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Found 1 result

  1. Here’s the rub! CV’s are not broken and haven’t been for a while most of the hate and complaints and yes I mean for all you forum warriors. Come from players who try to run out solo warrior style when in a match against CV’s. The other hate is just the same as oh the secondary’s on the Ohio or grosser or those lines are just broken. Like I said whining all the ship classes are in the game each have a strength and weakness. CV’s are no different if you run off trying to be mr. Solo hero your going to get focused by your friendly CV player no different than if you went broadside against a BB at close range (you go BOOM) your fault. I want to see reasonable discussion about all ships some might be OP but if you haven’t ever played the ship your trying to roast for yourself then you are a whiner not a helper of game play development. In fact you ruin the game play experience for all WOW players you are the reason ships become unplayable and kill the player base not help expand or honestly help the developers with the ships or skills that are broken. A great example of broken gameplay was deadeye and thanks to the Community’s input and discussion the developers were able to fix a actual problem. It’s hard enuf for developers to sift through tall the hate from the real issues to get them fixed so try to play a ship before you get on the forum and start acting like a 2 year old. I would like to see the WOW community flourish and all ship classes be playable and all ships be playable. I hate working hard to get a new tier 10 just for it to become a harbor queen because it’s power crept because the forums blow up with op within the first couple of days. Learn the ships strengths and weaknesses before you become a toxic community hater.