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Found 9 results

  1. I finished my last KoTS mission today and now have all the items I need to complete the collection. I began wondering which T7 premium ship I might get so I looked at what T7's I already have. I looked at the Wiki and bounced available T7 against what I have in port and it seems like I lack only four ships. Atlanta B Florida Hyuga Sims B I doubt it'll be a Black ship so I should get either Florida or Hyuga. Wut??? Looks like I got a duplicate. Didn't know that was possible. I'll be cashing in the captain for his ECXP. After a little digging in the notifications I find doubloons! Thanks WG! I'll be looking around for something worthy to spend it on!
  2. Felipe_1982

    SC reward

    To spread good vibes, i was gifted in a raffle a supercontainer, so the reward is a good reward in my opinion:
  3. For those who did not do the PT server for the latest test update 0.9.8. This is a video showing the Birthday containers of the 5th Anniversary of World of Warships. There will be a difference this year in that steel and coal will not be given out directly as it was done in the previous years. I think 2020 Christmas rewards in WoWS will be done the same way, but that is speculation by me. Anyways free stuff is a good thing, right?
  4. Boa tarde! Estou com um probleminha desde o mês passado, eu recebi 1 container no mês passado(junho) e ao clickar e depois entrar no jogo não aparecia o container e depois no fim do mês sumiu. Este mês(julho) apareceu um esta semana e também não acontecia nada ao clickar no 'clique aqui' e estava com uma outra data....hoje apareceu mais um container e os 2 tem 02/ago como vencimento(o que já tinha no inventário mudou a data que estava antes). Só queria receber meu containerzinho :(
  5. I heard in the EU stream today that the drop rate from More Resource containers was supposed to be about 50% for 800 (2 x 400), and less on either side (1 x 400, and 3 x 400). I just went back to count my stats and here they are: Total Containers: 264 400 Coal: 196 containers, 74.24% 800 Coal: 51 containers, 19.32% 1,200 Coal: 16 containers: 6.06% Other: 1 (15,000 Coal! What!?) 0.38% These stats span from 22-Nov-2018 to 19-May-2020. 50% is a tad off.
  6. Just another statistic about Daily Containers (for those who try to make sense out of RNG). I was able to collect all three daily containers for the month choosing only the Resources container. Here are the results from 93 Resources containers: Coal ** 49,200 Free XP 27,500 Zulu 52 Equal Speed Charlie London 128 Zulu Hotel 40 Papa Papa 44 Juliet Charlie 36 November Foxtrot 40 Hotel Yankee 16 Surprisingly, I received three Super Containers this month. 100 Equal Speed Charlie London signals 7 days Premium 50 Halloween camouflages ** The coal amount does not include the coal accrued from completing the two daily missions, which amounts to an additional 12,400 coal, nor the clan 10% bonus which adds an additional 6160. Grand total for the month is 72,260. I definitely like what I got from them! Thanks, WG. Disclaimer: Your mileage may vary due to your particular relationship with RNG...
  7. bubbleboy264

    Supercontainer help/luck

    Ive unlocked over 100 containers so far, a mix of try your luck and the other options. So far I've gotten only 2 super containers, and with both of them I wasn't using the try your luck containers. And the rewards in the 2 containers? 50k free xp and 250 flags of some type I can't remember. Meanwhile I see posts of people getting multiple super containers each week, getting free Nikolai's and gremyaschy's while I get rotten luck. I've opened several dozen try your luck containers, gotten NOTHING. The most I got was 5 premium camos. Why does this happen? Why is my luck so bad? Even when I get all 3 containers in 1 day i still get crap. Please help me...
  8. My MS Paint edited screenshot says it all, really. Mass container opening option is being implement, doing this as well would make things even easier.
  9. Noticing many of the CC videos on the subject didn't showcase the drop chance of the ships (as they already have them) I decided to drop some coin so you all can get a taste of what they might have inside. Judging from my usual luck, I didn't expect much.