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Found 6 results

  1. OK, just got the EENDRACHT in port and I was testing her out in COOP. How do you launch an airstrike? My Key-1 is set to HE shells, Key-2 is set to AP shells but in the Armament panel in port the Airstrike has a label of [No key]. I checked the control settings but I could not find what weapons group I need to set a key for to activate the Airstrike. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. This post appeared in a corner of the EU forum and nowhere else, apparently. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/138161-replay-controls-and-features/ In the 0.9.6 Update we've fixed an error, which prevented playing the replay backwards. This allowed us to add snapshots - timestamps which may be returned to from any place in the replay. More details below. General Hide/show interface Ctrl + J Playback Pause/Resume End Play at x1 speed (Does not automatically resume when paused) Home Increase playback speed Insert Decrease playback speed Delete Fast forward > Fast backward < Fast forward х2 Ctrl + > Fast backward х2 Ctrl + < Camera control Link/Unlink camera C Free camera mode (it may still be needed to unlink camera by pressing LMB) Ctrl + Shift + Backspace Move camera in parallel to water ←, →, ↑, ↓ Move camera up Num9 Move camera down Num7 Zoom in/Zoom out Mouse wheel Link to the ship in front of camera in free camera mode (hard link, includes rotating with the ship) B Link to the position of the ship in front of the camera Ctrl + B Switching different free camera modes 1-9 Switching additional free camera modes Shift + 1-9 Rotating camera Num4, Num6 Camera angling Num2, Num8 Move camera to the point of interest Num1 Move camera away from the point of interest Num3 Increase/decrease camera movement speed Num+ / Num- Increase/decrease camera movement acceleration/deceleartion Shift + (Num+/ Num-) Increase/decrease the radius of the free camera sphere (the sphere aroun the real camera position. The real position becomes a point of interest) Shift + Mouse wheel Snapshots control Save a snapshot F5 Load the closest snapshot before the current moment F6 Load the closest snapshot after the current moment F7 Load the latest saved snapshot F8 Snapshots This function allows to save a timestamp and camera position and restore them at will. All snapshots data is stored in XML file, which is created in the same folder as a replay and has suffix _params in the <snapshots> block. XML file will appear only if there is any data it should store. In case with snapshots it will appear after the first snapshot is created. XML file is tied to the replay and may be freely transfered with the replay file to other people, who then can use snapshots. Creating and loading Snapshot is created by pressing F5. This saves the timestamp of the replay, camera position and other parameters and creates a record in file in the snapshots section. Switching between snapshots happens in the following way: F6: try to switch to the snapshot closest from the left on the time scale (earlier than now), if such snapshot exists. F6: try to switch to the snapshot closest from the right on the time scale (later than now), if such snapshot exists. F8: try to switch to the most recently created snapshot To delete snapshots you have to edit XML file and delete the snapshot records. Snapshots are existing and loaded on the replay-by-replay basis. So, the controls switch to the snapshots of the exact replay. Loaded parameters When snapshots are used, the following parameters are restored: Camera position Camera FOV (or camera zoom) Replay time Also the replay is paused after loading the snapshot.
  3. Can we allow the F3 for targeting an enemy ship go off on any portion of an enemy ship? Why does it always have to be the middle of the ship? This is getting annoying repeatedly pressing the F3 over and over with no results. Sometimes this result reflects many times in chat going off when it does happens. I really don't want people to think I am a ping spammer because of the game mechanics. I just want one ping only.
  4. Hello captains I just wanted to share this with the WOWS players that at some time have tried to use a joystick for controlling the ships movement in game: today I found WOJ emulator, downloaded it sussed out how to bind the keys very easy and works like a treat. I had been trying to find something that works for ages: after finding this all is good I now use my left hand joystick for speed control, steering of the ship and: selecting HE, AP, Torps: R,T,Y,U functions and firing main weapons + shift key for zoom and: my mouse in right hand as per normal: for targeting &: free look. If your interested I hope you have some fun with it. If you where wondering why: I suffer from RSI in my left arm so having my left arm on the keyboard triggers the RSI, it actually feels more natural now and with out the pain from my arm on the keyboard while playing. Download for WOJ (World of joysticks is found here) https://download.cnet.com/World-of-Joysticks-Keyboard-and-Mouse-Emulator/3001-2121_4-76346441.html Instructions for key-binding are inside the zip folder in pdf format.
  5. So my middle mouse button on my mouse is kinda damaged, this means i cannot scroll to zoom in and out thus i cant really play aircraft carriers. Any chance i can remap it to something else like page up and page down.Thank you.
  6. So, a few questions about replays when viewing them on a Mac. How do free-cam and all that? When I'm viewing a CV replay, for instance, I can only follow my exact movements and viewpoints, and cannot, for instance, go and see what an enemy battleship on the other side of the map is doing, nor can I view the movements of individual squadrons when the gameplay camera is not displaying them. What are the controls for replays in Mac? Am I understanding it correctly that, should the game update, all previous replays are no longer viewable?