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Found 20 results

  1. So with 12 hours left until the ships for resources coupon resets, what are you going to be getting? Personally I think it's time for me to get the Stalingrad. I'm worried about it being pulled soon and I currently have Borg and Rag.
  2. I've been thinking about what ship to get in the Armory with the special 25% off coupon and went to the Amory this evening (Mountain Daylight Time USA) to make the purchase and it is already gone. It was there a couple days ago, but the email I received announcing the coupon, as well as the News feeds, all indicated I had through April 6th. Where did it go? Did this happen to anyone else? Arrrrgggghhhhhh!
  3. Snoopys_Odyssey

    Thanks For the Cruel Joke WG

    Pffft. What good is this coupon when you have ALL of the available ships for sale with doubloons? Why even give this coupon to me? Let me guess? As soon as this coupon expires there will be a release of a new ship for doubloons.....yep. Thats the way, yeah, just mess around with those whom support this game financially......
  4. Warmonger7215

    Birthday Coupon

    I can't find my birthday coupon that will give me all my doubloons back for a purchase.
  5. Today, when I logged into the game, out of the blue, I got a 30% coupon from Wargaming. Noice. However, I have only around 2 or 3 days to use it. So I figured that since I like BB's, I shall get a BB. Because I am a PvE-only main, I figured I want something that I can use not only in Coop, but also in the Operations. That means Tier VI or VII ones. I actually don't play the Operations a lot, but I always like to keep myself open to jump in whenever I feel like. I really wish there were more of them though (who doesn't? LOL). Well, I already have all the Tier VI ones offered in the Premium shop, so that narrows my choices to Tier VII... since the Operation Narai is still a thing, you know, lel. As it turns out, I am missing quite a number of Tier VII BB's in my port. Namely, the ones in the thread title. Thing is, since I've been so focused on mostly playing German ships over the years, I am not too familiar with how these botes fare in PvE in general. At first, I thought of going for California, since it's also my home state. However, she's a slow-as-molasses USN standard, so... yeah. Florida? All I know is that she's a snipe-y glass cannon. Hyuga and Strasbourg have MBRB. Former has lots of guns, while the latter is speedy... that's all I know, lul. Yukon? All I remember about her is the controversy, plus she's some kind of a nerfed & down-tiered Tier VIII BB with REALLY stubby arms (i.e. short reach). Or maybe I should just get some doubloons, or something... lal. Thanks in advance, to anyone who gives a constructive advice... lol.
  6. sherlock0709

    Birthday Coupon

    How can we redeem the 100% cashback on doubloons coupons players started getting recently? I am unable to see that coupon in the armoury.
  7. I constantly found myself going into the armory to check the cost of a ship with the 25% off coupon, and eventually, I just wrote them all down and made a spreadsheet. I figured I'd share it here for anyone else that might find it useful. Here's the link to the Google Sheets page. If you have any suggestions for improvements, like links to reviews or something, let me know. I plan on adding links to the wiki page for each, but as for reviews, I don't believe LWM has a review for every one of them, and I feel like linking to various reviews would be a bit odd. If anyone else finds this useful and has some suggestions, please let me know. Would a sheet with Doubloon ships be useful? I don't know.
  8. I contacted Wargaming support yesterday, I had a coupon given to me for the Massachusetts, and what a wonderful ship. I was ready to hop on this purchase, but when I went to the website, the coupon was not available for my account, both when I looked at the Massachusetts in the premium store, and under the My Coupons section. When I contacted support for help with this issue, they were either unable or unwilling to help me with my purchase. Has anyone else encountered issues with coupons similar to this? I am quite baffled they were unable to help, it's very disheartening because I wanted the Mass. more than any other premium ship available for sale, but I really do not like the idea of paying full price just because the company's store had an error. Does anyone know a better avenue for help? Or would I just be wasting my time doing so?
  9. Getting close to coupon expiration time (mousing over the date gives a text message of a new coupon appearing on the 19th). With 410k coal in reserve, I'm planning on using the coupon on the 17th just as a safety margin and it's down to Yoshino vs Salem as a tier 10 addition for me. I've been holding on to the current coupon because neither of these ships really excite me and I thought I'd wait to see if anything else popped up while the coupon is active. I was thinking Yoshino because the torp dynamic is usually more interesting than the mostly torp-less USN cruisers but the reduced battle cost for the Salem makes things interesting. Already have the Alaska and Anchorage as cruiser trainers for USN whereas the ARP Myoko is my IJN cruiser trainer. Before the 0.10.1 update news came out, I was going to pick one of the cruisers first and the other second but now my plans are to get the Georgia with the new coupon dropping on the 19th because of Georgia's upcoming removal. So any thoughts out there to the Yoshino vs the Salem? Been reading the forum and previous comments haven't really been definitive one way or the other. And for those who still have the coupon active, what, if anything, are you choosing? And don't forget to use it BEFORE the 19th if you are using it. EDIT: Fixed coupon image (showing previous resources coupon here, also expiring soon)
  10. Since the new set of resource/doubloon coupons are out, wondering what ships would be the best With coal I'm still stuck in the middle as if I should get the Thunderer or Georgia first. I already have Jean Bert and Smolensk For steel, is the flint a good enough ship to use or should I should wait to get more steel for a ship like the neustrashimy. I already have the Stalingrad as my first steel ship. Also what would be a good doubloon ship for 6500 that I can use the coupon on?
  11. UPDATE 1: I played 1 more battle, got my coupon, selected the 12k doubloons with the coupon, was filling out the payment information, but got an error saying it wasn't valid. I went back to select a different payment method, and noticed my coupon was gone. The system swallowed it up or what? Can someone please help? UPDATE 2: My issue was solved. The way this works is whenever you use a coupon, it binds to whatever order you use it on, and is locked into the order until the transaction is complete, canceled, or if you get an error. The coupon is locked into the order for an hour and if you don't complete the purchase for some reason or if it doesn't go through, it will refresh. I got an email yesterday saying I've played the game for 2 years now and that I'd be getting a patch, 15 camos, and a 30% coupon on anything in the premium shop. So I logged into the premium shop, clicked on the "My Coupons" button, and I read "YOU DON'T HAVE ANY COUPONS. You will be notified of new coupons via email." I would like to use my coupon to buy the 12k doubloon package to buy perma camos for my Montana and my soon to own Großer Kurfürst. I logged into the game, played 1 quick Coop battle and saw that I did receive the patch that signifies my 2 years with the game. I sent in a ticket about the this already, but my brain didn't register the part where it says "In a few battles, you will also receive a coupon..." before I sent the ticket. I kinda just went straight to the premium shop. So how many battles do I have to finish to get the coupon? The next few days will be busy and I have no clue when this coupon will expire once I get it. I'd appreciate a response so I can organize my personal time a bit better.
  12. So, I was planning on buying a ship with a coupon but when I accidentally exited the checkout my coupon disappeared. Is it possible for me to get it back? I don't think it expired as it still had two days left.
  13. Ramsalot

