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Found 1 result

  1. I have 36.32M credits, that is millions of credits. I have ships that I have tried to purchase, with my MILLIONS of credits, one for a mere 800,000 credits, and I cannot purchase it. I have a German destroyer that I got free, from a crate. It states that I can take it to battle, but need to assign a commander. I select the commander, but the commander is never assigned to the ship. I have tried the assignment multiples of times, and the ship never gets a commander. So I have TWO problems, I cannot purchase using my millions of credits, and I can not get the commander assigned to the German destroyer that I was given from the crate, even though it states that it is ready for battle, which means it IS in my fleet. BTW, I even PURCHASED more credits, more than enough to purchase the ship that I wanted to buy, just to see what would happen. It STILL would not let me purchase the ship that I had earned, even though the NEW credits were more than the purchase price of the ship.