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Found 1 result

  1. CVs are a joke, everyone knows it DDs drivers know it and now we have a steady 4 dds per side per game. CVS were the counter to DDs but since WG is totally incapable of balancing CVs or AA here's why the rework is toast.... None of my ships have a AA build nor have I ever used priority sector. I personally consider priority sector as completely unnecessary for any ship T8 and above. It has some value up to T6 but beyond that you mostly dont need to use it. Planes and AA The planes cant survive any kind of AA long enough to deliver a solid strike. It does happen but not often Even a New Mexico with its lame AA can pretty much just laugh at CVs. Starting from Tier 7 CVS can mostly be ignored. T8-10 AA just melts planes. You can shoot down 30 planes and not even KNOW IT!! CV spotting &v aircraft maneuverability Bluntly put they cant see a thing especially DDs and this is actually a bad thing Most DDs freak out at CVs but theres a few things that work very well for me. Stay out of the CAPS at the beginning. There is nothing more hilarious than watching a CV driver desperately look for DDs in the CAP. I flank the CAPS, spot for my team, hopefully they shoot and sink everything. REMEMBER you can always CAP AFTER u sink everything in and around it!!!! If you see a CV AC heading at you especially rocket planes the number 1 thing you have to remember Rocket planes have the turning radius that's the size of Australia. Turn into the planes (NEVER TURN AWAY!!) and very often they will not be able to shoot and will have to go around again. Bait. Hook up with a BB or Cruiser as soon as you see cv flying around shoot of a few rounds. Usually and especially the less than bright CV players (see skill gap) will come right at you and get there squadron completely obliterated. its totally hilarious to watch The worst thing you can do especially in lower tiers 4-7 is give the CV player a non moving target. Why? Thank WG for nerfing AC maneuverability so much that lining up a target requires a far amount of skill and because of the skill gap the good ones will hit you anyway, the bad CV players they cant hit a target that's moving as slow as a new mexico BTW BB players Tier 5-6..The Pensacola has solid AA so keep them close in case your worried about CVS Bombs & Torpedoes The chances of a CV hitting you especially if your in a cruiser or dd are pretty low. Higher for BBs but any BB T8 and above has devastating AA Getting hit by bombs is more of a concern than torpedoes because those almost always cause a fire CV Torpedoes are so slow that an Iowa BB is about as fast Torpedo damage seems to be low and is less of a concern since they hardly ever cause floods Skill Gap The CV players that you need to pay attention to are listed in order of priority Level 1 CV player who spots or attacks DDs right from the start is probably decent and needs to be watched Level 2 CV player who doesn't do the above and instead is attacking BBs and CAs is probably one you can ignore Level 3 CV player who attacks enemy CVs at the start of the game should just be reported by his team for being afk Fortunately WG has done a great job of introducing CVs to the lowest level of life forms in WG so you wont see a lot of Level 1 CVs but a lot of Level 2 and a few Level 3 CVs So that's it. CVs are not very common in games because many players have found it to be way too much work for very little reward....Well done WG your rework is a fantastic success.. I really miss playing CVs but as they are now..they are not worth playing..boring..