    So, Georgia?

    So, with Georgia being out for a week, what’s the general consensus? I do own all tier 9 premium ships with the exception of Azuma. The coupon is coming tomorrow. Getting Georgia would mean giving up on Salem and Yoshino for a very long time, likely ever. Coal is very slow to come by with how little I play nowadays and the absence of any premium time.
  14. So, I recently received the notice I had a 30% off in the premium shop for my 2 year anniversary, so I perused the shop to see what I would be interested in buying. A couple of times, the coupon showed up and I could see the reduced price. So I tried it again this morning with some of the new items in the shop, and now, even tho I have over 11 hours left on the timer to use the coupon, I can't find a single thing that I can use the coupon on - even items that I checked two days ago. So what gives???
  15. I bought Jean Bart as soon as it came out and paid full price ~$80.00. Today, I received the 30% discount coupon that I was not expecting to get. I have 3 days until this coupon expires and I'm trying to get refund for my Jean Bart which I have not played a single game in it yet and purchase it again with 30% discount coupon applied. Here comes my questions which I need some advice from people who have had similar exeperience. My questions are: 1. Will I get refund in time if I open up the support ticket now. 2. Is refund like one-time courtesy thing per account or can I have more refunds in the future as long as I have not played the ship I am trying to return? 3. I mounted upgrades(modules) on the ship. Will they get returned to my inventory?
  16. Welp, seems WG did it this time with the coupons by making them applicable to a far bigger variety of goods than most other times. This has led to quite a few people grabbing a Jean Bart, or some of the "special" offers. Personally I am not interested in spending more money at the game at the moment, but out of curiosity I tested some of the more "exotic" packages on the Premium Shop, and whether they could be discounted to be extra profitable. Here are the two I have found out about that bring quite a good value for money. Guineas: The coupon is valid with any Guinea pack. That means you can get a discounted pack to get the prerequisite number of Guineas immediately and get the Cossack from the Arsenal immediately, or even get the full amount of Guineas from the store at an even heavier discount. You can buy a package of 40 Guineas at 30% off, then supplement it with the 10 Guineas for 1$ offer. Daily Shipment: Picking the Daily Shipment package from the Shop will give you 6300 doubloons total, 50% bonus doubloons than what you would normally. To this you can also apply the coupon! So you not only get 50% extra doubloons than normal, you also get the package 30% cheaper. For comparison, you can get 3000 doubloons for about the same amount of money when you apply the discount on the Shipments package. You can therefore hit an almost 100% gain (can't get proper $ figures, not from the U.S). The Shipments page recommends : You even got plenty of time to get all the doubloons. So if anyone is wondering how to be a UNICUM when it comes to taking advantage of the coupon, you have come to the right place.
  17. Got this from a match. After reviewing the small print, I have no need of this coupon. For the ships they are suggesting, I already have them in my port. This should go to someone that wants to use this coupon. If I could transfer it, I would. For now it will die of expiration.
  18. Hello all, Got this coupon today after a 5 star match in the new terror of the deep event. I went to go buy a ship which I have yet to do, but unsure what the coupon will actually work on in the shop. What are "selected packages"? I would really like to buy the IJN tier 8 DD with the DWTs. I want to hear BBs cry....lol Thanks for the help. "This coupon gives a one-time 20% discount on selected World of Warships packages. This coupon is valid for 7 days from the date of receipt and is not applicable to containers, doubloons, special offers, discounted items and limited-time offers."
  19. monpetitloup

    Question anniversary camo

    Hey all, i was wondering if anyone knows if the camo coupon in the arsenal applies to the anniversary camos, namely the edinburgh camo for 200 tokens? thanks in advance!
  20. I'm confused with the description. Coupon states "gold" but doubloons are technically gold but in Spanish language. Will it work on Warships premium shop? Thank you.