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Found 21 results

  1. I've had better results with Salem most likely because of the different builds. What skills/equipment are making the difference? Salem: arm mod1, Hydro mod1, aim mod1, prop mod1, conceal, range mod2 / grease, gunfeed, prio, Heavy HE, AR, sup, top grade, outnum DM: same as Salem except slot6 prop leg mod / grease, prio, AR, sup, top grade, outnum, CE
  2. Blorgh2017

    Brandenburg in PvE

    The Tirpitz with Odin's guns has finally arrived (albeit with quite a number of other tweaks and changes compared to Tirpitz). Has anybody got her yet? Do you like her? Or is Odin and/or Tirpitz good enough for you to not bother with Brandenburg? Granted, pretty much all brawling German BB's (and BC's) are superb in Coop, so I don't doubt her potential there. Still, I was curious about my fellow PvE captains. I personally like her very much... but I am a sucker for German BB's, so that was a given, lol. I only got to play just ONE game in her last night, but I was so tired after work and just went to bed early. I look forward to having more brawls with the bots, using her. I also feel like being spoiled for choices, considering how many German BB/BC's are in the game now. The current German BC early access event, plus fresh new Brandenburg, and looking forward for the future Pruessen and the future return of Hannover have rejuvenated my interest in the game somewhat... lel.
  3. Its boring at the beginning , but the last 2 minutes are just.......wow.....AFK / lost connection DD has gotta be the luckiest ship . 20210825_100756_PBSB517-Nelson_20_NE_two_brothers.wowsreplay
  4. Blorgh2017

    Weimar in PVE

    Has anybody tried Weimar in Coop, and also in the Operation Narai, yet? How does she perform, especially when compared to Munchen, the other forgotten(kek ) Tier VII Premium German CL? I'm currently at work, and I won't be home till very late because of a lot of overtime today, but I was still curious... lol. I really like Munchen, because she's so fast and nimble (almost like an oversized DD with a citadel), with a decent concealment, and floaty shells that allow island-camping playstyle, if needed. On the other hand, I heard that Weimar has less range, worse mobility, and not as good concealment? Well, she has whooping four more guns, plus the Spotter Plane and the Speed Boost. IMHO, the latter consumable was a bit of a surprise to me. It feels like an odd choice of a consumable to give to her... but I haven't played her yet, so I guess I can't really say much until I do. Still, those extra guns should count for something, right? Maybe? LEL. Thanks in advance... lul.
  5. Blorgh2017

    HSF Harekaze II (in PvE)

    Anyone else got and tried the latest High School Fleet Harekaze II yet? If you did, what are your thoughts? Did you like her? LOL. So far, I tried just 5 Coop games in her, and 3 of those games went rather well (while the other two, not so much). Imgur link, in case the images doesn't load properly on the forum. In general, I say... she's very good overall, just like the original Harekaze, and also like pretty much most DD's in Coop would be. Here's what I liked, and disliked, about the ship so far. I'm not gonna go over anything that's same as the original Harekaze, such as her great concealment or poor health pool, since it's nothing new. Despite having the German 150mm guns, it looks like she uses the IJN HE shells... or something like them. Hence, her HE shells pack some punch, plus a good fire starting chance. Then again, she kinda needs them, since despite having the German 150mm guns, she does NOT get the special German 1/4th HE pen. Yikes. Nevertheless, just spamming HE still seems to work nicely for this ship (like most other DD's, ahaha). Her AP seems okay-- good for poking at the citadel of a broadside cruiser, at close-to-mid range, I suppose. AFAIK, her reload speed has been "buffed" a little by WG (during testing), compared to her counterparts in the German DD line with the 150mm guns... but I say she needs that too, since she only has 3 guns. I feel like she's gonna suffer a similar problem with the C-hull of the original Harekaze; not having enough guns to make whatever advantage it has to actually shine. The gun traverse rate is the killer, however. At least the C-hull of the original Harekaze has mad wicked traverse rate to snap those guns like a pro, but these German 150mm ones are sluggish... just like how they are on the latest alternate German DD line. Ouch. And this was the part that I really disliked about her. She does get extra longer range on her guns. Not by much, but it's still something, I guess, lel. Her second turret, the Turet Y, can rotate 360 degrees. Noice... I guess? LUL. To make up for her middling(?) guns, she has better torpedoes than the original Harekaze. I believe the original Harekaze has the stock Kagero torpedoes, while Harekaze II has the upgraded ones. They go faster and packs more punch... but longer reload. TBH, I'm actually gonna say that this doesn't necessarily make Harekaze II a better torp bote than the original Harekaze. IMHO, the access to the Torpedo Reload Booster on the original makes her a far more potent and flexible torp bote, even if it means giving up smoke... but that's just me. I'm saying this because I was wishing for the TRB while my torps were reloading. Hydro is definitely useful and godsent... but anyone playing the German DD's or the British DD's already knows this, lal. Forget about AA. I couldn't shoot down a single plane, even those spotters... not that it matters in Coop, lol. Overall, I say her guns do hold her back a little. The low total number of guns, coupled with the slow-as-molasses traverse rate, sometimes made shooting at things a little difficult... especially when few angry bots are barreling down on me at full speed, and I'm just trying to wiggle and jiggle while running away. Maybe it's just me, and I'll need to play her a little more... lel. Still, playing a DD in Coop boils down to "ambush some bots and shove torps on their faces," and she still does that job marvelously... so I still say she's a gud bote, lul.
  6. Hey there big man thanks for coming to my post broh So the title is self explanatory WG why no gib more game modes for random battles? All game modes we currently have revolve around bigger or smaller circles, circles placed in different places and thats pretty much it for the random or even coop battles. So how about the community here writes all of their creative ideas down below for new game modes. That way someone from war gaming creative department can take your ideas and use them to get a promotion! Lol anyway it could be anything to give you all ideas think of game archetypes, maybe fleet play where you must defend X amount of player vehciles for points or some kind of search and destroy or even a siege map. where one team assaults a port while another defends. There are infinite possibilities. So add your ideas below, maybe talk why we haven't had any major changes since launch almost 6 years ago. I'd like to hear your thoughts and see your voices heard Make it so.
  7. dEsTurbed1

