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Found 1 result

  1. Hey there. I was "lucky" enough to get the Yahagi early from the free santa crates. I've finally got up to stage 15 in the dockyard, so i got the 4k doubloons for earning her again. I've got a bit over 1k left , so that makes a total of 5,067. I decided against using it on commander dismissal, as the amount of commander xp I'd get is overall a drop in the bucket to the amount of 19 point commanders I have. Now, the three options that interest me the most are the following. I'm having a tough time deciding, as I don't plan to give this corrupt company any more money. I value unique/interesting premiums more than I do getting the most meta ones, but I don't want a dumpster fire either. Monaghan: -25% armory coupon, 3,675 doubloons. Primarily interested in her unique torpedo build. The only other premium us DD I own is hill, so it could help my gearing commander. Or I can stick 21 pt Halsey in it with a specialized build. I have read LWM's review of it, but it was written before Torpedo Tubes Mod 1 or the commander skill rework were a thing. Ark Royal: -25% armory coupon, 4,725 doubloons. I admit, part of the reason I want her is for the collector's value/Bismarck memes. The main reason though is as a crew trainer for Jingles and the Implacable. I'm just not sure how she would perform with the commander skill rework. Tier 10 Permanent Camouflage: 5,000 doubloons. Probably the most boring, but practical option. While I could put it on any of my 10's, I was leaning towards my newly acquired Midway to help grind out the planes.