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Found 16 results

  1. Can World of Warships use more imagination when it comes to symbols and patches? I would like to see less childish ones (I mean, FOOD PLATES? C'MON!) and MUCH more variety that is historical and naval-service specific, and less one-time usage type symbols that just become utterly worthless, like who would use a first-year symbol after 6 years? give us historical symbols that match specific ships or ship-types, Country symbols, and historical naval symbols. I would also like to see specific historical coat of arms and plaques for various ships, as well as ship-type symbols, battle campaign symbols, squadron insignia, and Admiral flag symbols (and flags). Keep finding new ones and updating them constantly. I think I've received each of the current one's in crates a hundred times over and I don't care that they convert to credits, seeing constant duplicates popping in is ridiculous and shows a lack of imagination on the part of WoWs. I'd rather see something useful added instead of constant duplicates. I want historically meaningful symbols, not the ridiculous childish, cartoonish, insignificant ones .. like .. FOOD PLATES.!! OMG!
  2. So, a couple of questions: 1. Why is WG bringing the Kriegsmarine Containers back again, didn't we see these same containers ~6 months ago? 2. Why is WG deliberately making these containers significantly less valuable for its most veteran customers? The crate details indicate: "If you already have a ship from the list in your Port, it won't drop from the container. Instead, you will get another random item from the list." So, for the biggest whales and most loyal veteran players, the crates are significantly less valuable. If you have any of the ships, and roll a ship you already have, you DO NOT get the remaining ships you don't have, you get a completely new roll, significantly reducing the chances of getting a ship. That makes these crates significantly less valuable for every one of the possible ships you already own. For example, I own all 4 ships already, so the ROI for me is very much less than for a player who doesn't own any of the ships. Why would WG intentionally devalue its products, for its most valuable customers, at least from a $ perspective? 3. Why is WG suddenly replacing a premium ship "prize" with a tech tree ship: Hipper? What am I missing here? Color me confused.
  3. I told myself two days ago that I was "spent out" getting Santa crates. I'd purchased a 20x Big Gift and 2 20x Mega Gift bundles and, before that a couple of 8x Mega Gift bundles. I started off with owning 90 of the 107 "gift" ships and, when I called it quits, had 103 of the 107 in port. I did not have the one ship I really wanted - Benham - and figured to just get the coal and use the coupon in 10.0 for the other, the Neustrashimy. Then I saw that @Estimated_Prophet had bought three 20x Mega gifts. I could not let him outdo me, no way! So I bought that third 20x Mega Gift bundle and, you guessed it, got two of the four remaining ships I did not have - Enterprise and Fujin! Yay me... Really done then. No more money, sorry WG. I had "overspent" and I am now thoroughly self-disciplined, having only caved once. However, I did notice I had some dubs from those Gifts and the event ends tonight! So, I bought one Big Gift and two Mega Gift containers. Big Gift - 20 New Year cammo (meh...) Mega Gift 1 - Benham (Holy crap, OMG, woohoo!!) Mega Gift 2 - Neustrashimy (Ver' nice!!!) Those loot/gambling/gift boxes are like a Siren, calling my name, seducing me into purchasing them. I must remain more disciplined. Thanks WG for the opportunity to not only spend money but to secure the one digital bote I've been hankering for since I missed out on her release mission. Looking forward to next year's Holiday event!
  4. As the title says..... To be honest....when I saw In the title "+ Announcement" I knew that,..,, it will be something along those lines.
  5. I got the last conquest skin for my Bismarck, but when I select it, it doesn't make the turrets yellow, and only adds the black and white stripes. For the battle damaged one it dosent even show any damage. any help?
  6. Really WG? my 3rd box of the event:
  7. Sea_Jotun

