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Found 299 results

  1. 1. You do NOT charge caps at the beginning of a game. That is when you start your engines do not charge in and get womp womp by the entire enemy team. 2. You do NOT cruise, shoot, and show broadside to all the enemy ships. you sail at an angle and kite the enemy team. 3. If you are an American cruiser you do NOT sit in the open like a carrot. You huge and use islands. You are a weak as hell ship. 4. You stay a medium range to support your dds. If you are being changed then kite away. 5. Don't rush in just so you can use your torps. If you are one of the last ships alive and a bb is coming around the island. Then that is applicable. 6. If you potato any of these things it may be time to go to daycare in coop where you can learn to not be a potato. 7. Then you reap good karma for good plays and less bad karma from upset players when you die within 1 minute of the match beginning.
  2. Indianapolis Need Buff

    I have the Indianapolis , the cruiser need some buff becuase he is very fragile/weak is a omaha in T7, maybe Add Heath consumable.
  3. Roles in the Game?

    So I am doing some reading at World of Warships wiki just to understand how this game works. And to improve my game plays. Recently, I am mostly playing battleships (Kongo and Fuso) and destroyers (Isokaze and Phra Ruang). I temporarily shelved Zuiho. I already got advised on playing with battleship Kongo. I am still figuring out battleship Fuso; whether I should upgarde the propulsion module first or get the module upgrade for the hull and firing system. However, for destroyers like Isokaze and Phra Ruang; do those ships take the role of a scout? I got the Monaghan from a mission but it seems to be too slow and sluggish for a destroyer. I got the following from World of Warships wiki. I tried to play lower tier cruisers, USN and IJN. But cruisers seems to be too slow compared to destroyers but faster than a battleship. By that, for cruisers, do I need to take those ships for scouting? So are destroyers, for its role, basically considered as canon fodders in this game with it's role as scout and distract enemy ships? If I take a cruiser, preferably IJN or USN, do I partner her with a destroyer tailing behind her? Basically, I am confused about the roles. EDIT: For destroyers, I am going to the Akizuki line and the only Pan-Asia line, Yue Yang. For cruisers, to the Zao.
  4. The Worcester's seconds turret has weird firing angles, and you have to show significant broadside to use it. The problem with this, is you lose most of your DPM while bow on. While alternately showing a 45-60 degree angle just to fire all your turrets. So what range is needed to fire all of your bow guns while bow on. The range needed to fire all 3 bow turrets while facing bow-on is 14.5 km Sub 14.5km< you will only be able to fire 2 turrets bow on, thus losing 66.6% of your dpm. A cool little tip for Woosta players struggling with showing broadside.
  5. Worcester

    This ships pretty good
  6. The DD and cruiser legendary upgrades are all beyond god like. In comparison, BB's upgrades are just suck. No BB in their right mind would take the new rudder shift and fire control buff to get in closer. Because that's not the main reason BBs die quickly. The improvements in rudder shift time is pointless, just... in what situation currently people playing BBs think to themselves "geeeez 1 sec faster rudder shift would've so carry the game there" - almost never. WG should stop inflating T10 performances with "upgrade" modules. People don't like to play T8 or above because the economy suck, not because they don't like powerful ships.
