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Found 266 results

  1. Hey everyone, Isaac here. And in this early morning video, I'll be discussing the new changes that have recently been posted about adjustments to some of the USN cruisers coming up in the USN split. What are your thoughts on these new changes? Do you think they need to do another adjustment on detectability for Pensacola? How do you think Baltimore will deal with the ROF buff she's been granted that puts her slightly better than the old New Orleans was? Leave a message here on the forums with your thoughts and your opinions. Let's make sure we get some feedback going to WarGaming about the current proposed changes! Click the video and leave a message in the YouTube comments section. Give it a thumbs up if you liked it, or a dislike if you didn't. As always, feel free to subscribe for more late-night shenanigans. As always, take care!
  2. Hey everyone, Isaac here and just thought I'd drop a video going through some of the proposed changes currently put up on the supertest that I caught this morning from the WoWS Dev Blog! What do you think about the changes? Do you think it's getting time for WG to address the whole 'battlecruiser' concept in-game with a new class of ships or is it not worth it to do so? What do you think about the potential for Stalingrad to be a Clan Wars reward ship only? Would you mind it potentially being slightly overpowered in that matter or do you have a tin-foil had on as you run around your house screaming 'Russian Bias'? Leave a comment in the comment sections on the video, or add your reply to the forum post. Let's get some ideas and suggestions back to WG!
  3. G. Kurfurst vs. Moskva

    Hey guys I am currently working down both the Russian cruiser and German BB line at the same time and almost have the tier 9 Friedrich unlocked and am halfway to the unlocking the tier 9, Dimitri, but want to concentrate on just one line so I can reach tier X faster. I spend equal time playing both BB's and CA's but am torn whether I should work to unlock the Moskva first or the Kurfurst. Any suggestions from people that have both? Which is more fun? Thanks!
  4. Hey everyone, Isaac here and I'm back with another video on the ST changes/current stats of the Stalingrad tier 10 (battle)cruiser! Do you think the ship is balanced as is? Could her survivability be too high with the 32mm plating? Post below and lets get some feedback going back to WG! Also, leave a comment in the comments section of the video letting me know what you thought of the stats. Heck, even let me know what you thought of my first foray out with the KGV and if you'd like to see more of these things from the channel! Click thumbs up if you liked it, thumbs down if you hated it. Be sure to click that subscribe button, it really helps me out when you do! As always, take care and God bless!
  5. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/244478356?t=00h59m36s The match is basically my descent into insanity till finally broke and have decided to take things into my own hands. Having DDs on the team with no idea what to do nor have the sense to identify opportunity almost cost the match. At 11 min in (https://www.twitch.tv/videos/244478356?t=01h07m46s), rage was building inside of my skull after seeing the Fletcher derps around doing nothing for the whole match, not to mention the entire team just feeds into bow on des moines, yamato, and their escort DDs for NO REASON. Then remembering the word of the mad titan and all great men that lived before: Why is winning a match in cruisers so freaking hard.
  6. Well howdy folks and welcome back to your home port! Today I’m looking over HMS Fiji, a Tier VII light cruiser of the Royal Navy. As far as the British light cruisers go, this is the first that I have felt really had a good balance of capabilities, not that the Tier VI Leander was bad, it just wasn’t as good. In fact all of them up to this point have been a steady progression of improvement over the previous tier, but Fiji is the first that I sail with complete confidence. Thanks for watching!
  7. Help Needed: D. Donskoi

