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Found 4 results

  1. Plesiosaurus123

    HMS Nelson credit earning

    I cant find anything on the topic so ill just post here. I know its not a Missouri or anything, but does nelson have a higher credit earning multiplier than other premiums in its tier range?
  2. Advancing into Tier VII, and especially into Tier VIII, is very difficult for a player who hasn't invested hundreds of dollars in high-tier cash cows. I am a BB player, have one Tier 7 and two Tier 6 that accumulated the XP to go elite as I researched the next tier. However, I only have 6.5 million credits in the bank, and the total cost of all three of those battleships is over 23 million credits! Just getting my first Tier 8 BB (the Bismarck) costs way more (11 million) than I have banked. What's the secret to collecting millions and millions of credits when you don't have cash cow ships like the Missouri or Musashi (I only have 239k free XP, and the current cash cow requires 750k)? Yes, I use flags and camo to increase earnings, although I was saving a few for higher tiers where things will be even worse. Yes, I am and have been a premium player. No, I don't have a ton of premium ships. My only one is the Tier 5 CL Murmansk, and I don't earn very much with it. My Tier 7 Gneisenau, with or without special camo, is a much better earner. Right now, it looks like I need to spend additional $$$ for doubloons and/or credits at the premium shop, just to keep up with my XP accumulation. Is that really how the game works - you spend serious $$$ to advance up to Tier X so you can play in CB? It's either that or spend weeks and weeks grinding for credits in my best earner so far, the Gneisenau, just to have money for the Bismarck and some must-have upgrades. Will a spend even more and more time in my Tier 8 and 9 ships, grinding out credits so I can get into Tier 9 and 10 ships? Is this how it works, or am I missing something? How many Tier X players have not spent a dime on the game? How many Tier X players have only spent money on premium account - nothing else? How long did it take you to get to your first Tier X ship?
  3. IvanPonomarev

    I Have Too Many Credits

    I’m sitting on 280 million credits. I have what I want so it’s just uselessly sitting there. I’m a small fish compared to people that have 1 billion but seriously though. Can we figure out a way to burn though all of this? How about instead of a free XP ship you make a ship that cost 100M or 250M etc.to make a dent. Then every game you play you lose money. There is no profit like costs you 500K to play to keep the wallet down because the amount I have is getting ridiculous and I’m not going to waste my time selling and buying a T10 over and over again.
  4. If you are a paying customer (pay for Premium) you should NOT lose credits in any battle, ever. This is nonsense. Any person knows the reasoning behind the losing credits at high tiers, it is for players to consider buying premium. Everything about this game is built around making it tempting to pay, either to skip poor ships, to get various modules and upgrades, and to increase the rate of credit income. However, if you are a paying customer why do you still punish us? I am quitting this game, just like I quit World of Tanks for similar greedy and unfair business practices. The excuse always points to "the game is free". Yes, it is, however, although the game is free, to enjoy the ships at high tiers (8-10) without Premium, it takes ridiculous amounts of time to do it, and I don't imagine credit income would be substantial or even possible to afford. I've never yet seen or heard of a business that takes away from customers after they purchase something. There are some extremely irritating examples of unfair/dishonest business practices: 1. Nerfing premium tanks/ships. Someone pays Wargaming upwards of $70.00 US for a single tank/ship (prices are absolutely insane in the first place). Wargaming nerfs the tank/ship and you literally paid for something that you no longer have. This is like going into Best Buy, buying a laptop with 16 GBs of RAM, and then 2 months later them taking 8GBs away. Why? Because we can thats why. And Wargaming knows very well, that those that pay will stay, and many are pouring thousands of dollars into the game. 2. Losing credit income even if you have a Premium Account. Similar example above. Sure, for players that do not pay, let them lose credit income. For people that pay for Premium, your other methods of payment are more than enough that we should not lose credits (Premium ships, upgrades, Free XP transfer etc). 3. I have read and seen numerous examples that gold from World of Tanks would transfer over to World of Warships. This of course, was an outright lie. I have, yet again, yet to see a business get away with lying to their customers. 4. This game, like other "freemium" modeled games, runs with very current knowledge on human psychology and additive tendencies. This is a fun, and very beautiful game, there is no doubt. Why can't it just be a normal game? One which you pay 6-80 bucks for. I really do believe gaming has been destroyed from the "freemium/free-to-play" model. The model is built to frustrate players to the point that they (in their minds) have to pay for certain things. Just like in World of Tanks, I have found myself nearly addicted to this game (although I left my only purchase in Warships to Premium, albeit I was tempted to buy doubloons a few times). I happen to be a military officer and one of my soldiers happened to file for bankruptcy about a year ago. Why? He poured $10K into World of Tanks. We had to send him to addictions counselling, and he will never be able to have a credit card or buy a house for 7 years. Also, his career was effectively destroyed. It really does pain me to stop playing this game. The developers have done a fantastic job, and it looks amazing. But I am no longer willing to pour countless hours into grinding, nor play russian roulette with the temptation to pay. If, at any time in the future, Wargaming decides to make the economic model more affordable, I may be back. Until then, I am going to stick with video games that I pay for once, and never again.