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Found 1 result

  1. timinindiana

    WG logic at its worst

    I used to love to play my Emile Bertin she was a fun ship and since I get up tiered at tier 5 about 7 out of 10 matches she was was one of the few ships if played right could hold her own at tier 6 and 7. I never felt my Emile was OP at her tier but I did know if you worked well with her strengths and weaknesses she was a great cruiser to play at her tier and held her own above her tier but I never felt or heard anyone comp[lain she was OP.. I had not played her in a month or so so decided to play her a few weeks ago and soon realized her torpedo range was no longer 9KM but was 6KM and she just seemed to struggle at tier 6 and 7 to do damage like I was used to. I never felt she was anywhere near a power house above her tier but could just hold her own against well armed DDs and better armored cruisers..What I found with her limited torpedo range and slower reload time her competitive ability above her tier was not the same. Here is what WG nerfed on her below.. French cruiser Émile Bertin Main battery loading time was increased from 12 to 13 sec. The 550 mm DT torpedoes were replaced with 550 mm 19D torpedoes with the following characteristics: Reload time: 84 sec. Damage per torpedo hit: 12,233. Speed: 57 knots. Range: 6 km. Owing to an unconventional armor layout, good ballistics, and long-range torpedoes, Émile Bertin demonstrated excessive efficiency in battles. These changes were necessary to put the ship in line with other same-tier ships in terms of balance. So in closing here is my point. WG is ruining the fun factor in the game by trying so hard to balance every little advantage a ship may have..I could see balance issues at tier 10 to a point but why the hell would WG nerf a ship that was clearly not that OP at tier 5 knowing tier 5 players get up tiered all the time anyways. The logic of nerfing what was very slight advantages over other tier 5 cruisers she had when they know over half your battles at tier 5 will be above the Emiles tier eludes me in the logic applied to nerf her. I have played many games in my Emile and never once did anyone complain of her being OP and I sure did not see all the captains running out to play her as you would get maybe 1 or 2 in a match if even that many at tier 5 6 or 7. In truth what WG did to Emile was to reduce her footprint above her tier and make her less competitive at tier 6 and 7 so you would move on to upper tier ships..The only sin Emile commuted was being a good rounded cruiser with decent speed that a wise player could have fun with at her whole tier range of 5 6 7 or to the point being fun but no where near an OP ship to play..So WG did not nerf a OP ship but just took the overall fun factor out of a ship... timinindiana =V=