  7. As the subject says, is it fun to play with that boat? Usually I do not usually do these topics. But, now I will tell you about my experience and maybe some people agree with me and some do not. let's start The boat has an excellent maneuverability, its turrets rotate very well, can hold very well the impacts of light and some heavy cruisers. aesthetically the ship is beautiful. Very fast recharge time 18.5 s 16 s with the improvements But! Let's talk about the most important thing. It has a pessimism secondary weapons, bad AA, a shield that in theory should withstand large impacts oh at least 330 mm front and 275mm back. in theory it works against lighter cruisers, but against 406 it is excellent for you to make a penetration and make citadel very easily, Even the 380mm of the bismark, at least some cruisers do them on penetration. in this case the armor works against this ship, of course I do not say it's wrong. Something bad must always have the boat. And as we know it is a hunter of cruseros, but if I tell you that your dispersion is bad but very bad that you can even fail to 8km? And not just once, many times in different games. They will apologize but I do not fail 8km with a republic. which has a 322m dispersion compared to the Kronshtadt ... 252mm. If you have bad AA bad secondary weapons, at least I ask WG to leave a good dispersion, the same story is repeated with the rome, to roma personally tell him not to buy it It has everything wrong even their guns dispersion malisima the NC to otherwise it is an excellent boat with one, I will not enjoy playing with it, personally, I have it with 19 points I have spent doubloons investigating what would be my best way of playing with the two boats, and I say NO FUN. of course I do not say that they are bad boats, but you will use more a boat if you have fun with it. I only ask that Kront's dispersion ... has improved the rest, it does not matter if he has good cannons, I do not want the same story to be repeated with Rome. For the time being I will tell you to get off the boat if you want, but 750,000 Exp ... It's not worth it. You will not enjoy playing with the boat, it is better to play with tirpitz than your disperception in theory is bad but really you will hurt the other boat. Shot that you make there, you will hit .. If you want to do a lot of damage, you will have to go through bad times and try harder than you should do with Zao or Des Moinds. Here I leave some where I put more effort than normal.
  8. Here I furnish the actual misery on why high tier DD game play is in the ruin due to recent changes and preexisting nonsensical radar deployment combined with BBAP (which is being fixed OFC but problem still exists). I do not have a problem with radar in general or its realism [edited](This game is arcade and i know it). I consider Russian Radars to be balanced, and US T8 radar to be relatively bearable. The problem is when DPM scales super quick as Tiers Progress whereas HP doesnt but this doesn't bode well when you have a class that primarily functions on not getting spotted in the first place. I have linked a picture on why i think this is not good especially for dds. I do not suggest that we need more HP for dds, I am basically saying that a 330% increase in efficiency at killing dds is not balanced because while Battleships and Cruisers get proportionally more Armour Heal etc to balance the negative effects of increased dpm at high tiers DD's get none . Also there are quite a lot of factors missing in my comparison that are listed below. Also of considerable importance is that the number of radar cruisers in the game with scale up by 20% as well due to the pending release of the US Light cruiser line. Assumptions 1.This assumes that only 1 ship with higher DPM is shooting at you in higher tiers when in reality multiple enemy ships with relatively improved dpm will be shooting. 2.This also negates the fact that the Benson is much harder to hit compared to the gearing due its agility and size. 3.This situation assumes that you face T10 Cruisers with a T10 DD which is not the case you can be in battle with T8 dd. In that case this problem becomes much more EDIT : If you down vote my post or others here, please have the courtesy to explain why you think this is wrong with a factual and rational thought process which will be highly appreciated EDIT 2 : This has more to do with whats wrong, I am not really looking for advice ( i can play thats not the problem here and i follow a guy who knows what he is doing) its a discussion on why the game lacks balanced lets keep the discussion focussed on that.
