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Found 245 results

  1. Abruzzi

    So, I have been thinking, since we have the Roma now, when will the Abruzzi make it to the port?
  2. The ship's elegant, fast, and did I mention elegant? But something just feels so horrifically odd. The spotter plane's CD is bloody almost 4 min, so superintendent is a complete waste on the ship. The base range of the ship is ok because speed is her shield. But the guns are just ... Feels like playing Akizuki without IFHE. This cruiser needs at least a 14 point captain, and probably 16 points to make it truly on par with other things. The torpedoes are great, not because of the range, but due to the firing angle; 16000 base torp damage also packs a mighty punch.
  3. Lets face it Cruisers are the lost middle child of world of warships. Battleships force them to flee on sight, yet they need to be close in and in front to protect against DDs. These two roles are simply NOT compatible. Therefore in order to fix cruisers, I recommend that WG make it so that being in close proximity to Battleships (say 4 km) gives some sort of protective mechanical advantage to cruisers. Here are some simple solutions to protect cruisers while in close proximity to BBs Cruisers can't take citadels the targeting ridicule cant lock on to a cruiser Dispersion increases rapidly Battleship heals benefit all the cruisers around it Another option would be to allow BBs to trail short term smoke behind them as the move. Friendly cruisers could hide in this smoke. It would even be marginally historical were one of these options implemented, it would force cruisers to stay close to friendly BBs when enemy BBs were around, this would make it easier for them to fulfill their main role of protecting again DDs as well..
  4. USSR Heavy Cruiser

    We all want Stalingrad heavy cruiser (project 82): I like to see Ussr bought unfinished Lutzow of Admiral Hipper then renamed Tallin Heavy Cruiser: http://navypedia.org/ships/russia/ru_cr_tallin.htm
  5. USS Pensacola: To Buy or not to Buy?

    I recently researched the Pensacola, and I'm wondering if I should bother buying now or not, considering the upcoming US cruiser line split. (Any rumored dates?) I've heard people say it would be good for me to have her for the line split, and I've also heard people say it makes no difference and I shouldn't waste the money. I suppose it would be helpful to hear from a broader audience on whether or not I should spend the credits to have her in my port. Thank you for the help!
  6. I’m sure it sounds stupid, but even after covering all the upgrades for her and getting all her modules filled out, it just seems difficult to nail down a play style for Ibuki. I played Mogami exclusively with 155’s so I haven’t really settled on how I feel about the 203 setup. The closest I can tell is that I am playing a Myoko, but now it feels even squishier because the minute I get spotted my priority target marker goes up past 5 on a regular basis, and almost anyone with long range torps and battleship guns look at me like the upcoming appetizer. I can’t really fight DD’s well because my guns have a slow reload time, BB’s wipe me if they catch me within 15 km, and I just don’t seem very effective sniping at the edge of my range because of how long it takes my shells to get to my targets. Am I supposed to just sit back with the BB’s and support the group from the back or what?
  7. IJN Cruiser Guide

    IJN Cruiser Strategy Guide This general guide works for all Japanese Cruisers, as a history buff on the side I like to incorporate some real world philosophies and strategies used by the respective navies and apply it into the game. If you just like to see my ship and commander build just skip through my background section. Some Historical concepts Japanese ship design in WWII was a mix of good hull designs and armament but poor technology in terms of radar and other aspects as compared with navies from the other nations. As we know IJN radar technology and fire control systems was quite underdeveloped compared to the USN, RN, and Kriegsmarine even by early war standards. However, even with this disadvantage they were still able to push back the British and American navies from the beginning of the War in 1939 to 1942 and even enjoyed some victories in the late war period against radar equipped USN ships. They understood their disadvantages and developed equipment and tactics to counter these. The common Japanese naval tactic was to approach unseen during the night, using their night binoculars and expertly trained lookouts they could spot a ship at 20,000 yards. Once all ships were in favorable position the lead ship illuminated the target with a high powered searchlights or even no lights at all and bombard the enemy with shells and torpedoes. The attack was intense to cause massive confusion and before the enemy could react they used the cover of darkness to slip away or to reload for another attack. So, What does this mean in game Well at first I recognized night battles and search lights are out of the question as it is not a game feature or designed in this way. However we have the concealment mechanic to substitute for this, if the enemy can't see you then you're basically in the "night". My entire loadout philosophy is going to be focused around concealment and fighting battles on your grounds. Many of the national characteristics already favor this approach, the IJN cruisers have high base concealment, accuracy, maneuverability, long range torps, and slow turret traverse. My loadout (I will be using the Zao a basis) Keep in mind our goal is to be sneaky and fighting battles on our own conditions General Loadout (Ships T5+ as they have access to more upgrades) 1 Slot: Main Armaments Mod 1 - A no brainer choice, as your guns and torpedoes are your primary weapons and reducing incapacitation chance is always important 2 Slot: Amining Systems Mod 1 - This should be the standard choice as your guns do quick significant damage and are already accurate, this mod makes your shot grouping even tighter. Using main battery mod 2 for turret traverse is ill advised since the turrets are already so slow it makes a small impact. The only ship I'd recommend with the mod is the Atago/Takao as their stock turret rotation is fast enough (though still slow) to keep with your turns. However you can tweek as you like. Also for AA mod again the Moyoko Ibuki and Zao are the only ones that can make the build viable as they have numerous small caliber AA guns with a good overlap coverage. 3 Slot: Damage Control Mod 1 - Again no brainer as it reduces chance of flood and fire 4 Slot: Damage Control mod 2 or Propulsion - This slot is completely to the person's liking, personally I chose propulsion as it boosts my mobility. Since all the cruisers up to T10 with fully upgraded hulls have a rudder shift of 7.1sec Steering gears is not really necessary, so having propulsion combined with my already fast rudder is a good combo. THis gives you high mobility which should allow you to not take hits thus kinda making Damage Control Mod 2 irrelevant. 5 Slot: Concealment System Mod 1- This is a very important choice and one which the entire loadout is based upon. Concealment mod allows your detectability to be very low as your stock concealment is already higher than other nations. This high concealment allows you to position yourself and bring all your weapons to bare before launching the attack, if need be you can hold fire and maneuver to drop off detection. 