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Found 45 results

  1. This likely has been posted before but: It would be real nice if you forget to choose what daily containers you want and it rolls over to the new day, that it would automatically pick the last container selection you opted for. Maybe also a check option for it as well. I forgot to collect them just now, and it gave me 2 camo tainers.
  2. Hey all I saw the CLR Roon was announced but I'm not sure how to acquire it. I'm back from a long hiatus and still getting my bearings (game has changed a lot since I left last time). How do I acquire the CLR Roon camo once it is released? Thank you.
  3. The Journey to the west containers should drop next week. During last year does anyone know if they offered just containers or the ships for purchase?
  4. Yeah, this is OLD news. In my years of playing WOWs there are a couple of collections that I have not completed. One of these is: 5 Epochs of the Navy. I need ONE more item or just one duplicate to complete it. I have been waiting (years) for 5 Epochs containers to become available. Tonight I noticed a button on the collection page saying that containers were available. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out which containers they are talking about. Anyone know where I can find what I'm looking for?
  5. Jan_van_Galen

    Five Epochs of the Navy

    I would like to complete the collection - even if I have to pay for it. On the collection itself, there is a purchase "containers button", but I don't see any of the containers in the armory? Thanks
  6. Hiro804

    Rolled the Dice

    I almost always choose more coal when I'm getting a container. Today I thought what the heck and rolled the dice for a super container. Shazam...I got a super container with 1,000 doubloons. Thank you Santa!! No, I won't shoot my eye out.
  7. i got a bonus package that is not assigned to any ship, i have to choose it, but,, i cant find this permanent bonus package anywhere in my game.....anyone know how to retrieve it? because, its hidden...
  8. Invisigoth_

    Christmas containers

    Christmas Containers have a very low chance of bringing anything good out. I have opened dozens without achieving a positive award. They are a fraud. I remember the World Of Tanks Christmas 2020 Containers, that every 5 containers gave you a tank.
  9. Draza_Mihailovic

    Italian Destroyer Containers?

    It's been quite awhile since the Italian Destroyer Containers were obtainable, during the Italian Destroyers Event. I was wondering when will the containers be added to the Armory and Premium Shop for purchase, so for the people who didn't complete their collection may do so? P.S. I understand that it states that the containers will be added to the game in a future update, but it just seems like it's taking much longer than the other containers that were tied to a newly released line of ships. For example, the German Battlecruiser Event's containers seemed to have been added to the shop after two patches post-event.
  10. I can't seem to earn/get any more Transformer stuff - how can one get more?
  11. If you receive a "Try Your Luck"/"Small" container from one of the following sources, do you have any chance that it could be a Supercontainer; or will these always be just a "Small" container? Daily Login Reward Mission Reward Website "click" gift Very curious; and I don't have nearly enough data to say anything other than they'll always be "Small"s.
  12. Frostbow

