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Found 7 results

  1. Tomorrow June 12 the Hips for Doubloons and Resources coupons - 25% off - reset until the end of the year. If you haven't used your first-half coupons, now's the time.
  2. _Rule_Britannia


    so yesterday i got given a coupon for playing for two years so great till i saw there is a time limit on it of 3 days...... so its a waste due to the fact i work for a living and don't get paid for another two weeks so thanks war gaming for nothing maybe in future give us the ability to activate it
  3. Can we use a -25% Coupon for purchase ships via DOUBLOONS STEEL, or COAL and Gift to another player/account?????
  4. It seems that the new premium commanders are going to be a thing now. Perhaps its time to consider allowing coupons for the coal commanders that are 175k coal. Thats basically as much as a ship after a coupon is used. Thats REALLY steep for a commander.
  5. UraraShiraishi

    wows summer sale

    apparently wot summer sale just started (https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/special-offers/summer-sales-first-offers/) and seeing how there was one last year for wows (https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/103520-summer-sale-2018-finished/) when do you expect the summer sale this year for wows to begin? and what are you expecting/hoping for? i think i just want some cheap doubs and maybe an arizona 50% off
  6. I couldn't find an answer for this, nor if this is the right forum to ask. Does anyone know how often Wargaming gives these coupons out? I got one about 5 months ago and am wondering if that was a lucky fluke or if they give them out yearly or something like that. Thanks for your help
  7. Hi! Lots of us are wondering whether the coupons in the Arsenal can be used to make purchases with Go Navy Sharks/Eagles tokens? Can one of the mods confirm? It's not explicit in the rules. @Radar_X? BTW this event looks awesome and really looking forward to it.