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Found 1 result

  1. After watching Noster's latest video about the new German BC, I realized something that I should have figured out in the past. The optimal Tiers for CVs are Tier 4-6. Noster noted this and I observed that this analysis is correct. At Tier 7-10, The AAA module starts to be common on CAs and some ships like the Tier 8 BBs can wipe out 25 planes without issue. By Tier 10, some players clear 100 or more airplanes from the air with the right combination of captain skills, the right CA, and the AAA module. In contrast, most Tier 4-6 ships do not have the AAA module (the Yubari being an exception with 2 AAA modules with superintendent). You also have fewer airplanes in play on the US Carriers. The Japanese have the ability to change their strike packages and can vary their number of strike aircraft. For the overhaul, aircraft layout should be equalized between all CVs. I would also get rid on Manual drop (used mostly by the Unicom types and was unavailable in early WOWS versions) and nerf the AAA module. I am dissuaded to go above Tier 6 with my CV ships given the AAA module relieving the carrier with NO strike aircraft. I have seen a few too many videos where a Tier 8 Lexington is left ineffective due to too many CAs with the AAA modules. NJroc