  9. Hey everyone, Isaac here! Back with another video on the current iteration of the World of Warships PTR (Or PTS, whatever. lol) and in this one I've got 2 consecutive games showing off the new night battle for Operation Cherry Blossom (and also some feedback for the devs if any of them are watching). CAUTION: I am a salty one, and sometimes in this video my language does slip a little. So if minorly adult words offend you, then you may want to tune out now. Don't worry we will wait.......okay, now that it's just me and the one sole remaining person left watching the vid, we can get right into it! BLINDED BY THE NIGHT! COOKED UP LIKE A GOOSE, THE CRUISERS BURNING IN THE NIGHT!!! Okay I'm really done with the bad Manfred Mann references now....no seriously..... Sooooo......night battles. Interesting concept. Still not sure if they've just altered the desktop gamma settings during the match or whether the WG devs managed to find some other way to do it, but so far they look alright. Could be done a little darker imho and really give that feeling of being in the near pitch black of night. On the other hand though, in the second match you do see me looking up at the skybox they've coded for the night part of the operation and it *does* show a full moon, so I'll digress. As I do mention, it does seem like they have ratcheted up the difficulty in the scenario since Jingles made his video (link to his in the video description of mine if you haven't seen it yet). There seem to be a few more ships, and also it seems like they tweaked the AI to almost always ignore players until they're within like 3.5 km to 5 km and only then do they start shooting at you. The Marine regiments on the island get chewed to pieces really fast if you don't all go FULL AHEAD and go straight for E9 to intercept incoming ships. However I did stray into the area of one of the star shells and got lit up, but it didn't seem like the enemy AI were overly concerned with me.....at all. They seem to flat out ignore any player ships in the effects of the illumination rounds and just focus on killing the troops on the beach. Pros: Night battles: This is something the player base has been wanting for a while, especially in Random battles. Testing it out in an operation is definitely the way to go first. Tier 8 operations: The first of their kind, and opens up the opportunity for some serious credit making potential above what even the tier 7 operations offer. USN Cruiser Split PART 2: Looking forward to getting my hands on the *FOUR* new ships of the line and testing them out in some matches. Videos to come on those as soon as I'm able! IJN Gun(loli)boats for Tier 9 and 10: Finally, after having the tier 8 Akizuki capping out the IJN DD split for quite some time, that branch will be seeing its completion SOON (TM). Cons: Enemy Bot AI: Holy mother of god. If you do not do exactly what you are supposed to do at exactly the right time in exactly the right way while dressed in drag, doing the Hula, during a rainstorm in Africa, all while sacrificing a small goat on an altar made up of the bones of 1000 virgins......Good luck. And it's not just a problem with this new scenario. Since introducing the missions for all the other scenarios, hundreds of players have noticed the same thing in those as well. Focus fire by bots is stupidly prevalent, their guns almost never seem to miss, AI high explosive seems to have well above an 80% fire chance, their torpedobeat volume is cranked up WAY past 11, and AI torpedo launches, despite WASD hacks, are like radar-guided AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles unless you've got hydro up and running. Seriously, it's ridiculous. Player starting distance to the intercept point (approx E9): +20 km distance you have to travel. If everyone goes in a straight line at full speed without maneuvering too much (if at all), it's BARELY doable. But by then, the 2 Marine divisions on the beachhead are STILL gonna be down to about 3/4 to 2/3 health remaining. If your teams' focus fire isn't on point, and people aren't stacking their radars properly, well tough luck. You'll fail before the sun even comes up. If even 1 of your team fiddles around or changes course too much, well tough luck. You'll fail before the sun even comes up. Tier 8 Cruisers ONLY: This is the part that really sucks. There aren't many tier 8 cruisers available that are in the game under the Allied Powers. USN, RN, VMF, and France. That's it. 4 countries and 6 cruisers in total (Baltimore, Cleveland, Chapayev, Kutuzov, Charles Martel, and Edinburgh). The only one of which that is premium being the Kutuzov, and that ship is no longer on sale and is (possibly) only available from Santa Crates during Christmas time. Gotta stick to tier 7 ops for that if you wanna grind credits and free EXP in PvE to have a larger selection of premium ships that are readily available (at least for now). Overall: I'm looking forward to 0.7.6, if not necessarily for the scenario, but for the 4 new USN cruisers being released. Time will tell on the Operation, and I really hope they tune it down a little because as it stands, the margin of error on it (as of the recording of this video) is quite literally non-existent. Most scenarios give you a little bit of wiggle room. This one really doesn't. Definitely looking forward to the finishing of the IJN gunboats too. And realized that at the time of this posting, I've only got like 10k exp left to get to unlock the Akizuki. Buuuuuut since they nerfed the Shiratsuyu to the bottom of the ocean, I'm just gonna burn free EXP to unlock the Akizuki with the stored XP i have on the Shira. I ain't playing that tier 7 anymore. If you get a chance, hop onto the test server and try to complete some of the missions for those Live-server awards. Especially the dragon flags! As always, take care and stay safe captains!
