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Found 1 result

  1. Howdy sailors! so for the past 2 weeks I felt really bad and didn't know why. I had really bad congestion, fever, and bunch of other nasty stuff. so Tuesday I got tested and was told it take a few days to confirm. well. I got the call today and well I tested positive HOWEVER! I'm doing OK, and received some meds to help me through this challenge life has handed me. I''d also like to give some advice for people who might also have it or think they're starting to get covid. I'm not a doctor but these 3 things have been helping me through the ordeal and figured I'd share. Pedialight (think i spelled that right) is your friend. it will keep you hydrated, replace electralights and it has zinc in it which my doctor says kovid hates. applesauce/apples: apples best fruit out there. Now i prefer applesauce cause its easier to eat and if your throat is hurting its easier to get down! pears : the send best fruit out there it has a lot of benifits and it also can increase your white bloodcells which will make fighting the virus easier! anyways, I hope you all stay safe and healthy and until next time...... I'll C'ya on the Sea!