE.- The Nerf in Hakuryu to avoid the massive spam of attack, attack, attack, retreat of the 2 torpedo bombers horribly afflicted Shoukaku making it horrible to play. Shoukaku needs to be able to do that if you increase their planes to 3 you can reduce their chances of flooding and damage but only a little if you have 3 but you have to return their attack agility because immediately after attacking you can not maneuver and any AA can obliterate your planes also when you start attacking your planes are completely unpossessed to maneuver any explosion of AA will make them disappear so the Shoukaku realy needs his agility 2.- As a player of BB i think you should increase the efficiency range of the figther to 3.5 km. It would seem fair and a little more aggressive --- The Nerf to the flood seems appropriate but should reduce the necessary damage to get the achievement of unsinkable and Liquidator for get those flags. I do not see this bad for other ships because the damage of their torpedoes is already terrifying. i do not think that losing the damage of the flood will make much difference when 2 torpedo hits have already made 40K damage. 3.- As a DD player i find this nerf excessive in all aspects before you needed to be a very skilled DD to sink an CV (before the rework) if you give yourself the luxury of shooting before the CV receive all your torpedoes is because you were an idiot because you gave him the time he needed to maneuver he could call all his planes and destroy you, now is something similar but you have to wait for the CV to be busy attacking others and just launch your torpedoes and when he is condemned is time to start with the shooting. However the CV (under the new attack planes control) can't defend itself properly because they are to stif to maneuver to defend himself --- teach DD players to use the P key because I can assure the 65% of DD players never turn off their AA
  4. The base objective in the rework was to limit the crippling effect of the cv to influence the game and to move the skill gap to make the class more level to play. So i have pretty much had double cv matches since the rework. I know that they are looking to balance the haq. The thing is the below player was in my match this morning. And he is one of the players in the previous iteration of cv's would have effected the out come regardless of the other cv unless they were one of the top 10 on the server. as you will see from his pre rework stats 135 games and 90.37% win rate 113k ave dmg. max dmg 234k. he was a driving factor to make a case for the opness of cv's. well lets see how they did, 45 games and 57% win rate. so yes he is not able to simply win cause he is there, but there is more now 154k ave dmg and max game 450k...well. I know that they will be nerfing the haq. So i have to say that one of the 2 objectives was met. He no longer auto wins if he shows up. however in the old cv play he averaged 175k in spotting now it is 72k. His destruction rate was taken from 28 to 3. in a lot of measurable ways they have done a lot better then the forums is giving them credit for. I believe in the next few hot fixes and updates we can see the balancing of the amount of dpm that a cv can do will be addressed. As well as the balancing of the aa. Does it suck right now for any dd that is not the aa beast grozi or gearing, yes. I hope wg will buff the dd aa and make the over target time more painful as to allow for a dd to not be instantly focused down. They loss of spotting by dds and the effect that a dd has on the game would be a tragedy if the average game has 2 cvs and 1 dd. We have had a consistent meta of 3 to 4 dds per side which makes capping possible and to have cruisers capping is kinda silly. In this game I had with the below player who btw is very very good. my team was all herded into about 5 squares in the corner of they map inside of 8 minutes. the team with the ace had pushed a retreat so heavy that it was assured we would lose. The ability for a cv to kill you regardless is a thing that i hope they fix soon. as I know alot of players that will not even play randoms but are playing ranked to avoid the cv's. I think they are on the right track and that they need to fix the balance very quickly if they wish to keep a mass exodus from the game. I think they will loose a good deal of players over this. wg please be quick about leveling the god like cv's. It isnt just about if they can win or lose the game for you. it is now about the unfun factor of knowing that you can be sent to port at any cv's will. that fact has caused all of the normal tactics to be abandoned. no dd's to spot or cap. as soon as the cv is headed in anyone's general direction they turn and run to anything that has aa. if wg can learn anything from this debacle i am not sure. i am hoping that the game i love will be fixed soon. or at least playable. as in its current state. i am unwilling to play 95% of my boats. i can only play a boat that has god aa. otherwise the games are a tragedy. So like most of the people i know, ranked is my friend. let not get into the potatoes there.....