6 Slot: Main Battery mod 3 or Torpedo tubes mod 3 - this is again to personal tastes though I recommend taking main battery as the high detectability of the torps in the current meta especially at high tiers outweighs their capability. Consumables: Catapult Fighter Hydroacoustic - I would recommend this only for tiers 6 - 7 as CV threat is not that significant and close range battles are common. At high tiers Def AA is a must. This depends on your playstyle if your looking for extra AA protection then go AA if your DD hunting or doing close range work which the night battle streaty is all about stick with Hydro. Repair Party Commander Skills: 1 point: Preventative Maintenance, Direction center, and Priority Target 2 point: Expert Marksman 3 point: Demo Expert, Superintendent 4 point: Concealment Expert, AFT Most the these skills enhance your ability to do damage and boost survivability, Japanese cruiser armor is quite good compared with other nations but are still vulnerable to BBs and other cruisers. The first slot of skills allows you to reduce the chance of your primary armament going down and boosts survivability for both surface and air action. Expert marksman is a no brainer for your very slow turret traverse. Third point skills are also straightforward, though you could sub in BFT if you're looking for more of an AA build/support role though I would only recommend this on the Moyoko, Ibuki and Zao as they have better AA armaments. For the four point slots Concealment is important as combined with Concealment mod it makes you a ninja and the main point of this build, and AFT for a boost in AA especially for mid to high tier play when CVs are more numerous. Playstayle: Using the basis of the night attack strategy it is quite clear how to utilize your ship. As a cruiser you're job is to escort and support other ships since IJN cruisers do not have good AA your primary tasks will be to deal support damage and kill DDs. Use your concealment to maneuver to an advantageous position, take the time to bring all weapons to bare. You have to choose your engagements carefully and make sure you have an upper hand and the element of surprise. Once you're ready you can start the attack with either a stealth torp launch or main battery, once the target is eliminated go back to being a ghost or if conditions become unfavorable drop off detectability and reposition. Conclusion: This build is strictly using the Japanese disadvantage to your advantage and is revolved around sneaking to allow you to be in an advantageous position for your attack. Just like IJN tactics during the war which worked to a surprising effect against ships more advanced than theirs. IJN ships in game are not really cut out for support roles as they lack good AA, smoke, or good Hydro but they do make up for HE, accuracy, long range torps. There is a lot of freedom in this build and you can tailor it to however you want to play it. Though the main focus is concealment which gives you that positioning capability and fight on your terms, don't be afraid to hold fire till you're close or in position.
  8. <S!> All! Looked in my captain pool and found a 10-pt commander in there...surprise! I’ll keep an eye on rewards now for sure! Quickly coming to really enjoy the line! Tier III and IV are FUN! After reading LWM’s review I grabbed the Molotov as well... I’m thinking of using that as a trainer since the gun calibers would seem to indicate similar priorities for skills (for BFT/AFT reload and range). What would you set up as your most important skills for your 10 points? I’ve been told to grab CE first for my 4pt skill, but that kinda kills off AFT... Thanks for the help!! ~War~
  9. Well howdy folks and welcome back to your home port, today I'm going to discuss the USS Pensacola, a Tier VII United States Navy cruiser currently in the tech tree.
  10. Please post your ideas. I'm sure when this happens, there will be some folks who feel miffed or cheated. My goal is to provide some feedback based on earlier splits, and how good/bad they were perceived.
  11. Huang He: Do you like British cruisers? Flanking, or being a team player providing close support for your destroyers in a cruiser? Are you adept in destroyers and capable of utilizing stealth and cat and mouse tactics? If so Huang He may be for you. Huang He is a short, agile cruiser. She is able to out maneuver many destroyers. This vessel has the best stealth out of any tier 6 cruiser. Huang He features some of the most interesting consumables in the game; a Perth like smoke generator which allows her to emit smoke and cruiser in it for a good 90 seconds, choice of either hydro-acoustic search, or torpedo reload booster for a nearly instant 8 second reload on her torpedoes. Indeed Huang He can be a very potent threat if not taken seriously. Many people criticize the ship for only having six 152mm guns, however the artillery is easy to handle and are among the highest performing six inch cannons. They are Russian guns, the same found on the tier 6 Budyonni, as such they exceed at striking the citadel of targets and setting fires. While Huang He may only have six guns, what makes her shine is utilizing them while in a moving smoke cloud. These cannons will make short work of any destroyer or broadside cruiser. However they will be unable to do much more than harass a battleship. They also have very poor range at 13.2km, but because of this I have found myself often in range to land citadels on cruisers Because of the lesser number of guns Huang He should avoid a straight up gunfight with any ship her own tier, unless it is at close quarters, in which case her quick turning circle and rapid fire torpedoes may allow her to win the fight, at likely a great cost. This is not exactly a con a much as a standard issue that smoking cruisers face. A Fiji, for example is at a disadvantage against a Myoko in a straight up gun fight, assuming there is no smoke and no one else interferes, and both ships angle wisely. Huang He has 2x3 torpedo launchers, 3 per side loaded with very impressive 8km range, 60 knot speed 14,400 damage torpedoes, these torpedoes hit less hard individually than Perth's torpedoes, however have 100 meters less detection range. Unfortunately they only have one firing option, which is a tight spread. I really wish this ship also had a wide option as well. My tactical recommendations for any Huang He captain would be to plan to fight in bursts. With each smoke use have a attack and retreat plan in mind. After the smoke is used try to lay low, scout, and take pot shots from behind islands, while requisitioning for your next in smoke attack. Lack of spotter plane and hydro acoustic search may leave you blind if you do not have a ship available to spot for you when you are in your smoke, keep this in mind when planning your attack runs. Huang He has a great anti air suite of 2x4 closely packed Russian 100mm secondaries as well as 2x8 37mm anti air guns and 1x8 20mm guns. Unfortunately she does not receive defensive fire as a option, if she did she would rival a Cleveland in AA damage. However she is still above average. For those of you who are into history, the Huang He was the HMS Aurora, a very famous British cruiser, as there is already a ship in game called the Aurora it sadly, nixes the chance for us to get that famous ship, so I do not mind this fantasy British style cruiser in my fleet. In brief Huang He's Pros and Cons Pros Cons Mobile Smoke Fragile Stealth One, tight torpedo spread option Agility Only 6 cannons, 13.2km firing range Russian 152mm guns Poor recon tools Great AA and secondaries Requires 14 point captain, IFHE for best performance Is she a good boat to own? If you like British light cruisers and want to have something that is incredibly stealthy and agile for that role? Also she is the only ship that you can presently purchase with Perth smoke, if you have not experienced this smoke it is very fun. Unfortunately you need a 14 point captain with IFHE and concealment expert to really make this ship shine. Compared to Perth, In general I will say Huang He scores citadels on targets way. way easier, her gun handling is really good too and honestly looking at my actual gun hits I will say she does a comparable damage with her six guns as Perth can do with her eight. It is useful that four of Huang He's cannons are upfront. Unfortunately, Huang He lacks the recon tools that Perth has, but Huang He is stealthier, shorter, and more agile, allowing her to weave through fire and torpedoes with great ease. Overall both are fun ships and it is hard to pick a favorite, but Perth is more versatile, Huang He turns so tightly, making her a joy to drive. On the plus side, she is available on the North American premium shop for just $26.49, a reasonable price for a fun little cruiser.
