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Found 4 results

  1. As the title says, I can't launch the game for to long. I have a SCEPTRE flat-screen TV hooked up to my PC that is 1360x768. It will work with the default resolution at 1980x1020 or whatever it usually is, but it always inevitably crashes on me and doesn't want to work. I'm at my wits end trying to figure this out on my own, it's annoying. Any pointers on how to solve this pesky screen resolution issue would be much appreciated, otherwise I can't play on PC. :/
  2. Hi NA forum! I’m having some issues with launching the game. I play on a 13.5 in. early 2015 Mac laptop. This occurred randomly one day well after 8.11’s installation. Beforehand, the game was running fine. I kept getting this error message below. So I created a ticket, sent it to WG, and was told to uninstall and reinstall from a Mac beta wrapper for the WG gamecenter. I followed these steps in addition to updating to the latest OS Catalina and clearing up memory. I tried again from the same wrapper WG provided and got the same error message. I understand my laptop isn’t the most ideal platform to run WoWs; however, it was running fine before this. Thoughts? Much appreciated, Merry Christmas!
  3. CaptHarlock_222

    What the ship happened to my game?

    So for various IRL reasons, I've not been playing for about 3 days. In that time I've barely even touched my computer, so I have changed nothing that I'm aware of. Prior to this break, the game ran fine, with only minor (temporary) freezes and the occasional internet issue causing any issues for me. I knew the next set of Italian directives were up as of Monday and I'm still trying to get the mission for Amalfi (which continues to elude me, I don't even know how many containers I've gone through, but that's a separate issue), so I figured I'd get back on that task. Today so far, I've had about 5 crashes in the span of about an hour, so I'm getting to the point of frustration. I've tried a full computer restart, stripped off the one flag mod I run, and am currently waiting on a check and repair cycle to finish. What I want to know is if anyone else has been having similar issues lately that they couldn't explain. I'm out of ideas of what it could be and if this check and repair fails to do/catch anything, I might have to try a complete uninstall/reinstall and see if that does anything (that'll be fun with re-adding my songs and getting all of my settings back to where they were previously).
  4. My game randomly get freezed screen while loading the match, and even if i try to re-enter the match the game freezes again. But if the match ends and i try another match the game can enter in battle again. I ahve already tried to repair the C++, repair the game or re-install but the freeze screen keeps happening. Somebody knows what this can be? (sorry for poor english)