  5. *pictured - Landing Signal Officer (in white vest) watches as an F/A-18C Hornet from VFA-87 (The War Party) on final approach to USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) in the Carribean Sea on 1/31/2003* What is your impression of the upcoming rework of aircraft carrier gameplay and operations? The CV rework has been undergoing sea trials during Public Test 0.8.0 which includes not only new aircraft gameplay but anti-aircraft mechanics as well. In addition, the tiers for aircraft have changed (IV, VI, VIII and X) and air group commanders have new skills to learn and qualify with. Are you undergoing carrier qualifications and ready to receive your "wings of gold"? "I have just taken on a great responsibility. I will do my utmost to meet it." - Chester Nimitz, US Navy #flightdeckfriday #anchorsaweigh
  6. 0.8.0 is going to be a very confusing update, with wargaming actively collecting data for balancing in future updates for the better of the game. Considering that WG really had no other choice than to shove the rework into the live server in order to balance it correctly, they should give older CV players the ability to refund their CVs for doubloons, free xp, and credits even after 0.8.0 is over. This would help people make their final decision to sell their carriers when they see the final version of the class, due to the fact that 0.8.0 will still be a testing period for the ships. WG can be as vague as they want with their updates, it still isn't going to fool CV mains. So, please wargaming, let us have the ability to sell our CVs until you release the final version of the game. I don't care how long it will take. I want to see what CVs will eventually turn into before I make my decision to sell or not. The last thing I need is to sell my CVs right when the update comes, just to see them have a big change in the next update.
  7. Ahoy Fleet! Invitations to our general World of Warships community for the special testing for the aircraft carrier game play rework have been sent out. After logging in and trying out the test session, please provide the following feedback: How bugged is the test session/mechanics? Is the new UI and mechanics playable? How does the new aircraft and ship gameplay feel? Also please provide your thoughts on these questions: If you don't play aircraft carriers now, would the proposed rework encourage you to try more battles in CVs? If you are a current CV player, would the new game play appeal to you or turn you off from continuing to play CVs? Thanks again for participating in this special test session for CVs! #anchorsaweigh
  8. Hello and Merry Christmas Everyone, (and Hopefully WG.) First of all Im not a vet....in the recent months i got rehooked after returning to the game. Boy its been a load of fun. And im still addicted. But i was sad that i couldnt play CVs. I always wanted to come back and get "GUD" at these but now even practicing is a toxic event. 1st - Rework is neccessary for this reason alone (your reason in dev video for rework is one hundred percent needed) = Carriers are still difficult for me to play at a high skill level but i love playing them. In fact its my favorite class but i dont play because im not good enough. The vets in game require you to be good and its clearly obvious when your not. Its so crushing to be bad at it. On this note alone I agree with rework. With some dedicated practice i have been able to consistently rise to top 1 or 2 of every battle in any other ship. But i shy from practicing carriers because the community is so toxic at bad play. So that is really the need of fixing. How do we make carriers fun, powerful, but not always a game changer?!?!?!?!? ill touch on this last. 2nd - Dont ruin the fantasy. We are all here because we love naval warfare and the fantasy of being there. Watching ships explode and big guns firing. Perfect maneuvering leading to great kills. But most of all experiencing our favorite ships as if we were transported back in time watching these battles unfold. I feel the new rework counters this. I still haven't seen any fighters. I cant remember the last time i heard of rocket attacks on ships in the pacific.( you guys know better than me on this piece of history_) But yeah the rework doesn't feel like carrier battle. it really just feels like super fast destroyers with wings. (again this is from a newb point of view after watching some of the youtube videos of people playing it) But yeah you guys have nailed the DD fantasy, the cruiser fantasy and BB fantasy. Hell even the Halloween subs felt soooooo fun! And they weren't even historical and it felt like sub fantasy! THE CURRENT CV CAPTURES THE FANTASY - it just violates my first point - your reason for your rework. Right now only having one squad active at a time? when in history were carriers about one squad ? This is why the current CV captures the fantasy. Swarms of planes. AA fire etc. The current rework however does get one thing very right with fantasy and that is seeing the planes. 3rd - Is the rework fun?!?! Im sure it is! it looks fun which is good! But to be a special game you have to really capture multiple angles. (fun , capturing the fantasy, depth, collecting, balance, etc) one of the reasons WoWs has more longevity than WoT IMO is because its fun from tier 1 to 10 - KEEP THIS UP! (wot is dying because they focused too hard on fun and not fantasy at all. you dont feel like your at the battle anymore - just watching race car tanks fly all over the place.) but here is my main point The current carriers are FUN! the fun didnt need Rework! so now the gripes are out. lets turn to how to make CVs better . or an idea that could lead you to a better rework. Your original design idea that carriers were different and should feel different was a good one! It just needs a tweak. With out any rework = 1. the fantasy is good 2. the carrier is fun! 3. there is depth of play but we have this big problem - if the carrier players arent both pros - it