  10. Tanky Cruiser?

    Let's say Tier 5 and above: What is the most tanky Cruiser out there (if there is one)? How have you built into its tankiness? I want to build one, I have a lot of Cruisers but not the one I expect to hear...
  11. Today we are going to take a look at he Des Moines in a ranked game where what we need to do to win isn't so obvious. As usual I will be pausing at various points in the replay to describe positioning and my personal decision making during the course of this game. I hope you all enjoy it, and let me know what you think in the comments down below!
  12. Just got demolished by a Stalingrad. Tier X cruiser. Where does one get this monster? Not showing on tech tree.
  13. So I am starting a series of videos that take in In-Depth look at what I am thinking and what are my goals for a game. How do I approach any given game. The first video I made is about the Kronshtadt: My commentary isn't super polished yet but hopefully it will get better with practice.
  14. Shouldn't we consider making them vulnerable to the Asashio torps? Don't know if possible as they won't be differentiated as class, and also, the concept is more of weapons, functionality and armor discussion, as opposed to displacement and draft then anything else, and there are cruisers that technically should be vulnerable already. Just food for thought. Cheers, Dan
  15. I'm wondering what people think the best build for a USN T8 Baltimore is these days for Random Battles. I'm no expert at this sort of thing nor do I pretend to be. So what do you guys recommend I go with exactly? Goal: To make a build for the T8 Baltimore with its captain that optimizes its abilities for Random Battles. What I'm Considering: Ship Modules: Module Icon: Module Name: Main Armaments Modification 1 Because this ship only has turrets. Losing one or more of them could mean the different between this ship being capable of helping the team and being a kill in the making. Damage Control System Modification 1 Because if you take Last Stand as a captain skill then it makes the other two basically pointless. or AA Guns Modification 2 or Aiming Systems Modification 1 Anti-Aircraft is one of the things that USN ships seem to do very well in general. Since it adds 11 points to the score and broadens the AA range so much it seems like taking this really capitalizes on one of the major strengths of the USN line. Since this ship relies solely on its guns, I also feel like this might be a good choice too. Since most games don't seem to have many aircraft these days. That said, if you want good guns I feel like you shouldn't be in the American Cruiser tech tree. I feel like, at best, this upgrade helps the ship catch up to its peers but that it won't put it ahead of them. Still not sure though or Damage Control System Modification 2 or Steering Gears Modification 2 The first one mitigates damage. The second one helps me avoid damage. Which do you think? I'm really not sure. or Target Acquisition System Modification 1 or Concealment System Modification 1 This one I honestly have no idea which to go with. On the one hand the Baltimore has a lot more armor in some places (6 - 203mm) than an Admiral Hipper (13 - 160mm), Mogami (6 - 140mm), Edinburgh (6 - 114mm), or a Charles Martel (6 - 140mm). Which would imply that it would be better at surviving being detected more than usual and might imply that a good choice would be the Target Acquisition System Modification 1. However, thicker armor or no the fact remains that you don't want to be a target for battleships no matter what. Especially since T8 seems to be bottom tier most of the time. So with that in mind I'm thinking of going with Concealment System Modification 1 because the less visible my ship the less people will fire at it. But I'm still not sure. Captain Skills : I really have no idea what to go with for this. What do you guys suggest?
  16. Update 7.5 Big Complaint!!

    Patch name is very misleading. It should be... Update 0.7.5 American Cruiser
  17. Keeping in mind we have to wait until 0.7.6 for the full trees, its always good to plan ahead. I cover the two lines, Heavy and Light and help you decide which one is right for you.