    Hello! So.... I really need help on Donskoi. I'm finding it incredibly frustrating, and I miss my Chapayev. Issues I have: 1. Very [edited] forward gun angles. 2. Large profile 3. Kind of short range (for the size) 4. REEEEEEE rudder shift 5. Everyone seems to want to shoot you 6. Crappy reload I'm running reload, conceal, and my captain has PT, AR, DM, IFHE, Conceal. Help would be greatly appreciated! PS. Some statistics for reference:
  8. Introduction: I like making things and lately I've been having a lot of fun making up ships. So I figured that I might as well make one in photoshop and throw it up here. The basic idea behind this ship is that it'd be a ship that only the computer controls in a special battle mode where the players have to go against very OP ships from an imaginary fleet. Think of it like boss fights in other online games. So, for a cruiser to be able to withstand the players' onslaught, I made it super powerful. Here's a diagram for the basic layout of the vessel. Layout: Here's a basic diagram about how the ship would be laid out. The yellow areas are where the smaller AA-guns would be placed. The orange lines are aircraft catapults. Also the image is not to scale. Identification: Name: OCN Aries Type: Heavy Cruiser Class: Aries Nation: Olympian Conclave (Fictional) Tier: XI Dimensions: Length: 738' 2" (225m) Beam: 73' 9" (22.5m) Height: Bow: 29' 6" (9m) Stern: 29' 0" (8.85m) Bridge: 65' 6" (20m) Stack: 75' 0" (22.86m) Mast: 131' 3" (40m) Draft: 28' 4" (8.65m) Maneuverability: Top Speed: 35kts Turning Circle Radius: 780m Rudder Shift Time: 6.5 sec Compliment: Enlisted: 1025 Officers: 62 Main Battery: Barrel Width: 250mm Barrels per Turret: 3 Number of Turrets: 6 Rate of Fire: 6 rounds/min. Reload Time: 10 sec. Rotation Speed: 10 deg./sec. 180º Turn Time: 18 sec. Firing Range: 22.3 km Maximum Dispersion: 120m HE Shell: 250mm Maximum HE Shell Damage: 3600 Chance of Fire on Target Caused by HE Shell: 20% Initial HE Shell Velocity: 950 m/s HE Shell Weight: 145 kg. AP Shell: 250mm Maximum AP Shell Damage: 7200 Initial AP Shell Velocity: 950 m/s AP Shell Weight: 190 kg. Secondary Armament: Barrel Width: 150mm Barrels per Turret: 2 Number of Turrets: 16 Firing Range: 8km Rate of Fire: 10 rounds/min. HE Shell: 150mm Maximum HE Shell Damage: 2200 Initial HE Shell Velocity: 935 m/s Chance of Fire on Target Caused by HE Shell: 10% Torpedo Tubes: Number of Launchers: 4 (2 on each side) Torpedoes per Launcher: 4 Torpedo Width: 550mm Rate of Fire: 1.33 shots/min Reload Time: 45 sec Rotation Speed: 20º/sec. 180º Turn Time: 9 sec. Maximum Damage: 14,200 Torpedo Speed: 60 kts. Torpedo Range: 8.5km AA Defense: 150 mm (16x2 pcs) Average DPS: 190 Firing Range: 8km 40mm (32x3) Average DPS: 50 Firing Range: 6km 20mm (48x4) Average DPS: 25 Firing Range: 4km Armor: Belt: 6.889" (175mm) Deck: 3.937" (100mm) Turrets: 2.36" - 9.84" (60-250mm) Barbettes: 7.086" (180mm) Conning Tower: 7.48" (190mm) Concealment: Surface Detectability Range: 14.27km Air Detectability Range: 10.16km What do you guys think? Also how many hit points do you think this ship would have?
  9. Hey everyone, Isaac here. And in this early morning video, I'll be discussing the changes that have been posted so far for the upcoming USN cruiser split. What are your thoughts on the available data we have so far? Do you think they've gone a little too overboard on the poor Pensacola? How do you think the New Orleans and the Baltimore will deal with the ROF nerf they're currently being tested with? Leave a message here on the forums with your thoughts and your opinions. Let's make sure we get some feedback going to WarGaming about the current proposed changes! Click the video and leave a message in the YouTube comments section. Give it a thumbs up if you liked it, or a dislike if you didn't. As always, feel free to subscribe for more late-night shenanigans. As always, take care!
  10. 0.7.3 USN Cruiser Changes