sucks for the other 14 guys on each team with the worse player. So lets try to keep the top parts and solve the OP part. One of the main reasons carriers are so OP is spotting alone. You could never sink a ship but if u keep the team spotted this alone could win you a match. I think spotting currently for a carrier has no risk. why? because you can just be on the outskirts of peoples AA range and be ok. Also CV strikes are devastating when performed well. Ever been deleted 2 mins in game by a tier 8-10 cv? with out any ability to stop it even with defensive fire on or the best anti air? And this is where my suggestion for fix came from. Why? Only fighters can ruin their aim. IE enemy carrier player responsible for saving you from focused attack. The current "torpedo'ers" and bombers dont even flinch when taking a full attack from BB flak and gunfire. All focused fire should reduce ground attack plane accuracy. If a player masters these two aspects then they become unstoppable. Nothing in game should be unstoppable. Everyone should have the ability to counter these not just the enemy CV player. And thats where i got my fix. Its based on the fact that everyone should be able to defend themselves. of course some better than others. So that if u have a sucky CV player he can make it harder on your team but you cant blame the loss on him. So im sure youre wondering how do i fix this? ALTITUDE = yes i said it ! what does this solve ? and what do i mean? free gold for you WG : (you can thank me later maybe a trip to WG NA) Altitude would add fantasy ..... it would add depth.... (it would add difficulty which could be a con which im sure u guys can make easy) .... and it would solve the spotting mechanic and carrier focused nuke. Basically you have two altitudes high and low. This you choose at time of take off. (for example press 2 for a high altitude fighter or 3 for a low atltitude.) Its a state that applies to attack craft and fighters. Its a state that can only be changed once and thats when making an attack ... plane or ship. And only fighters can move from low altitude to high altitude to attack planes. These movements through altitude will cause pluses and minuses in performance. (and promote the fantasy of naval flight.) Why is altitude locked? first... it takes a lot of resources to move to high altitude and over the sea fuel is always an issue. I have always felt planes had no consequence to just waiting somewhere over sea. We never felt the need or "fantasy" to bring them back in low on fuel. With this mechanic you "cook in" that feel of limited resource of fuel with out having to add fuel at all. Second balance. It needs to be a big decision to lose your energy to go to low altitude (and maybe your life with all that extra AA). So what are the pros and cons of High and Low altitude ? Im glad you asked High altitude makes planes much safer from AA ...meaning planes can avoid more fire but plane spotting distances are greatly reduced. Basically planes need to be right on top of ships to spot them and visa versa. ( kinda like the old game of battle ship of guessing where your opponent will be) Low Altitude increases spotting range and attack bonuses in accuracy but you will always be under full AA attention. Meaning even weak AA is a threat at low altitude if it focuses you. Example: I in my torpedo bomber spot a enemy bb at 7km if he turns his attention to me (meaning not firing at other ships) he can pummel my planes at low altitude even from long range. This will give players the ability to skillfully protect their ships from concentrated deletion by high level carriers. ( carrier super nukes) High altitude = 1. PRO Safe for planes from ships, Greatly reduced AA damage and AA range In this high altitude mode.. 2. CON Increased Fighter damage when attacked by enemy planes. (this is where CVS can duke it out) 3. CON Greatly reduced spotting range. Planes must be within 1 - 2km to spot ships in this mode. ( ship stealth reduces this further) 4. CON Greatly reduce ground attack accuracy. Basically you have to be very lucky your bombs or torps will go where you want them to go if you initiate an attack from high altitude (RNG will be your buddy here). And you will incur a stun (mentioned later) Low Altitude = 1. PRO Safer from enemy planes (less damage from fighters) 2. PRO Increased spotting range Just like ships. 3. PRO Greatly increased accuracy akin to what carrier players currently enjoy. 4. CON Allows ships to focus AA at your planes at a much greater distance. The game engine would barely need to be changed visually - only need to add a "cloud" icon to planes in high altitude or even better make them invisible to all ships outside of other planes. ( Or a "blip" for for ground attackers. that would be cool) As high altitude would not be an immediate threat to ships. Also when you move from High to low or low to high there is a 2-5 second Stun going up or down. So Ships can react to sudden planes attacking and a deterrent from dropping from high altitude right above a carrier. So again a big decision for CV player to make that dive. (or Ascent) Lastly when you set the high altitude take off it takes double the time for planes to leave CV. So need to protect yourself ? you still can get some planes out to bomb that DD chasing your CV . Consumables - With this new mechanic i would introduce a new consumable to ships that were dedicated to AA historically. Basically it could be called the FLAK consumable or High Altitude Radar AA consumable. ( i havent thought of a good name This is a short consumable that allows ships to see and attack high altitude planes for a brief 10 seconds and 2-3 minute cool or so. To give flavor to those dedicated AA boats. And give those Atlanta players something to focus on besides raining shells on ships. This consumble only works with aimed /focused AA. or maybe even mouse aimed? Thats it! These are my ideas...id love to be shot down or thumbs up'ed by community. tell me your thoughts!