  12. Premium Ship Review: Huanghe

    The following is a review of Huanghe, a ship kindly provided to me by Wargaming. To the best of my knowledge, this is the release version of the ship and the stats are current as of November 30th, 2017. Red River, Yellow River, Red River, Yellow River, Red River, Yel -- ow, I just bit my tongue. Quick Summary: A British light cruiser with Soviet guns, a Japanese destroyer torpedo reload consumable and a Commonwealth cruiser's smoke generator. She's fragile, agile and tiny. Cost: $26.49 USD with a port slot. Patch and Date Written: to November 16th, 2017 to November 30th, 2017. Closest in-Game Contemporary Perth, Tier 6 British Commonwealth Cruiser Degree of Similarity: Clone / Sister-Ship / Related Class / Similar Role / Unique Huanghe is an Arethusa-class light cruiser -- a design that came immediately after the Leander-class. There are a lot of obvious similarities between the two, with the Arethusa being a less expensive alternative, allowing the Royal Navy to get more ships for the equivalent cost. In game, the ships appear similar but their performance values are vastly different. They don't share the same guns, torpedoes, armour, consumables or handling characteristics, with Perth being arguably better built in almost every case. PROs Excellent gunnery performance with great ballistics, high fire chance and good AP penetration. Accelerated rate of fire of 8.57 rounds per minute. Extremely agile with a faster rate of turn than some IJN Destroyers (!) Small surface detection, capable of being reduced to 8.14km. Powerful anti-aircraft firepower for her tier. Equipped with the equivalent of Propulsion Modification 2 for free. Has the option of taking a Torpedo Reload Booster. Comes with HMAS Perth's Smoke Generator, with a 90s emission time, allowing her to stay mobile while remaining concealed. CONs Exposed citadel over the waterline, capable of being penetrated by all German and British battleship HE. FUN AND ENGAGING! Her magazines are not housed in her citadel with as little as 32mm of armour protecting them. She has an absolutely tiny hit point pool for a cruiser at 24,100hp. Small main battery armament of only 6 guns. Terrible main battery range of 13.2km which cannot be extended. Torpedoes may only fire in a thin spread with no option for wide or single fire. No Defensive Fire consumable. No aircraft consumable to assist her in detecting enemies while hiding in her own smoke. This review is being published a little later than I would like. It's been a difficult testing period, frustrated by more limited access to this ship than I would like. The wait to publish hinged on confirming final release details -- looking for issues that were noted during the testing period and seeing whether or not they were corrected when she went live. These were tidbits that wouldn't be covered in patch notes or described on third party datamine sites, such as her handling, torpedo spreads or which modules she was compatible with. I didn't get access to the ship until after she had been put up for sale, which is why this is being published now instead of prior to release as I would prefer. Anyway, here we are a day late. Let's hope this review isn't a dollar short. Options Huanghe is weird when it comes to her options. This is, I think, symptomatic of her troubled development cycle as different gimmicks were tried and tested and a hodge-podge of abilities emerged in an effort to balance her. Let's go through them. First, Huanghe counts as a British cruiser for the purposes of her upgrades. As such, she cannot take Propulsion Modification 2 as it's already installed for free. Second, she may take a Torpedo Reload Booster. She's the first cruiser to have access to this traditionally Japanese destroyer consumable. This reduces the reload time of her torpedo tubes to 8 seconds. This has a six minute reset timer for the standard consumable and a four minute reset timer for the premium version. Third, her Smoke Generator is odd, mirroring that found on the tier VI British Commonwealth cruiser, HMAS Perth. This comes with three charges by default and has a 90 second emission time, with each cloud only lasting for 10 seconds. This allows Huanghe to continue to creep forward at 1/4 speed and remain concealed while she moves. The reset timer on her consumable is 240s / 160s depending on if you take the free or premium version. Consumables: Damage Control Party Hyroacoustic Search or Torpedo Reload Booster Smoke Generator Module Upgrades: Four slots. British cruiser upgrades. Premium Camouflage: Standard Type 10. This provides 50% bonus experience gains, 3% reduction in surface detection and 4% reduction in enemy accuracy. Huanghe's upgrade choices will deviate somewhat from standard Light Cruiser equipment. Take Magazine Modification 1 in your first slot. Huanghe's magazines are not located in her armoured citadel and they have as little as 32mm worth of armour protecting them. She's as vulnerable to detonations as Perth and Leander are to HE shells of 152mm caliber or larger. If you prefer to live dangerously, you can take Main Armaments Modification 1, but don't come crying to me when you get your ship blown out from under you by a stray 152mm HE shell. In your second slot, you have a choice. You should probably take Propulsion System Modification 1 to protect your engine. However, it's your rudder that will get knocked out most frequently. For that, take Steering Gears Modification 1. For your third slot, take AA Guns Modification 2 for the increased range. Huanghe is a very short ranged cruiser, so it's difficult to justify Aiming Systems Modification 1 as it only reduces her maximum dispersion by a mere 8.7m (from 124m to 115m). And in your fourth slot, take Steering Gears Modification 2. Special Upgrades Huanghe is compatible with the following Special Upgrades. Hydroacoustic Search Modification 1 replaces Propulsion System Modification 1 in your second slot. This increases the action time of your consumable to 110 seconds. Smoke Generator Modification 1 replaces AA Guns Modification 2. This increases the active time of your Smoke Generator from 90 seconds to 117 seconds, but shortens their duration from 10 seconds to 9.5 seconds. Both of these consumables are excellent choices for Huanghe. If you have access to them (and no better ships to place them upon), I would highly recommend installing each. Firepower Primary Battery: Six 152mm/57 in three turrets in an A-B-X superfiring configuration. Secondary Battery: Eight 100mm/70s in four turrets mounted behind the funnels Torpedo Armament: Six tubes in 2x3 launchers straddling the rear funnel. A lot of justified disdain will be aimed squarely at Huanghe's main battery. Let's get them out of the way. Huanghe has only six 152mm rifles at tier VI. This is appalling and regardless of what other merits I list here, there's no getting around just how terrible this is. Huanghe's lack of sufficient main battery firepower really holds her back. Are we all clear on this? I'm saying Huanghe's guns are bad. This "badness" is tempered by a few positive traits, that while welcome, they are insufficient to redeem the overall lack of firepower. These traits are: Huanghe uses Soviet 152mm/57 rifles instead of Royal Navy 152mm guns. These are the same guns found on Budyonny, Shchors, Mikhail Kutuzov & Chapayev. These guns have excellent ballistic arcs, great AP penetration and a high fire chance per shell hit which exceeds those found on the equivalent (premium) Royal Navy armament. Huanghe has an increased rate of fire with her guns to help offset her low DPM and overall fire-setting abilities. She reloads in 7.0 seconds flat as opposed to 7.5s of her Soviet counterparts. Yep, that's it. She's using Soviet guns instead of British and they have an increased rate of fire. In practical terms, this means Huanghe does more damage on a per-gun basis than Perth, Belfast or Leander which is definitely a plus. You'll set more fires, land more citadel hits, and generally be more accurate. However, this does not offset the disparity of losing out two rifles. Perth and Leander both struggle to kill even soft targets quickly and Huanghe amplifies this weakness. I wish I could say that was the end of the bad news, but it gets worse. Huanghe does not have access to the Spotter Aircraft consumable enjoyed by her British and British Commonwealth contemporaries. This means she's capped with an awful 13.2km main battery range with no way to fire beyond that. She also doesn't have very good fire arcs, with her C-turret only capable of engaging enemies 37º off her bow. Her rearward arcs are better, but still not great, with all three turrets capable of putting shells on targets 33º off her stern. If there's one area where Huanghe's guns are at least not-terrible, it's fire starting. She can be a respectable firebug -- almost on the same level as a nine-gun Galissonniere if she specializes for it (and I do stress "almost"). This will come at the expense of direct damage, though. Huanghe would need to sacrifice taking Inertial Fuse for HE Shells to do it which is almost a must have for all 152mm HE throwing cruisers. I'm repeating myself, but let me be absolutely clear: Huanghe's main battery firepower sucks moose-balls. Not just moose-balls, but hairy and sweaty moose balls. It all comes down to her not having enough guns. Good as they are individually, they can't make up for the fact they're overtaxed for damage output. You're welcome for that moose-visual. Huanghe, on paper, has better overall DPM and fire starting abilities than ships like Aoba and Molotov. What these graphs do not describe is the ease at which this firepower is put to use. Molotov can engage enemies at long distances. Aoba's 203mm guns aren't reliant upon commander skills to ensure her HE shells penetrate. Huanghe is best compared with HMAS Perth and Leander in regards to her damage output -- all three are painfully short ranged. However, all three are capable of maximizing their DPM for short periods of time when they can setup their smoke. Her torpedo armament doesn't make up for the faults of her guns. Huanghe has a pair of triple launchers off each side of her ship. If you're hoping she'll get some world-ending fish to compensate for the problems with her guns, Huanghe will let you down. The good news is that these aren't Deepwater torpedoes -- they can engage any target she faces. The bad news is that these aren't Deepwater torpedoes -- they don't hit especially hard, move particularly fast, have great range or good concealment. Huanghe can't even launch these torpedoes from stealth. What's more, Haunghe's torpedoes appear to have been implemented haphazardly. It's as if they copy and pasted the British torpedo launchers, removed the British single-fire option and then forgot to replace it with the wide spread after the fact. This means Huanghe is limited to a narrow spread and a narrow spread only. It becomes almost laughable that Wargaming baits players to take a Torpedo Reload Booster to prop up Huanghe's firepower. This is the first time this consumable has been made available outside of the Japanese destroyer line. In order to take it, a player must surrender access to her Hydroacousic Search consumable. This gimmick might have more weight and appeal if Huanghe had an impressive torpedo armament -- something with more launchers or more teeth. The ability to double dip with another helping from her triple launchers doesn't strike me as terribly appealing. I can imagine some scenarios where it might change the outcome of a given match, but on the whole it's highly situational for an armament that's already lacking in versatility. In my play testing, I never came across an opportunity where I could have made good use of it. In short, redemption isn't found in Huanghe's torpedo armament. Summary: Garbage-tier firepower. Yeah, there are some redeeming qualities. No one could argue otherwise. But on the whole? Garbage. With all of this poo-pooing of Huanghe's firepower, do not make the mistake of thinking she's utterly incapable of dealing damage. That's not the message I'm trying to deliver. She's not going to put out as much damage as comparable ships, or do so as reliably. More fool you if you underestimate her. Are you regretting purchasing her yet? DurabilityHit Points: 24,100Maximum Citadel Protection: 70mm Min Bow & Deck Armour: 16mmTorpedo Damage Reduction: None Everything here is also terrible. Huanghe puts on a whole new level of 'suck' when it comes to defining mid-tier cruiser durability. She makes Omaha look tough. Within her matchmaking spread, there is no cruiser with less hit points. The closest is Königsberg with 24,300hp -- a ship that's already known for capsizing and exploding violently when a loud noise occurs in the next grid-square over. Every other ship has a more significant advantage in health. It's well within the math for some tier VII and VIII battleships to delete Huanghe outright with no more than a pair of citadel hits. It's not like things get any better when you look at her armour scheme. Huanghe shares a similar protection scheme to the preceding Leander-class upon which the Arethusa-class was based, albeit having a weaker scheme overall. This comes with a few quirks: She has a small citadel, composed of only her engine spaces which sits slightly over the waterline. Her citadel wall extends to the exterior of the ship, making them potentially vulnerable to HE citadel hits. Her magazines lie outside of the armoured citadel directly beneath her guns and well submerged. So the only ray of sunshine is that people may miss your citadel when they think it extends further forward and back than it actually does. If you're lucky, you'll take some overpenetrating hits there which will keep you in the game just a little longer. As damning as this assessment is, let's be real: few light cruisers could ever make the claim of being reasonably protected. What's likely to kill an Arethusa-class would be just as traumatic and world-ending to a Nurnberg or Leander. Heavy cruisers will bully you. Battleships