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Found 2 results

  1. I’ve noticed a number of people having issues (crashing and connection issues) with WoWs and Windows 10 (seeming to coincide with the latest update for both – Windows 10 1803 as of the writing of this article and 0.7.5 for WoWs) including having a few of my own problems with both. So, here is a quick guide covering some things you can try to fix your issues. Some of these may be obvious, others not so much perhaps but here we go. Do a cold shutdown and restart of your rig. This is really important as it will clear things out of memory. A regular restart will NOT accomplish this This is particularly hard with Windows 10 as a default setting counters this unless you unplug your power. So here is how to fix that. You’ll need to go to Settings > System > Power and Sleep > Click on Additional Power Settings > Choose What the power buttons do and UNcheck Turn on Fast Startup. Reboot your Router and or modem if you’re having connection issues Update firmware to the above if you can. Most modern routers make this pretty easy but I would still recommend backing up your settings and taking note of your current firmware version just in case you need to revert. Another thing you can try if you are having connection issues is a DNS cache flush (This is what tells your computer that google.com, for instances, goes to IP When this gets corrupt or just full of old data you can get connection issues or longer than usual load times. Do this by running Command Prompt as Administrator (in Windows 10, press your windows key, type in CMD and right click on the result (should be Command Prompt) > Run as Administrator. Next, type in ipconfig /flushdns and hit enter. Type in exit and enter or just close the window once it’s complete. Update your drivers, especially video drivers. Others to check on will include Network drivers, BIOS firmware, and audio Drivers. As a note, many newer motherboards have made BIOS or UEFI firmware upgrades easy. If it does not seem intuitive OR if you don’t feel confident trying this, LEAVE THIS ALONE. A failed BIOS update can make for a very bad day. Sometimes, programs have permissions issues with certain accounts on a PC. This can sometimes be fixed by either running or installing a game As Administrator. To do this, Right Click on the shortcut or executable (installer) and select Run as Administrator. This usually prompts the UAC window if you are NOT on the Administrator account on the computer but only an administrative user. If this seems to solve your issues when running the program, Right Click on the shortcut, properties and select the Compatibility tab. There, you should see a check box for Run as Administrator. Check it and apply. From there, I’d recommend turning off the UAC by following the instructions the next time it pops up. Do a clean reinstall of the game. Before you uninstall and reinstall create backups of your replays and screenshots. For this process I would recommend the following steps Backup up your replays and screenshots (C:\Games\World_of_Warships\) Backup your settings (C:\Games\World_of_Warships\preferences.xml house most of these). I would also take note of them with either screenshots or pen and paper Uninstall the game and manually delete the Games folder (only if World of Warships is your only Wargaming game in that folder) Do a cold restart of your machine (See the first troubleshooting step) IF you are using a regular HDD (non-solidstate) run a defrag for safe measure (optional) Download and reinstall the game Restore your old screenshots, replays and preferences if you wish. Run a checkdisk if you seem to be having other odd crashes. Do this by running Command Prompt as Administrator and typing chkdsk /r (if your game is installed on a drive other than C:, the string should look like this, where X is the drive letter of your install – chkdsk X: /r). This will likely require a restart. To save time, though not fully recommended, you can run a live scan of the folder. That string will look like this: chkdsk X:\Games\ /scan /forceofflinefix. This will require a restart ONLY if errors are found within that folder. Check to make sure your Network connection (LAN) meets or exceeds your internet (WAN) connection. If you have a speedy fast fibre connection of 100Mb/s and you’re connected using wireless and your connection speed is only 75Mb/s, you can have some issues. Most modern routers and computers are Gigabit capable (1000Mb/s), if you are wired and not getting that speed, you probably have a bad network cable. To check your Speed in Windows 10, press your Windows key and type in Network and Sharing Center and open > Click the Linked Connection (Either Ethernet (for wired) or Wireless) and the window that it brings up will show the speed. Gbps > Mbps FYI. For Wireless gaming, make sure you use the 5Ghz band for the fastest possible connection. If your system has just completed a large update or upgrade (i.e. version 1709 to version 1803), files may have gotten corrupt. It might be worth running the WGCheck tool. This will check the integrity of all the program files for World of Warships as well as allow you to run Network diagnostics and firewall exceptions if you are having connection issues. For troubleshooting purposes – Disable any programs that add an overlay to the game. Examples include Discord, Teamspeak, GeForce Experience, Overwork etc. For troubleshooting purposes – Disable any anti-virus scans from scanning while playing AND disable if you plan on reinstalling or repairing the game. Some have been known to have false positives with some of the files. Check your AV programs logs/history to add exceptions where needed. I hope this guide helps at least some of you. Good luck! Original Article: http://warshipnews.blog/2018/06/11/world-of-warships-and-win-10-troubleshooting-guide/
  2. So for various IRL reasons, I've not been playing for about 3 days. In that time I've barely even touched my computer, so I have changed nothing that I'm aware of. Prior to this break, the game ran fine, with only minor (temporary) freezes and the occasional internet issue causing any issues for me. I knew the next set of Italian directives were up as of Monday and I'm still trying to get the mission for Amalfi (which continues to elude me, I don't even know how many containers I've gone through, but that's a separate issue), so I figured I'd get back on that task. Today so far, I've had about 5 crashes in the span of about an hour, so I'm getting to the point of frustration. I've tried a full computer restart, stripped off the one flag mod I run, and am currently waiting on a check and repair cycle to finish. What I want to know is if anyone else has been having similar issues lately that they couldn't explain. I'm out of ideas of what it could be and if this check and repair fails to do/catch anything, I might have to try a complete uninstall/reinstall and see if that does anything (that'll be fun with re-adding my songs and getting all of my settings back to where they were previously).