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Found 21 results

  1. Rustycan99

    Camo Question...

    Hey folks, Been away for a couple of weeks camping and Just want to get a small clarification. I have well over 2500 camos with various bonuses (well they used to have bonuses...) now it seems they just give a different eye candy preview to the enemy ships, but no extra bonus of any kind. So I am thinking I can make a crap ton of credits selling the previously rare camo's for credits as well as the base camos for money. I really am not wedded to a camo look so what reason would I have to not sell off my 2500+ camos? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  2. (though of this on the way to work) I was wondering if Missouri will still earn easy credits with the economy rework? If not will there be compensation for those who bought the original. @Ahskance
  3. Hukom

    Code: SOVBB21

    SOVBB21 Get it here: https://na.wargaming.net/shop/redeem/?utm_content=bonus-code
  4. Searched the interweb, and all I could find was PVP battles with 2k base xp and a full load of boosters. Need help from normal players. A T10 CV is the only thing I'm missing. I tried all the T10 Research CV's on the test server, with permanent camos, and they still lost massive amounts of credits. All of my other T10 ships that are coal, RP, or perm camo, either break even or make a profit, playing co-op without premium. Want to use the upcoming coupon for the Immelmann, but if the credit abuse is still there I'll prolly sit tight for a while and see what else shows up. Note: I'm not a good CV player, so I can stand some credit loss, but even if I finish halfway up the leaderboard I still lose massive credits. All help appreciated.
  5. So I am wondering how the auction house can exist. This is definitely gambling. You have a set minimum bid and you are not told what the maximum bid is. So whatever you bid is just blind. How does the auction house not go against EU gambling laws. Yes you do use in game currency to buy it, but the prices at which the items in the Auction House will go for will definitely surpass what one might earn from the game. People are definitely going to spend money and because it is blind bidding, it is gambling.
  6. Title says it all. I really enjoy playing my UK Ships, but I find they are really crappy at earning XP and Credits. Why? I just finished a game in my Goliath where it was a decent performance and I barely made any $ and XP. I dropped 101.8 k damage of which like 15k was fire. Not a super game but not horribad. Any idea why when I play my conqueror and goliath the XP and Credits are so garbage. I can land 150k on my conqueror and find myself #6 on scoring and have only a mild credit gain. I netted about 80k this match which is horrible. It feels to me like the scoring does not like Fire / HE and that it favors AP hits when scoring and doling out credits. Is this my imagination?
  7. ilikeboats_with_steam123

    credits earned after battle

    OK, so people who grind constantly gets a lot of credits. Show us the amount of credits you earned. As you can see, i got 69,420 credits. Nice!
  8. I find it nearly impossible to make an substantial amount of credits each game to even pay off the service cost without having a premium account, and this goes for most ship types.

    Credit Earning Thoughts (HELP)

    For a long while now I've been using the Massachusetts and the Tirpitz as my credit earners, both are pretty decent earners, the Massachusetts a little more so. I'm finally reaching that point in the game where you've researched almost all the tech trees that interest you, and I find myself wanting to go back and re-purchase some of the ships I sold that I enjoyed or are just cool ships. However to do this I'm going to need some 90 000 000 credits, and I feel that I'm going to need a better credit earner. So my question is what is better, a T9 premium (of those that are or will be available), or a regular T10 (which one?) with their permanent camo? I also heard something about a kobyashi camo? Are those different than the T10 perma camos? I already have 1 T10 prema camo and its for the Midway, from what I can tell its a rather good earner 500k-600k on average. The problem with that is the outrageous service costs, even with the perma camo (T10 cv's are extrememly expensive to sail 250k-300k credits per round for those that don't play cv's). So in actuality you actually on make maybe 400k credits a round, which still isn't bad, but isn't particularly favorable over Massachusetts. My thought is however I could however, get a T10 perma camo that isn't for the Midway, say maybe the Conqueror, somethings that's supper easy mode to get big damage. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks!
  10. If I am going to do a "grind" I'd rather grind my 9 T7 cruisers thru Narai every day. I looked at my totals today for earned credits, free XP and elite commander xp after going thru the op with all 9 ships and this is a much more pleasant, and rewarding grind that the PR event. One day totals are: Credits: 7,513,872 Free XP: 95,770 Elite Commander XP: 355,048 Of course I have premium time, been flying every premium flag I have, plus the New Year Streamer cammo as well, to get these numbers but, by the end of the Narai week I will have 1 10 point captain to 19 points and another to 16 points, plus, I will have added enough free XP to have more than 1.5 million banked for Hayate when she is released. So much more rewarding...
  11. What is the fastest way to get coal? I want to be able to get some premium ships by getting coal, and I would like to know what the fastest way to get coal is. I would also like to know what the fastest way to get free exp, and exp is. I am on the German tier 8 Bismarck, and I want to know what the fastest way to get credits and exp is. If someone would be so kind as to tell me, I will try my best to attempt to get it done. 😀
  12. 07Beast109

    Looser at Tier 10 ????

