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Found 79 results

  1. In my last post on this subject (CV Play) the CV Rework was just coming out, and I said I'd keep an open mind, and try it out for awhile, then see how it went. Well, here's my take pm it, at this point (6 Apr 19): The current Update to Carrier Play has caused quite a few players I know personally, as well as others I chat with during matches to simply refuse further CV Play, and many former CV players have even sold-off their carriers in disgust. I have tried to keep an open mind, hoping further "fixes" will make CV Play viable and enjoyable, but so far, have found it to be neither, and in fact, an extremely annoying WASTE of my precious gaming time, particularly when my Tier VIII CV is pitted vs. Tier IX and X ships—even a single, lone CL wipes out my planes before they can drop a single bomb. The CV aircraft flight model continues to be "jerky" (due to the time compression needed) and overall, CV Play has become increasingly "unrealistic" with each new "fix", causing some players resort to unrealistic "work-arounds" to "game the system" --departing even further from logic and historical practice so as to succeed in the faulty CV Play system. Although with practice, I will no doubt develop the proper technique for accurate aerial attacks-- while losing most or all of my attacking squadron by the end of my 2nd pass-- in its current state, I doubt I will ever find CV Play "enjoyable," much less "rewarding" and thus, will avoid it, keeping a token CV for "Spotting" tasks and little else. I have so far resisted selling-off my last CV in disgust, and have not enjoyed even a single mission yet. HOWEVER— aside from a much-needed toning down the fantastic hyper-lethality of AA in general, with some minor "fixes" using existing game mechanics, some of the more frustrating aspects of Carrier Play for both carrier and surface combatant players might be alleviated, as follows: SUGGESTION #1: British Dive Bombers should be allowed to carry, at minimum, 500-lb/230 kg bombs, and ideally, 1,000-lb/500 kg and heavier bombs, just as they did in real life. No aviation force would ever seek to attack armored warships with piddly little 250-lb General Purpose bombs, though they may have been adequate vs. small craft (E-boats, F-lighters, armed trawlers) and coastal freighters-- 500 lb bombs were the rule vs. smaller combatants, such as frigates and destroyers, and were the minimum vs. armored warships. E.g., in a 1944 attack, Fairey Barracudas attacked the battleship Tirpitz with with 1,600 lb (730 kg) and 500 lb (230 kg) bombs, scoring 14 direct hits, which even so, only put the Tirpitz out of action for 8 weeks. Had they used mere 250-lb bombs to which the game currently limits them, there likely would've been no significant damage whatsoever. [Note that of 42 attacking Barracudas, only ONE was lost to enemy AA-- a far cry from the uber-hyper-collossal lethality of AA as it currently exists, and I'm primarily a surface ship operator, and yet I'm embarrassed by just how unbelievably lethal even my little Leander's AA is-- enemy planes just melt away and do nothing, and I've removed all my AA builds, upgrades, and skills-- they're no longer needed, and I pretty much ignore attacking planes.] SUGGESTION #2: Have the ENTIRE attack aircraft squadron, whether Torpedo, Dive Bomber, or Rocket Aircraft launch its ordnance near-simultaneously with the "Squadron Leader" (the central aircraft on the screen the carrier player "flies"). When the player hits his mouse key to "launch ordnance", remaining aircraft of the flight also launch their ordnance, but with a delay of, say, 0.1 seconds to 5 seconds. This will prevent unrealistic "robotic perfection" in the resulting bomb or torpedo pattern that surface ship players used to complain about. In the same manner, the Squadron Leader's (center aircraft) places its strike at the exact center of the "crosshairs" (or torpedo arc), subject to normal "dispersion", and remaining aircraft of the squadron launch their ordnance subject to dispersion from that point, as well possibly a short time delay, just as a volley of warship shells deviates within its "Maximum Dispersion" ellipse already. This is already included in the game mechanics, I believe, but it should be able to be "improved" via certain "Captain Skills" and/or via ship "Upgrades" (see further below). E.g., for dive bombers, bombs other attacking aircraft would have a similar "dispersion" within the "ellipse" that appears on the aiming diagram the player uses, and torpedoes deviate a few mils left or right (randomly) from the "center" of their assigned point in torpedo squadron formation. I.e., torpedoes would also have a "dispersion" of a few mils, left or right, and in time of drop, for each torpedo the squadron successfully drops. Thus, mass torpedo drops will have an appearance similar to a volley of shells, with each individual torpedo deviating slightly, at random, within the Maximum Dispersion parameters for the ship/squadron, just as in real life, and as surface ship shells do already. This would eliminate the unrealistic (and silly) game mechanism that allows only 1 or 2 bombs/torpedoes to "launch" from an entire flight of 4 to 8 aircraft, while the remaining aircraft of the squadron do nothing but fly along as targets, waiting their turn on the next target pass (which is utterly unrealistic, and NEVER done in combat). But it would also prevent the target ship from being overwhelmed with huge numbers of "un-dodgeable" torpedoes or bombs, as many will certainly miss, unless the attacking player is very lucky (as per warship volleys now). So— having the entire squadron attack at once, but with a slightly varying "time of drop" by say, 0.1 to 5 seconds after the "Leader" aircraft (reduced by certain "Crew Skills", as well instituting a "Maximum Dispersion" variance for torpedoes, etc.), targeted ships won't be overwhelmed by a concentrated "perfect" swarm of torpedoes, especially as they "shoot holes" into the attacking formation, and carrier aircraft will be far less exposed to the (already excessively lethal) ship AA defenses, but make attacks like their historical counterparts did, and with similar results.As a starting point, I suggest that the "mil dispersion" for Torpedo Aircraft be placed at +/-10 mils dispersion for early (Tier IV) carrier planes, and reduced slightly for each carrier tier above that, i.e., +/-8 mils @ Tier VI, 7 mils @ Tier VIII, and +/-6 mils @ Tier X, to reflect improved aiming equipment, torpedoes, aircraft, and training of torpedo pilots as the war progressed. Note that this mil dispersion is from each individual plane's position in the FORMATION, not from the Squadron Leader's aim point, as torpedo planes attacked in an on-line formation, spaced at intervals of 50 to 100 meters or more, ensuring a wide "spread" to increase the possibility of a hit for the squadron as a whole. Note that this also assured that it was virtually impossible for every torpedo, or even most of the torpedoes in