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Found 4 results

  1. Doomlock


    This forum needs more corgis. Don't ask why, just enjoy. (Post all the corgis)


    Hello developers firstly, I'd like to acknowledge all your hard work and effort into making a fine quality game. I's appreciate it if you would re-introduce the CORGI fleet, and the ARP line of vessels. I'm terribly jealous of those ARP vessels flying the Corgi Fleet flag. I'm sorry I missed that promotion, not being a part of the WOWS at the time. Please re-introduce the Corgi fleet, and the ARP ships (if licencing permits). Thank you
  3. I had a great time as a Corgi Captain and being able to spread some Prizes to the Community. I will do it again absolutely. How ever some players did not seem so over joyed that we were out there. I started out trying to give as many Prizes as I could without compromising the teams ability to win. There was some concern from players that the Corgi's were out there to just die and give the Prizes away. I assure you that not one time did I try to get sunk unless the team had it in the bag. I did change my play philosophy Saturday afternoon. I decided that I would play the Corgi Captain as if it were my main account. I survived a lot more battles after that. Of course that means that not as many Prizes were given out by me as I could have. If I have the opportunity to be @Captain_Corgi_29 again I will stick with this play style and never try to give away the Prize. I won't bore you with any more of my babble. Please take the time to answer the pol questions. Thank you.
  4. anonym_MbpaxbbAUblh

    What does 500 doubloons mean to you?

    Had a match on Shards domination where a Corgi on Arizona was on enemy team. Most of the BBs went batshit crazy and chased him to the border of the map (north of C) and dying one by one in the process. The last BB was so locked on to him that he ignored an incoming TB squad and died to torpedoes where corgi was still alive with few health left. Does 500 doubloons matter more than a win?