    So I recently got my first tier 10 ship the Des Moines. Yeaaaa I thought!!!!!! So I started playing and playing and losing money and losing credits and more credits????? Fist I thought its because I'm not a premium player so I went premium. Same results. I did have decent games of 60,000 damage and loosing credits. So is it just me or is this the norm at tier 10. Whats the secret I'm missing, do I need a 100,000 damage every game to get any credits or do you need a premium ship at tier 10 to make any credits.
  13. MM_and_RNG_are_Rigged

    Missouri? Who needs it for Credits?

    Given that I basically wasted 750k free exp on the Missouri, I can't ever get her to work like everyone else seems to be able to do as far as printing credits. This is despite loading her up with credit flags and credit paint which ends up becoming utterly wasted in randoms. I find it ironic no one ever posts about Narai. Seriously, if you know what targets to shoot at, you can farm hellacious credits at tier 7 where ship repair/resupply costs are negligible. 1.5mil is my new current personal record for credits earned in a single Narai match. And heck, that's not even my highest damage MATCH of Narai either. Just my best target selection one in a Lolanta! To with the Crapssouri. If I'm needing credits, I just go to Narai for a week. Anyone else farmed credits in tier 7 ops, especially Narai? If so, what's the most you've ever earned and does it compare at all to the amount of work you have to put in to get the same with a Missouri? Narai is repeatable easy-mode with almost guaranteed wins. Randoms? Pfffft! Not likely.
  14. I have played and not recieved rewards after completeing game. I also notice i am not receiving full credits when game is completed as well. example . shows i recieved 136,000 credits but my total only went up 32,000. Anyone else experiencing this.
  15. Plesiosaurus123