the squadron's "volley" to hit the target, as many would automatically miss, depending on the target ship's relative course and subsequent reaction. [A "mil" (short for "milliradian) is a measure of angle, typically used in ballistics, i.e., a minute fraction of a circle. Easy to look up, if you're unfamiliar.]kills such as "Basic Firing Training" and "Advanced Firing Training" could be modified to give air squadrons a tighter Maximum Dispersion pattern, by, say, 2 mils each, as well as a "tighter" ordnance drop time relative to the Squadron Leader, say, by 1 second each. Thus a Tier VIII torpedo squadron with both Basic and Advanced firing training would improve its Maximum Dispersion to +/-6 mils, left or right, and drop their torpedoes within 0.0 to 3 seconds of the Squadron Leader's torpedo. For Dive Bombers, the Maximum Dispersion ellipse (that already exists) could be reduced in a similar manner, by say 5 mils "tighter" for both Basic and Advanced Firing Training, each. Thus, a dive bomber squadron with both skills would have its Maximum Dispersion ellipse reduced by 10 mils width and length. [A "mil" (short for "milliradian") is a measure of angle used in ballistics , surveying, etc. I.e., a tiny fractional "slice", if you will, of a circle. Easy to look up if you're unfamiliar.] "Sight Stabilization" Skill would remain as-is; "Aiming Systems Modification-1" might be extended to include reduced aircraft ordnance Maximum Dispersion as well. Later-war (Tier VIII and X) aircraft should be able to attack from higher up, and at much faster airspeeds, as improved torpedoes obviated the need for very low, very slow torpedo drops to prevent destruction of the torpedo. SUGGESTION #3: Aircraft Spotting of Surface Ships— THE PROBLEM: Aircraft are able to spot an enemy ship, so that other ships can fire upon it too easily and in real time, and yet, the range for aircraft spotting of an enemy ship is so limited that a flight of planes often loses sight of its target between passes. Currently, aircraft not only reveal far too much information to allied players, enabling any enemy ship they spot to be fired upon by all; they are also often taken under intense AA fire without even being able to spot the enemy ship that is firing upon them. DISCUSSION: Carrier aircraft of the period were totally unable to provide more than an enemy ship type and rough location and course to distant stations, and typically were, at most, in radio contact only with their own ship's Combat Information Center, assuming it was even in radio range, and long-range radios of the day were often Morse Code key sets, not voice comms, and the enemy ship type and course reported was typically vague at best, and more than not, inaccurate. So as to go undetected, attack aircraft typically flew on "radio listening silence" until commencing their attack, could not communicate with other ships in real time, and went silent again for their return to their carrier, so as to not reveal its location. SOLUTION: To reflect this and improve Aircraft Spotting of Ships, non-spotter aircraft should be able to see enemy surface ships well before they enter the enemy's AA zone— but unable to pass anything more than that ship's type and location for at least 6-12 seconds afterward. Thus, non-spotter, attack aircraft and fighters should UNABLE to spot targets spot enemy ships in real time as if they were a surface ship—they could only reveal an enemy ship's basic type (not name), and only on the Mini Map. Sighting of surface ships by non-spotter aircraft should provide a player's allies ONLY a "shaded red/dashed red" outline of an enemy ship on the Mini Map ONLY, in exactly the same way an enemy ship obscured by bad weather, or spotted by others beyond one's ship's sighting range is currently shown on the Mini Map. Such "spotting" should be revealed to friendly players only after a slight delay— of say, 6 to 10 seconds, to reflect the time required for an aircraft's "home" ship to pass enemy location data to other friendly ships. Spotting Aircraft Use and aspects would continue unchanged. PROBLEM: Overly Lethal AA's Severe Impact on Game Balance: AA is so lethal now that I pretty much ignore incoming planes unless they're from a Tier X CV. The rest just "evaporate" and even if they hit me, they do about as much damage as an 8-inch shell strike, and torp hits virtually never flood. When operating a CV, I suffer from having my planes wiped out on approach to higher-tier and even sometimes to lower-tier ships. My planes are often "surprised" by hidden enemy ships and downed before they can escapey, even with Engine Boost and calling for Fighters to help absorb attacks. Such hyper-lethal AA guarantees that I can never even make it into the upper half of scorers on my team, and am almost always at or close to the bottom. SOLUTION A: Have dual-purpose guns (e.g., Atlanta's 5" guns; the 105mm dual-purpose guns of Prinz Eugen or Tirpitz; 100mm guns of Akizuki…) either fire upon surface targets, or vs. aerial targets, BUT NOT BOTH at the same time. The player must choose, or let the ship's AI decide— When under aerial attack, it fires all guns vs. attacking aircraft, or at least all guns on the "Priority AA" Side, unless the player chooses otherwise, by clicking on a surface target. Medium and Short-range AA guns, of course, would continue to defend the ship, as usual. SOLUTION B: Halve the Hit Probability of all ships— Really now, Continuous Damage Ph's of 88% and 95% (Tier VIII) and 100% (Tier X) are ridiculous for that era, and even for today. Leave Continuous Damage and Burst Radius Damage as is, but entire squadrons vanishing as they approach a lone Leander CL is just awful. Even if this is done, I predict that another "halving" will be needed in the future to bring CV Play into balance with surface ships. This will work, and be balanced as well, if the changes above are implemented I think. SOLUTION C: Stop listening to whiny surface ship players that complain they "…can never see an enemy CV, and therefore can't fight vs. such an "unseen enemy"— That's the just way it was, and is. A ship fights vs. an enemy CV's AIRCRAFT, as the enemy CV is hundreds of kilometers away, not lurking on a tiny map, trying to avoid surface detection and destruction by nearby enemy surface ships, as in the game. In all history, only three (3!) CVs are recorded as lost to enemy surface gunfire. If anything, CV players should be whining about the tiny maps. But don't think because I say this that I'm a CV fan boy, or even "enthusiast"— as, so far, I hate CV Play, and plan to run a CV only as a last resort for a battle task, as it's become a waste of my precious gaming time, unless things improve. Obviously, all this needs to be play-tested, but such changes, using existing game mechanics, could be easily incorporated to make Carrier Play more rewarding and enjoyable, while at the same time allow players to use Naval History (somewhat) as a guide for their tactics. OK-- Thoughts, anyone? Trolls need not reply-- we already know what you (don't) think...