    Detonated in COOP !?!

    Brushing off snowflakes and grinding campaign in COOP this past week.... Yesterday I got detonated. The detonated symbol showed in kill feed above mini map, but no detonation issued in chat. This morning, guess what, yup.... Just as I was swinging my other side torps to kill 2 ships (1 on each side) my French destroyer got detonated.... @Hapa_Fodder, if WG can't take the detonation out of COOP, at least put the award in to get the det flags.
  8. Dmal

    Bot onslaught

    So a couple of years ago back on the public test server for update 0.5.9 they tried a different type of coop battle. Where you had to defend caps or capture a point against 16 bots. I fondly remember playing this and loving it. Sadly it never made it into the game as scenarios arrived instead. However, due to the lack of scenario redevelopment after the cv rework took out a little under half (right now more since Narai isn't working) I think this would be a good idea to bring back to give players more variety to play. Give it its own separate coop mode like scenarios and maybe play a little with the economics to make it a little less rewarding than randoms but more than coop because it shouldn't be easy. I have honestly been getting tired of the same old battle modes and I think this would be a welcomed fun addition to the game. It really gets your blood pumping as you can charge in and continually slaught the bots but you have to be careful about it because you are outnumbered 2 to 1. Also, wargaming can put cvs in it because the coding for the bots should be the same as coop bots.
  9. Only five games and you can tell its going to be a bad night, my analogy of both Modes so far , what's wrong with these pictures ? Coop Random
  10. Yes I know you can play in other modes but some people just don't and wont. So how are they suppose to get 10 achievements for the Canada Day Patch in Coop ?
  11. TheGreatBlasto

    The ROI on Coop Games

    Even when you win, which is like 95% of the time, the ROI for XP and FXP is pretty low compared to Random battles. Credits are even tougher to accumulate. When you factor in camo and signal flag costs it's even less appealing to play Coop.
  12. Gruntdog_3

    Co-op game times.

