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Found 20 results

  1. Look familiar to anyone? Crash After In Game crash, WGCheck generated. NOTE: AFTER .Net 2022 update. So, how was this fixed last time? Has anyone in Dev adjusted the launcher settings? It updated this morning. AFTER .Net 2022 installation. -Have not reinstalled the .Net packages since crash. -WGCheck Att. -Crashrpt Att. -IMG_ScreenCap09262022.png (renamed) Att. WoWS_report.wgc WorldOfWarships64-2022-09-26_22-41-10.crash
  2. I am unsure what happened, I have no mods on here, I am playing vanilla. All of the sudden this starts happening after I bought some santa crates? Any ideas?
  3. Greetings. Since the release of .18 I have had constant errors and problems connecting to the server during a game (sometimes in the beginning and sometimes in the middle), in almost every game. I have done various checks to be sure that the connection is stable (monitoring it during a game, doing tests, actively monitoring it even during a game of wows), and the results have always told me that the connection remains stable (poor with 14/16 mbps, but stable), but nevertheless the game disconnects me, and to reconnect I have to go out and back, which often causes my death in the game, and subsequent warning for being inactive. I play on the NA server and live in italy (europe). I know it is far from the server, and know that I have fixed 100 pings (which have never been a problem in the least), but I have never had such problems, and especially so frequent, as long as the .18 version was released. Does anyone else (in the same or different situation) happen to these things or am I the only loser who doesn't deserve to farm and curse about this game? Thanks for any answers and suggestions on how to fix the problem.
  4. When entering a random or co-op battle, while in div, if I press the voice chat button, with the loading screen showing, my game will crash. This has happened several times to me. It has happened in the current version and the previous one, too. I am trying to track this down and have an idea to try but looking to see if anyone else has seen or heard of this issue before. What I am going to try is set my game to Fullscreen instead of Windowed Fullscreen. I am thinking that the interrupt somehow causes it to crash. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  5. Hi all, I looked through past posts regarding game freezes and crashes, and didn't find anything similar enough. Freezes occur at any time, in port, in loading screen for game, in game, and in after-game reports. These freezes make the game unclosable within the client, I cannot alt-tab to another application (like task manager for instance), without moving to a different desktop in windows 10. if I hit the close button, sometimes if it recovers from the freeze, it sticks at the "do you want to quit?" screen with yes or no, and no amount of clicks of either button does anything. These freezes last at least one minute, and at most, never stop (longest I've waited to close was 15 minutes). What I've done to try and find a fix, in loosely the chronological order: Updated GPU drivers check game files set graphics to lowest settings, frame capped at 75fps reset GPU overclock to 0% over stock close all background apps (malwarebytes, ccleaner, icue, spotify, etc.) close all browser applications reset CPU overclock to stock none of these have helped, unfortunately, has anyone had a similar issue, and had a fix? any other ideas? Thanks in advance
  6. Esta prueba esta plagada de crashes... WorldOfWarships64-2022-03-11_22-50-05.crash WorldOfWarships64-2022-03-12_20-50-48.crash WorldOfWarships64-2022-03-12_20-52-14.crash WorldOfWarships64-2022-03-12_21-20-44.crash WorldOfWarships64-2022-03-12_21-22-08.crash WorldOfWarships64-2022-03-12_21-23-30.crash WorldOfWarships64-2022-03-12_21-24-55.crash WorldOfWarships64-2022-03-12_21-26-49.crash
  7. Following the last update the usual buggy (they beta-test on live players in-game) nonsense occurred. The first crash resulted in a "Leaving a match early" Pink Condition (3 Match), the second resulted in a Pink Condition (10 Match) so I contacted WG Support and asked them to remove the Pink Condition as it was their program and not my behaviour. Their response was that this was an automated process and that everything should be ok... after the third crash I ran a Check and Repair and rebooted. When I logged back on the Orange Penalty condition remained. I just contacted Support again in hopes that THIS TIME they'll REMOVE the Penalty and not just send me a cut-and-paste description of their Automated Penalty system... is my hope misplaced?
  8. Not sure what patches you all did within the last 48 hours, but my game keeps crashing. Windows blue screen of death. Has happened 3 times. I checked and game is up to date as are all my drivers.
  9. I've been having an issue where the game will crash at the end of battle, showing a black screen instead of the battle results screen. It seems to recognize the 'back to port' button but that normally just speeds up the game realizing that it has crashed, if I don't click the hidden button then it takes 5 minutes to give the error message. Another issue is that now and then the game will crash as I hit the battle button, still loading me into battle, the game did once remove me from the battle load as it seemed to realize it couldn't connect. Often if I just reload the game right away I will be back in the battle and able to get to play. Then recently I've been crashing at random in the middle of battle, being unable to get back into battle when this happens, the screen freezes and I get kicked after about 30 seconds. I play the game from the Game Center with no mods, I sent a ticket in and they said they knew of the problem and it would be fixed, but nothing has happened sense the recent update. I have repaired the game multiple times but it doesn't work. I play on a 4 year old MSI Laptop, and have 77 FPS on high setting, but have recently pushed the settings down as I was worried my computer wasn't loading everything demanded. I also exclusively play Co Op as I want to have fun in this game. Does anyone know if there's something I can do? I would like to avoid getting a new computer if it's just the game.
