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Found 398 results

  1. Welcome fellow brave adventurers to no-man's land. We have it all: Comic Sans, rainbow text, large font. Enjoy the sights! Also some skycancer:
  2. Awhile back a few months I finish model IJN cv name Junyo. It was Kashiwara Maru( an ocean line) then converted into a Shokaku class. The Bridge same one on Taiho & Hakuryu. The next part I'm reading off the Instruction: It first saw Action in MI Operation in June 1942 in the attacks in Dutch Harbor on the 3rd & 5th, early October saw action in Solomon's, Guadalcanal Attacks, the battle of the South Sea, & 3rd battle of the Solomon's ( 9th of Nov.). It was damage near Okinoshima Island on Nov. 5th 1944 by US submarine then towed back to Kure by IJN cruiser Tone. The last battle it became Flagship of the 2nd IJN air fleet in the Battle off Mariana between 19th & 20th of June after that it receive 2 direct hits at funnel then torpedoed while in transportation to Brunei on 9th of Dec. sent to be repaired at Sasebo for the last time. The repairs started in March of 1945 then suspended in April of 1945 and then scrapped in 1947. Specifications for the Junyo: Trail Displacement: 27,555 tons Waterline length: 215.3 m Maximum breadth: 26.70 m Maximum speed: 25.5 knots Number of planes carried: 48 regular & 5 auxiliary Flight Deck: 210.3 m in length & 27.3 in width Date of Completion: May 3rd 1942 at Mitsubishi Nagasaki Dockyard Modernization: 8/1944 12 x 1 - 25/60 96-shiki & 6 x 28 - 120 AA rockets My option a well rounded tier 8 CV. Probably same tier aircraft as Enterprise. It maybe good can date for a premium ship. Let's see WG going to do?
  3. I'm sure this has been started already somewhere but I can't find it so I'll do it here ... WoWs determination to thoroughly screw up the U.S. CV line is not tolerable. Currently matchups are the worst competitive situation in WoW's history (or at least since I've been around). If there are 2 Independences in the queue and 2 Bogues, you seem to find it funny to deliberately (yes, deliberately because it has happened to me now four times -- not a coincidence) match up an Air Superiority Independence and an Air Superiority Bogue against an Independence Strike and a Bogue fighter/Torp. That forces 1 fighter group against 4. Moreover, why even put Independence and Bogue together at all considering Bogue's lack of ability to strafe or manually target. There is NO common sense in this; even if you think that a Bogue/Independnce vs a Bogue/Independence sounds fair, or that the "higher damage ability" should be offset by "better fighter cover". Those fighters annihilate the CV strike packages. If this is a determination to deliberately force your point to change the flight controls on U.S. CVs you are going about it in the wrong way, and it is SCREWING over the CV players big time, as well as at least one team. The flight controls on CVs are NOT broken. What is broken is the dummy who made the non-common sense decision to do this without considering how it will merely shift the balance to IJN supremacy or without considering how broken the matchmaker is. FIX THE MATCHMAKER .. HELLLLLOOO???? DO NOT SCREW WITH FLIGHT CONTROLS. The bull crap I experienced in the current test puts a Ranger with the only option of 1 FIGHTHER squadron against the possibility of 3 IJN fighter squadrons (six vs 12) - that's a brain fart if I ever saw or heard one. If a CV player wants to play strike, that is the player's prerogative and it should be allowed (and for those whiners about this, that player IS helping the team by striking and killing other ships (the CV fighters aren't there to merely protect you, they are there to protect the bombers too); if the only possibility is to put an AS CV against it so be it, but don't FORCE it to happen merely because you want to prove your point by putting two AS CVs against two non-AS CVs. MIX them as close as possible, not completely to the opposite spectrum. !
  4. Fellow non-premium CV players will all agree that when you are matched against Saipan, game will be nothing but struggle and not fun. CV is extremely OverPowered. Having Tier 9 planes that is faster and stronger than any other tier 7 CV fighter planes is extremely annoying, and they can have squadron of 3 to maneuver better. Their torpedo and dive bombers are just as fast, even faster than my ranger fully decked out fighter planes. When you try to bomb Saipan, their ship has extremely well equipped AA to counter any kind of bombing. It is not fun playing tier 7 CV at all. 50/50 times, you get put against Saipan, I can't imagine Japanese CV putting up against Saipan at all. Disclaimer, I was challenger ranked in Starcraft 2 in NA before. I know how to Micro very well with my planes, but if I am put against equally skilled player, I can not beat them. It is un-balanced.
  5. I just don't understand how to beat a Saipan with my Hiryu. It seems impossible to win the game, since all he does is use his superior fighter HP to tank my strafes and then delete my fighters. I really want to switch to AS Hiryu for this, but I enjoy strike Hiryu. What do I do?
