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Found 4 results

  1. skull_122_steel

    An Idea For CVs

    So I think we can all agree the CV rework was handled poorly, But from what I've seen the main issue people have is that CVs have no direct involvement in shooting down enemy planes. All they can do is pop a fighter and hope the planes fly through it. So I have an Idea, Does anyone remember the old strafe mechanic that fighter squadrons could do. Well my Idea is this, Instead of making attack run you could choose to strafe, Rocket planes would do the most damage while Torp bombers will do the least and when the DB and TB are the same plane the difference in the length of time the strafe last
  2. Ahoy Fleet! With the deployment of update 0.8.0, we'd like your feedback and thoughts on the items included with this latest patch! Please provide your experience on the following: Reworked Aircraft Carriers: Gameplay Ranked Battles: The Eleventh Season Naval Battle: A Clash Between Clans Content Additions and Changes - Lunar New Year Game Balance Changes To report bugs and other "oooops that wasn't how it was supposed to work" items, please go here. #anchorsaweigh
  3. *pictured - Landing Signal Officer (in white vest) watches as an F/A-18C Hornet from VFA-87 (The War Party) on final approach to USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) in the Carribean Sea on 1/31/2003* What is your impression of the upcoming rework of aircraft carrier gameplay and operations? The CV rework has been undergoing sea trials during Public Test 0.8.0 which includes not only new aircraft gameplay but anti-aircraft mechanics as well. In addition, the tiers for aircraft have changed (IV, VI, VIII and X) and air group commanders have new skills to learn and qualify with. Are you undergoing carrier qualifications and ready to receive your "wings of gold"? "I have just taken on a great responsibility. I will do my utmost to meet it." - Chester Nimitz, US Navy #flightdeckfriday #anchorsaweigh
  4. 0.8.0 is going to be a very confusing update, with wargaming actively collecting data for balancing in future updates for the better of the game. Considering that WG really had no other choice than to shove the rework into the live server in order to balance it correctly, they should give older CV players the ability to refund their CVs for doubloons, free xp, and credits even after 0.8.0 is over. This would help people make their final decision to sell their carriers when they see the final version of the class, due to the fact that 0.8.0 will still be a testing period for the ships. WG can be as vague as they want with their updates, it still isn't going to fool CV mains. So, please wargaming, let us have the ability to sell our CVs until you release the final version of the game. I don't care how long it will take. I want to see what CVs will eventually turn into before I make my decision to sell or not. The last thing I need is to sell my CVs right when the update comes, just to see them have a big change in the next update.