  10. Ok, So this has been going on for a very long time ( about 4 or 5 updates back) and I am at my wits end by now. I have everything on SSD's and there is no shortage of ram in the system. I have just done a complete Windows 10 re-install to see if it would help the crashes. I sometimes can play 1 game or sometimes i can play 10 but eventually it is going to Hard restart my PC. No errors, no warnings, no crash report Just a hard stop.. I can tell its going to happen cause the game will freeze, I can still hear in headset then, restart. I am on a 980TI Hybrid video card. Every driver is up to date along with Bios on a MSI X99 REVA Gaming 7 Mobo. I have repaired WoW's files and completely reinstalled the game, still no no avail. There in no temp issues as I have monitored that as well - CPU < 42C. The weird thing is, that after a hard restart from the crash it will normally run an infinite amount of games with no crash, but if I perform a restart on the PC or update causes a restart or power failure, the next restart it will crash out at some point. Just wondered if anyone else has seen this issue. i am now running in borderless windowed mode instead of fullscreen as that was recommended on another forum post. No help at all.
  11. Due to Wargaming's Support being unable to help me to identify or fix this Crash, I'm here to ask for help or advice. Since the patch 7.6 came, I'm no longer able to logg in or even put my e-mail in the logg in screen. Sometimes it does let me get into the game, but before i can do anything, the game crashes. My SO is : Windows 10 Home single language 64 bits (10.0.016299) My Processor is: AMD A10-7300 Radeon R6, 10 Compute Cores 4C+6G (4CPUs) Clock Speed: 1.6GHz Memory: 8182Mb Video Cards: AMD Radeon R6 M255DX [Memory : 2048Mb] AMD Radeon (TM) R6 Graphics [Memory: 1024Mb] The Version of Radeon is "Adrenalin", Version of Radeon is 18.5.1 The version of my game Client is I tried to go back from Ultra to normal. I Did a Clean install of the game after a full delete and uninstall. I did a Clean Install of my Driver after a Full delete of them I did Update manually Windows 10. I did Delete the "Preferences" file. I did delete the archives of "wargaming.net" from %temp% and %appdata% After some days, Wg's support told me: Thanks for contacting Wargaming support again. To continue solving your problem, we would like to disable some properties that could be interfering with your graphics card and how it is responding to the game. Please, go to the World of Warships icon on your desktop, click on the right on it. In the menu select the properties option. In the properties you can find the compatibility tab. Now, please check the boxes "Disable Visual Themes / Disable Visual Themes", and the option "Disable full-screen optimizations". (In case one of these is not found please omit it) Select the Apply option and then "OK". Then simply launch the game to corroborate if the problem persists. If so, please let us know in your next response. We will be more than happy to keep helping you. This Finally allow me play again for 3 days. But today I tried to lauch the game an play, but the Crash came back. The Wg's Check tool only says this "Extraneous Files" "An error Ocurred while trying to Opening ports: "The system can not find the specified file. (Exeption of HRESULT: 0x80070002) Anything else says that it coincides with etalon. I don't have Mods, nor replays actives. The only consistency -I had see between the crash, is that I'm allways forced to go to the (for me) hated "New York Port", [the day of the patch and yesterday my Prem time from the Cherry Blossom scenario ended] I'm at the border of just give up, since I already missed missions of the Indianapolis, today is Clan Wars day and I won't be able to join my clan to play, and this halt my help of getting oil for my clan. My client is vanilla because reasons. Any help will be apreciated, and thanks for reading.
  12. This is the third time in three days that starting up a random battle has crashed me to desktop. Restarting the game gets me first, a screen of ocean waves, then a startup screen for the battle, then no matter what I do, it just abends to desktop. Each time, I get a penalty for abandoning the game. Or, for the game abandoning me. :( Bad enough that I am a scrub, who is going to die early anyway, this adds even greater insult to mortality. I don 't mind being known as a scrub. I *do* mind when the game client stabs me in the back. "File a support ticket!" Ah, no. Not wasting my time. The game *wants* me to play co-op. So do my stats...I suck, and I own it. I would rather be killed off by bots, thank you very much, then draw larger XP rewards for playing in randoms drawn out to the full twenty minutes. I'll stay pink at Tier One, until I've done my time. Then, lower rewards for co-op play, because being backstabbed by the game isn't worth it. Higher-skill players killing me is fair. Jerking me around, and stiffing me with a penalty isn't.
