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Found 3 results

  1. After 40 or so CoOp battles in the Tier 6 Furious, I took it into randoms last night. As a 44% overall player, I was concerned that I would get trolled in chat over losses but I was pleasantly surprised. No negative comments at all and a couple of congratz for getting First Strike one battle. Finished 6 wins and 7 losses, 20k or so in avg damage, and 1100 base points. High game was 47k. Had a 12 pt captain. Started off with three straight losses. But in my defense, they were all double cv games, tier 8 heavy, and only a couple of tier sixes. It was just impossible to get close to the T8's and by mid game the tier 6 were gone except for me. So just spotted and tried to pick off stragglers unsuccessfully. Had one 20k game and other two were below 5k...ugh. I don't understand the double CV pairing (1 T8 with one T6) in the MM with over 120 players showing as available in each of the three matches...but oh well. Rest of the games were a "random" mix of top tier and mid tier and I helped win 6 of the remaining 10. I found the torp runs to be most effective though I had a couple of 9k hits with the bombers. The rocket planes were pretty ineffective though I did use them on my first runs in games to help spot...several dead on hits on ships with 450 damage..ugh. I found I was most effective as a team player when I got 8 or more ships spotted on first run (got several thanks/well done for that from team mates) and when I harassed ships trying to take caps. Even if I didn't hit them, I saw that alot of the DDs would either smoke up or both DDs and Cruisers would turn away. I also made a point of spotting island huggers and getting behind them and then coming in with a broadside of torps. Did that a couple of times in my best game of 47k. And if I can get better at hitting with both torps on a single run, I can easily see starting to do 60-80k in damage. In one game, a great CL player saved me and the game. We were down a ship in late game, 4 versus 5, with a DD and a CA starting to zero in on me. I called for help and the Yorck got in between me and the pursers. He sunk the DD and I took out the CA and we eventually won with my CV at 300 health. Sent him a personal thanks after the game. Still figuring out how to use the engine boost properly. Also, after a couple of games where the opposing CVs made serious runs at me, I added the captain point for the second fighter. It seemed to help. So overall, it was a good start. Thirteen games certainly does not establish a trend for me but alleviated my initial concerns about contributing. And for others of you that are considering playing the Furious and are concerned about all the negative CV comments on the forums, it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. And playing a tier 6 CV for me was much more challenging than playing any of the other ship classes at the tier. Besides increasing my damage, anyone with thoughts on how to improve my game play on the Furious, fire away!
  2. I have been playing a few games at Tier 4-5 and I have to say that I am not impressed with the Langley. The Flak guns are clearing the skies very nicely when the planes approach a target. The concern about DD play may be exaggerated. I still can sail in in a stock Myogi, a Dreadnaught, or an Oleg without worrying too much about being sunk. If there is an issue, it is at Tier 9-10 where the expert players reside playing random. In the old CV setup, I could guarantee at least one ship being sunk by bombs or torpedoes. NJRoc
  3. Can someone tell me how it's possible to control planes after you die in a CV? Last battle, I killed a CV, sat in smoke for a minute or so, when I came out, torpedo planes came in for a run, changed the angle of attack on me, then dropped payload. I didn't know it was possible to control them after you die, but if it is, can someone explain that to me? Got a video if it helps.