    HMS Nelson credit earning

    I cant find anything on the topic so ill just post here. I know its not a Missouri or anything, but does nelson have a higher credit earning multiplier than other premiums in its tier range?
  16. Advancing into Tier VII, and especially into Tier VIII, is very difficult for a player who hasn't invested hundreds of dollars in high-tier cash cows. I am a BB player, have one Tier 7 and two Tier 6 that accumulated the XP to go elite as I researched the next tier. However, I only have 6.5 million credits in the bank, and the total cost of all three of those battleships is over 23 million credits! Just getting my first Tier 8 BB (the Bismarck) costs way more (11 million) than I have banked. What's the secret to collecting millions and millions of credits when you don't have cash cow ships like the Missouri or Musashi (I only have 239k free XP, and the current cash cow requires 750k)? Yes, I use flags and camo to increase earnings, although I was saving a few for higher tiers where things will be even worse. Yes, I am and have been a premium player. No, I don't have a ton of premium ships. My only one is the Tier 5 CL Murmansk, and I don't earn very much with it. My Tier 7 Gneisenau, with or without special camo, is a much better earner. Right now, it looks like I need to spend additional $$$ for doubloons and/or credits at the premium shop, just to keep up with my XP accumulation. Is that really how the game works - you spend serious $$$ to advance up to Tier X so you can play in CB? It's either that or spend weeks and weeks grinding for credits in my best earner so far, the Gneisenau, just to have money for the Bismarck and some must-have upgrades. Will a spend even more and more time in my Tier 8 and 9 ships, grinding out credits so I can get into Tier 9 and 10 ships? Is this how it works, or am I missing something? How many Tier X players have not spent a dime on the game? How many Tier X players have only spent money on premium account - nothing else? How long did it take you to get to your first Tier X ship?
  17. There has been a lot of discussion on the WoWs forums on ways to discourage and to reduce the number of BB players who camp and snipe from near their maximum gun range and passive gameplay in general. I have made the following suggestion in several of those threads, but I really needed to put the idea down in the proper place, here in the Suggestion section of the forum, and get some feedback. Here is my suggestion: Increase the amount of XP and credits earned for potential damage. In addition, I also suggest a new Ribbon I would like to call "In Harm's Way" that can be earned for every "X" amount of Potential Damage. I'm not sure what a good number would be but say for ever 250,000 points of Potential Damage a player earns a Ribbon. Further, for every "x" number of "In Harm's Way" ribbons earned, a player gets rewarded "X" number of India Yankee signal flags. An example would be for every 4 "In Harm's Way" Ribbons, which would be 1,000,000 potential damage received, a player would be rewarded with 5 India Yankee signal flags. This would not just apply to BB players as any ship class could earn these increased rewards, although, I do understand that BB players would likely benefit the most from it. I think it would encourage some of the BB camper/snipers to move up and in general, remove some of the passivity experienced in random higher tier matches at tiers 8, 9, and 10. Good or bad idea? Thoughts?
  18. I’m sitting on 280 million credits. I have what I want so it’s just uselessly sitting there. I’m a small fish compared to people that have 1 billion but seriously though. Can we figure out a way to burn though all of this? How about instead of a free XP ship you make a ship that cost 100M or 250M etc.to make a dent. Then every game you play you lose money. There is no profit like costs you 500K to play to keep the wallet down because the amount I have is getting ridiculous and I’m not going to waste my time selling and buying a T10 over and over again.
  19. If you are a paying customer (pay for Premium) you should NOT lose credits in any battle, ever. This is nonsense. Any person knows the reasoning behind the losing credits at high tiers, it is for players to consider buying premium. Everything about this game is built around making it tempting to pay, either to skip poor ships, to get various modules and upgrades, and to increase the rate of credit income. However, if you are a paying customer why do you still punish us? I am quitting this game, just like I quit World of Tanks for similar greedy and unfair business practices. The excuse always points to "the game is free". Yes, it is, however, although the game is free, to enjoy the ships at high tiers (8-10) without Premium, it takes ridiculous amounts of time to do it, and I don't imagine credit income would be substantial or even possible to afford. I've never yet seen or heard of a business that takes away from customers after they purchase something. There are some extremely irritating examples of unfair/dishonest business practices: 1. Nerfing premium tanks/ships. Someone pays Wargaming upwards of $70.00 US for a single tank/ship (prices are absolutely insane in the first place). Wargaming nerfs the tank/ship and you literally paid for something that you no longer have. This is like going into Best Buy, buying a laptop with 16 GBs of RAM, and then 2 months later them taking 8GBs away. Why? Because we can thats why. And Wargaming knows very well, that those that pay will stay, and many are pouring thousands of dollars into the game. 2. Losing credit income even if you have a Premium Account. Similar example above. Sure, for players that do not pay, let them lose credit income. For people that pay for Premium, your other methods of payment are more than enough that we should not lose credits (Premium ships, upgrades, Free XP transfer etc). 3. I have read and seen numerous examples that gold from World of Tanks would transfer over to World of Warships. This of course, was an outright lie. I have, yet again, yet to see a business get away with lying to their customers. 4. This game, like other "freemium" modeled games, runs with very current knowledge on human psychology and additive tendencies. This is a fun, and very beautiful game, there is no doubt. Why can't it just be a normal game? One which you pay 6-80 bucks for. I really do believe gaming has been destroyed from the "freemium/free-to-play" model. The model is built to frustrate players to the point that they (in their minds) have to pay for certain things. Just like in World of Tanks, I have found myself nearly addicted to this game (although I left my only purchase in Warships to Premium, albeit I was tempted to buy doubloons a few times). I happen to be a military officer and one of my soldiers happened to file for bankruptcy about a year ago. Why? He poured $10K into World of Tanks. We had to send him to addictions counselling, and he will never be able to have a credit card or buy a house for 7 years. Also, his career was effectively destroyed. It really does pain me to stop playing this game. The developers have done a fantastic job, and it looks amazing. But I am no longer willing to pour countless hours into grinding, nor play russian roulette with the temptation to pay. If, at any time in the future, Wargaming decides to make the economic model more affordable, I may be back. Until then, I am going to stick with video games that I pay for once, and never again.
  20. Ok, so I have been away for 5 weeks and the game has changed a bit... expected. Hmm... no longer able to choose to sell upgraded modules for credits... un-expected Brain fart - it was only Modifications (Upgrades) you could sell or demount Price seems higher though so maybe they auto-sell now... expected Do the math though though and .... ROBBED! ... unexpected - Math still doesnt add up. We're not getting 50% of our costs back when we sell, unlike their other games. And the original stock modules are non-sellable. What is it with this company that they have to keep digging and digging into our credits? Seriously? Is the outlandish repair and maintenance costs for high tier ships not enough? I know the B/S reasons you gave us for not having a proper depot like WoT but just go sell that to the people without a clue.... most of us know the real reason why. But even so.. now you are just being shady again. Explain to us why we don't get 50% of our upgrade costs refunded now? Let me guess, it's a fee for the dock workers to uninstall the upgrades when you sell the ship?
  21. anonym_JEJgAhN5LeMR

    WG - Can we talk about the economy?

