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Found 26 results

  1. So in the announcements regarding US cruisers, they stated that you can earn bonus missions from the containers to get Atlanta, Kidd, Monaghan, Sims, or Cleveland. Just to clarify, are there two types of containers, one of which can give the missions and the other which cannot? I ask this because the current containers I get from the Indianapolis missions don't seem to be spitting out anything. I'd like to know if I'm wasting my time hoping that the Indianapolis missions will spit out a chance for me to earn any of these ships.
  2. I have the Bretagne and Normandie. How do I win more containers to get the Lyon and Richilieu? I cant remember if I got them from a challenge, mission or campaign. The event ends on the 16th so I don't have a lot of time. I don't want to grind 72,500 XP in Normandie to upgrade to Lyon. Ughhhhh Icy
  3. Hi All, I just got my first Duplicate Symbol. As far as I can see this means it is just lost in to the abyss. It may be a good idea for WG to add a new option to the symbol collection. They should allow you to collect duplicates and when you have enough you can use them to buy a special symbol only available through this method. Also it may be neat to have different values depending on the symbol depending on the rarity and coolness factor of the symbol. Exp: 5 dup symbols will get you a basic symbol and then it can go on to 10, 15 and maybe even 20 duplicates for very cool rare symbols. It would also be nice to add text to the patch. Maybe the users name and or clan tag. Along another idea, why not have ship coat of arms as an option for symbols. I bet there would be many that would want there favorite ship as there symbol.
  4. Well for the first time in while I got a Super Container from a more credits pick --- I sat there staring at it, praying to RNGesus, hoping this would be the day I would fall out of my chair and get a premium ship! I opened the Container, and heard RNGesus chuckle "Here have some Camo" 50 Ocean Souls - not bad, but still not my best that was 10 Mil Credits before WG change the drop. Is there a proper sacrifice to RNGesus so you do get a ship? Disclaimer ---- This is All in good fun, I am happy with the Camo.
  5. Legion Container Query - Do they expire?

    Greetings, I was wondering what happens when the Legion containers go "off sale" and you still have a few you haven't opened? Common sense would dictate that they'd stay in your hold until you decide to open them however I was hoping someone can confirm/deny this from previous years offerings, and that they don't auto-open and get added to your inventory when they are no longer available. Reasons why I might want to keep them unopened: Prospective premium time might be in them and I might be going offline for a few weeks/months. Keep a few as a personal reward that I can open when I hit a 8 match losing streak and need to convince myself that the game is worth playing still. etc. etc. Thanks for your time. -CL
  6. Here is my video for my 20 Santa's Mega Gifts opening. I got 4 ships, and 3 were back to back. That gives about a 25% drop rate for ships in the mega containers. Good luck all, enjoy the video, may your bilge pumps be merry, and your HE bright.
  7. FINALLY! After so many attempts to get a credit super container, I finally got it. Wow I even couldn't believe what I got !! ............ One hundred of -100% chance magazine detonation flags. ARE YOU ****ING KIDDING ME !! GARBAGE! SMH.
  8. First, here is a screenshot: As you can see, the match here start before daily reset and end after daily reset so the daily 50% bonus applied but it's not counted toward daily container. It's inconsitence between daily reset bonus and container daily reset.
  9. I've almost got the second of the three phases done on the RUDD "Equip Your Ship". I note the second is a torp accessory - rah. Third phase is five containers. Completion of the mission is a super container AND ten containers. My math then tells me I should finish it with one super container and fifteen containers. Those who have finished or know could tell me - do you get to choose your containers or are they simply given to you? Is the total count 1SC/15C correct? If you got yours - what all did you get? tia fyc
  10. Super Containers