  18. Hey everyone, Isaac here and I'm back with another 'First Impressions' video from the PTR. This one is on the new Tier 9 USN CA, the USS Buffalo. I do a 'quick' port review with a rather fast battle after..... and yes, another appearance from my dang cat . Dat broadside is such a broadside in more ways than one. On one hand, God help anyone dumb enough or unlucky enough to catch twelve Super Heavy AP shells flying out the muzzles of her 203mm naval rifles. On the other hand, God help you if you expose even a tiny bit of broadside to anyone else, especially another Buffalo. She turns like a buffalo, accelerates like a buffalo, when properly angled is just as tough as a buffalo (lol-angled-bovines), and can also be slaughtered like a buffalo. But woe unto thee who underestimates the main battery firepower of this ship because she can slaughter with the best of the butchers out there. Keep yourselves angled, don't show too much of your citadel, and wreck face with the heaviest salvo available to any tier 9 cruiser and many of the tier 10s! The PROS: *12*x203mm naval rifles: They have a maximum possible (theoretical) damage of 60,000 damage with AP.... of course this is perfect 12 citadel hits which NEVER will happen. And a max 18% fire chance with Demo Expert and flags. Plus, when retreating, you're still shooting with 50% of your firepower as opposed to Baltimore and New Orleans. Powerful AA Suite: She'll swat flies with the best of them when kitted out for AA and supported by the proper Commander skills. Workable Concealment: With camo, Concealment Expert, and ConMod1, your surface detectability drops down to a respectable 10.5km. It's not the best available for tier 9, but it's a far-cry better than some other options (looking at you Donskoi). Passable armor: She's got 27mm plating across her entire hull *and* on her deck, and a decently thick 152mm citadel belt. Angle it properly and you'll be able to deflect most incoming fire that's not 386mm or larger guns. The CONS: Citadel Belt Is Exposed: Showing your broadside in this will get you deleted. Quickly. And without mercy. I would insert an NSFW joke here, but I don't feel like getting banned. Use your imagination. Reload Time Is Slow: Painfully slower than what the old Baltimore used to be. With the Main Battery Mod 3, you can drop it down to 11.4sec. Nowhere near the old 8.6sec that the tier 9 Balti enjoyed. Turret Speed Is Meh: She's not Pensacola bad, but she's not as zippy as what New Orleans and Baltimore can enjoy. Taking MainBat3 overpowers Expert Marksman and you end with 30.4sec turret 180 turn time. Reduced Max Battery Range: Coming from the 16+ km range of the Pensacola, by the time you reach Buffalo, you're down to a meager 15.6km unless you give up reload speed for the range module. Given that this ship is probably going to live and die by her reload, the range module isn't recommended for use. Overall: I like the feel of Buffalo. Despite her obvious cons, she has enough going for her that people will look past them and be able to make her work far better than they probably did with the Baltimore. The biggest complaint people will have will probably be the reload. I'm certainly looking forward to mine and grinding out the experience for my Des Memes with Buffalo. Having the A-B-X-Y turret set up on her will help when needing to retreat. Hope you all enjoyed the video, and leave a comment down below with your opinions on the ship and whether or not you're looking forward to her. Have fun and stay safe Captains!