  2. What follows is somewhat tongue in cheek but some of these do seem very convenient coincidences. Break out ya Tin Foil Headwear... The CV rework wasn't about CV's at all. It was about majorly buffing BB's, particularly making them easier for the "casual" player. A side effect was allowing re-release of Graf Zepplin to enable showing some better numbers on the spreadsheet for the creation of that abomination. 1) CV alpha strike eliminated to the point that it shouldn't even have that title. No more Midway's blasting T10 cruisers out of the water with 2 DB squads. No more GZ players instantly deleting most of the KM cruiser and BB lines with auto drops while watching reruns of Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. No more cross torping... all of it, gone. 2) Adding a strike capability that's tailor made specifically for combating DD's. This addition hit IJN torp boats the hardest, specifically the best surface units for punishing bow camping BB's. Jump to June.... Release of RU BB's. You can argue that bow camping is wasting most any BB's capability and you're right. But, we all know the majority of BB players are either bow campers, 10 line flankers, or broadside cruisers. RU BB's have several features that make them particularly suited for camping. 1) Heavily armored mid decks at high tier making them more resistant to IFHE than any other line. A few have mid decks so thick that only IFHE KM heavy cruisers and Henry IV can pen the midship deck. Yeah I know the bow and stern plating is easy to pen like all BB's. I'm glad some of you can pinpoint your aim over 50% of the time, most players can't. 2) Strategically placed bow armor making RU BB's nearly immune to frontal cits with even the slightest angling. Yamato player: "I can bow cit any BB at any angle." Vladivostok player: "Hold my Vodka." A couple of bones were thrown to CV and DD players, mostly as a way to distract. Plane spotting of torps eliminated. GZ finally released from jail. Now you'd have to believe certain residents of St Petersburg are a lot smarter than many give them credit for... but...
  3. Flamu just posted the raw video from the CC Summit involving the CV rework, start 40 mins into when dev "answers" some good questions from Flamu.
  4. lucas1899

    AA Idea

    To start off with, please read through before commenting. And I know the chance of War Gaming taking this suggestion and implementing it are near 0, but I might as well get this out there. One of the major gripes with CV Surface interactions at this moment are that they are "PvE". Where it be that CV's are "fighting a spreadsheet" or surface ships are gambling to see if they get kills. Manual AA has been proposed, but rejected as requiring too much multitasking. My proposal is thus: 1). Enable manual control of flak. -This brings skill back into the AA interactions. CV's can dodge damage, good surface ships can set up flak walls that destroy planes. It is beyond annoying as a surface ship to not feel like you can shoot back, and as a CV to feel like you are just fighting death auroras. This fixes both problems. 2). Allow for computer controlled flak, in case people do not want to use manual AA. -This means that non AA spec ships can focus on shooting other ships, and AA spec ships can focus on shooting planes. Thus playing an AA light cruiser will feel different from a heavy cruiser. The AA cruiser will focus on flak and killing planes, rather than feeling like a heavy cruiser with merely a better death circle. More variety in play is good. 3). Move all damage to flak. -This gets rid of the "aurora of death" and makes flak deadly to planes. 4). As for DFAA, it could be that once activated it creates an aurora of damage. Or it increase flak fire rate. Any number of ideas work for it. Personally I favor the increased fire rate as it makes flak more effective, but isn't a crutch to get guaranteed damage. These changes can be coupled with others (such as introducing delays between what the CV sees and what appears on their team's minimaps) to vastly improve and balance the CV experience. I think, as has been shown in the game that shall not be named, having manual AA control can work. For some ships, of course, having AA act like battleship secondaries is more desirable, as AA isn't the focus of the ship. For others controlling AA is great because it introduces a different game play experience and makes your play into countering planes and shooting them down, not just hoping your death circle gets them. To use an analogy, would it be better if BB secondaries were circles of death or as they are now? As a DD I'd much rather be able to dodge the shots, and as a BB I'd rather be able to make them better, not hope that the DD is dumb enough to hang around in the circle too long. edit: the details of the aiming system obviously need to be worked out, but even something like a lead indicator or even AA sights would work. I also would want to change up CV aiming from circles of doom to something else (e.g. for rockets you get cross hairs and have to work out drop yourself, which adds skill) but that is for another topic.