    Code: SOVBB21

    SOVBB21 Get it here: https://na.wargaming.net/shop/redeem/?utm_content=bonus-code
  13. If you can't watch, iChase pretty much shows how opening say over 100 santa gifts, the pull happens from the same list of missing ships for all these containers.This leads to you being showered in duplicates which are compensated with doubloons. You get a profit almost always, leading to making infinite profits from every single possible container drop. Then by selling the tier IXs or in general high value ships you can repeat this, basically turning this into an infinite doubloon/credit circle. You sell high value premiums, you buy more containers with doubloons, open them all at the same time. Duplicates guarantee a higher amount of doubloons as compensation and you can do this as long as you want. Overall, this looks like a big oversight and it's good it was corrected. Still, I can't help but wonder whether some lucky guy exists with a million doubloons, a few years worth of premium time and a few tens of thousands of camos and signals. Oh yeah, and disclaimer, THIS BUG/FEATURE/CALL IT WHAT YOU WILL WAS FIXED AND NO LONGER WORKS. PLEASE SPEND RESPONSIBLY.
  14. This Holiday Update has a massive amount of content. I run through the details of the opportunities in this update to help you decide how to get the most from your gaming time this season. I hope this helps!
  15. I bought a set of 3 Santa mega gift containers, and opened them all at once. NOTHING was displayed or noticed that I had won or received. Any help would be appreciated. Sincerely, Max
  16. Hey guys, i just recently came back to the game, and with all these new features i seemed to of lost myself an Optimus Prime Commander but getting it in the container when my reserve was actually full. Is that the end of it? or is there a chance i could get it back? Couldnt seem to find any info about it this morning, so i thought id ask
  17. Here is what my last 18 normal crates gave, Iam happy, got bumblebee yesterday out of the 6 containers
  18. To show, i didnt win "good" things everyday on the Summer Sale 2020:
  19. Pessoal, Ja que não viram os outros videos, estou postando os outros 3 aqui num único tópico:
  20. After reading Khafni's post about the month of TYL containers, I decided to try that for August. In order to do that, I had to empty out my stash of Resource containers that I was working on. During the accumulation (which I started in mid-April after I screwed up the one I started April 1st), I opened up all special containers (like German CV, Twitch, etc.) at the point of collection as well as 5 in-game 'odd balls' to prevent them from affecting the end results. On the 78th container, I screwed up and selected 1 TYL vs Resource. It was 4 flags but I forgot to write down what they were (as you can see, it wasn't that memorable). I received 4 Supercontainers during the run The 54th container was 100 Sierra Mikes The 115th container was 100 India XRay The 153rd container was 15,000 coal The 217th container was 50 Restless Fires camos There were 242 remaining as of this morning, and with one click - here is what they gave me: 118,400 coal 79,000 Free XP 5 Type 2 camos < looks like I might have missed selecting a container and got a system-generated one in there. 123 November Foxtrots 84 Juliet Charlies 4 India XRay 4 Victor Lima 87 Zulu Hotels 4 Mike Yankee Sox 145 Papa Papa 79 Zulu 4 India Delta 37 Hotel Yankee 249 ESCLs 25 duplicate symbols (of 21 different types - multis on 3) 11 duplicate shields (of 9 different types - multis on 2) Those duplicates netted me 540,000 silver Not too bad for free containers. Since I am a Co-op main (and an 'essential employee'), I typically only worked for 2 containers a day during the week and then tried for 3 a day on the weekends (unless life or WoT gets in the way ;). I will let everyone know how my TYL August experiment goes.
  21. I decided to collect Try Your Luck containers for the month of July. Results are surprising - especially regarding Supercontainers. 87 of 93 containers collected. 80 were TYL, 6 were SC, 1 was Resources (oops). The gory details below... I know I exceeded the draw rate for SC. Three of them showed up in the first three days. (Tin Hat Theory says RNG caught me up since I haven't drawn an SC in over 6 months.) The only complaint I have is that I still haven't drawn a ship in a daily container... Your mileage may vary but I hope y'all've done well!
  22. Unless you are strapped for credits or need cammo, why choose anything but "More Resources" when selecting a daily container? I tracked my container results for the first half of the year. 546 containers could have been collected over the 182 day period from Jan 1 to Jun 30. I collected 500 daily containers. Only three were not "More Resources" containers (missed collecting them at end of day so they defaulted to "More Credits"). Of the 497 remaining 10 were Super Containers (a 2% chance per container!). The 487 "More Resources" containers yielded quite a haul. 259,600 Coal (without clan bonus) 144,500 Free XP 189 Zulu signals 558 Equal Speed Charlie London signals 192 Zulu Hotel signals 234 Papa Papa signals 165 Juliet Charlie signals 156 November Foxtrot signals 75 Hotel Yankee signals This is too lucrative to pass up! Your mileage may vary but best of luck with your container choices.
  23. Hi All, I would like to save certain containers which I would like to not open at this time (e.g. containers which have a certain/high chance of premium time). Is there a button somewhere that would let me skip the current crate to open so I can open the next one? Or am I strictly stuck with FILO? Cheers, Tekisei
  24. shadragon

    Enterprise CV

    I'd like to get an Enterprise CV. I hear good things from the players who have her already. It was in the premium shop, for a while, but no longer. Is she coming back at some point? Or is that it? I hope Wargaming realizes they would make more money if they actually had products available. :) I also heard it pops up in the odd supercontainer. Is there any way to improve the odds of a ship drop? With my luck I`ll go for an Enterprise and get a Mogador...