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Found 10 results

  1. I'm sure I'll get flamed for even mentioning the word Co-Op in the forums, but it is time for Co-Op to get some love. Wargaming needs to recognize that they have 2 very different player bases. Ultra competitive folks who thrive on the random PvP experience, and casual folks who enjoy a less competitive, and usually more polite, PvE naval military experience. All Wargaming needs to do to verify this, is log into a Co-Op match, pretty much any time of day at any tier, and they'll see that team green is entirely real players. Even at tier IX/X, where it used to be just you and a bunch of bots on team green. Now with team green being all real players, 8 vs 8 and the current AI, is simply not enough ships in a round. Combine that with lack luster AI that thinks it needs to ram everything in sight, and rounds ending with 2 enemy boats still afloat, and it makes for very short, less enjoyable matches. I'm asking for Wargaming to recognize that Co-Op isn't their unwanted stepchild anymore, and that their large casual player base, who do not care for the random experience, also deserve to have an enjoyable player experience. It's time for Co-Op to get some love, in the form of more ships per match, and please change the mercy rule and stop ending matches with only 6 boats sank. It makes for ridiculously short rounds. The game also really needs smarter AI opponents. Co-Op isn't just a training arena (that's what training mode is for). It's a fully used game mode for we casual players, and needs, and deserves, significant improvements. Thanks for listening, and please send a fire truck to put out all the flaming from the random folks, that I'm sure is to follow... ;)
  2. Soylent_Red_Isnt_People

    No ''fun'' to be had anymore?

    Queue a [Random]: - Team may push in small groups to a cap or position of advantage, only to flee when the shooting starts. Slowest and/or least maneuverable ship(s) is (are) left holding the bag of Bravo Sierra. - Massive skill mismatch between team lineups, with at times up to half a dozen mid- to high-50% WR players on one side versus one or none on the other. - Whomever hangs back the longest yet is still able to cause enough damage while losing gets rewarded; playing to the match type usually does not. - Ships firing in open water may remain invisible due to random geometry, regardless of the presence of fog banks worth of smoke. - Possible to be low tier on poorly performing teams a significant number of back to back matches during multiple sessions. - Absurd number of 2x CV matches versus ships with little or no AA potential in low to mid tiers. Queue a [Coop]: - Bring a torpedo equipped ship, or high RoF spammer; otherwise get nothing for even the few minutes a match may last. Queue an [Arms Race] (yeah, right....) - May be a good match, but still subject to all of the vagaries of a normal [Random], only with tier IX & X ships to really thrust home the penalties of a defeat or early sink. Queue a [Scenario of the Week]: - Hope it's a relatively simple example not requiring a well coordinated team already knowing the exact timing and sequence of the scripted events. - Wrong ships brought in or too many DDs equal probable failure or few stars no matter the coordination. - No stars equates to no anything for the time spent playing. Got enough sovereigns to only pay about half the cost of a Warspite using premium RN crates in the store, but forget it WG - maybe if your game was still fun more than once, possibly twice, a week (if that!) I'd consider it. As is, [edited] for what your ''decisions'' and ''vision'' turned the game into.
  3. I apologize that I don't have a replay, I understand that's an important part of these sorts of things. Yesterday I was playing a Co-op battle in my Ranger and noticed that the red bot CV hadn't thrown his fighters at me yet. Towards the end of the battle I send my DB's towards the red CV and found his fighter squadron slowly patrolling in a circle just off the starboard quarter of his ship. Those fighters eventually engaged my planes when they got within 1-2km, which is expected behavior for fighters that are simply patrolling without orders, however they stopped and return to patrolling after my planes moved out of range. I had a very similar occurrence several days earlier after the most recent patch dropped where I never encountered the enemy CV's fighters at all.
  4. CalamitousIntent

    New Garbage A.I. Round 3

    Dear WarGaming and anyone who agrees (or disagrees). In Prior posts, I've listed my many reasons for not liking the new CO-OP AI. those can be argued about endlessly. When it's all said and done, there is only one point that matters and that is; "Am I having more fun". The answer is no. It's not more fun. It's not more rewarding and it is nolonger providing the entertainment required to draw my time from other leisure activities. It's not like I'm capable of going cold turkey, but now playing these horrible bots is just painful. case in point;. I just got done playing my new russian destroyer (izzy). I had one of the best games I've had in it yet. I knocked off 4 bots. got a good piece of of a bb and was sunk. in most cases I would consider that a very good match, but it wasn't. i had to chase down and deal with all sort of weird Ai that just made it NOT FUN. COOP is supposed to be fast, carefree and yolo-ey. That's why the rewards are decreased so substantially. Thats why the groups are smaller. I'm going to be logging in every day like normal but just long enough to see if the AI has been restored or at least tweaked enough so the game doesn't feel like such a burden. in a lot of ways you've made the bots very good, but it's the kind of play style I would expect from human players and if I wanted to play against humans, I would chose random. Thank you for the last fun year I've had on this game, but If I can't get any more fun out of it, I'm just going to move on. Sincerely, CalamitousIntent.
  5. CalamitousIntent