  5. Im sure this has been brought up but just to add to it. Got a Lexington today and did a compare to Ranger games! At Tier 8 AA is so intense that half the time you actually CANNOT see the target because there are too many flak bursts Due to the intense AA getting only 1 attack per run is possible and even than you might lose the whole squadron before you start your attack run. Torpedoes are a joke. You have to drop point blank because they are too slow. Dive Bombers bombs fall way too slowly Planes are too slow Ship fighters are idiotically OP and need to be seriously toned downed Spotting is broken. Its dumb that a DD can see a target that I cant see from a plane. Attacking squadrons are too small. They need to be more like 6 attackers at once instead of 2 or 3. This gives the CV player more tactical options and more chances of a hit. It makes harder for AA to shoot everyone down Over all the quality of play is very poor. You feel ineffective because no attacks get through and if your attacks get through the damage you do is between light and moderate. The game play is not intense its boring. I find your better off scouting for the first 10 minutes and attacking the random ship here and there. At Tier 6 While AA is intense its not the insanity at Tier 8-10 . I feel this is where AA at Tier 8-10 needs to be At least in this tier getting 2 attacks in is possible but not 3 maybe at the end of the battle Torpedoes are a joke as in tier 8 just too slow. Dive bombers are more effective maybe because your planes get through or the bombs fall faster Planes are way too slow Ship fighters are idiotically OP and need to be seriously toned downed Spotting is broken as above Solutions Tone down AA intensity in TIER 8-10 while AA in Tier 6-8 seems reasonable but could probably be toned down a bit. The solution is to bring in fighters. See below Remove fighters from ships. Create a hybrid RTS screen in the top right corner where the CV player can direct fighters to provide cover to a specific ship Speed up torpedoes by 10-15 knots Reduce the number of attack runs to 1-2 maximum but increase the size of the attack squadron to 2 flights of 6. Give CV players some variety as in the previous mod. A CV player should be able to choose his load out between Torpedo, Rockets, Fighters, and Dive Bombers Give CV players control of the ship and consumables Reduce CV survivability and give them the same damage effects like everyone else Make CV counter play a thing Buff the alpha slightly on all weapons maybe except rockets Speed up all the planes but remove the engine boost CV planes need a 30 second load time at the start of the battle Return all spotting values back to 8.0 or the RTS spotting values All in all I am done with CVS. The system is brain dead boring and requires no strategy other than managing your planes. I ve never been deplaned in a Ranger and after a few games in a Lexington all you really do is scout for 10 minutes, attack the odd ship here and there and after the 10 minute mark go do the CV attack thing; it is really stupid to create a new system but the players using it cant enjoy it and the players who have to fight against it really have no defense or counter play. You NEED TO BRING IN FIGHTERS WG and make the ATTACK SQUADRONS BIGGER..2 flights of 6 aircraft each!!!
  6. I need some help. I don't know if there is a new meta in the game or some ships have become overpowered, but I need some help from the more seasoned players to help me adjust to this new meta. So I just recently started playing WOWS again. I had decided to finally start playing because I had heard about the carrier rework and the izumo bluffs (couldn't tolerate it enough to get the yamato last time I played). I loaded into a battle with a tier 8 carrier on each side along with another ship I had never heard of called the henri 4. As we were approaching a cap, our friendly shimakaze is detected by these new planes (fighters?) And almost instantly, he loses a third of his health. I was thinking "what the hell happened to him! Did he misplay?" As he started making smoke to hide himself. The planes come around a second time and shave another third of his health off so he is on only 8k or so! I didn't understand, but decided to keep playing and lend some fire support. He died soon after to these planes that came back again. I asked him why that happened and he said it was the new meta. A few minutes later, I spot the yamato broadside at 14km away. I know yamato is very vulnerable to citadels so I let loose with my 9 guns. All the shells land around him or over penetrate. Kind of frustrating but I decide to move on to another ship. I spot this new Henri 4 ship and he's broadside! Woohoo! I take a fair lead and aim at the waterline. All of my shells fall short because apparently he goes 45 knots (as he later told me). He trains his guns on me and starts to fire faster than a Des Moines! I get a tripe fire and damagecon. He sets another 2 permanent fires in his next salvo, all while being 18km away from me. I try to disengage, but then I get spotted by aircraft, The carrier is coming for me. I actually get a little excited to try our the new AA (I know about sector reinforcement) and set it at the attacking squad. He then proceeded to slaughter me with 3 dive bomb attacks while I shot down 3 of his aircraft. All the while, the henri 4 is spamming me from the back and all the while I keep missing because he keeps slowing down and speeding up to juke my shells! Like, destroyer levels of agility! What!? I got finished by the CV soon after. My team lost and I did a total of 10k worth of damage. I just sat there and wondered what had happened? I genuinely want to get better at this game, but I don't understand why that happened and what I should do next time. I am sure I misplayed, but I felt like my aim was solid. Can someone make any suggestions for what to do in that situation next time? That would really help
  7. I recently saw a video where someone in the Hakuryu managed to get consistent very high damage with torpedo bombers alone. Seen here, this gave me hope that CVs are not completely useless now and Hakuryu could still do some great damage, so I got it on the public test (once the nerf came out) and my god what a mess. 1. The aim sight. Probably the biggest issue here alongside the catastrophe that is AA, apparently in a situation where they encourage you to swerve around to minimize AA damage, now you cannot even move slightly without the aim sight becoming larger than the map. The spreads are just so horrible now, and the arming time of the torpedoes makes it worse. You will have to drop from miles away where the enemy ship can easily dodge or else just have them bump uselessly into the hull. I don't know why anyone thought this was a good idea. 2. The AA power. Anyone who thinks the AA is underpowered is being dishonest, you cannot even go after a single cruiser, let alone a group of ships, without your squadron being wiped out or severely damaged very quickly. Moving around doesn't even help much, and just worsens your aim. Even destroyers can seriously hurt your squadrons now, and it's not limited to just the good AA ships. Tier 8s, and ships like Yamato known for being CV magnets can really mow down everything in your squadron, and you will only get about one attack run in before the squadron is useless. Honestly a good decrease in AA power would go a long way here. Because currently your squadron is being blown up just from enemy AA looking at them. 3. Restoration time. It's not like the above is compensated for by being able to rapidly send more planes into battle. Planes are destroyed so easily that torpedo bombers will take forever to fully replenish. 