    WG, you need to fix the game times on co-op. Average time, last ten fames 3min. 36 secs. I realize it is a cash cow for you in credits, but it is B/S. And if you give out the usual answer that it is the same as before 9v9, then you are lying (again). Enough is enough. Thank You.
  13. I don't play Coop often but I played a bit to deal with snowflakes till I got to tier 5 I think when I found too many players had no idea how to play and stopped. The last 2 weeks teams have been really bad in Randoms (far worse than I have had in the past 2 years), Players watching the other team take all 3 caps and one - when I said to move into the cap because we had an overwhelming force and I was told - "There is a Cleveland there". And then I said "You have 3 BBs - delete him" - we lost of course. Sp yesterday I went into the high tier Coop just to see what it was like to win - Coop has always been - especailly the higher tiers - easy button win. Till yesterday when I lost 2 high tier coop games - one when half the team was taken out in the first 5 minutes. Could not believe it. Players with 120 base XP.... Not saying all players were but by god - losing a high tier Coop game is unbelievable.
  14. NOT A COMPLAINT POST - TL;DR at bottom These are merely my observations and opinions of the recent changes these two modes have received, and the possible consequences. I believe the changes that are being made do not improve, but instead worsen the two PvE modes overall. At face value some of these changes seem like they are for "the greater good", but I think otherwise. Coop In light of the never ending coop mercy rule complaints, Wargaming responded by adding a ninth slot. While at first glance this seems like more experience for all, I believe this change has had a net negative impact: 1. The games take longer (snowflake events are the exception) 2. Less experience overall This single change has a two pronged effect against coop mains: you are receiving less experience and spending more time in battle. If grinding ships in coop wasn't inefficient as hell already, Wargaming made it worse, while some cheered on that "change" happened. Operations Note: My opinion of operations is based on solo queuing what ever is the operation of the week. Premade groups are 99.9% immune to these issues; problem is I do not like premades anymore (solo carry brings much higher rewards). Despite multiple claims by staff that operations would not be looked at, they changed their minds and made AI tweaks to the friendly Liberty ships in Aegis, Narai and Newport. While at first glance this seems like a way to freshen up the boring operations that we farm way too much, I believe, much like the coop change, that this has had an overall negative impact: 1. Increased chances of failing an objective thus losing a star 2. Increased chances of failing the operation entirely These two impacts lead to the same consequences I mentioned for coop: less experience overall for losing stars while spending more time doing it. TL;DR: Wargaming made some changes to coop and operations, and I believe they are not helping but instead hurting the modes. I look forward to your civil discussions and thank you for reading.
  15. Well its been a long struggle even in Coop but I have finally achieved a stunning milestone with this ship. My first but hopefully not my last enemy plane shot down in the AA powerhouse Battleship. WOW and to think those 12 deck guns that are in fact identical to the 6 AA guns mounted on the turrets that do absolutely nothing were not needed after all. Today 1 plane, tomorrow I'm ready to get my first AA Defence Expert, piece of cake with this European version Texas. Regards
  16. oldrustyguns

    Bot CV's

    Any new info on when, or if, bot CV's will be included in Coop? I have extensively built ships and captains for AA and secondaries. A lot less battle enjoyment without a good use of defensive fighters and AA.
  17. Soylent_Red_Is_Tomato

    No ''fun'' to be had anymore?

    Queue a [Random]: - Team may push in small groups to a cap or position of advantage, only to flee when the shooting starts. Slowest and/or least maneuverable ship(s) is (are) left holding the bag of Bravo Sierra. - Massive skill mismatch between team lineups, with at times up to half a dozen mid- to high-50% WR players on one side versus one or none on the other. - Whomever hangs back the longest yet is still able to cause enough damage while losing gets rewarded; playing to the match type usually does not. - Ships firing in open water may remain invisible due to random geometry, regardless of the presence of fog banks worth of smoke. - Possible to be low tier on poorly performing teams a significant number of back to back matches during multiple sessions. - Absurd number of 2x CV matches versus ships with little or no AA potential in low to mid tiers. Queue a [Coop]: - Bring a torpedo equipped ship, or high RoF spammer; otherwise get nothing for even the few minutes a match may last. Queue an [Arms Race] (yeah, right....) - May be a good match, but still subject to all of the vagaries of a normal [Random], only with tier IX & X ships to really thrust home the penalties of a defeat or early sink. Queue a [Scenario of the Week]: - Hope it's a relatively simple example not requiring a well coordinated team already knowing the exact timing and sequence of the scripted events. - Wrong ships brought in or too many DDs equal probable failure or few stars no matter the coordination. - No stars equates to no anything for the time spent playing. Got enough sovereigns to only pay about half the cost of a Warspite using premium RN crates in the store, but forget it WG - maybe if your game was still fun more than once, possibly twice, a week (if that!) I'd consider it. As is, [edited] for what your ''decisions'' and ''vision'' turned the game into.
  18. CalamitousIntent