    The new Garbage AI. round 2.,

    So you've done it to us again. I thought yesterday was an aberration but now the new AI is back in coop. If i wanted the feeling and Time investment that went along with playing humans, I would hit the Drop down, Switch from COOP to random and i would play against humans. sprecific reasons why I feel the new AI is garbage. 1. I'm tired of having to chase down retreating bots. aint nobody got time for that. 2. Battleships are still snipers. 3. Bots can dodge CV torps in such a way that if you don't have manual drop hitting them is extremely more difficult. 4. DD's with extremely short range are left holding the bag chasing down fleeing bots 5. DD's with long range torps are very unlikely to land anything with the extremely erratic behavior of all ships. 6. BB's are group up making later cruiser play next to unbearable. 7. CV just sits there, keeps it's fighters in reserve. Meanwhile when your CV is a bot, it still plays terribly. There is a huge difference between how well enemy cv and friendly cv bot plays. BONUS: The Acosta. just the worst. once this English even thing is over I'm selling it and going to thereapy for help forgetting it. ITS FAKE NEWS!. I play coop because I don't need the stress of PVP. Now I have to fight just as hard as i would in PVP but with no reward. I don't want the reward i just want my casual play back and not have to spend twice as much time per match. The amount of time I play this game is going to be in direct correlation to how much i enjoy playing it and friend. I am not enjoying this. Please change it back or at least re-tool the bots so they are bold. This chasing them down stuff has got to go. respectfully CalamitousIntent.
  6. CalamitousIntent


    AND THEY'RE BACK. Just as quickly as WG fixed their biggest mistake , they decided to unfurl their giant middle shaped finger flag to co-op players. These new bots are GARBAGE. Yeah, they play more like humans, but if I wanted to play against humans I WOULD PLAY AGAINST HUMANS. If anyone else despises This change sound off below with your own comments and critiques. griefs- Bots are cowards, they panic and sail around in circles once hit. games take way longer , more time for the same low reward battleships still deadly accurate. I'm old and I'm getting older every day. This wans't so bad because I had my co-op play so now I don't so much. SO I"M BLAMING YOU WG. Why the Hell did a buy and American Dasha just to have her speak in Russian.I'd say worst mail order bride ever but my actual one steals from me. things you could have done to make it more interesting. 1. unlock co-op to 12v12 2. unlock 2 CV (rare but possible) 3. better balancing. never more bb's then cA's never more dd's then either. 4. bring back matlock. !!!!RRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Captain_Donutz

    Matchmaking concerns

    I know this has always been a sore subject, but recent comments I have heard on how to change matchmaking just seem to be going in the wrong direction. Yes, matchmaking can be very frustrating, especially being low tier; however, isn't that the point of a random battle? Being random? The most recent change matches ship class and tier one for one. I think this helped a bit, but for me did decrease some of the variability and challenges. It used to make for an interesting mix and thus created the challenges most want in a PvP game. Having one team with a higher destroyer count while the other had more cruisers just made each team have to reconsider it's strategy. I have always thought it might be interesting to have a carrier on one team but not the other. Having equal numbers of same tiers does make it more fair though, so this was a good change and doesn't really have much effect on the game. There will still be more or less of certain tiers, but that is always going to happen without creating longer ques. One of the suggested changes I have recently heard is to match consumable for consumable such as radar. Once again, this would decrease the overall variability in the game and may cause longer wait times and might just make for a more boring game. We already have that option in coop. Most of us will play coop for a less stressful, more equal and balanced game. I do play a few battles in that mode from time to time as I feel everyone may. But the whole point of random battles is the unpredictably of others actions on both your team and the other. This creates more interesting battles in my opinion. Yes, they can be very frustrating and cause people to lash out at each other, but this is a game, and unless everyone is monitoring chat constantly or the whole team could be on a single voice channel, people will not always follow each other. This is the nature of the game. A fun game even with a bad loss here and there. I'm sure it's a difficult process to create the best matchmaking possible. Let's not make more unnecessary changes to matchmaking and change the randomness of random battles.
  8. Just played a bunch of games on the PTS. The bots have been altered significantly. They no longer obsessively pursue one ship, a huge improvement. They no longer charge in. Instead they loop toward you and then away, like humans in the opening minutes of a match. They turn constantly. Since there are no more conga lines of ships charging in, DDs cannot roll out torps at the conga line, knowing they will get a few easy hits. They appear to let the first fire burn like bots in Operations. It also seems that WG has removed the special fire protection they got, under which your first salvo got a fire, which they immediately killed, and then you had to fire many salvos to get another fire. It seems more normal. They dodge shells/torps extremely well, the magic rudder and psychic knowledge was retained. They engage in long looping turns and dont show broadside for long, unlike before when they charged straight in They retain the magic AlwaysCit(tm) technology at the high tiers, under which you will eat magic cits from any angle at any distance. They hold their fire and wait til spotted before shooting, like many human players. These changes make coop more realistic and probably more enjoyable. Caveat: I only played T8-10.
  9. Entered a coop match today... game locked solid as soon as i fired. Didn't see any errors, no hard crash. It was as if you'd pressed a pause button but couldn't un-pause. So I opened a second desktop in Windows, then opened task manager, and canceled WoWS. Five seconds then I fired it back up. Got back on server, back to the match, got to the "load-in" screen where you see your team and the red team's ships and that was it. Sat there and spun the indicator indicating it was doing something. I could hear battles, see red ships going into sunk status but it would NOT allow me back in the match. When the match ended it returned me to port! In all the time I've played on WoWS I've never had that happen before, so I'm pretty darned sure something's up with something on your side of the fence. GL HF finding it.
  10. A few times now, the points for the completion of a sharks(and I would assume eagles too) missions have not been added to the final tally of reward points, if they are completed in the last moments of the game. e.g. the latest time this has happened was on the get 3 citadel hits in a co-op match, the 3rd citadel I get was killing the final ship, thus completing the match, however the mission didn’t complete despite meeting the criteria in principle before the match ended. Given the logic of events that the citadel and the final ship destruction must have occurred before the end of the match logically speaking, so should have been added. times on images etc UTC/GMT +1 (i.e. WEST/BST) - no mods used. attached files: 20180804_081523_PFSB110-France_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay World of Warships 04_08_2018 08_25_49.mp4 (showing the results) two png images showing the results 20180804_081523_PFSB110-France_50_Gold_harbor.wowsreplay World of Warships 04_08_2018 08_25_49.mp4