4. But what about rockets and dive bombers? Rockets can be quite nice for setting fires, but honestly you aren't gonna get very much long term damage from either. Bombs are too inconsistent and torpedoes have now been made obsolete. 5. "You're just not playing them right" I do not believe the CV should be a ship so difficult that only unicums and effectively play it, for the above reasons, it takes a whole lot of skill to make those attack runs work, which is uncommon. I am no new player, I had lots of experience with the main line Japanese cvs before the rework and have a couple tier tens. 6. People whining about CVs being "overpowered" Look, just because some rockets are hurting or spotting your destroyer or fragile British cruiser doesn't mean the CV is a huge threat to the whole team. As I said, any ship with any kind of competent AA is gonna punish those squadrons hard before they can do any real damage. If people would not stop complaining about the new carriers and actually realize they could be a good ship class if they stopped nerfing them to hell, it would be a much funner class to play now. Am I asking for CVs to be powerhouses with no real threat to them, absolutely not. But I just want these few issues to be fixed so they can just be more enjoyable ships to play. They probably shouldn't be as good as in that video, but they should at least be comfortable and competent enough that a decent player could get 100-200k damage per game and maybe even more in the rare amazing game. I hope the coming patches can address these issues and finally restore balance to the carriers.
  8. In a 2 CV game 1-Do not rush to the cap if your in a 2 CV game 2-Let the other DD on your team cap first and then they will be targeted by CVs. Ideally the BBs and CAs need to go first 3-Stay back and let the CVs get deplaned. The average CV player gets deplaned after 8 minutes. Unfortunately good CV players don't get deplaned 4-After about 6- 8 minutes when the CVs are distracted go about your business as usual
  9. Dear CEO I would like a direct response from your CEO/WG Director for all players to read The CV rework has not increased CV player numbers so what are you planning to do about it because the CV game play is about as boring as RTS version? Player dissatisfaction has increased significantly some is related to CVs and some not how do you plan on fixing it? Please no campaigns or other reward gimmicks that is both childish and amateurish at best and only 3rd rate companies use such tactics though it may work on us greedy corrupt western greedy capitalist consumers Why is WG providing great customer service to the 5%-10% minority while ignoring the 90% majority? What is the business decision behind this? With all the problems with the CV rework will subs still be implemented and are you not concerned this may really break the player base
  10. Based on my experience the upgraded torp boomers that attack 4 at a time are not in a well balanced state right now. Regardless of how much damage can be done they just don't feel good to use. A combination of slow torps 40 KT, long arming time and long attack run set up time, make them miserable to use. My balance suggestion would be torp speed buffed to 50KT, and to reduce attack run set up time to 3 seconds. If that makes them OP then I would suggest nerfing the range a bit.
  11. Now I know this is the hot potato and probably get nuked by it, but I just wanted to share my personal experience. I came to this game only about a year ago because I wanted to play CVs. I started with Hosho and had great fun on the zuiho then skipped to hiryu. I also had great time playing up to the Independence. At the time I had great fun, but from some point onward I felt like I was playing to see numbers pop up on my screen. The old UI made everything look small and didn't feel like I was playing a carrier. So I stopped playing CVs and went on to other ship types. After the rework, I really enjoy how I control the planes directly. The gameplay feels much more closer to other ship types now and World of Warships itself. Also I don't get insta-deleted by Midway/Graf AP bombers in the Bismarck Now what I don't like is the AA system. Before the rework I enjoyed clicking on individual squadrons for better AA. At least I felt like doing something. I would have to look out for incoming planes and click on the appropriate squadrons Now with sectors.. I feel kind of left out in that interaction between surface ships and planes. I don't really care about them besides pressing A or D (I set my sectors too but couldn't feel much of difference unless AA spec'd). Also in lower tiers, the fighter consumable would be useless; attacking the squadrons only after they did their attack run (I launch my fighters before they come into range so it's not the delay in activation). If only I could actually shoot planes (like with secondaries - many ships have dual purpose mounts don't they?) like in Warthunder .... Well that was my rant. Have a good day eveyone. p.s pls buff Gneisenau
  12. Okay so this massive speed boost nerf under the guise of "spotting" is just not the way it works. The fastest aircraft, the light rocket aircraft, have about 5 seconds of boost. 5 seconds of boost on the lightest armor isn't about spotting, at all. BBs are spotted by pretty much everything, AA ships are spotted when they fire, and rocket aircraft getting fired at, get shredded. The best "hang around" spotters are Torp bombers in attack run w/ engine cooling not used at all. Perfect speed, under flak, and they can drop some torps if desired. The rocket aircraft on the other hand, which are hit the hardest (11%) by this nerf have no survivability. This nerf ends their ability to RUN from AA without taking massive loses. Never mind the fact they already get shredded by engaging the wrong ship without getting off an attack. Now they'll stumble on something and just get deleted. Nowhere else in the game has an arbitrary number been used in place of a percentage. The engine boost isn't a variable that needs tweaked, at all. Did I mention it's 5 seconds? A CV like Graf where its only survival mechanic on its T7 aircraft IS speed, takes the biggest blow. All light aircraft take massive blows by this. CVs are nearly balanced. They're at a point where MINOR tweaks need worked on (AA itself is a whole other topic which is undoubtedly in need of rework -- no question about the massive discrepency in that realm). Since the proof is in the pudding so to speak , this ~11% nerf that truly has nothing to do with spotting, needs to be added back via Adrenaline Rush commander skill that sees fleeing aircraft taking damage get a little extra speed to get out of trouble. If "spotting" is the guise for this nerf, then adrenaline rush bump is required to see that this mechanism is still in place for what it was actually used for, which is getting away from aerial denial zones that were accidentally stumbled upon.