    Just out of curiosity I was wondering something with Super Containers - How many of you have gotten a premium ship and what was it? Best I ever did was a bunch of credits or Free XP so I just wanted to see how many players had.
  11. I'd like to repost this just to see if I can get a response from WG on this one. I think it's a good idea. Tell me what you think.
  12. Some of you probably have an offer for a 99 cent container in your premium shops, in addition to the $2.99 container, and may not have noticed.
  13. I just want to thank all the haters about the flags that came in super containers. I would much rather get 250 flags than some crap special modual I will never use on my ships. Whenever you guys complained things got worse. Literally get a SC today. But punched in the throats it was a spotter plane mod. Don't ruin good things.
  14. Hey guys! I was just curious how many containers you've gotten so far. As many of you would probably have realized by now, almost no one has gotten the Senior Supply Officer achievement yet. Now, it's been 6 months, or about 194* days since the patch went live. Therefore, the most containers anyone could've gotten by now is about 580, as you can get 3 daily. Now, currently, I myself am at 485 containers open... So that means I've opened about 2.5 per day (Yes, I'm addicted to this game). So by my estimations, it will be about 140 more days, or a little over 4 more months, until, by regular gameplay, we get the first player to obtain this Achievement! That's right, this achievement is even rarer than Solo Warrior, or Clear Skies!! TLDR; So the question is, how far are you along in getting this achievement yourselves? * Notes: Patch went live on NA server on October 12. I used this website to calculate the days since October 20th till today.
  15. Just when I though I would never see a super container again, I got a: Gremyashchy. I was hoping for a Imperator Nikolai I (I'm not even sure that's possible) but I am just as excited and pleased with this! Not sure when the last time, if ever this went on sale other than the pre-order.
  16. So I played a decent game in my Tirpitz but I did not carry hard enough and it resulted in a loss. Ah well! However, I earned more than enough for a container so I went with "Try Your Luck" and got a supercontainer! What a great consolation prize! Inside was this:
  17. Supercontainer help/luck

    Ive unlocked over 100 containers so far, a mix of try your luck and the other options. So far I've gotten only 2 super containers, and with both of them I wasn't using the try your luck containers. And the rewards in the 2 containers? 50k free xp and 250 flags of some type I can't remember. Meanwhile I see posts of people getting multiple super containers each week, getting free Nikolai's and gremyaschy's while I get rotten luck. I've opened several dozen try your luck containers, gotten NOTHING. The most I got was 5 premium camos. Why does this happen? Why is my luck so bad? Even when I get all 3 containers in 1 day i still get crap. Please help me...
  18. Presentes de Natal do WoWs

    Comprei 3 Presentes do capitão hoje e não me arrependi, recomendo para quem não tem muito dinheiro disponível como eu. Logo no primeiro presente consegui um Indianapolis com um capitão de 10 pontos e gostei muito! Agora tenho um premium murica para treinar meus comandantes (O bicho é ruim d+! mas o desempenho dele é assunto para outro tópico ). No segundo presente consegui um Emden... valeu mais a pena o comandante que veio junto que o navio em si (o comandante provavelmente irá trabalhar no Friedrich ou no Roon ), mas gostei que tenho mais um navio tier II pra poder acompanhar marinheiros de primeira viagem no jogo, parece que achei esse presente ruim, mas gostei bastante! No último presente ganhei 20 bandeiras do dragão, essas são sempre bem-vindas, não importa a quantidade! Estava pensando em comprar 2 Presentes do Almirante, infelizmente só poderia comprar 1. Poderia comprar 9 presentes do comandante, mas pesquisei as chances de sair um navio premium e elas eram quase nulas. Então terminei comprando os 3 presentes do capitão mencionados no começo. Totalizando R$ 30,12 na hora q comprei. Realmente recomendo comprá-los caso esteja disposto a gastar ao menos um pouco no jogo. Qual tipo de presente-contêiner, quantos deles, se vai pegar mais de um tipo e o quanto você poderá gastar tem que ser levado em consideração para pegar a melhor opção. Sintam-se a vontade para compartilhar o que conseguiram com seus presentes capitães! Edit: fiquei tão animado na hora de abrir tudo que esqueci de tirar screenshots para compartilhar...
  19. Everything feels so good all of a sudden Yesterday reached R1, and today got this. Never had a super weekend like this before... Thanks WG :3 Ahhhh, feels so good
  20. Dunno if anyone experienced this before, but some of my containers sometimes just get stuck midair instead of coming down to the ship. It gets kinda funny when they're opened like that
  21. I got this with one of my "lucky" containers. I was astounded when I saw it. This was a nice little treat and totally unexpected. Alright! Thank you WG
  22. I like the container system. The crane is a nice touch and the squids on deck is great. Ultimately though...I'd like to fix my selection (Try your luck) and then collect all. The animations and interface make it click, select, wait, pop. I can see the drumroll suspense idea but that was never a thing for our dailies. Just as the Captains have a down arrow for a menu select, how about the same thing where 1 of the options is pick and the other 4 options are the selections. Then a separate button for "collect one" that can be toggled to "collect all". Maybe an animation where all the containers stack up like a jackpot in slots to build the excitement would be fun. Then all of them open at once.
  23. If it's floating up in the air like that At least I can still open it XD Found this bug when I "collected" my container & alt-tabbed - can't tell if it's reproducible.