will savage you. And, even destroyer-caliber guns can be painful if you have to suffer their attentions for long. But this is worth looking into more closely. Yes, a Leander or Nurnberg may appear on the surface to be as fragile but Leander can heal. Nurnberg or Budyonny can sit back at 14km+ and use that extra range to give them more time to dodge. Huanghe can't. She has to tough it out and 'tough' is something she does not do well. Really, though -- don't expect to live long under fire. Death comes quickly and suddenly to Huanghe -- and it's your own damn fault for buying her. Shame on you. Though Huanghe's durability would have you wanting to hiding around friendly battleships in the second line, her range dictates that she must go forward into harm's way to score any damage. This is a common problem associated with all British cruisers. They get around this vulnerability by making use of a Smoke Generator and good concealment values -- traits Huanghe boasts as well. Manoeuvrability Top Speed: 33.0knotsTurning Radius: 570mRudder Shift: 6.7s Maximum Turn Rate: 7.1º per second. Alright, I can almost forgive you for forking out the cash for Huanghe for her agility. If she had a little more speed, she'd put many destroyers to shame. As it is, she out performs all other cruisers with her ability to dodge and twirl. She can even out turn several IJN destroyers. It's strange, but she does this without the funny turning-acceleration quirks found in the Royal Navy cruiser line. Huanghe doesn't preserve speed in a turn the way Leander, Belfast or Minotaur does. She does have the equivalent of Propulsion Modification 2 installed -- her initial acceleration from a dead stop is very comfortable. She just doesn't get all the Royal Navy manouevrability quirks. The only thing she really lacks is a little more grunt in her engine and I could ignore all of the miserable, eye-bleeding terrible aspects of her durability. She's just not fast enough to dictate engagement ranges against anything other than a standard-type battleship and that's a big fly in the ointment. At 33 knots, she's not terrible in this regard, but I would have been much more excited to see her exceed 34.5 knots. At least at this speed she could conceivably run down a destroyer she caught flat footed and out pace any battleships she might face without much issue. I dunno, maybe I'm just being greedy. But after the disappointment of her guns and torpedoes, can you really blame me? Manoeuvrability ratings of the tier 6 cruisers. Note that De Grasse and La Galissonniere have access to the Engine Boost consumable which increases their top speed by 15% for 3 minute intervals. Huanghe's ability to turn and throw herself about is on par with many destroyers she faces. She's only lacking in a good top speed to really allow her to enjoy the same level of flexibility. Concealment & Camouflage Base Surface Detection Range: 9.54km Air Detection Range: 5.97 km Minimum Surface Detection Range: 8.14km Main Battery Firing Range: 13.18km Detection Range when Firing from Smoke: 4.2km Surface Detection Rank within Tier: 1st among 14 cruisers. Surface Detection Rank within Matchmaking: 1st among 43 cruisers Huanghe's concealment also redeems her somewhat, but again it's not without its flaws. This is the sneakiest cruiser within her matchmaking spread and not by a small margin either. When fully specialized, she enjoys as 450m advantage over Perth and a 600m advantage over Leander and Belfast. The closest non-British cruiser comes in with New Orleans with nearly a 1km gap and everything else is considerably worse from there. As good as this looks, let's be realistic -- it's not enemy cruisers that you need to worry about spotting you; it's destroyers and aircraft carriers. We'll speak about the latter in the next section, but let's discuss destroyers for a moment. Huanghe is looking at needing to sprint across as much as a 2.7km gap in order to illuminate what's detecting her, all the while being under fire from the lolibote's big friends in the back. Given her 33 knot speed, it's just not feasible for her to cover this distance unless the destroyer makes a stupid mistake. As good as her concealment is, she can't perform the role of a forward scout even though her main battery range precludes her from skulking in the second line and firing from a distance. You're going to need to use cover to stay undetected to move into engagement ranges -- at least until the herd thins out. Thankfully, she brings her own concealment with her. Smoke Generator Huanghe has the same consumable found on HMAS Perth. While each smoke cloud lasts a mere 10 seconds, it continues to dispense smoke for a minute and a half. While Huanghe's Smoke Generator is in use, she may remain mobile and keep concealed while she does so, though she is normally limited to between 1/4 and 1/2 speed (12.5 knots). This allows her to foil the usual traps of air dropped and ship launched torpedoes aimed at smoke clouds as she slowly crawls away. Allied ships may also make use of this smoke, though doing so is much more difficult and it requires a conscious effort to match speed and heading. Huanghe has less tools to provide her vision beyond her smoke than HMAS Perth, though. While both use the same Hydroacoustic Search consumable, HMAS Perth has the extra advantage of a Spotter Aircraft to assist with detecting enemies. This lack would be damning were it not for the changes in smoke detection while firing. Any enemy battleships that opens fire within 10.5km of Huanghe is visible for twenty seconds and she can use that to give herself something to shoot at. This is a bit of a double edged sword, however, with Huanghe herself being visible within 4.2km within her own smoke when she shoots beyond it. This makes it risky to charge cap circles early on (a challenge she shares with Perth), especially if there are larger craft looming behind the lolibotes that have also rushed the control point. Even with these challenges, Huanghe's smoke is meant to redeem all of the other weaknesses so far described. She may have low DPM, but her smoke allows her to cycle her guns aggressively to take better advantage of their reload time for short periods. Her fragility may be masked behind concealment. Her difficulties in disengaging with her modest top speed can be corrected by hiding in smoke until she can put an island between her and her enemies. This is a huge burden for one consumable to bear, and I'm not certain it entirely corrects the deficiencies found so far within Huanghe. Still, it's not hard to see how powerful Huanghe can be in the right circumstances through clever use of her concealment and smoke. Opening moves on an Epicenter match. Though Huanghe shares a lot of traits in common with destroyers, it would be a mistake to play her as one. You're a support ship, not a front line scout or knife-fighter. Anti-Aircraft Defense AA Battery Calibers: 100mm / 37mm / 20mmAA Umbrella Ranges: 5.0km / 3.5km / 2.0kmAA DPS per Aura: 78 / 73.6 / 28.8 Huanghe doesn't approve of your planes. One of