    The following changes do not affect the current US cruiser branch. Pensacola (Tier VI) Surface detectability increased from 12.78 km to 14.16 km, and in-smoke firing detectability increased from 7.32 km to 8.44 km. In-tech-tree main gun upgrade was removed. New Orleans (Tier VII) Surface detectability increased from 11.82 km to 12.42 km, and in-smoke firing detectability increased from 6.62 km to 7.05 km. Main gun reload time reduced from 15 seconds to 13 seconds; in-tech-tree main gun upgrade was removed. (also loses access to Slot 5 due to downtier) Baltimore (Tier VIII) Armored extremities reduced to 25 mm. Main gun reload time reduced from 15 seconds to 13 seconds; in-tech-tree main gun upgrade was removed. She retains a sigma of 2.05. (also loses access to heal and slot 6 due to downtier, but she keeps the Super-Heavy Shell, looked on GM3D to confirm, it's included) Buffalo (Tier IX) Armored extremities increased to 27 mm. Main gun reload time reduced from 15 seconds to 13 seconds. Buffalo has the highest alpha strike of any T9 cruiser at a total of 60,000 max AP damage on a 12 gun broadside. However, it is currently unknown whether she keeps the torpedoes she had back a long time ago, chances are she doesn't. Here's where the fun begins. Cleveland (Tier VIII) Superstructure armor increased to 16 mm, armored extremities increased to 25 mm. Surface detectability reduced from 13.3 km to 11.88 km, and in-smoke firing detectability reduced from 6.71 km to 5.64 km. She can get a minimum detection range of 9.1 km now. Main gun reload time reduced from 10 seconds to 7 seconds; 180° rotation time reduced from 22.5 seconds to 18 seconds; in-tech-tree main gun upgrade was removed. Overall improvement on AA guns. The 20mm Orelikons were exceptionally enhanced on Cleveland, providing 9.2 AA DPS (single) and 15.6 AA DPS (twin) per mount. Cleveland can mount Damage Control Party, Hydroacoustic Search/Surveillance Radar, Defensive Fire, and Spotter Plane at the same time. Glory to the Cleveland Masterrace once again. Source: https://sea-group.org/?p=4045&lang=en
  11. A Caledon adventure... of doom!