  6. Yep. This is all you need to know about playing carriers Don't bother going past tier 6 This is all you'll see after that point.
  7. We see a lot of CV players just sitting in the back if they were playing massive world of warplanes on their own disregarding what the team does. Worse than this they go for an inefficient CV sniping kill that takes more than 2 squadrons to get to, not mentioning the overtime it takes to go from corner to corner "hoping" that they wont be detected. But what is up with these CV uses just sitting in the corner knowing dd's visibility range is low and they can easily get sniped during the map while there is more than enough cruisers that you can use to screen from the enemy fleet and still not get in visibility range and firing range. I am just getting sick of these lazy kids that doesn't think for a minute to see what the tactical advantage is and how lazy their brain works. We need some type or penalty for not moving for certain amount of time because fleet goes where it goes and it cannot turn back firepower just to keep CV safe because he doesn't want to move. More or less I see some players using all of their plane squadrons focusing on torping the incoming dd. How dumb can you be to even try .... Please CV players, I know its just the game but seriously its not rocket science to use your position to screen from the enemy fleet by sailing and staying safe. For the flamers that blame the fleet for his destruction for camping in a corner (without even retreating the planes in a manner where his position is not noticed), dont. Its completely your fault for being lazy or dumb enough to even think that you are safe just sailing at 0 knots.
  8. New CV Captains? Need to Learn Manual Drops? Only have 3 minutes?! This video is for you!
  9. an interesting game, 9 kill, arsonist x2, confederate, devastating strike x2, kraken, witherer, height caliber. I hope you enjoy!!!!
  10. so the USN CVs are changing but I don't know if it's for the better, the changes put a lot of emphasis on DBs (with giving them AP bombs) but DBs are really unreliable and I don't think it is enough to make them compete with the japs. maybe if they gave them the GZ drop pattern but a bit less accurate they may work but I don't know. what do you guys think about this change
  11. I was brought up in the CV world believing that the CV snipe is a Major no no due to multiple reasons. 1: You dont have the striking power generally to kill the other CV. 2: If you dont kill them you potentially wasted a strike that could help your team. 3: It hinders game play. I've always been taught this personally, but I've noticed that it has been happening more and more lately especially at tier VIII or less. I can see some strategic reasons to CV snipe however I've never had it work on me unless they commit the whole game to killing me. What is the consensus? Im not a CV main but this wasn't happening to me till recently, did I miss a video or something?
  12. Poll: What is your gender and how good are you in a CV? Girls are better in multi tasking. So lets do a poll and see do girls really do better in CVs than men or its a myth. The poll's answers are anonymous so that voters won't hesitate to vote without worrying to reveal their gender.
  13. Module in question: Flight control Mod 2 What its supposed to do: increase aircraft cruising speed by 5% What it does: absolutely nothing There is no visual change in the in-game stats with it equipped (tested on midway, fighters were 181 knots before and after fitting, torpedo bombers 151 before and after, and dive bombers 156 before and after). I'm not the only one nor the first to notice this: After reading this i went into a training room and did test it, the aircraft are no faster visually, and the speed stats are also the same as in port. Would love to see this fixed asap so i can see if i like speed better then strike craft HP Note: all i have is a screenshot of the base speed, as i sold the mod after i learned of its uselessness
  14. Hello, I'm back with another poll. This one is judging which CV is seen as the most broken and in need of changes. Once that poll is finished and I have a "most broken" CV, I will make a poll about it, unless it's the Saipan, in which case refer back to the original poll. Link is here: Thank you for your participation.
  15. I found upcoming changes to USN CV on world of warships Facebook page. So it appears that "The Year of Aircraft Carriers" for USN CV lines is finally coming. Figure on the page shows fixed but balanced load-out, which is a combination of fighters, torpedo planes and dive bombers. However, planes may be one or two ties lower depending on the ship e.g. T 10 Midway will have two squads of torpedo planes but they will be T8 in addition to T10 fighters and dive bombers. This means USN CV lines will have a flavor of strong fighters, weak torpedo planes and AP bombs dive bombers (nef for BB esp German BB)- so developers seemed to have reworked the USN CV line based upon premium T8 USS Enterprise. Inclusion of two squads of torpedo planes will allow to cross-drop destroyers even though those planes will be very weak against ships with good AA- imagine T8 Midway torpedo planes going against T10 AA. I think this proposed changes will be an improvement for USN CV line but it's counterpart IJN line may be still superior under a skilled player due to its robust load-out. On the other hand, Enterprise has a good stat so its may be okay for current server population in random battles. Here is also a commentator (farazelleth) on you tube on the topic.