    ** Fixed the big XP error for WoT tier I to V (both the total xp required and the comparisons)... sorry for that The game economy is something I personally find to be very out of balance at the moment in this game and although I 'know' through experience how much different it 'feels' between this game and it's big brother World of Tanks, I never really tried to get the numbers accurately until this weekend. So here is my non scientific, probably flawed, attempt at a fairly accurate comparison between these two game's economies and progression rates, EDIT: I forgot to add that i chose Tier V because I had all the numbers, vehicles and access available at this tier to do this little experiment of mine, It's also the "mid tier" marker. A couple of things to note are one, that WoWS makes you basically do an extra tier of progression for Battleships and Carriers by forcing you to do that side shift in the tech tree and, two, in WoWS, there seems to be this huge jump between Tier IV and V, while in WoT, the tiers definitely seem to be more evened out in their rate of change as you go up. That's just my opinion. Comparing the economic progression for Tier V between WoT and WoWS Notes: ♦ I used the progression costs for the US Battleships and a US Heavy Tank line to try and keep it in the same class. ♦ Premium account was active on both games. ♦ For Avg XP and Credit values, I played only my two Tier V vehicles in each game. For WoWS it was the Murmansk and the Gremyashchy and for WoT it was the T14 and the Chi-nu Kai. ♦ I only used regular ammo in WoT and for both games, I had camo so it was a recurring cost in WoWS while it was a set time period cost in WoT (7 days minimum) ♦ The progression costs are bare minimums, using only the modules required to be purchased to advance. First, the stats... (Note: these are absolutes... same for everyone) US Heavy Tank Line Progression Costs: 21,195 XP and 382,400 Credits to advance from TI to TV in WoT. To buy a full set of upgrade equipment costs 1,300,000 credits US Battleship Progression Costs: 44,020 XP and 4,026,300 Credits to advance from TI to TV in WoWS. To buy a full set of equipment upgrades costs 875,000 credits. Now for the average earning values... (Note: These are my averages over two hour sessions in both games and averaged out. I'm a 1400 Win8 player in WoT and in WoWS when I did this I was around 51.1% wins, 1029 Avg XP and 28,094 Avg Dmg, so YMMV) Tier V Premium Tanks: 649 XP per match. 29589 Credits per match 6 matches per hour --------------------------- 3894 average XP per hour. 177534 average credits per hour. (FreeXP – avg. 463 per hour) Tier V Premium Ships: 1250 XP per match 88,467 credits per match 4.5 matches per hour ------------------------------- 5625 average XP per hour 398101 average credits per hour (FreeXP – avg. 284 per hour) Time to progress from T1 to T5 in Tanks: 5.44 hours for the XP (Note: not factoring any of the daily bonuses that WoT has every weekend) 9.48 hours for the credits (Note: INC the equipment upgrades at TV, but none on previous tiers) Time to progress from T1 to T5 in Ships: 7.83 hours for the XP (Note: not factoring any of the daily bonuses ) 12.31 hours for the credits (Note: INC the cost of the TV upgrades but none from previous tiers) Comparisons: For XP, WoWS requires 207% more then WoT and the XP earning rate per hour is 144% more then WoT. On the other hand, WoWS requires 291% more credits then WoT while the earning rate is only 224% more the WoT. Conclusions: It's easy to get fixated on the huge difference in XP costs with WoT seeming to be so much higher, but remember, in World of Tanks, there are daily multipliers of X2 every day and specials on almost every weekend of X3, X4 and even X5. Not to mention hundreds of personal missions and other events to earn XP and advancement. And anyone who has played WoT knows that XP is relatively easy to get, especially in the lower tiers, so take that 36.85 hours with a grain of salt. The reality is much lower and I generally found I earned XP first and had to grind credits for most of my tanks. ***disregard, I made a big error and it's only 5.44 hours to advance to Tier V. Even much faster with the bonuses and missions** For credit costs, the playing field is less diluted and has less means of influencing it (very rarely do you get bonuses or events that boosts credits) so I feel the averages for the credit costs are much easier to see. And the conclusion here is that even though the credits needed for WoWS are 191% more then in WoT, we are only earning them at a rate of 124% more then in WoT. That is something that a lot of players here want to see changed. Remember, this doesn't even factor in the cost recovery you can do in WoT where you sell off old un-used modules and even ammo. The fact that we can't do that in WoWS yet just increases the disparity between the two games in how much we can earn. Suggestions: ♦ Eliminate, or at least severely reduce the so called “maintenance” costs per match ♦ Expand the scoring system to include such factors as more credit for aircraft shot down, spotting credit and assisted damage ♦ Give us our DEPOT, so we can recoup those module costs in part through selling them.