    I'm pretty sure I got lucky but this is my greatest match in the Caledon so far. 20180314_233432_PBSC103-Caledon_13_OC_new_dawn.wowsreplay
  12. We have a lot of work coming up for the World of Warships Wiki, again We need your help...again! I need a new Wiki Editor to join the team to help with wiki article creation, maintenance, and upkeep. The Official World of Warships Wiki Team is a small bunch of dedicated players that have been maintaining the World of Warships Wiki since May of 2016. I only have one spot available, and your entry will be judged by the other Wiki Editors as well as myself. Here's the entry that needs to be created: Describe, in 500 words or more, the service history of the Brooklyn-Class light cruiser, USS Brooklyn. Your entry will be judged on grammar, accuracy of the subject matter, spelling, ability to display understanding of the subject matter, ability to convey understanding of the subject matter, and prose. Benefits of Being a Wiki Editor: - You get to test ships sometimes months before release for article creation, same as a Community Contributor - Automatic invitation to the Community Contributor Clan - Automatic reception of the Coo of Boom Flag The Rules: No plagiarism. Automatic disqualification if noted. Wargaming gains exclusive rights to the contest ideas when you post it on the forum, as outlined in the “11. User Generated Content” section of the Terms of Service. By submitting your entry, you agree to the Wargaming Official Rules. Any violations of the above rules will disqualify your entry. Also, bear in mind I reserve the ability to make the final judgement call. DEADLINE: Wednesday 03/14 at 10:00 AM Central Time.
  13. Aoba Welcome Captains to the Tier 5 C-hull Furuta....opps err I mean T6 Cruiser Aoba. Poor Aoba, ever since the Furutaka got the C-hull, she kinda lost her uniqueness at T6. The Aoba is one of the original cruisers first introduced into the game and was once considered one of the best tier for tier cruisers in the game but since the introduction of several cruiser lines and the mix of new Destroyer lines and Battleship lines have really chewed down that title. She suffers from power creep at this point but that doesn't mean she is a bad ship, oh no, she is merely just more balanced than ever before. She still packs 203mm guns that fire fast and accurate, she is also stealthy and fast. In exchange for that, she is one massive citadel with torpedo arcs that scream "delete me" for any enemy ship paying attention, her AA is laughable and her gun range is frankly lack luster. It somehow stacks up to be a comfortable ship to sail though, she has a jack-of-all-trades feel to her where I don't feel like she is being a burden to the team while nothing that screams that she is overpowered in any single category. She is the pair of old clothes you have laying around that fit right and look right for most occasions, but you tend to forget you own. Health The Aoba has a good amount of HP sitting around 31,900 which is more than the rest of the T6 cruisers minus the Cleveland and Graf Spree. She packs 76mm of belt armor and her citadel runs from the front of the turrets to the aft turrets with a large portion sitting well above water under the smoke stacks which makes her very easy to citadel. Most of her hull is covered in 25mm of armor which makes her resistant to HE fire from 152mm or smaller guns but vulnerable to IFHE shells but her bow and stern only gets 16mm of hull plating. Her turrets allow her to keep a fairly tight angle while maintaining all the guns firing which is a good thing but using your concealment and islands is the best practice especially with the lackluster gun range meaning you have to get allot closer than most cruisers in your tier. Guns The Aoba once again packs the biggest guns for her tier with six 203mm guns mounted in three dual turrets that have good angles especially when firing the rear. She has the worse range of the tech tree cruisers with only beating the Leander and barely beating the Cleveland although with the upcoming USN cruiser split its hard to tell how the Aoba will fair then. Her guns have the best penetration thanks to them being the biggest and her HE is all around good. They reload a decent 11 seconds but her turrets are slow at 36 seconds of rotation, I cut that down with both the EM skill and Main Battery Modification 2 to 27.9 seconds while only bumping reload up to 11.55 seconds. Originally I tried the Accuracy mod and AA mod but several times I got into a fight where due to hard maneuvering I was unable to get shots off and that was frustrating to say the least, this set up works for me so your mileage may very. Running a mix of AP and HE is a good idea, she can make quick work of slightly angled and broadside cruisers along with the upper belts of most battleships but if their angled go with HE. In all honestly her HE is solid enough to be used all the time but you will be leaving damage and kills on the table if you don't learn when to switch. Torpedoes The Aoba packs 2 quad mount torpedo launchers on both sides of the ship near the aft. They have a range of 10km with a reload of 102 seconds and a good max damage rating of just over 16,000 hp a piece. That said they have terrible arcs that force you to sail nearly broadside to launch them which is begging for you to get deleted. They work well for a ambush or last ditch weapon although if you run max concealment and have a enemy sailing towards you, you can fire them in concealment for hilarious effect. Otherwise forget they exist because while they are tempting to use it generally leads to your destruction as well. AA The Aoba's AA consist of mostly 25mm mounts and some 127mm along with Defensive Fire consumable. Overall its pretty weak, I tried running BFT, AFT and the AA mod because she does still see CVs fairly often but the pay off is pretty weak. I kept the Defensive Fire consumable on since it does still scatter incoming torpedo bombers and dive bombers, making it easier to dodge of course. Speed/Rudder At 35 knots she is tied with the Budyonny as the fastest cruiser in their tier and considering the amount of firepower she brings with her makes for a fun combination. This speed also aids in running island to island to cover your approach or escape so you can easily flex yourself across the battlefield. She also has a fast rudder shift of 8.5 seconds which really helps when your trying to dodge incoming fire Concealment The Aoba has some of the best concealment of her tier at 12.1 km and with camo and CE skill brings it down the 10.33km. This gives her allot of room to play in and with her speed makes for a dangerous combination allowing you easily flex from one area to the next. Mods I ran the usual Main Armament Mod 1, DCS Mod 1, Main Armament Mod 2 and Steering Gear mod 2. I ran AA mod and Accuracy mod but found MAM 2 to be more useful for my playstyle. Captain Skills For captain skills I ran Priority Target, Expert Marksman, Demolition Expert and Concealment Expert (CE brings your concealment down to 10.33km). Coming around Last Stand is a good choice because her rudder and engines get destroyed regularly Tactics She has poor range considering the size of her guns, this means you need to be sneaky and if you don't have the CE skill yet, this can be a difficult task. With her fast speed though getting behind a islands is important. I try to keep the bulk of the enemy force at my max range where I can easily pelt them with a HE/AP combination. If your flank is winning, this is when you can open the throttles up and chase the enemy down, especially DDs because at 35knots you are hard to out run. If your flank is losing though and your forced into retreat then mix your speed up with along with swinging your ship back and forth to throw off the enemies aim, you should only fire your torpedoes when you are concealed. Your citadel is a big target so do what you can to protect it but if a BB fires at you there is not much you can do but pray to RNGesus How did I do I found her almost boring as for me play as there was nothing exciting about her, she was just a flat out solid performer for me. I didn't have any crazy great games, but I did complete the grind in 29 games thanks to some premium time and that I was power grinding Free XP when I first got her. I'm sure if I played her more I would have saw some great games but I doubt the overall feel would be different. To me she isn't a keeper, I'll struggle to remember any games but I will remember her as a good solid ship that does allot of things pretty well but nothing exceptional. She is nothing special which makes her special in this current meta of new "gimmick" ships that WG is putting out.
  14. Keep the New Orleans or not