  13. the tier 10 cvs are ridiculous. their planes never stop regardless of aa spec or fighters launched. just finished a match the hak singlehandedly kicked eveyones @rses its ridiculous. this needs to be nerfed.
  14. After taking my time looking at how the CV rework has panned out through my own experiences, I've noted several things and thought up some changes that I believe will help out game-play against CVs without nerfing them in the sea bed. First thing i noted was that the Carrier serves as the Great Equalizer, smashing pre-existing class imbalances into oblivion. Granted this comes at the cost of having each team having a very strong ship. Second, The Great Equalizer doesn't fairly affect all ship types, DDs suffer the worst. However this also doesn't affect all tiers the same. DDs at tier 6 suffer more from rocket attacks than bombs, and DDs at high tiers suffer from bombs more than rockets. So I thought up several changes that should be able to fix most of the DD suffering while not obliterating the CV game-play either. 1. Reduce the flight speed of the rockets fired from the strike aircraft by 25%-50%. I personally think that the strike aircraft should be quick attacks to damage to targets in high AA and to smack around other vessels that are not well armored. They also are effective scouts but not the best for every nation. This job title doesn't need the rockets to be insta-damage. Requiring more lead on a target will allow targeted vessels to have better chances of dodging an attack while also allowing the strike aircraft to retain their spotting and speedy attacks. It also allows for the reduction of the set-up time for the rocket aircraft for a little bit better easy of use. These next two changes are in specific relation to the Midway, as Midway is the DD murdering psychopath of the high tiers. 1. Reduce bomb damage from 11200 to 9200 or 10000. Midways bombs do a LOT of damage, nerfing the damage down to Lexington's level or just reducing the damage to 10k should increase the chances of survival against the HE bombs from Midway. Another possible change that could be placed in would be decreasing fall speed of the bombs, but I dont think this would have much effect for DDs because Midway players like to drop their bombs at the last second on DDs which is so low that it wouldn't make much difference. 2. Change the Torpedo Bombers from their 3x3 (3 attack runs of 3 planes each) to a 4x2 (4 attack runs of 2 planes each) and increase the torpedo damage from 4233 to 6467(Lexington torp damage) or to 5350 (middle ground damage) Part of the reason why Midway players stick to DBs or strike aircraft is becasue their TBs suck. Incredibly wide spread, with very slow torps, and low single torp damage makes them effectively worse than Lexington's TBs. With Midway you are lucky if more than 4 torps hit a maneuvering target while you could hit all 3 with Lexington, causing more damage. By changing the TBs damage, but also reducing the amount of torps dropped in a single run the TBs are an actual upgrade but also not game-breaking. And with actually usable TBs players wont be targeting DDs as much as its easier to hit CAs and BBs with TBs. So am I crazy? Stupid? Or do i have a good idea here, even if it is just a starting point?
  15. You know when i first heard of the impending CV rework this last fall after I had pretty much switched all of my gaming to WOWS instead of about 50/50 with WOT, something in the back of my mind was prompting me to be concerned that somehow WG would find a way to take this superior game and trash it the same way that had happened to World of Tanks. Between the artillery rework, the matchmaking changes, and the introduction of more abundant totally OP premiums and nerfing of the light tank class, to go along with the already prevalent meta of giant guns hiding in bushes all game; for me at least, the finer art of armored breakthru took a backseat to standoff weapons that just sat and waited to punish any kind of offense. Of course unicums and good players will say that offense is still possible in that game, but it stopped being fun to me outside of Frontline mode. But surely WG would have no reason to spoil the excellent WOWS with a completely balanced gameplay whereas the smallest and most lightly armored ships could still have a major influence in the fighting, where the overwhelming power of CV's was offset by a higher degree of difficulty therefore ensuring a limited amount of people have access to it, allowing Cruiser's and BB's to still be the primary focus of the game. After all this game was somewhat more complicated and complex than WOT, so people tended to be more knowledgeable at mid tiers as far as tactics, and save for a few cv's, the majority of premiums were capable but not ridiculously OP as in WOT.. So to make a long story short, now any arcade player can can ruin gameplay for dd's, force teams into ridiculous lemming balls that are afraid to advance anywhere near caps often enough, and produce more 15 to 3 routings than I have ever seen before. Battleships seem way more eager to just sit back and "snipe" all game, turning many more matches into stagnant half TD like matches from WOT. So here is the point where people will people will call me a whiner, say dd's should spend the entire game effectively dodging CV attacks if they are good' and that my stats shouldn't allow me to have an opinion worth anything. And you know what; you are right. Yeah..i am an average player , but a player that can effectively help a decent team and have fun doing it. But not good enough to save moron teams that seem to be all i encounter these days. And with even occasionally being on the winning side of a 15-3 rout, the game is not as fun as it was, IMO. And I can't understand why this company now wants to negatively alter gameplay with 4 CV's in about 2/3's the games now, many of them Graf Zepps and Saipans... So you're right, the game is what it is now, have fun with it, I'm gonna check out what this MK11 is all about ...later
  16. I have started down the path to the dark side and have played my first Random battle in my Saipan. It took me 60 battles in Co-op to get the courage up to play a round in Randoms but it was a successfull #1 place win in a T10 match. As a DD main I consider this an accomplishment - especially since I trashed a Gearing in the opening minutes. It was even more hilarious because the opposing Enterprise declared he was going to sink me. I overcame his attacks by launching a new sortie and dropping off a fighter to help protect my CV with it's internal self defense fighters. I think I'll quit with a 100% win rate while I am ahead... PLUS, more importantly, for those who truly understand the significance of this glorious day, I wish you all a Happy Easter... God is great! Allahu Akbar! Dios es grande! Deus e bom! Gott ist Grosartig! Dieu est Grand! Bog Velik!