  16. As per a fellow forum member suggested, here it is. Let's keep it civil people.
  17. Hello captains! Are you a cruiser player looking to clear the sky and protect your fleet? Perhaps you are a CV captain who wants to know which cruisers really are easy prey? These questions I wanted answers to as well so decided to rank all the silver ship cruisers from tier 5 through tier 10 based on their AA power. The USN national flavor has always had hype built around their AA firepower. Most know the deadliness of Cleveland and Des Moines in swatting down planes, but are USN cruisers really the best in class throughout the line? Some of the results may surprise you. Data was calculated using all available captain skills, modules, and consumables available to each tier. Base damage will be normal text. ( ) are values for CTRL clicking a squad to enable Manual AA, provide the normal + 30% dps, as well as the addition of Basic Fire Training and AAGM3. [ ] values indicate maximum dps with the Defensive Fire Consumable engaged for ships that possess it. All Available AA Modifiers Basic Fire Training + 20% dps for all AA guns Advanced Fire Training + 20% range Manual Fire Control AA + 100% to dps dual purpose artillery above 85mm AA Guns Modification 2 + 20% range AA Guns Modification 3 + 25% dps for all AA guns (Tier 9 and 10 Only) Manual Selecting a Squad + 30% dps for all AA guns on selected squad Defensive Fire Consumable 3x dps multiplier for AA guns 25mm or greater (Sorry 20mm Oerlikons, no love for you) Tier 6 + My personal pick is subjective and not necessarily based on total dps of the ship. Most ships contain 3 rings of AA; an inner ring, usually 20mm, a middle ring, typically 40mm or 37mm, and an outer ring usually consisting of your dual-purpose AA. For purposes of shooting down planes, not only protecting the fleet, but also yourself, you need two things, range and damage. The longer planes can take damage in the middle and outer rings the more planes you are going to down. Having a strong inner ring is great, but it is of little use in fleet protection. It provides very brief damage to planes before they drop their ordnance on you and has even less of an effect as you move up in tiers due to increasing plane speed. That is what makes Cleveland and Des Moines such fearsome AA platforms, strong damage in their middle and outer rings. Enough babbling, on to the results. T5 Results T6 Results T7 Results T8 Results T9 Results T10 Results Edit: Fixed T10 text box.
  18. Aircraft Carriers Aircraft carriers can be very confusing for beginners, and thus many people abandon this class. So I am making this guide to help players new to the class with there problems and maybe they will come to enjoy the class as much as I do! What is a Aircraft Carrier exactly? Aircraft carriers as the name imply's carry aircraft, and it is these aircraft that allow them to strike at far off targets. As such aircraft carriers are often compared to WoTs artillery even though they have nothing in common save a top down camera that they use. Subclasses Aircraft carriers come in many forms and different types, knowing what kind can mostly be determined by just looking at it, however sometimes it is better to take a closer look at the different types. AV seaplane tender (Gonna get kinda goofy with this one) Many years ago there was boats with planes that had to make do with cranes to launch aircraft... Due to many factors they did not survive the testing age... All that is left is fossils (pics) of these once great ships from a age long past... CVE Escort Carrier Escort Carriers are meant to escort convoys and in many cases were converted form ships that would be in convoys themselves. As a result they were not fast and carried only a few aircraft. you will encounter these at the early tiers CVL Light Carrier Light carriers as the name implies are aircraft carriers of a small size with low armor and high speed. There size means they don't carry many planes, most are based on cruiser hulls or were purpose built. You will encounter these at the early tiers. CV Fleet Carrier Your standard issue aircraft carrier nothing really special here, based on larger cruisers or battleships or purpose built, carry more aircraft and have more weapons then light carriers. You will see these at the mid tiers and high tiers. CVB Armored Carrier The armored aircraft carrier is basically a fleet carrier with a armored deck built to resist bomb hits This helps when dealing with fire from lower caliber AP shells and HE at long range. What this doesn't help with is that battleships can now use your armor to get maximum damage AP hits without worrying of over penetrating your hull with plunging fire. Aircraft The most important part of any aircraft carrier, is its aircraft compliment. This is made up of a combination of bomber, and fighters based on how the modules are setup. Fighters Standard issue run of the mill aircraft useful to dogfight or scout. they are the fastest aircraft you will have on board and can be used for searching for enemy's, intercepting bomber, escorting your own bombers or carrier, or just straight out killing enemy fighters. Torpedo Bombers The standard striking force of most players, torpedo bombers drop torpedoes which will cause huge damage, flooding, and great internal damage, and may on rare occasions blow up small turrets on the side of a ship. However he aware that some of the heavy ships come with torpedo bulges which will lower the overall damage that to torpedo can cause. Dive bombers The general purpose strike craft and probably the easiest to get damage with, they don't cause much damage with each hit, but they will set the enemy on fire, and have a high tendency to wreak external modules, such as AA and secondary batteries, which in turn will gradually lower the ships ability to defend itself from further strikes. Roles There are many ways to play a carrier, but the best way depends on your