this ship's most surprising characteristics is her anti-aircraft firepower. She uses a modern Soviet anti-aircraft suite -- a combination of dual purpose 100mm guns and 37mm automatic cannon to make the life of any planes within her sphere of influence miserable. It can be a rude shock for carriers that loiter around Huanghe's moving smoke cloud, hoping to spot her when the consumable wears off, only to have their air groups shredded. This is something HMAS Perth could never do. In terms of raw damage, Huanghe sits behind only Cleveland at tier VI in terms of her anti-aircraft firepower, which is no mean feat. Unfortunately, she does not get access to Defensive Fire. This was one of the casualties of Huanghe's long development cycle -- she used to have Defensive Fire and in this role, she could play an excellent support vessel. However, she had to surrender this for her Smoke Generator in one of the updates, so it was a fair trade off. Huanghe's anti-aircraft firepower will never truly be a dominating threat to enemy carriers and remains merely a nuisance that will cause them a few casualties, but it cannot stop attacks from being made. From HuangMeh to HuangGud Like all 152mm HE throwing cruisers at mid tiers, Huanghe's performance is really locked behind getting access to 14pt commander. While she can perform reasonably well before this, it's the ability to direct damage to all targets that makes her come into her own. Give the skills which optimizes her performance, she becomes a poor choice for training Pan Asian destroyer commanders, unfortunately. Here's what your first 10pts should look like: Take Priority Target. Follow this up with Adrenaline Rush. Your DPM needs all the help it can get. Next, take Demolition Expert. Setting fires is the only thing you're good at. And finally take Concealment Expert. The big skill you're racing towards is Inertial Fuse for HE Shells which should be your 14th skill point. This gives her the ability to directly damage large areas of any battleship she might face, along with some of the heavy cruisers when she's bottom tier. Your final 5pts should be placed between Vigilance (which stacks with Hydroacoustic Search to better spot torpedo threats while you're creeping along in smoke) and either Expert Marksman to buff your horrible turret traverse or Last Stand if you're sick of having your rudder shot out. An inefficient, entirely situational build for hilarity's sake is an anti-aircraft build. Drop Demolition Expert and take Basic Fire Training instead. Load up on Advanced Fire Training and Manual Fire Control for AA Guns and complete the set with Preventative Maintenance. This is hardly a good build, but at least you'll shoot down a lot of planes. Oh, it's going to be like that, is it? Overall Impressions Skill Floor: Simple / Casual / Challenging / Difficult Huanghe isn't going to do novice players any favours. She's a British light cruiser without a Repair Party that has to sneak in even closer to do damage. That's a recipe for disaster. Skill Ceiling: Low / Moderate / High / Extreme Properly managed, Huanghe can pull her own weight -- you just need to really flex those carrying muscles to do it. This makes for an interesting challenge for those inclined. Getting those Soviet 152mm up close opens up the opportunity for all kinds of hilarity, especially against enemy cruisers that are probably not used to getting their citadels shot out from smoke 12km away. However, her overall lack of firepower holds her back. Mouse's Summary: Perth-lite. Same Perth flavour with half the effectiveness! I kid, Huanghe isn't that bad. She's just not as good as Perth. I can already tell there's going to be a counter-culture movement that absolutely loves this ship... Can destroyer-levels of agility, the smoke generator of HMAS Perth along with good values for her AA firepower and concealment make up for garbage levels of firepower and durability? I was full ready to slap a 'Garbage' label on Huanghe and wash my hands of her. I don't care if she has good AA firepower -- that's a window dressing; it doesn't define a ship as being good or bad. Destroyer levels of twirling are nice but without speed to dictate engagement distances, it's a half measure. Her stealth is good, but not good enough especially in light of her weapon ranges. These arguments all strongly point towards a wholesale condemnation of this ship, but there's one thing and only one thing giving me pause. It's her damned Smoke Generator. Without it, this would be cut and dry: slap a trashbote label and move on. But, I cannot ignore how powerful this is when played well. It allowed me in play testing to rip the throat out of several ships that, on paper, had me dead to rights based on firepower, speed and durability. Yet, I must remind myself that a bad ship is still fully capable of doing damage and even sinking another. This isn't a game like World of Tanks where a disparity in power levels can mean outright immunity to a lesser-vehicle's attacks. I cannot outright dismiss the successes I did enjoy with this ship, but I must weigh them in context. Perhaps it's simply best to separate the two. Huanghe is a trashbote with a good Smoke Generator. So ask yourself: What you want to play with? Is it the trashbote, or is it the Smoke Generator? Because if it's the latter, HMAS Perth will be back around in the shops sometime soon... Would I Recommend? I'm forced to ask myself: "Why would you buy this?" If you're looking for comparable game play, HMAS Perth is superior in almost every regard. For trainer for the Pan Asian destroyer line, there are better choices. Loyang is one of the most competitive destroyers at her tier and Anshan comes in at a similar price tag with added economic bonuses baked in to boot. Huanghe is a premium without a purpose... PVE Battles How well does the ship maintain profitability in Co-Op modes and how does she fare against bots? No. Random Battle Grinding:This includes training captains, collecting free experience, earning credits and collecting signal flags from achievements. Also no. For Competitive Gaming:Competitive Gaming includes Ranked Battles and other skill-based tournaments. This also includes stat-padding. Very no. For Collectors:If you enjoy ship history or possessing rare ships, this section is for you. Very no on toast. For Fun Factor: Bottom line: Is the ship fun to play? Actually, yes. Be advised: Mouse has a soft spot for lame-[edited]ships, like the pre-buff Atlanta, Albany and Prinz Eugen. What's the Final Verdict?How would the ship rate on an Angry YouTuber scale of Garbage - Meh - Gud - Overpowered? GARBAGE - Grossly uncompetitive and badly in need of buffs.Mehbote - Average ship. Has strengths and weaknesses. Doesn't need buffs to be viable, but certainly not advantageous.Gudbote - A strong ship that has obvious competitive strengths and unique features that make it very appealing.OVERPOWERED - A ship with very clear advantages over all of its competitors and unbalancing the game with its inclusion. Her Smoke Generator gets a Gudbote, though.
