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Found 9 results

  1. RNG has smiled on me a bit this year. I've accrued four premium ships thus far wIthout spending any money on them. Thanks to WG's release of the RU cruiser split, I now have the premium versions of Moskva and Kirov in my port. Also thanks to @Hapa_Fodder for his contests every week. Last week I won the Scharnhorst in his "Tier VII Trouble" contest. I routinely enter to get the cammo and had a pleasant surprise this week. Since I already had Scharnhorst I turned the 9500 doubloons and a coupon around for Ochakov. Free stuff is great, WG, please continue! Special thanks to @Ducky_shot for his competition earlier this year offering a Makarov. Timing was perfect for me to win the only T6 premium I didn't have in port. Kudos to all you individuals who have the time and resources to give to the community! (BTW, I've watched your stream on occasion and I've yet to see you sink!) Now the only thing left is to pull a ship from a daily container...
  2. Capt_Scuttlebutt

    Pride of the Polish Navy

    I just received the 303 Squadron camo for the Błyskawica after completing the five directives from the Pride of the Polish Navy combat mission. If I'm not mistaken this was one of the runners up in a camo contest awhile back. The winner of that contest was the Szara camo. The camos from top to bottom are: Type 10, Szara, and 303 Squadron. All three are permanent and have the same bonuses -3% to surface detectability range. +4% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship. -10% to the cost of ship's post-battle service. +50% to experience earned in the battle.
  3. Olá colegas, eu trago uma tradução do concurso postado pela Fem, Capitães e Comandantes! Eu tenho um desafio para vocês! Há um novo bando de Selvagens navegando através dos mares nesta atualização, felizmente eles estão confinados em Batalhas Selvagens, mas isso não significa que você não pode ser selvagem nos outros modos de jogo ... Eu gostaria de apresentar um desafio para a comunidade, para que vocês me enviem o resultado de uma partida, no qual você selvagemente afundou 2 ou mais navios inimigos! Entre 1º de julho às 12h00 (UTC) até 8 de julho às 12:00 (UTC), jogue uma partida (Aleatória / Co-operativa / Selvagem / Cenário) com qualquer navio que resulte em vitória e publique uma captura de tela com o rsultado pós-batalha, em resposta a este tópico em inglês [link], desta forma: PRÊMIOS: Cinco jogadores selecionados aleatoriamente receberão: 1 x conteiner premium de Onda Selvagem BÔNUS ROUND: Qualquer pessoa que enviar uma inscrição válida dentro do período receberá 5 camos pós-apocalípticos link para postar a imagem: Boa sorte para vocês
  4. Update: The 8.0 contest will start after the release and is available for the EU Server now. Welcome to my Twitch contest will be "Show me your best" replay. This is currently for the NA/EU server and will branch out if it becomes possible. With the new CV Rework event coming with the update. I would like to see your best Destroyer playback. Tier 3 to 10 is acceptable. Everyone will have until 3 weeks from the release of 8.0 to submit. Only submit 1 replay. There will be no replacement of submission once it has been submitted. Submissions are from January 30th until February 13th. Winners will be announced on my twitch stream on February 16th. (https://www.twitch.tv/the_shadewe) Please submit via email. What needs to be included is the wowsreplay file and the screenshots of the result screens. Sending the files direct or send the link from http://replayswows.com. Also include your ingame name in the email. Send email to: the.shadewe@gmail.com ; Subject line contains the words: Twtich Contest SMYB 8.0 : Have a 1 or 2 sentence description in the email. Also your in game name. After the selection is made. I will do a twitch event showing off be the top 3 games and announce the winner then. You don't have to be the top player or most achievements earned in the battle. More about the entertaining factor, team cooperation, what shows off your usability of the ship or how the dialog in chat dictated the game. 1st Place Winner will get 1 of 3 prizes. I will spin a wheel on the stream. You will have a chance to win either: Pirate's Plunder, Weeklong Bounty or 3k+ Doublooms (Or Xmas crates if still available.) Reminder that there is only one submission and no replacements. My Twitch Channel is: https://www.twitch.tv/the_shadewe Recap: I picked DDs only for the reason that we will have a few CV hunters expected. Current Winner: Courageous_Curry (7.12) Previous Winners: Leopard_IX and Torquayunitedfan24 (7.11), USSSniperSquad(7.10), DeckUp_HullDown (7.9), Leopard_IX(7.6), Roly_Sproly (7.7), 2nd Leopard_IX (7.7), 1st Leopard_IX (7.8), 2nd Zerowantuthri (7.8) (Only 2 submissions) Current Contest Restrictions: Server: NA/EU Ship Type: Destroyers Tier: 3 - 10 Nation: German Submission time: Jan. 30th - Feb. 13th Winner Announced: Feb. 16th Where to Submit: the.shadewe@gmail.com Subject line contains: Twitch Contest SMYB 8.0
  5. wildgooseman

    The Ring Contest

    Does anyone know if the Ring contest, to get a CC added to the game as a captain, will still be taking place? The last I remember reading/watching about it was it would be back in September.
  6. Not seeing a lot of talk on this contest so consider it a PSA: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/doody/ Squat down, take a seat and read up on the contest at the above link. Sure, reminding all of you diminishes my odds of winning a ship but hey, it's the right thing to do. Amazingly, it is ANY TYPE OF BATTLE so yup, five coops gets her done.
  7. Greetings Captains! Welcome to the great hunt of cardona3 or rather Me! I'm holding a month long contest for the most amount of kills of me in-game! To enter all you have to do enter is replay to this thread! Rules: 1. No Team Killing! 2. Must be on the NA server! 3. To prove that you killed me, please provide a screenshot or replay of said feat! 4. This is for all game modes, Randoms, Co-op, or Clan Wars! 5. The winner is determined at the end of the month and its for the most kills of me! If there is a tie then we will have a face off for the winner in a training room! So if you have any questions please respond here you can also contact me on discord with the username Cardona3 The prize for this so far is the 3000 doublooms package! There can only be one winner! See you on the high seas!
  8. So, based on the schedule laid out on the Helena camo contest link, the results and public voting should have begun quite a few hours ago. I realize that because it will be a vote going on all the servers at the same time, there will be some delays. Is it possible to get an ETA however? Link is up now to vote https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/camo-n-feel-the-noise/
  9. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/helena-bonham-camo/ Just wondering the status or whereabouts of the Helena camo contest poll, which was to start earlier today? I've looked on the Warships News page, facebook, Reddit, and Twitter, and so far, nothing. Does anyone know the status? Sorry to ask, I didn't see any other posts about this.