play style and how much you can handle at a time. The AIRFIELD This one is probably the reason some think of carriers as artillery from WoTs. This basically involves finding a island and parking yourself in such a way that you can only really be hit from a few directions. Basically you become a part of the island you have picked, doesn't even matter if you get stuck. The Patrol role A very basic one that quite a few people do it basically involves you just moving around in behind your allies, and keeping out of sight, most people do this one. Front line OK now this one is where the fun begins and things get challenging, What you want to do is stay just on the edge of your enemy's sight range, this allows for the shortest flight time for your planes, however you can be spotted if your not careful. Attack styles The manual (POINT BLANK) drop The manual drop is one of the most famous attacks used by experienced players and can be used in combination with other uses, Manual drops almost always occur from one direction at a time and tend to be last second drops. The idea is giving the torpedoes just enough time to activate before they hit the target, making them the most accurate, while also the most risky types of attack. To execute one you have to hold alt to and attack the ground past your target leaving a small bit of the green wedge visible (hold up your thumb to figure it out that's how I did it.) that is about the amount of run needed tor the torpedoes to activate, but maybe add a bit more cause if you aim to close or the target turns into your attack your torpedoes with dud out against the opponents hull. ALPHA STRIKE! The alpha strike is a very basic attack in principle and can be use as a manual drop as well, basically alpha strike simply means getting all your attack power on one target at the same time. You will often see this right at the start of the match and sometimes throughout. Continuous I personally find this most effective with dive bombers, space out your strikes this will make your opponent guarantee to burn since he puts out the fire and you set him on fire again. It can also be done with torpedoes. Hammer and anvil attacks Basically like the alpha but preformed with attacks at 45 to 90 degree angles, this makes it so the opponent has no chance of dodging all the hits. This is done with auto. In closing this should cover most of what you need to get you off the ground... The rest is up to you to discover and use. HAVE FUN!
  19. Well I probably got what was coming to me but I tried the trick where you div a T4 CV with T5 ships in order to get preferred MM. Well MM wasn't having any of that because we ended up against another div trying the same thing. Not only were we not top tier but we ended up in a tier 7 match with an Atlanta and Cleveland on the other side. Well like any decent CV I tried snipping at the enemy CV and picked on bottom tier ships until all my planes died. RIP the one cruiser who I somehow managed to kill with auto drops.....
  20. So with graf zep almost being finish and back on the market , What next in the tube for premium cv how about an Italian one call the Aquila proble have a good loadout of fighters/bombers next is frence with it FS Bearn a converted Normandie class battleship. how about mightly Akagi as a tier 8 could be a decent match for a enterprise and perhaps some the mightly british royal navy cv ships. there a bunch on them like the ark royal. I hope wargaming hasn't given up on the carriers.
  21. Hello everyone! Currently, I've been grinding the Zuiho since I am done with USN CV's. However, being extremely accustomed to the use of the ALT key, (and having grinded the Bogue using only strike setup with ALT earlier), I am having a lot of trouble with my Zuiho. In terms of fighters, the Zuiho is completely dominated by all fighters except for another Zuiho's fighters, and with no ability to change that with skill as strafe is now gone. In terms of dropping, the torps are dropped so far and so spread apart that hitting even a CL is hard and making torping DD's absolutely impossible. Finally, I cannot believe that Wargaming did not put a cap on what tier V CV's could see mm wise, as getting put into tier 6 is a death sentence, as the CV's can do much more than you can. I am not trying to complain to make Wargaming change things back to what it once was, since I do agree that CV seal clubbing was a big problem. However, I believe low-tier CV's (especially IJN CV's) are now unplayable. If anyone has any tips about dodging 3 squadrons of USN fighters, hitting autodropped torps easily or something else, PLEASE let me know!!!!! Any tips are appreciated :)
  22. What are the plans for aircraft carriers? We keep hearing they are going to be fixed and have yet to see anything. Please advise.
  23. Good day to all reading, I have a lil scenario to present to you. Being an American CV, I am sending a torpedo squadron to broadside an Iron Duke with over 3/4 health that's being shot at from at least 11km away by a CV. I think I'm cool so I use manual drop as close as possible (I know that there is a short portion of the green engagement zone that the torpedoes don't drop in, so I aim to engage the Iron Duke in a way that the torpedo icons appear on the map as it hits him). After dropping the torpedoes I watch his health go down thrice in a row and 1/4 torpedoes drift by that had missed but don't receive any ribbons. Keep in mind that those 4 torpedo bombers made it home and that their were no citadel hits. At the end of the match I only had caused 15k damage (torps do 9k each). Unfortunately I wasn't recording and have had this happen a couple times. Anyone else have this issue?
  24. Hello, I was wondering if there had been any discussion about aircraft using smokebombs to support friendly ships.
  25. - Pink - Lexington - Strike package - isolate himself from the team - Get within 10km of an atlanta in the first 4 minutes of the game GG