  17. ricochets_and_more

    Mid Tier DD gameplay "against" CVs

    I'm currently grind the US DD line and after watching some threads I have this come to mind: (I'm a Farragut thus I'm speaking from tier VI to VIII perspective, and this thread will be my understanding of DD under current meta and me asking for advice before step into Mahan, Benson to face tier Xs and Midway, Haku) Part I: 1.This is the part I'm taking about the whole strategy not tactics Since in terms of spotting ability CVs overwhelm DDs, DDs are most likely to take direct damage from planes and additional focus fire from surface vessels: (1)As a DD if your side has already been occupied by enemy CV(s), you quickly take cover(which is less likely if you are in the open sea where the Cap is) to take less damage from focus fire and play the defensive, and get into position(I find it not likely to happen at most time because of the sequential air strikes) while (hoping) friendly carrier(s) do the counter-spotting to hinder the enemy push and the enemy DD(s) doing the same. (2)If your flank is not occupied by CV(s) currently, you do the same stealth meta strategy: (US DD) Limit the movement of enemy DDs, Hunt for enemy DDs, Gain Cap control, Support allied DDs/flank and finally Deal some damage. (If you've checked and are wondering why my stats(in Farragut) look so peculiar, well... you can call it sheer luck, and here's my explanation: in terms of 1(1), I pretty much fail to retreat and am focused to death; as for 1(2), I often fail at the last stage of my listed role because allies get the kill or make them retreat, or I'm just blown out of water under focus fire) 2. If you are suddenly radared while commencing the 1(1) stage of action, at least for me, "Ugh, FK this why I'm so screwed up..." and take constant damage(*to death) from CV(s) while (hoping) our CV(s) descend the same fate on my enemy counterpart(s). Or, I just retreat instantly which means surrender Cap control and hope being able to carry out both stage 1(2) then 1(1) (which is even more unlikely to be done because teammates won't be evenly distributed around caps and carriers have bigger fishes to feast on) 3. Never rush tier VIII CVs, spotting them is not even recommended, that's CV's job (Doing so will result in high chance of double carriers immediately focusing you to death or at least make you cost dearly for spotting them) Part II: New and first time putting up a thread here, glad you have the patience to reach here. After reading the whole, you pretty much find that I'm still quite a noob as a DD captain apparently and that's why I'm asking for help & advice for improvements. (I'm a American CA reroll and I grind this line according to my experience in CA before the rework. After reaching Gearing hopefully, I'll re-grind the American CA line to come up with strategies against CVs) It's very kind of you to point out my misplay as much as you can. Or if you agree with me, I'll just keep to this strategy until I feel just fine with my skills to move upwards.
  18. Shannon_Lindsey

    Current CV thoughts

    Wargaming, you are very close to the balance you are looking for. After several CV battles today, I am beginning to get comfortable with the new gameplay. There is, however one huge problem remaining. A CV that is bottom tier with ships two tiers higher, can very easily be completely useless, especially tier VIII facing tier X. Sadly, many people have suggested going to a +1/-1 matchmaker, but I don't think that is mathematically feasible. With no CVs at odd tiers, if enough CVs are in the cue, it makes battles where tiers IX and VII are middle nearly impossible, creating a drag effect on the tier X matchmaking, creating small top tier battles, and effectively breaking endgame content. That can't happen. So please find a way to make the tier VIII CVs able to be just a little productive when facing tier X.
  19. Wargaming has spent years developing a new CV platform. First promised in 2016, it was delayed for years to get it right. Years spent coding, ensuring quality. Weeks. Just weeks after release and we've come across fatal flaws in the system. Fatal, because this problem shows how the system is poisoned to the core. First, let's explain the exploit (or rather, feature) shown above: Dive bomber dispersion patterns can be manipulated via speed and release point such that the actual area they strike is far smaller than indicated. This was recently showcased in the King of the Sea tournament, where we saw frequent 5-digit damage hits on destroyers. That wasn't RNG - that was this "feature" being used. What this shows us is that, despite Wargaming having spent the equivalent in time that it takes to develop a AAA game, they were unable to verify that their dispersion algorithm worked properly. This has vanquished my confidence level in the game development. Balancing issues happen to everyone. Server issues - common. Misguided game direction choices - common. But the revelation of this pattern, which is only possible with a complete lack of QA from the first lines of code to release, is uniquely bad. I remarked to a friend this evening - "holy crap, this is actually becoming coded worse than NavyFIELD". There needs to be a culture change at the heart of Wargaming if we ever want this game to work properly.
