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Found 1 result

  1. The current implementation of "Improved Secondary Battery Aiming" requires the player to Ctrl-Click on ships' tag to enable / select target manually. That's not logical, and inconsistent with remaining interface. Instead, I propose to use key "4" to enable this ability, then you "shoot" a ship to "lock target" so the secondaries gets the buff. Should be enabled in "Free view" mode as AA ability currently do. The same implementation should be done to dual-purpose turrets, including DD's main batteries: To enable "AA mode" Primary/Secondaries, player press "4" (or 5) then "shoot" in direction of planes. And this new "AA mode" is cancelled both by timeout, or if player selects 1 or 2 (HE/AP) and (AIM? shoot?) a ship or land target. So if you select "weapon 4" and "shoot" at ships, secondaries focus at that ship, while if you "shoot high" in planes' direction, you focus all main/secondaries/AA guns in those planes. This would result in a much more consistent controls implementation of an "attack feature": Key Action / weapon 1 HE/SAP 2 AP 3 Torpedos 4 Improved Secondaries Aiming (AA mode if planes) 5 AA mode (separated) Of course keys can be remapped, keeping that out for clarity sake.