  13. Rusty_Python

    B-17 Nine-Oh-Nine

    For those of you who may not know, the Collings Foundation's B-17G Nine-Oh-Nine went down this morning at 0954 while trying to land at Bradly International Airport in Connecticut. 2 people confirmed dead, all the rest being treated for various levels of injury. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/vintage-b-17-plane-crashes-erupts-flames-bradley-international-airport-n1061161 More info as it becomes available.
  14. I downloaded the game on a partition of my iMac that has Windows 10 and it works fine, but I have downloaded the Mac version (launcher) on two Macs. Both, when I click play, it just closes the app instead of starting the game. What am I doing wrong?
  15. I've only been playing for a year, but my suggestion seems like a must have and I'm a bit surprised that it hasn't been implemented already. Currently when you want to join a game you push "Battle" and you are assigned to a match often with some amount of wait time. Only after you are assigned a match, will the WoWs system load all of the necessary code for you to play the match. Normally this is not an issue as most of it is already loaded from just starting the game up or having come from a previous match, but on occasions where you have been using your computer (I am on Windows 10) for other things (e.g., cat videos) your computer will de-allocate memory to WoWs. In these cases you may have only ~300-400 MB allocated to WoWs where WoWs needs about 1,400 MB to run a match. In this sort of circumstances it can take 5+ minutes to load all of the required resources to run the match and in some cases WoWs can actually crash causing you to have to restart. Even when the match starts in these circumstances, it is often supper chopy and difficult to play. In fact these sorts of failures are the cause of most of my "pink" time in the game as I'm pretty careful about FF issues. I know that I am not the only person that this issue affects and I would assume that most of the AFK in the game is as a result of this issue. Here is my suggestion, simply reverse the order of events in the WoWs code. When we push the "Battle" button first have our machine load all code but the map itself (which will come from the match selection) and have the code run an internal diagnostic to ensure that it is running well. Only then put us in the queue for a match. I'm sure that implementing this suggestion is not as easy as this, but I really doubt that it is impossible and would have a great effect of the player experience.
  16. There is an issue with NVIDIA Updater intermittently crashing the game. The issue has been going on for over a year. Work around: If WoWS crashes check to see if green NVIDIA icon is in task bar. If it is right click then hit exit. I disable NVIDIA automatic update, and every time I enable it to see if it is fixed it isn't. This work around has worked for dozen of people I have played with. I sure wish WoWS would fix the intermittent issue with Gforce Experience NVIDIA Updater.
  17. El juego crashea y en el log de errores aperece la siguiente leyenda: Application C:/Games/World_of_Warships_NA/WorldOfWarships.exe crashed 10.24.2018 at 19:32:34 Message: Unhandled exception Hash: 1339 EIP: 0x0000000001C41FA3 System info: OS Name: Windows 8.1 OS Version: 6.6 OS Architecture: x86_64 Memory info: Virtual memory: 2081728Kb/4194176Kb (50%) Working set (process physical memory): 1719632Kb/4194176Kb (41%) Commit charge (working set + process page file usage): 1795640Kb/4194176Kb (42%) Global physical memory: 4327424Kb/12523640Kb (34%) Global commitable memory (physical + pagefile): 7530764Kb/15014008Kb (51%) System info: COMPUTERNAME = DESKTOP-3C8JSFO APPLICATION = DISPLAYDEVICE 0 = \.\DISPLAY1, Radeon RX 560 Series, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67FF&SUBSYS_04BE1043&REV_CF DISPLAYDEVICE 1 = \.\DISPLAY2, Radeon RX 560 Series, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67FF&SUBSYS_04BE1043&REV_CF DISPLAYDEVICE 2 = \.\DISPLAY3, Radeon RX 560 Series, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67FF&SUBSYS_04BE1043&REV_CF DISPLAYDEVICE 3 = \.\DISPLAY4, Radeon RX 560 Series, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67FF&SUBSYS_04BE1043&REV_CF DISPLAYDEVICE 4 = \.\DISPLAY5, Radeon RX 560 Series, PCI\VEN_1002&DEV_67FF&SUBSYS_04BE1043&REV_CF Alguien reconoce el error y su posible solución?
  18. cool_boat_guy


    First forum post and its gotta be this...to anyone that was in my montana games this morning, my game kept crashing. Put in a ticket to support so hopefully they can figure it out, but im really sorry. Would try loading back in and it just crashed to the desktop again. Kind of annoying. Again, sorry
  19. Okay, im writing this as I recieved 3rd warning for leaving the game early. World of Warcraft is very unstable on my Win 10 PC right now. I've tried almost everything but it still crashes at the beginning of random rounds. Thing is, NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO, even if you were forcefully exited out of the game because the game crashed, you still get penalty. Thankfully with my luck i was able to make it out of my penalties, but this time game crashed 3 times in a row. And i don't want to get banned for being a "bad player" please help
  20. Anyone else having an issue with the game crashing after clicking on "Connect"? This has not happened prior to I have the PT installed and I do not have this issue with that version.