  20. I experimented to see how far the arming distance is on both loadouts, and you can see how the arm time might be one of the factors really hurting the 4 drop right now. Should this be changed or should something else about the 4 drop be improved?
  21. After update 0.8.0, CVs got a period of glory. Lower tiers were a different story, but Hakuryu and Midway were absolutely amazing. Some called them overpowered, but it did require some skill. Aiming properly, baiting DCP to set up perma floods, not suiciding your planes, the list goes on. But WG was so worried about what the top 1% of CV players like Gaishu could do that they screwed over the average players. This so called "hotfix" that is 0.8.1 just broke them, especially Hakuryu. Now ships have more power and groups of ships are basically invulnerable. A T8 CV with stock planes in a tier 10 battle is the most torturous thing in the whole game. The 4 drop version of the J5N Tenrai on Hakuryu has been ruined, you have to start attack runs from 8km away and they fly at flak level and get shredded quickly. The torpedoes are slow and don't reliably set up perma floods. And then they nerfed Midway. Hakuryu and the lower tier CVs need to be buffed and made great again. The global changes they have made to flooding and the F key and AA have hindered CVs enough, at least keep them at the full power they were before. Only the expert CV players get impressive numbers in them (250k+) consistently anymore. It is truly sad, and I am glad that many people are finally speaking up about it. Anyone who can make suggestions and feedback to WG, please do. We need to stop this pointless nerfing and restore CVs to their power. 0.8.0 Hakuryu is still the funnest ship I have ever played. Whiny players and their DDs and complaints about weak AA and unlimited planes when they never even played CVs really irritate me. Hopefully WG will get the message. So, let's try our best to make CVs great again!
  22. Everyone says right now that the 2 drop J5N Tenrais are the way to go on Hakuryu. I decided to go old school and researched the 4 drop variant instead, and tried it out in a few random and training battles. I would say the torpedoes themselves are very nice, high alpha damage and 4 of them. If they all connect they do a lot of damage. The Tenrai itself is also a very beautiful plane, and the word Tenrai means "Heavenly Thunder". The problems with them is that the handling and aiming when in attack mode is awful, and the arming distance is very long so it's not super accurate. And you have to start the run from quite far away, and it can be quite difficult when the enemy team blobs up especially since the planes fly at flak level, making aiming and seeing much harder. What it would need to be in a good place are the following: -Slightly better aiming speed, preparation time, and general handling. I think an about 50% reduction to that extremely long preparation time and a 25% reduction to the time it takes for it to get tight, or something around that. -Make them fly below flak. It makes no sense how they are the only torpedo bombers that do not fly below flak, they are very vulnerable in this position and tend to die quickly. Plus all the extra flak in your face makes it harder to see and aim properly. -Decrease the arming distance by about a fourth or so. The arming distance is very far which can make accurate drops a bit hard to do, especially when islands are involved. They can be pretty fun but still need work. I will make sure to practice these more and in case they are ever buffed that will be good news.
  23. Do you Want Know the reason of the AA effectivenes See Picture Below The AA have better Hit ratio possibility than A "Patriot" Missile or any AA Guided Missile in history I Don´t know maybe tone down a litle to 60%
  24. WG has 4 fundamental laws in the rework that are at conflict with each other: WG Law 1--CVS will launch 3 airstrikes with each Squadron + F Key LAW 2--Unlimited plane regeneration + No fighter air cover capability = Unlimited Spotting LAW 3--Unlimited plane regeneration + No fighter air cover capability = Then AA must be OP LAW 4--Unlimited plane regeneration + No fighter air cover capability = DDs are defenseless WG tried to amend the laws (Hotfixes + Patches) but it didn’t work: Players Modified LAW 1àCVS will launch 3 airstrikes with each Squadron + F Key Spam It didn’t work because LAWS 2-3-4 are in conflict with LAW 1 because players discovered that AA was so strong (LAW 3) that in order to reduce aircraft regeneration times you need to avoid losing all your planes so players started to F-Key Spam Modified LAW 2 --Unlimited plane regeneration + No fighter air cover capability + 20% spotting distance nerf = Stealth AA so LAW 3 has been modified. Modified LAW 3--Unlimited plane regeneration + No fighter air cover capability + CV Spotting Nerf = OP AA now has stealth AA which in turn modified LAW 4 Modified LAW 4--Unlimited plane regeneration + No fighter air cover capability + Spotting Nerf + Aiming Nerf = CVs are less effective against DDS WG tried again to amend the laws (Hotfixes + Patches) but it didn’t work: WG Modified LAW 1--CVS will launch 3 airstrikes with each Squadron + F Key Delay = Player base adapted and instead we got this: Player Modified LAW 1à It still didn’t work because LAWS 2-3-4 are in conflict with LAW 1 because players discovered that AA was so strong (LAW 3) that in order to reduce aircraft regeneration times you need to avoid losing all your planes so players are now launching 1-2 strikes and hitting the F-Key. So plane regeneration times are DOWN so now LAW 2 has been modified again Modified LAW 2--Unlimited plane regeneration + No fighter air cover capability + 20% spotting distance nerf + Lower plane regeneration times = Constant Spotting Modified LAW 3--Unlimited plane regeneration + No fighter air cover capability + CV Spotting Nerf = OP AA now has stealth AA which in turn modified LAW 4 Modified LAW 4--Unlimited plane regeneration + No fighter air cover capability + Spotting Nerf + Aiming Nerf = CVs are even less effective against DDS WG u need to change LAW 1 and seriously fix the fighter consumable and then LAW 2-3-4 will resolve themselves because you can then lower AA power and the 4 LAWS will no longer be in conflict with each other as much..