  13. So...The Karlsruhe. Why the Hate?

    Relatively new here, and fairly often getting the advice to power past the Karlsruhe. Been told to dump the 'garbageruhe' and move on to the Konigsberg quickly. I'm actually having fun with the ship; not the best at it...learning now that HE spam definitely isn't it's forte' like other cruisers I've tried. Its AP seems pretty potent, and the torps are usable. Why does it get such a bad rep? Any suggestions about effectively using the ship? Just respec'd out of DE with my captain since I found myself loading HE less often...what captain skills would you put a priority on? I'm currently running Priority Target, Last Stand and Vigilance (TB's just laugh at my AA defense, so I hoped that would give me extra maneuver time against torps...the Koni seems to fix AA defense on the B hull upgrade) with my 7-pt captain - about to have a free couple of points there in another few battles. I want to get proficient in the ship before facing the possibility of tier VII's in battles when I evolve to the Konigsberg. Thanks in advance for the help feedback! ~War~
  14. New Player's Guide to Cruisers

    If you are reading this, you're either new to this game or, if you're not, just casually browsing here. Anyways, I thought I'd go and make some guides to each ship type in the game. Today will be cruisers, then destroyers, battleships, and then carriers. So let's get started off with cruisers. Cruisers are the first ships you'll play in the game. You start out with patrol gunboats, then gradually progress into light and heavy cruisers. Each nation in the game brings it's own unique cruiser attributes to the table. USN: Fast-firing, quick-turning guns, solid AA, and the optional radar consumable for upper tiers. IJN: Sake-infused HE that easily sets ships on fire, good concealment, maneuverability, some of the best torpedoes in the game. KM: Still-solid guns, dependable AP, hydro, and short-range torpedoes that are excellent for self-defense. RN: AP shells only, but they are highly effective against whatever they hit, smoke, and fairly strong AA. Repair kits can enhance survivability. MN: Guns are nothing special, but can get the job done. They are like American cruisers, but with torpedoes. VMF: Their guns might not seem big compared to other nations, but they are very accurate, especially at long range, and their HE is among the best in the game. With each nation's attributes already laid out, here are some of the pros and cons of the ship type. Pros: Solid speed and maneuverability. Fast-firing, accurate guns that can deal damage. Torpedoes (on USN cruisers in mid-tiers and soon-to-come one upper tier, all IJN, RN, and MN cruisers T3 on up, KM T4 on up, and VMF T4-9.) Good AA makes them ideal fleet escorts. Wide range of consumables enhances versatility. Cons: Thin armor makes them vulnerable to deletion from a single battleship salvo. Destroyers can hunt cruisers at higher tiers (and at lower tiers as well.) Torpedoes, for the ships that have them, are mostly situational. (Your primary weapons, regardless of nation or tier, are your guns.) Modules are subject to incapactitaion. This was just a quick starter guide to cruisers. If you want, there are videos and other forum posts showing more advanced and detailed information about the ship type. Tomorrow: The light, fast and nimble fleet scouts: The destroyers.
  15. Well howdy folks and welcome back to your home port! Today I’m looking over a soon to be released Italian Light Cruiser, Abruzzi.This ship was provided by Wargaming NA to test and review so you guys can decide whether or not you want to spend any of your hard earned, real world currency on her.
  16. <S!> Just now getting into randoms after playing around in co-op to learn the fundamentals for the first few hundred battles, and I find myself enjoying the cruiser play style as I get more experience in the game. Currently, I'm really having fun in the Kuma, staying out about 12 km from reds until they get occupied, then torping and lighting them up as situations present themselves. Just got the Phoenix, and rolling that as a gunboat with all the upgrades seems very effective (UrPeacekeeper's videos are awesome tools!)...from 14 km out you can keep lighting the bad guys up and ducking behind cover. My next cruiser will be the Svietlana; also have the Karlsruhe (I'm terrible in it!). Haven't really thought much about the Danae or Duguay... What are your opinions about the cruisers of the tier? Running 6-pt captains, and basically learning still of course (no hurry to face opponents 2 tiers above me, lol!). Feel free to toss out what you think about a country's premiums and higher-tier ships as well! Thanks! ~War~
  17. My cruiser are getting destroyed too fast

    I usually play BB or DD, but sometimes I try to play cruiser, I got the 2 ARP cruiser, but wth, I get destroyed after 3 salves from battleships, every time. This doesn't seem normal. On top of that the reload time of my main battery is slow, close to a BB. When I fight cruiser with my T6 or T7 BB, It need to hit them a lot. I play the german BB and my expertise say, they do the most damage per shell. What am I doing wrong? I'm not the best player, I'm more mediocre, but my aim is pretty decent, I miss most shots because of the dispersion of shells, so why are most other players hit me with all their shells, there shells are most of the time very close and hit almost the same spot. Not all players, but some.
