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Found 4 results

  1. Here is something that would be insanely popular. Give us the chance to earn a customizable clan flag that we can design just like a patch utilizing the patch elements that all members of our clans may have the option to fly on their ships. This could be one of the coolest skin options we could possibly get in game.
  2. Carrot__Panda

    Wouldn’t it be nice...

    if we could add custom numbers to our ships. Maybe you have a certain historical ship number that sits near and dear to you. A father or grandfather perhaps sailed on a certain ship. Obviously we can’t have every ship of the navy in the game, but we do have most classes or a class that we could consider close enough. For me it would be DD-748 USS Harry E Hubbard, which for all intents and purposes is a upgraded Fletcher class (a Sumner class to be exact). But enough about my crappy ideas, has this ever been brought up before?
  3. Hey guys so I have been playing this game since the BETA and over the years i have actually accumulated a large number of flags (like seriously i have 38 flags) and while i do think it is a cool reward only being able to mount one flag on each ship (or two now on the US branches if you completed the collection) really feels like a waste to me. I really wish i could equip a bunch of them so that i could enjoy them (and show off, not that anyone pays to much attention to them anyway). I was wondering if anyone else had thoughts on this or if there is some reason why we can only have 1 (or 2) mounted instead of being able to use most of them. PS Im not sure if there is a thread about this already or not but if there is it would be great if someone could send a link to it.
  4. BKBridges08

    Hiding ARP Ships

    I noted that the ARP ships are attached to the Japanese line and not independent anymore. Would like the option back to hide these ships in the ship carousel filter choices.