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Found 2 results

  1. Florendo19

    How might ASW work

    So I was wondering how ASW would be added to existing ships. It has been noted many times on this forum that many ship models include depth charges. There are however several other forms of ASW weapons that could be available to the time period of WOWS. DD: The most notable weapons for DDs would be hedgehog or squid like forward launchers on allied ships. I would propose that some DDs be given the choice to choose a ASW role by selecting a different hull that sacrifices a gun turret for a launcher and gets a sonar consumable (because I assume this will be a consumable) CV: Those odd tier CVs can make a comeback with FIDO air droped homing torpedoes and Sonobuoys as additions to their ASW capabilities BB: Ramming seems like the best option here but BBs with aircraft handling capabilities may be able to trade a spotter or fighter for ASW planes. Of course, while using this ASW aircraft, the ship would act like a CV hull on auto pilot and the plane would be controlled like CV planes. CA/CL: Some have depth charges but ramming could also be an option. Again Cruisers with aircraft handling capabilities could have ASW aircraft like BBs. IJN Tone class CAs could be an interesting development here DE: While Destroyer Escorts are not currently part of the game, they were generally the most specialized ASW ships. While they would have the weakest anti ship armament, they would have powerful ASW capabilities and probably slightly lower than DD concealment. Convoy Modes: WG has previously mentioned that they are testing two Convoy modes on the Dev blog on August 1, 2019. I think these modes would be made especially for Subs and ASW. Here is the post from the Dev blog ST, game modes. There will be a closed test of two new game modes. They both are based on the idea of escorting of the allied convoy of bot ships. Please note that these are conceptions of the game modes and their rules may change significantly. In the 'Convoys A' mode both teams have the same objective - be the first to escort the indestructible bot ship from the team spawn to the destination point on the fixed route. The ship moves by itself, but if the allies are nearby, they will slowly regenerate HP and the bot will move faster. Any player's ship, except aircraft carriers, can, after being destroyed, respawn near the convoy route a maximum of twice per battle. The routes are symmetrical and there are parts when teams have to come close to each other. Teams are composed of 6, 7 or 12 players. There are two rounds in the 'Convoys B' mode. In the first round, one of the teams (defenders) escorts the convoy of three armed ships along the fixed route. The task of the attacking team is to destroy these ships in a limited time. Teams change their objectives in the second round. The team that escorts their ship further than the opposition wins the battle. The player's ship respawns after being destroyed. The attackers respawn faster and may choose one of the spawn points, and defenders get back into battle near the convoy. If there are ships of the defending team near the convoy ships, then both they and the convoy regenerate their HP. Both teams consist of 7 players. Please note that the information in the Development Blog is preliminary.
  2. Hi folks With the end of Rank coming soon Clan will be soon in 2 forms, well that got me thinking about this whole clan thing, what's the end game for it, in fact what is the end game for WOWs in general sure I love Random, Clan Battles even Coop still have time for that mode, Rank UH moving on back to the end game for Clans am I imagining this but was there not some sought of plan by WG to create a huge Oceanic map with land masses dotted with various installations and clans would fight over these sea areas and land masses to control these installations that would produce resources for there respective Clans. I don't maybe know maybe I was thinking about this in another reality or down at the POP Clans Captains club drinking Bacardi with @Gerbertz and discussed this idea after one to many drinks, maybe I read this idea from someone's post way back when I first started playing. Anyway as much as I have no trouble with the 20 minute games I long for a mode where going in and its full no time limit ships sailing around doing various tasks. Fighting for the glory of your Clan, hunting down convoys of enemy Clans you know (RKLES) is transporting coal and iron from a neutral port or a subsidiary port to there main base,10 transports guarded by @Admiral_Thrawn_1 and @dEsTurbed1 ( HI guys still remember that great clan match ) and some POPS turn up have a battle with the RKLES guys in the process sink a few transports then high tail out of there. Or perhaps even myself I go out in one my ship sail into enemy territory and shell ( OO7 ) brand new shinny oil refinery ( which was suppose to be guarded @Knavbot but he was off deleting BBs in his GZ ) that they acquired a couple of weeks earlier from a classic battle with (SPQR ), I come by and reduce it to burning load of scrap metal then do a runner back to base. Other things like say @WanderingGhost just finished grinding up his last tech tree DD she is fully upgraded sure he could go play a game in fandom get his kill there fine but why do that when go on a real patrol and sink some Battleship in grand Campaign mode and reap the glory. Another exciting thing in this mode @LoveBote and @Amatsukaze_KaiNi form a Carrier strike force and go bomb the Main base of (TSG4B) destroying there dry docks, research centre, ship building facilities ( officers Bar ) etc etc. WG has given us clan bases and the ability to recruit great, we have Clan battles all great but will it be a endless cycle of Clan battles going round and round and round till your head spins or you just