  18. After digging through my mistakes for DD captain skills, I would like to get the skinny on what are good cruiser captain skills to have? Yes, there is a different option depending upon country and tier. Common sense selections are PRIORITY TARGET (1), BASIC OF SURVIVEABILITY (3), CONCEALMENT EXPERT (4), and possibility of VIGILANCE (3) and DEMO EXPERT. So what are the foundation skills that would work for the first four or five skills selected that would be generic to have? I appreciate you feedback.
  19. Hello captains! Are you a cruiser player looking to clear the sky and protect your fleet? Perhaps you are a CV captain who wants to know which cruisers really are easy prey? These questions I wanted answers to as well so decided to rank all the silver ship cruisers from tier 5 through tier 10 based on their AA power. The USN national flavor has always had hype built around their AA firepower. Most know the deadliness of Cleveland and Des Moines in swatting down planes, but are USN cruisers really the best in class throughout the line? Some of the results may surprise you. Data was calculated using all available captain skills, modules, and consumables available to each tier. Base damage will be normal text. ( ) are values for CTRL clicking a squad to enable Manual AA, provide the normal + 30% dps, as well as the addition of Basic Fire Training and AAGM3. [ ] values indicate maximum dps with the Defensive Fire Consumable engaged for ships that possess it. All Available AA Modifiers Basic Fire Training + 20% dps for all AA guns Advanced Fire Training + 20% range Manual Fire Control AA + 100% to dps dual purpose artillery above 85mm AA Guns Modification 2 + 20% range AA Guns Modification 3 + 25% dps for all AA guns (Tier 9 and 10 Only) Manual Selecting a Squad + 30% dps for all AA guns on selected squad Defensive Fire Consumable 3x dps multiplier for AA guns 25mm or greater (Sorry 20mm Oerlikons, no love for you) Tier 6 + My personal pick is subjective and not necessarily based on total dps of the ship. Most ships contain 3 rings of AA; an inner ring, usually 20mm, a middle ring, typically 40mm or 37mm, and an outer ring usually consisting of your dual-purpose AA. For purposes of shooting down planes, not only protecting the fleet, but also yourself, you need two things, range and damage. The longer planes can take damage in the middle and outer rings the more planes you are going to down. Having a strong inner ring is great, but it is of little use in fleet protection. It provides very brief damage to planes before they drop their ordnance on you and has even less of an effect as you move up in tiers due to increasing plane speed. That is what makes Cleveland and Des Moines such fearsome AA platforms, strong damage in their middle and outer rings. Enough babbling, on to the results. T5 Results T6 Results T7 Results T8 Results T9 Results T10 Results Edit: Fixed T10 text box.
  20. So, has anyone else been experiencing this issue with the Orlan? Just look at the HUD. I also can't use the Ctrl to access the cursor, or even when I hit Esc.
  21. French cruiser play style

    How do you play the french cruisers? Either as a whole or you personally. I am actually using the french premium BB to level the line + captain so I do not have much experience in the line.
  22. She needs help. This much we know. She’s a pass for now, but with 8.1 concealment, she’s got the makings for potential. I think a ROF and Range buff could take her from meh to yeah. What say you?
  23. Just Saw Farazelleth's take on Clan Wars, I see it being nothing but Cruiser Wars with Conqueror as a super cruiser. Here is the vid: I will not be taking part as I do not see it as being fun being mostly cruisers. While I know he was talking about CVs mainly I see his point on what he thinks will happen.
  24. German/Kriegsmarine DD

    I'm deciding to go down the German DD line and I was just looking for general tips on how to play them... I'm Getting two crowds, either telling me to stop now because they're bad as all hell and the time would be better wasted trying to file a complaint to Wargaming Customer service...or people telling me they're awesome in versatility, and to play them like a stealthy CL with better than average torpedos and poor firing concealment. I just need some outside opinions...Thanks in advance!
  25. Prinz Eugen suggested buff

    Hello hello... i want to be brief Prinz Eugen have a beautiful design, and is a rock between cruisers, but like everyone says, the HE and cadency is really poor, i dont want to talk about how to use the ship, I have a few battles in this ship (+195 Battles - PR: 2301 for now) I found it frustraction sometimes, all the rest of premium ships have a distingtive fight mode or a torrent configuration which works and those ships can aport that personality in battle in form of a smokescreen, radar, endless AA, a full foward torrent configuration, repair party. and more. but the prinz eugen is not even a ship that you can take into a competitve battle like clan wars or rank battles. The rest of the premium cruiser T8 are a good choise for a competitive battle. but this ship has already something good which can be used for make the ship more competitive without being overpowered In real life In the operation Rheinübung the Prinz Eugen took a important role when the bismarck lost her principal radar in battle agains the cruisers Suffolk & Norfolk after the disengage, prinz eugen took the lead guiding the bismarck with reconnaissance radar. Prinz Eugen was the only cruiser of her class equipped with an advanced FuMO set and is cleary visible in-game compared to the admiral hipper-class. In game... in all the servers...the prinz eugen have the most low stats in damage deal... is clear is not a ship for deal damage, no with only 4x2 of 203mm with low fire chance and 13s of reaload in all the servers the prinz eugen have a low win rate... the ship is not key for determinate a victory like one with smoke, radar o high cadency. 8 I dont suggest to make the ship OP, but i think could be more useful to the team if the ship can equip a radar consumible, the prinz doesnt own a good cadency, so will not insta exterminate sneaky ships. but could make a better job as escort ship spotting sneaky destroyers and cruisers than using the hydroacustic search. , which will probably turn a little useless since the new smokescreen mechanics. also could be more critical in a T10 battle, where can compensate the lack of fire power So, What I suggest is add radar consumible to the prinz eugen, with 30s is fine, this is just 2 salvos of 8 shells, but is enough for the team to take some action or indentify the actual position of a close ship. and yeah, c'mon wargaming, is a premium ship, is not even better than the admiral hipper in performance statistics.