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Found 1 result

  1. tm63au

    The NERFING Game

    Woke up this morning to the latest outcry of a Cruiser's latest configuration after the patch, now there seems to be a divided response to this NERF. I don't have the ship so i cant personally comment whether it was a good thing or bad or was it overkill. Also in this patch a Battleship received some level of downgrading also to a extent only players of that ship would understand whether it to was hit for 6, however i see no post by disgruntled players of this ship so far, I also would like point out it also received small downgrading in a prior patch. I would like to point out the battleship in question has been the subject of many posts in the past about its OPness with the powers that be stating in one of the prior patch notes or a DEV BLOG or even just a reply to one of the many posts about said Battleship that they will first access the DATA from games and also they want to stagger any downgrading of said battleship rather than take a sledgehammer to it. These downgrading of which i have mentioned above . Now I have been here for a number of years and there have been players here even longer than me that might attest to the fact that the Nation from which this Battleship comes from apart from the few exceptions from that Nation seem always to dodge the SILVER bullet so to speak, They may get a reasonable downgrade one patch then in the next or following there is always a counterbalancing of some description for "REASONS OF BALANCE " game wise. Now do other nations ships get downgrading then a possible counterbalance yes it happens but not on the scale as this particular Nation. Well that's my view anyway I'm certain there will be others that may counter claim this with facts and figures and the own thoughts and views. So for arguments sake since i don't have this ship lets say that those who have it are right and its major hit to its current configuration, why was it not given a staged downgrading to TEST its competitiveness in game first then if it is still to OP then give it a follow up downgrading. Seems to me a fair idea to me that it should be a level playing field, since one nation gets a fair deal in ship adjustments and yet others get hammered. regards