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Found 1 result

  1. Captain__Blaine

    CV Game Style

    Well I guess I am going to have to come over to the Austin office and straighten the CV thing out. If it don't ice up I'll see ya'll about 3. You have jacked this all up, despite your sincere and thoughtful ideas. Technical with what you got. You can't see the aim recital when you are flying. Maybe if you could set an aim point by clicking and getting the planes to fly where you wanted them. Put more control details on the command screen. I had no idea how to command the plane. Yea, speed direction. Altitude, and aiming and the rest, zoom zoom. How do I get back to being the Captain of the CV. I lost control of the ship. So like, I'm the Captain, but I am flying around in a plane? Did you ever play the old game, Carriers At Sea. Captain of CV is controlling take off, landing, arming, direction, calling the strikes, selecting the arms, he ain't flying around in a plane. You watch to much Star Trek. Captain Pickard would not be going on away missions in the real world. What is the point of having a better CV with more squadrons if you can only fly one at a time? I guess you can attack other fighters, but I couldn't figure that out. I don't want to fly an airplane, I want to captain a CV. Especially one that flies poorly and is hard to aim. Multiple strike from multiple directions while protecting my squadron ships. Can't do all that. Many Planes Headed Midway. No it's just one squadron. I really liked the way it was. When you are playing in high tier, maybe your statistics say different, but I don't see overwhelming win from my CV play, Opps, maybe I ain't that good.