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Found 4 results

  1. Kutejikashi

    Best credit maker ship?

    Could anyone tell me which ships are the best for making credits? both premium and if there's something as a non premium credit maker ship that could help too. Thanks to all

    Credit Earning Thoughts (HELP)

    For a long while now I've been using the Massachusetts and the Tirpitz as my credit earners, both are pretty decent earners, the Massachusetts a little more so. I'm finally reaching that point in the game where you've researched almost all the tech trees that interest you, and I find myself wanting to go back and re-purchase some of the ships I sold that I enjoyed or are just cool ships. However to do this I'm going to need some 90 000 000 credits, and I feel that I'm going to need a better credit earner. So my question is what is better, a T9 premium (of those that are or will be available), or a regular T10 (which one?) with their permanent camo? I also heard something about a kobyashi camo? Are those different than the T10 perma camos? I already have 1 T10 prema camo and its for the Midway, from what I can tell its a rather good earner 500k-600k on average. The problem with that is the outrageous service costs, even with the perma camo (T10 cv's are extrememly expensive to sail 250k-300k credits per round for those that don't play cv's). So in actuality you actually on make maybe 400k credits a round, which still isn't bad, but isn't particularly favorable over Massachusetts. My thought is however I could however, get a T10 perma camo that isn't for the Midway, say maybe the Conqueror, somethings that's supper easy mode to get big damage. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks!
  3. Just in the last few days I have noticed this, not sure if it has been going on longer or if it is a bug/intended feature but today I started monitoring the situation. I usually log in around 5:30AM EST just before the NA server starts a new day, sometimes play a few battles and finish up the daily crates from the day before. At 6AM the day for the server resets and the Sharks vs Eagles screen appears, and I choose what side I want. After playing 2 games (first @ 6:15AM, second at 6:59AM) with the DD Sims, to which I get 1029 then 798 base exp,. In the end battle screen, I notice that I am not getting confirmations on the first daily challenge chain 1 mission (to get 250, 500, and 1000 base exp), I check the combat missions area in port and only one is shown, the daily challenge hard of which I have 13/20 completed as of today. I figure that they will update in time and go get a shower, make/eat breakfast and feed my cat while still logged into the game client. I come back almost an hour later and still nothing changed in combat missions, I go get some errands done around the house and check back again at around 8:13AM EST and there are the Daily hard, along with the 2 daily missions listed day 11 chain 1 and 2 but not updated for the two battles with the Sims from earlier. I figure after reading some other posts on this forum to go play another battle and check again. I then take the Monagham out for a spin @8:35AM and get 816 base xp, come back to port and I only have the 1 battle credited from the Monagham for Day 11 chain one. Is there a problem from 6AM to 8 AM battles that the Daily chains are not appearing nor players getting credit for completing them? Thank you, and please look into this.
  4. anonym_QRcbBUbSjqGe

    WG! Just DO this for ALL

    All the gamers has this common demand to Reduce repair cost at least 20-25%! i stopped playing high tiers specially CV, as they gives you outrageous repair bill... Even in premium account its not flexible... Look sir, Its my favorite game... so let it be my favorite! I purchased ATAGO and doubloons. sonn im gonna get some more doubloons... But still as a premium account holder i don feel like im having that much benefit in case of credit earnings.. theres been a lot of posts even poll.... to reduce the repair bill... even repair cost on DD and Cvs are nearly same in tiet 8-10! How much you want us to pay you? Come on.. im loosing fun and i fear before i start playing high tier ships. I play for fun and also pay money... So why i need to worry about anything else? Just come onnnnnnnn.......