  19. Hey everyone, Isaac here and I'm back with another video! In this one we're gonna be taking a look at the down-tiered USS Baltimore! Much like going from the Pensacola up to the New Orleans was a massive breath of fresh air, the Baltimore is an upgraded New Orleans and another breath of fresh air: She's got: Better AA suite Slightly better turret angles slightly better turret traverse WAY better armor layout A Radar consumable And as icing on the cake, she RETAINS her Superheavy AP shells with a whopping 5000 damage per shell if she hits a citadel on any poor, unsuspecting fool in a cruiser from any nation not Germany that's stupid enough to show you their broadside within 12 to 13km. Keep in mind these can also be used in conjunction with her 10sec reload, unbuffed by Adrenaline Rush, to heavily punish sleepy BB drivers that are within 10-12km of you who don't deem you as a credible threat. *insert Grand Moff Tarkin "Fire when ready" memes at your leisure* Ahhh, but Isaac, what's the catch for all this you may be asking. What price does she pay to get and/or keep all these things? Well, compared to the Pensacola, she turns like an old woman on crutches, she can't quite reach out and touch people as far as the New Orleans can, her AP shell speed is ABYSMALLY slow clocking in well below 800 m/s which is far worse than the N'Ola and even the Pensacola. Oh yeah and I hope you didn't want that 6th Upgrade slot.....you know, that one you mount Main Battery Mod 3 on? The one that jacks your DPM up by reducing your reload speed down below 10 seconds? Yeah.....that's gone too. So all these bonuses she sees are offset by the negatives. Can't have our cake and eat it too it seems. With USN cruisers it's very much a case of feast like kings or dine like swine with not much in the way of All-You-Can-Eat-Appetizers-At-Olive-Garden happy mediums. Once again, echoing the sentiments from my New Orleans video, the Baltimore isn't the best heavy cruiser at her new slot of tier 8, but she is ***good enough*** to do the job, provided you're smart about playing her. Standard rules apply: Don't show broadside. Don't fire AP at long ranges (with the anemic shell speed, you'll almost never hit). DON'T FIGHT IN OPEN WATER for the love of God, unless you're POSITIVE you can kill your target before they and any of their friends Swiss-cheese your citadel!!! Veteran Baltimore captains will not notice much difference in her other than most likely that loss of Upgrade Slot 6 with the reload module. Out of all her drawbacks, that will be the one thing that hinders her the most in my opinion. As long as they leave her armor scheme alone at 27mm plating all around her hull and her decks. If they drop that to 25mm, she's gonna lose A LOT of her tankiness and playing her will become very much painful. Especially since tier 8 MM is smashed all to pieces (kinda like in World of Tanks) and you will *frequently* be facing off against tier 9 and 10 opponents who want you for lunch (looking at you Yamato and Musashi). Overall Impressions: Once again, just like the New Orleans, is she the best at what she does? No, *BUT* She's **good enough** to get the job done. (Provided you've learned the lessons taught to you in the N'Ola) As always, take care and stay safe Captains!
  20. Hey everyone, Isaac here and I'm back with another video preview on the PTR USN cruiser changes! This one is on the New Orleans which has taken the tier 7 slot, down from tier 8. Changes were to be expected from the down-tiering of the ships, and the New Orleans was actually a refreshing change from the Pensacola. Still definitely an upgrade over the Pensacola, and despite what she's lost, she will be far more useful in Tier 7 Operations than the Indianapolis will EVER be (barring a RoF buff, but that's just a pipe dream and wishful thinking currently). Nothing the USN has for cruisers can top the Atlanta however for tier 7 Ops (yet), but the N'Ola is looking to be far better off than Indy is, especially if you're grinding down the line. All in all, her theme is very much what a certain historian said of the US Army's M4 Sherman. "She wasn't the best, but she was *good enough* to do the job." That is very much true for the New Orleans. She's not the best, but she is good enough to do the job..... and certainly leaps and bounds better than the Pepsicola is at tier 6. You will be breathing a sigh of relief when you finally get into the New Orleans, and since she is now at tier 7 she enjoys much better matchmaking odds of being top tier where her decently quick firing 203mm rifles can wreak havoc with both HE and AP on anyone unfortunate enough to land in your gunsight. Hug those islands though and find one to make your waifu as her armor still won't support risking going out into open water. Her concealment, while leaps and bounds better than the Pensacola, still suffers at having lost the Concealment Systems Mod 1 5th upgrade slot upon the down-tiering. Her shell velocities are the same as Pensacola's are, while her range is just slightly further. Her guns spin onto targets *MUCH* quicker than the Pensa's currently do and that is probably the biggest relief you'll find when playing her. Reload isn't as good as the current tier 8 New Orleans (13 sec vs 12 sec) but it's not the horrible 15 seconds that Pensacola deals with. The loss of radar is a very hard hit however, and you'll have to try and make up for this with nothing more than a fighter plane consumable for peeking over islands. All in all? She's good enough. And definitely one that I'll probably be keeping in my port, especially for the tier 7 operations. Despite lacking the Radar that the Indianapolis has, you won't be suffering as much with the reload speed as Indy, the gun range is better, and your AA is good enough to do the job. Keep those 203mm rifles singing and stick with your fleet to provide cover from enemy planes and you'll do good enough. For Tier 7 Operations: Is she better than the Atlanta? Nope, not even close. Is she better than the Indianapolis? Definitely. Is she better than the old tier 7 Pensacola? ....Seriously? Did you really need to ask that question? F*** yes she's better! Overall Impressions: Is she the best at what she does? No, *BUT* that doesn't matter as much as what one might think. She's **good enough** to get the job done. As always Captains, stay safe!