    I know every ship has it proponents. And every ship is a good ship in the right hands. But with limited funds and limited Port slots. Should I keep the New Orleans. Or not. Right now I think NOT.
  15. Yes, im still on my Hornfischer binge, and im trying to figure out a way to suggest a way to buff American cruisers. High tier cruisers are in a windy corner right now. There are a bunch of cruiser killing battleships coming online, and not enough carriers to fight. Every nation has its flavor, and the American all gun anti AA one may not be as spicy as it once was. Also, in pre-alpha there was a auto lead feature for guns, but it proved to be too problematic since it made guns far too accurate. What are the problems with suggesting adding this back as a US cruiser timed feature? It would reflect the advanced radar the US brought to the pacific, reduce the inaccuracy of the high trajectory shells, and give the cruiser some scary bite for the few seconds its active. Thoughts?
  16. Konigsberg Tips

    So....I've been hesitating to take out my Konigsberg because it just seems to fly a "KILL ME" flag to anyone that sees it. It gets significantly up-tiered, and enemy shells slice thru her like hot knives meeting butter. I love her guns, and the traverse on them...kicking left to right as you maneuver is pretty fun, but I'm wanting to know basic captain skills and general tactics to make her more survivable and lethal. Currently I'm running an 8pt Captain with PM, EM, AR, and SE. I figured for those last skills they're kinda helpful letting me reload guns/torps faster and giving me a better window to take advantage of that. I'll have my Captain to 10 points shortly. At the moment I've switched from aggressive mode and trying to stay back, taking advantage of a red's distraction while they're firing at my front-line ships. I just can't seem to succeed any kind of close in firefight. How do you win with her? I love the ship (I really enjoy my FurryTaco as well!), but just needing some basic pointers to succeed in randoms. What Cpt skills at 10 points, and does one just vulch at the edges of the battle? Haven't seen the torps being much use yet, lol! Thanks and <S!>! ~War~
  17. Italian Tier X Cruiser

