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Found 8 results

  1. That's a lot of tags innit? So while poking around the internet memes, I somehow managed to stumble over some soundtracks for the Titanic movie. Since that movie was basically my childhood and the whole reason why I'm interested in the ships at all. (Ohh... Now I know why I hate planes...) I thought why not come up with some Kancolle style art for the three ships and with Olympics birthday coming around, its a good way to see that we don't forget them. I've noticed they haven't been thought about for a while. Character design. Britannic was ludicrously easy to come up with, hospital ship, Nurse, boom done. Personality? Shy perhaps. I don want to incude her large davits into her rigging some how... Olympic... I see her in her WW1 configuration so she will have a few 5inch guns on her. I kinda want her to have glasses and a walking stick. She should have a proud and cheery personality, being White Stars most successful ship with a career of 25 years. Not sure what she should be wearing but I want her to show a little skin, referencing her long open promenade deck. ______ Titanic is a bit of a mystery. I have no idea how she should look. Which is where you guys come in. Perhaps she can be the spoiled child. Bratty, arrogant and cheeky as she was one of the most hyped ships of the age. And White Star even had her built bigger then her eldest sister so that is a possibility. I should really stop getting distracted with projects like this, Oh but there are always so cool. :3 I don't know help me out here lads~
  2. So I had some extra time and I decided to see if I could create my own custom skin. I spent about 10 Minutes playing around and I came up with this. I had a lot of fun making this skin and I'm thinking about spending more time, and making better, more realistic looking skins. I just wanted to post my work here to see If I could get some constructive criticism, thanks!
  3. OK guys I'm having a very difficult time finding the thread of the maker if this skin, I forgot to follow it! D: To makes things worse, I havent unlocked the Myoko yet so the image I have is black and white. The Color scheme is brown, white and green. Please help me identify who made this skin!
  4. Can someone tell me about those custom flags,that comes with some of the premium ships? Like,what's it for? does it give something extra (like -5% on repaircost) or just a nice ornament like Alpha-tester? or the one year flag?
  5. am i the only one excited for this? i took a break myself from creating mods because they completely destryed the system some time ago, maybe now i might end up going back to do some things
  6. I am a southpaw so naturally I use the mouse in my left hand and remap key to use with my right hand. The problem is I can remap the keys on the number pad to correspond with all my planes except #2. every time I start the game I have to go in and remap the #2 key for my torpedo planes because when I log out it resets but all my other mapped keys for my planes stay the same. I have tried going in the file and check but I see nothing.
  7. THIS THREAD WILL NO LONGER BE UPDATED. ALL UPDATES WILL BE IN THE NEW MODS SECTION THREAD HERE TotenKampf's Custom and Historical Ensigns and Flags Requests and feedback welcomed. The aim of these small mods is to provide sharper colours used for the Ensigns flown by the selective nations as well as providing the historically correct ensign flown. Due to the way the file operates. The Russian/Soviet Navies now changes Ensign approprately, however the Hochseeflotte and Kriegsmarine respectively do not. Your choice in download is more for a preference for the German Ensign to be that of der Kaiser, or der Furher. Current plan is to add a modern Ensign pack to replace all Ensigns with the correct current one flown by these nations; as well as novelty flags for holiday's. All national ensigns in both the WW1 and WW2 Historical Packs WW1 Historical Germany WW2 Historical Germany ​1776 War of Independence Custom Ensigns
  8. Hello, I am new to WoW & the forum community. I guess I should start off by saying HI and how excited I am for the full release of this game. Aside from that I would like to bring up the topic of Custom Matches & team play. I find CBT/OBT games always thrive when there is a tournament style of play which can be made possible by custom games. I find my self to be a bit of a try hard so I am hoping this is released in an upcoming patch. My question is, does anyone know if there will be custom game types released in the CBT? Also would anyone else be interested in a tournament style play if they end up releasing custom matches. Thanks