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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone! It has been a while since I have posted anything on this forum or my youtube channel that used to cover WoWS. Below is a link for a short video about me starting to make content again, however it won't be for wargaming titles. I explain my reasons for not promoting WG anymore in the video. This post mainly serves to thank all of you who enjoyed my Warships content in the past. Despite the reasons for me not making those videos anymore, the community surrounding this game has always been fantastic and I wanted to recognize that by saying that the one thing I have missed most since I stopped making content for this game, was the interactions I had with the community and the passion you all have. In that sense it is bittersweet for me and I will sorely miss all of you. Channel Update 5: A New Direction Thank you for your time, and farewell.
  2. We need a Frontline game mode (A PERMANENT addition to the game). WoT did it for a while as a time limited event. It's a mode where you control sectors that are capable of repairing/replenishing your tank, or in this case ship. These sectors also allow respawn (with a minimum wait time of something like 2 minutes). It would be fantastic. I've often told myself it will come eventually because random battles is so mind numbingly ordinary, and the game would need something of this caliber to stay relevant in the current gaming meta. Gameplay has been very uninspiring as of late, so perhaps I'll keep waiting, or perhaps I will uninstall. I just don't know yet.
  3. Well how should I put it. I see a lot of people talk about bow tanking, camping, and so on, and as time goes and I have learned far more about naval design philosophy, I realize, as nearly all of you have, that right now, matches become stale and stagnant thanks to the island camping meta. We can talk all day about pen angles and more, but I am a cv player, and so am graced witha fairly wide map view of things, and I find it near impossible to ignore how campy the game can be at times. I see the same ship types in the same places game after game, destroyer, cruiser, battleship, doesn't matter. DD and CV are a little more fluid, given one is meant to sneak around and the other is a scared chicken running for it's life with a bullseye on it's back, sometimes literally on it's ship, but as time goes, I have to wonder. If we could change the Meta of bow tanking, Should we, and could we? If we could directly incentivize that the best firing and tanking angles was to be parallel to the target, and get rid of the World of Tanks vibe, Would that serve the game better? In my opinion, yes. The BB who is firing max range, but is forced into moving at varying speeds to throw off the beads drawn on him, as he moves around the map, the Cruiser skipping island to island rather then being in predictable situations, would I think greatly contribute to the variety of games. Right now, I often see Squares of Doom, that is, 2-4 BB or cruisers or a mix of the two hiding so close together you'd think it was a dock yard. Or a pizza party between the crews. They do this because the game actively punishes moving into the open, being moving, and showing your sides to the enemy, when the reality is the opposite. Sitting ships were going to be dead ships, usually to planes or submarine combat, though we all know planes are really not able to do a damn thing to 2 ships anymore without overly special tactics. What I would love to see is cruiser and battleship formations driving around the map, firing at each other, without a overly high need to use islands for cover because their sides are unrealistically vulnerable. I feel that aside from changing how armor works on a hit to the bow and a hit from the side, I feel the game needs new kinds of objectives and versions of play. There is roughly 2 kinds of games in this game. Capture the zone, and...king of the hill capture the zone. Not much else. If we are starving for content, make some new games already. New PVE scenarios comes to mind. How about changing the Capture mode to a form of Island capture. In that you get close enough to land LSTs and other such craft. Obviously we are not transport ships, but I can believe it is more a real objective then what we have. How about Assassination? One player, same class each side, is elected to be the Admiral, and their ship is significantly buffed armor and damage wise. The game is about finding and killing this man, but no one ship can just kill the Admiral (looking at you DDs) in a single half salvo. All allied vessels have a respawn timer around a minute or more to prevent zerg rushing, since that'd just see the idiots dead and the team hurt more then if 1 guy died. Assault perhaps? We saw this demo'd somewhat recently. This was a awesome idea for a game mode. Can we please get some actual development here on the mode. I would like to see a semi balanced version sooner rather then later. A year and a half to get this mode working is lazy. Historical battles? Why not make some maps related to real naval engagements. The battle of Iron Bottom Sound comes to mind, as do a few other engagements in the pacific and atlantic theater. Asymetry can be fun Battle variation? Lets get MORE storms going. Let's add some heavy waves to upset aiming, make the ships ROLL during typhoons and hurricanes such that you have to time your shots and make things unstable. Ironically, I'd play BBs more if the seas were not always calm. If Wargaming wants to keep people interested and ships are not doing enough for content, and they will run out of ships eventually, then seriously, play with your systems and make more vivid and chaotic battles. Storms and waves are just one thing that can happen. Some of the modes, like the DD torpedo beats mode I hear were greatly enjoyed. There is no harm in doing more of this either. Ship costumes. Okay, I get it. perma camo is a money maker, but why not sell more wierd variations? For example, that lex steampunk skin was awesome, though I regret not getting it last year. Why not add more of these skins? All you have to do is add a Check mark in the graphics menu so people can just see standard camos instead of these special ones. If I saw more ships with skulls on them, It would be cool. More so if they were firing skulls at my planes. How about cross events? Perhaps a small cross over event with Warhammer 40k. If I could get my Audacious Wyverns to look like Imperial bombers, I would be over the moon, or my Hak and her planes to look like a Ork Cruiser and it's Fighta-bombas. Full skin swaps would be even cooler, with a unique model. Its all the same ship under, but if I could have new cool skins to play with, I'd buy it.
  4. Warped_1

    WGA - Please Read

    It was a solid move to migrate some content to opt in only. I know many players understandably want to maintain a more "historical" (such as it is) gameplay. That said, for those of us who are happy to get anything that happens to be free, it would be nice to have an account setting that opts us in for all additional content. That is all, and I've been really good Santa.