get sick of it, I love Clan battles but you can only play so much. How can WG make this Grand vision work well first clans have to decide if they want to play this mode, a lot of Clans are small and some are just not interested in Clan battles, so the clan will have decide once they say yes they register for it and WG allocates a base. To actually enter the mode will just the same as hitting the Rank ,Clan button and your in there. The map WG will have to make a huge map that will contain all the contestant Clan main bases plus thousands of neutral bases and facilities on islands and large land masses that can be captured, the map itself can have grid system for capturing and occupation function. A clans main base cannot be captured under any circumstance however it can be attacked and its infrastructure damaged. Subsidiary bases and facilities however can be but again you have to have some sought of time limit you cant have 2 clans fighting a bitter battle for the island that a iron ore factory is on it one side wins but has one crippled ship left then all of sudden another Clan rocks up with half dozen ships and takes over , the facility could changes hands 10 times inside a hour just wont work. Clans Now there are some really big Clans with affiliates look at the 90Th have they reached 90THZ yet they must be close, this is where Alliances and NON - Aggression Pacts come in with advantages and dis advantages, when you decide to register you need to know fully what your getting into so getting on the good side of big Clans with treaties and Pacts will go along way. Also Clan that breaks such things get really punished big time in game ( Just ask The Fuhrer ) so don't do the rat act, of course its going to be odds on there will be warmongering clans that will simply declare war on everyone ( good luck with that mindset ). Tier and number of ships in battle at one time Well obviously tier 1 to 4 have to be out tier 5 is a tough there are some great ships there but it comes down to if you happen to be on picket patrol around one of your bases in The Texas ( great ship ) and suddenly a Montana, Zao and Khabarovsk turn up to attack your base and take over it, well it could embarrassing to say the least, WG will have to decide on the tier levels. How many ships should there be aloud to face each other what should the maximum number a Clan can send against another Clan, well the chances of 50 clan members of (STORM) turning up on one (13TH) naval bases is pretty slim however I believe there should be no restriction on the number of ships in a Task Force, THIS IS WAR you signed the registration you new the consequences. Bases Bases in particular your primary base should have coastal artillery and radar also airfields, now some Clans base ratings are bigger than others so the bases should match the size of clan rating, lower Clan rates facilities such as the airfield may only be a seaplane anchorage with short range recon float planes ( e.g. Super marine Walrus or Vought OS2U Kingfisher ), the bigger the clan rating the bigger the airbase with longer range recon ( Focke - Wolfe Fw 200 Condor or Short S.25 Sunderland ) these should be bot controlled and fly 24/7 baring base damage, why because these guys are going to detect friend or foe ships which you will receive a message in your port UI to get your a$$ into campaign mode to defend your territories. The coastal artillery again the bigger the rating the more guns to defend your bases as the same with radar so as your Clan rating gets higher you bases upgrade. Convoys Transport ships should not have to be payed and built for, if your control a subsidiary oil refinery that has produced a certain level of oil for you clan a number of transports is allocated to transport the oil to your main base its up to the clan to decide to escort it or not. Now not every body plays 24/7 and sometimes you could find you only have 1 or 2 players in your Clan on at certain times and if that convoys ready to sail and you don't have players to escort it well life's tough you signed on the dotted line to play this mode. How are you going to know what the hell is happening in Grand Camping mode like I said earlier you get warning messages through the port UI or whatever you call it sometimes you might get in the campaign in time to stop the impending disaster other times not but that's the fun of a mode like this. Exiting the mode Ok well getting sunk is the first way of course and the easiest, then you can always sail back to one of your bases but that could take awhile so lets look at the e.g. I wrote about earlier @WanderingGhost has been sailing around for 2 hours has not seen 1 enemy ship he is getting bored wants to play random, choices go back to base NO going take to long so a simple solution each sea grid has a EXIT point you sail to and exit out of the mode back to your port and the best part about when you decide go back to Campaign mode again you start where you left. There are lot of other things that can be added in this mode that I could write about in this post and it could go forever but instead I will wind up here saying that yes its seems to quite a task for WG to create with a lot of fine points to grind out and people will write back and say this is impossible to do, well I say if the creators of Elders Scroll Online can design a campaign mode ( I have never played it but I know someone who does and have seen them play it ) surely the wiz kids at Lesta can do it to WOWS. Remember if they don't provide a new game mode to keep us interested we going to be stuck with Rank and Clan battles till we are bored to death,so unless people are willing to mindlessly grind themselves senseless just to get a VMF StaliniumGrad knock yourselves out. If you want something innovative for Clan lets get on WG case and get them into action regards P.S. I need a drink after this post