    Mega Santa Madness

    Thrilled as everyone else was about the Holiday Dockyard, Snowflake and Santa Crates. I was angry as hel surrounding the Puerto Rico! Looking down the list of ships that can drop this year, I started to get excited "Hey! I have every ship on the list but a few!" So to start I bought 8 Mega Santa's about $34 us. A Super Container was waiting... Marblehead Lima lol but there it was. Next 2 2k dubs and Leviathan flags. SUPER CONTAINER!! Gremy, cool been wanting her, next SUPER CONTAINER: Belfast omg what a drop. So excited. The rest were signals and camos. So I dropped enough to get 3 more Mega Santa's... SUPER CONTAINER: Benham!! F'n awesome!!. Next 2k dubs. Then it happened Mighty Mo in a Super Container. I was ecstatic. USS Missouri on Christmas Day Happy Christmas to me. So I started thinking again how much Puerto Rico costs and reflecting back on approx $60 for all of the ships I just got. I went ahead and bought Thunderer from the Armory seeing how I had a coupon and 3 more Mega Santa's. Awesome enough. Kamikaze and Fujin dropped. No I think I made the correct decision to invest in Mega Santa containers than the Boosters for Puerto Rico.
  8. Thanks, WG, for the great Christmas gifts this year. I think this is the best one so far! I spent $116 on 16 Mega and 20 Big Gifts for myself. My son spent $75 giving me another 20 Mega Gifts for Christmas. I used Doubloons from those Gifts to grab another 12 Mega Gifts. Those 48 Mega and 20 Big Gifts netted: Signals, Camouflage, Coal, and Doubloons Dragon 45 Hydra 120 Wyvern 150 Leviathan 120 Basilisk 45 Red Dragon 15 Scylla 30 Frosty Fir Tree 104 New Year Streamer 192 Asian Lantern 10 Mosaic 5 Coal 32,500 Doubloons 17,000 (some spent on Mega Gifts) Ships Viribis Unitis Yahagi Yudachi Massachusetts Lenin Vanguard Kii Kaga Le Terrible Wichita Alabama Those 11 ships are the best Christmas haul to date. In 2016 I got 6 ships. In 2017 and 2018 I got 8 ships each year. This year the tangible value for the $191 that my son and I spent equaled $518! (I only monetized the ships and doubloons to determine that value.) Thanks for the Merry Christmas WG and I am looking forward to 2020 with 100 premium ships in my port!
  9. Just earned my first daily crates in and noticed something that caused great consternation . . . OK, that is an overstatement, but read on. Allow me to explain. A few weeks ago I noticed that somehow my Legion of Honor items collecting had been turned off. I turned it back on, and was just one item (literally - I have 4 duplicates so anything would let me get that last item to complete the collection) from completing the collection in If crates aren't going to drop Legion of Honor items any more, will WOWS put the Legion of Honor crates into the Armory so those of us who are interested in getting a few can buy them? Is there any other way to complete the Legion of Honor collection?
  10. So I did math, and here is the break down of my 212 crates. 31 super containers (4 from the directives/final hall of fame. 3 random I got during the month. 24 were from my tier x's) 85 Wargaming anniversary containers. 4 Unsinkable sam containers 102 resource containers (if I didn't miss) Below is what I got. I am collecting tokens for the Russian double flag. Also it appears my open all had 1 crate not opened, so I opened it and got more free exp.
  11. WG please add Azur Lane commanders/crates to the armory for coal or doubloons.
  12. I had some left over doubloons and bought 5 Russian crates and now have 4 of Russian BB's from crates....... And, I'm grateful but...........I'm not sure what the heck to do with them? Were they created "just to sell as collector stuff" or are they part of something larger? From crate's alone, since Jan 2017, I have 13 Russian Ships........ Again, I'm grateful; but, I just don't see where they "stand out enough" to put them into play rotation..... Except for the Leningrad, that I play all of the time. So, what or how good are the new crate Russian BB's?? Or, are they sales gimmicks or collector items?? Looking for advice I guess? No one in my clan has them.......
  13. in with a barge of crates from Santa?
  14. I'm sure plenty of trolls are on the way to mess with me here, but It's annoyed me enough to not care about them I purchased the 54USD, 20 royal navy crate pack initially for the boost in chances of unlocking the brit DD's, but also for the prem flags / camos... so in the first 20 purchased... Apparently I got lucky and got 3/4 of the bonus missions, (5, 6, 7 tier) ships and was pretty happy about it... So I play for a few weeks, opening countless RN crates, even a few days ago when they did the "earn up to 4k doubloons for X spending" decided to buy another 20, again for the flags and camos, and for the 4k doubloons, and because honestly, after opening 150+ RN crates, I was POSITIVE that this last 20 purchased crates would net me the Lightning... ( I don't know the actual amount of crates, but I've earned in total, about 950-1000 sovereigns) I understand this is a free to play game, and I willingly spend money on it... But I can't stand being "farmed" for my cash... whoever in WG is responsible to conducting business, is honestly starting to come off greedy, which is pushing me away, to be honest. I'm easily and HAPPILY in the 4 digit USD amount in to this game, and will continue to spend money as I enjoy it.. but man, I'd love to stop feeling like WG is the mob trying to cash out as much as they can on me.
  15. If you grind out a ship from a mission, can you subsequently get a mission for one you already have and do it again for credits? I did not see this mentioned anywhere in the official or unofficial posts/threads/news. @Radar_X @Femennenly <--- I saw you in a Conqueror in ranked today. Sacrilege. @Gneisenau013 EDIT: Enjoy my torpedo beats from ranked earlier today, he eventually got me anyway, @WindRun
  16. legozer

    Thank You Eagles

    Wow. I really enjoyed the Sharks vs Eagles event. It was an opportunity to clean up on signals, camos, coal and oil for my clan. I stuck with the Eagles through the entire event, and picked up loads of bonus crates, in addition to a metric tonne of Eagles tokens that bought me 30+ crates and a bunch of nice camo that I was sorely in need of (need to stock up before the next season of ranked, after all). I don't recall an event in which I was able to collect so much free stuff just for playing normally. That's the real thing: you didn't have to jump through hoops to earn points and bonuses, you just had to play T5 to T10 and try to win. Simple. Sure, you could pick up extra points by completing the missions that periodically popped up, and sometimes it happened, and other times it didn't, but it wasn't the deal breaker in the end. So, it was a great event. Sure, things could be different next time to make it even better, but that's true of anything. I enjoyed the event and the bonuses that came along with it. Thanks.