  21. Hey everyone, Isaac here with another video, this time on the (new) Tier 6 Pensacola. Kind of on the long side of things, but the battle I got into went down to the wire. Overall, she very much feels like her old tier 7 version. Granted the MM in this battle was rather terrible, but given the right playstyle and captain skills, and the Pensacola can be "okay"-ish. I say "Okay"-ish for a reason. She is very much MEH right now. The un-buffing of her concealment and the absolutely horrid turret traverse really hamstring the ship yet again. You get the upgraded guns with the slightly better AP and HE shell damage, but that 45.0 second turret traverse is painful at times and can end up getting you killed in certain situations. My feed back? Either re-buff her concealment *OR* give her the actual upgraded turrets from the tier 7 version with the 30sec 180 degree traverse. Mind you, imho, she doesn't need both. Both would make her a tad too strong. She just needs one or the other. As it stands, looking back on this video, you will probably be forced to taking both the Main Battery Mod 2 *AND* Expert Marksman. Not being able to get your guns on target is far worse of a feeling than having slightly slower reloading guns. You can't fire a gun if it isn't on target. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment in the comment section below, get onto the PTR and test the ships out and lets get some feedback back to WG on the Pensacola! Have fun and stay safe!
  22. I am working on training up my US CL captain, as well as practicing my island hugging technique: If you don't get at least three angry messages from angry BB captains during the game, you're doing it wrong.
  23. What line was your first objective

    Personally mine is USN BB's. Why? I live in canada so that and UK where the closet representation. Also big bad BB's lol
  24. Simple poll. Where do the potatoes hide? What are the 2 most influential classes of the 3 main surface vessels? This is for random play not clan battles or ranked. My personal opinion. BB by a landslide is the worst played. It's not even close. Bad players flock to it like a moth to a flame. Why? They are the most forgiving class to play. Most influential would be BB and DD. While I love playing cruisers I am full aware it is full on tryhard mode, especially in high tiers. I think DDs are in a good place as are BBs for the most part. Cruisers could use a bit of work. They are a DoT class, but are the most susceptible to be insta-deleted more than any other save for a DD catching a torp. BB citadels have gotten smaller and smaller over the years, yet cruisers for the most part remain huge and easy to hit. My opinion would be to either lower or reduce the citadel size of cruisers as a whole or to reduce the amount of max AP damage from BBs. Your thoughts? What is your choices and why? What could WG do to mix things up and improve the game?
  25. Looking for another country cruiser line to grind. I have up to Tier 9 for US Cruisers. I have currently have in port Japanese, Russian, English, and German Tier 6 and/or Tier 7 ships. Which is a good country to grind?? It is my goal to focus on only one country to grind, one ship at a time. I am leaning towards either Russian or German line. So what would you recommend and why?