    The new Garbage AI. round 2.,

    So you've done it to us again. I thought yesterday was an aberration but now the new AI is back in coop. If i wanted the feeling and Time investment that went along with playing humans, I would hit the Drop down, Switch from COOP to random and i would play against humans. sprecific reasons why I feel the new AI is garbage. 1. I'm tired of having to chase down retreating bots. aint nobody got time for that. 2. Battleships are still snipers. 3. Bots can dodge CV torps in such a way that if you don't have manual drop hitting them is extremely more difficult. 4. DD's with extremely short range are left holding the bag chasing down fleeing bots 5. DD's with long range torps are very unlikely to land anything with the extremely erratic behavior of all ships. 6. BB's are group up making later cruiser play next to unbearable. 7. CV just sits there, keeps it's fighters in reserve. Meanwhile when your CV is a bot, it still plays terribly. There is a huge difference between how well enemy cv and friendly cv bot plays. BONUS: The Acosta. just the worst. once this English even thing is over I'm selling it and going to thereapy for help forgetting it. ITS FAKE NEWS!. I play coop because I don't need the stress of PVP. Now I have to fight just as hard as i would in PVP but with no reward. I don't want the reward i just want my casual play back and not have to spend twice as much time per match. The amount of time I play this game is going to be in direct correlation to how much i enjoy playing it and friend. I am not enjoying this. Please change it back or at least re-tool the bots so they are bold. This chasing them down stuff has got to go. respectfully CalamitousIntent.
  19. CalamitousIntent


    AND THEY'RE BACK. Just as quickly as WG fixed their biggest mistake , they decided to unfurl their giant middle shaped finger flag to co-op players. These new bots are GARBAGE. Yeah, they play more like humans, but if I wanted to play against humans I WOULD PLAY AGAINST HUMANS. If anyone else despises This change sound off below with your own comments and critiques. griefs- Bots are cowards, they panic and sail around in circles once hit. games take way longer , more time for the same low reward battleships still deadly accurate. I'm old and I'm getting older every day. This wans't so bad because I had my co-op play so now I don't so much. SO I"M BLAMING YOU WG. Why the Hell did a buy and American Dasha just to have her speak in Russian.I'd say worst mail order bride ever but my actual one steals from me. things you could have done to make it more interesting. 1. unlock co-op to 12v12 2. unlock 2 CV (rare but possible) 3. better balancing. never more bb's then cA's never more dd's then either. 4. bring back matlock. !!!!RRRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Just played a bunch of games on the PTS. The bots have been altered significantly. They no longer obsessively pursue one ship, a huge improvement. They no longer charge in. Instead they loop toward you and then away, like humans in the opening minutes of a match. They turn constantly. Since there are no more conga lines of ships charging in, DDs cannot roll out torps at the conga line, knowing they will get a few easy hits. They appear to let the first fire burn like bots in Operations. It also seems that WG has removed the special fire protection they got, under which your first salvo got a fire, which they immediately killed, and then you had to fire many salvos to get another fire. It seems more normal. They dodge shells/torps extremely well, the magic rudder and psychic knowledge was retained. They engage in long looping turns and dont show broadside for long, unlike before when they charged straight in They retain the magic AlwaysCit(tm) technology at the high tiers, under which you will eat magic cits from any angle at any distance. They hold their fire and wait til spotted before shooting, like many human players. These changes make coop more realistic and probably more enjoyable. Caveat: I only played T8-10.
  21. This is a general frustration thread as well as a possible solution to the problems with bots in the game. If players are going to receive less XP and credits in coop and receive a harder bot algorithm in Operations then something has to be done about the AI. AI about a month ago or so was tweaked so badly that it reverted to the hard AI that existed in the PTS for operations. I as well as a lot of players suggested that the AI needed toning down extremely to make it balanced for the players as well as making it fair. I'm not sure who in the WG devs decided that they needed to be tweaked back to that PTS phase garbage but it really needs to be reverted back. I understand that the change probably has to do with statistical wins based on the players but it shouldn't be since this is PvE not PvP balance. An easy fix would be to lower the RNG chances that the bots have for hits/fire chance/ flooding/ incapacitation. This is also a fairly new field for the WG team to develop but the tweaking of the bots back to the PTS phase has basically made operations not enjoyable and the AI tweak has bled into Co-op mode making the bots frustratingly hard and insanely accurate. If there is going to be a change to the AI in such a dramatic way that you literally break a mode that was a new set of progression for players that like PVE and lets be honest there are a lot of players in this game who enjoy coop more than PvP. Then you can't break their mode without tweaking some other aspect. In summary, I feel like the AI needs to be toned back again. The imbalance created from this has ruined a perfectly balanced mode that literally could have been tweaked by altering the economy not the bots themselves who were to be honest perfectly find the way they were. Granted Narai needed to be changed that's understandable but the AI didn't need a tweak just the economy if you had a problem with too many player wins. (Also release Narai again you've had like 5 months. Just tone back the economy and change the bots back to before the garbage AI we have now.)