    So I know there are two options for the Tier X Italian cruiser -the Spanish cruiser MK2 A standard tier X cruiser with 4x3 203mm guns -the other is a unique Cruiser with 2x2 3x2 10in guns so I would like to know what are the Pros and Cons of each design i'm sure @Phoenix_jz could fill me in
  18. So I got the spotter plane modification from a supercontainer, and I was wondering what ship I should put it on. I was thinking of picking up the Molotov when it goes on sale and use it for that (i'm used to high citadel ships with poor armor), but i'm not 100% sure. What ships do you suggest I use it on (either name or class of ship, doesn't really matter)? And on a side note, what is the "Pigeon's nest" subcategory for (never really used forums so i'm new here although i've been playing for over a year now)?
  19. Welcome to a new pet project of mine, tech tree proposals. What I attempt to do in these articles is that I try to make a coherent and clear proposal as to what I think we can expect from Wargaming if they ever make such a tech-tree line. Might even work as a proposal for Wargaming to put something in (in the unlikely case that they haven't mapped all this)... This article will touch only on the tech-tree ships, the snippets on each premium ship will come at a later date. For each ship, I provide the layout of how the ship's weaponry is distributed, its technical specifications and with the same formulas I used for the ADLA articles, their in-game values. Finally, I provide a small piece of analysis of what I think about the ship and how it'd fit with its tiermates. Essentially, each of the ships gets a mini-ADLA with all the information you might be looking for to compare it to its tiermates that are already in-game. Let's hope we see these ships in the virtual seas soon! Read Full Article... Let me know what you think of this! I've almost finished writing the premiums of the tree and then comes the Italian Battleship tech-tree line! All feedback and comments are welcome!
  20. Abruzzi

    So, I have been thinking, since we have the Roma now, when will the Abruzzi make it to the port?
  21. The ship's elegant, fast, and did I mention elegant? But something just feels so horrifically odd. The spotter plane's CD is bloody almost 4 min, so superintendent is a complete waste on the ship. The base range of the ship is ok because speed is her shield. But the guns are just ... Feels like playing Akizuki without IFHE. This cruiser needs at least a 14 point captain, and probably 16 points to make it truly on par with other things. The torpedoes are great, not because of the range, but due to the firing angle; 16000 base torp damage also packs a mighty punch.
  22. Lets face it Cruisers are the lost middle child of world of warships. Battleships force them to flee on sight, yet they need to be close in and in front to protect against DDs. These two roles are simply NOT compatible. Therefore in order to fix cruisers, I recommend that WG make it so that being in close proximity to Battleships (say 4 km) gives some sort of protective mechanical advantage to cruisers. Here are some simple solutions to protect cruisers while in close proximity to BBs Cruisers can't take citadels the targeting ridicule cant lock on to a cruiser Dispersion increases rapidly Battleship heals benefit all the cruisers around it Another option would be to allow BBs to trail short term smoke behind them as the move. Friendly cruisers could hide in this smoke. It would even be marginally historical were one of these options implemented, it would force cruisers to stay close to friendly BBs when enemy BBs were around, this would make it easier for them to fulfill their main role of protecting again DDs as well..
  23. USSR Heavy Cruiser

    We all want Stalingrad heavy cruiser (project 82): I like to see Ussr bought unfinished Lutzow of Admiral Hipper then renamed Tallin Heavy Cruiser: http://navypedia.org/ships/russia/ru_cr_tallin.htm
  24. USS Pensacola: To Buy or not to Buy?

    I recently researched the Pensacola, and I'm wondering if I should bother buying now or not, considering the upcoming US cruiser line split. (Any rumored dates?) I've heard people say it would be good for me to have her for the line split, and I've also heard people say it makes no difference and I shouldn't waste the money. I suppose it would be helpful to hear from a broader audience on whether or not I should spend the credits to have her in my port. Thank you for the help!