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Found 15 results

  1. Thunder_Feet

    Standardize, please!

    I tried to find if there was already a thread on this and came up empty, so here goes. If I had ONE wish granted by wargaming today, it would be that they standardize the keybinds / slots for consumables. Damage Control is always R, but everything else is a crapshoot. I just got blapped by torps because that one or two seconds reaction was ruined while I searched for which $@#!&! key is torpedo reload booster in Yugumo, after having just played Kitakaze the game before and they aren't in the same slot because Kita has smoke and torp boost in separate slots, Yugumo in same slot (choose one or the other before battle). Two Japanese DDs, both with the same consumable, not in the same slot/keybind. Standardization is pretty universal even between countries - gas pedal, brake pedal in vehicles, for example. It's actually an engineering discipline, Ergonomics. I realize that there are only 5 free keys on the Q row free for consumables, but for some of the rare consumables like torp reload, you could crate a new slot or two and bind them to higher, unused numbers (6 and up). It would be better to have to reach for it a bit than try to figure out what key activates it while you are trying to read the mini-map, dodge torps, communicate with allies, and chase the kitty away from the mouse all while answering a question a family member is asking. If you had Y always be Repair Party, U always be engine boost, I always be smoke, and other things be numbers 6 thru 0, then once one got used to it it becomes something you can put in muscle memory and just do without being distracted. I really am not just ranting, I think this could be done with VERY little "resource allocation" on WG's part, and it would make gameplay so much better, IMHO. I know there are those who would argue to the death over what key where, and I say I don't care, just make it consistent between ships, and I'll adapt. Thanks for considering!
  2. I just noticed that the first 11 days of March do not offer any consumables like Damage Control Party or Smoke Screen or anything else. Is this a permanent change to the Daily Combat Missions? Will only signal flags be offered from now on?
  3. Sammy_Small

    Italian Cruisers Consumables...

    The Italian tech tree cruisers are the only cruisers in game that don't have a choice of Hydro as a consumable. Since most of them have relatively short gun range in relation to their concealment, so giving up a spotter plane for a 3km hydro is not a straight upgrade. Instead it gives you options late game against DDs, that may be in smoke, other then: Option 1: Run away Option 2: "eat torps" and get sunk
  4. One of the most important things in World of Warships is to stay alive. Too many players don't care, their ship is dunked, they leave the battle and queue for the next one. There are a lot of consumables in this game, some infinite like shells and torps, some available in limited quantities like smoke, radar, etc The ships themselves are in fact consumables, players can play and play the same ship. Captains are somehow consumables too, they die, resurrect, die and so on... Kind of reincarnation. One of the most important, and maybe the most important consumable in a war are men. I propose then, like captains, a crew consumable can be imagined, like captains, they have skills... And they would also have a "morale" variable. The longer they survive, the more morale is high when they resurrect. And after all, the game is about steel castles, the men who cammanded them... Why not remember the ones who operate them?
  5. TLDR: new consumable ideas: Torpedo spotter, Escort, Torpedo boat, support ship, bomber wing, surveillance aircraft, sea mines, sonar buoy, anchor turn, slow radar Hi all, I know wargaming is thinking about and testing new ideas for consumables to be equipped on ships to diversify and improve gameplay. I had a few ideas and I thought I would list them here and ask what everyone thought. Here they are in no particular order. Torpedo spotter: "A torpedo spotter is on high alert." When this consumable is activated, the range at which the ship spots enemy torpedoes is increased by 1.5 to 2x. I suggest a duration and cooldown similar to defensive AA fire. This consumable would have a home at all tiers, likely on CA/BB. Escort: The ship enters the battlefield with an escort of 2-4 (depending on tier) AI controlled ships as an escort. The escort ships are tier 1 cruisers for the nation using the consumable, and the number increases with the ship tier. The ships are controlled by AI, but generally seek to sail in group with the player's vessel, at distances not exceeding 2 km, usually within 1 km, providing spotting and fire support. They would avoid obstacles normally, and automatically fire on hostile targets. Damage dealt by these ships is credited to the deploying player. They do not respawn if sunk, and count for damage normally for other players, but not player kills, instead having a special ribbon similar to shooting down an aircraft (support vessel destroyed). I thought of this idea because large ships generally traveled with and need an escort for protection. Tier 8 ships would have 2 escorting ships, tier 9 would have 3, and tier 10 would have 4. The main advantage of these vessels at the higher tiers is torpedo spotting and blocking, and the slight increase in spotting range for destroyers and aircraft. The tier 1 cruisers are ideal for this role because they aren't very powerful, are easy to destroy, and are constructed in the early 1940s, which would allow them to fit with tier 8 or higher ships in technology level. This consumable (or upgrade) could be mounted on battleships and aircraft carriers only. Torpedo boat: Similar to the escort ships, but this would require new game assets to be designed and implemented. Examples of this class include the German S-Boote, the US PT boat, and the British MTB. Point distribution from the boat and destruction of it function as above. This consumable could work two ways, but I favor b: a: upon activation, the ai controlled torpedo boat enters the map from the nearest edge and proceeds to the target area. It carries a limited number of torpedoes which it will launch at the nearest target it can spot. Upon running out of its torpedoes, it would either hang around the area, patrolling, or exit the map. b: the torpedo boat enters the map and sails with the player's vessel. It will attack the nearest enemy it can see at the earliest time available, but has a smaller spotting range than most DDs. I favor this method as it would allow the boat to enter battle and follow any craft to any point. Either method could work, or even both, one as a consumable, the other as an upgrade. This consumable could work at all tiers, but is ideal for tier 6 and higher. It can be attached to DDs and CAs, as it does not fit the mission of BBs or CVs. Support ship: The final escort ship type consumable I would suggest is a copy of the support/repair ships from scenarios. Once again this would be a consumable or upgrade attached to a BB or CV, though anyone could benefit from the repair radius. If it is a consumable, it would sail onto the map to the area at which it was called and stay there until either destroyed or the mission ends. It may have a limited amount of repair supplies however, in that it has a finite amount of damage it can repair before leaving the battlefield if depleted. If this is an upgrade, then it would follow the deploying ship without a limit to the amount it could repair over time. Bomber wing: Another high tier consumable (tier 6 to 10), this is a naval bomber wing which can be called into the action area. This consumable would be mounted on a carrier or battleship and have a capacity of 1 to 2. When used, it would bring up the minimap and allow the player to indicate a grid coordinate for the center of the target area. The bomber wing would then enter the map from the side of the player's team (center border) and fly straight to the indicated location, after which it would circle in the 9 square box around the targeted grid attacking enemy ships in the area for 2.5 minutes before leaving by the same route. Alternatively, they could enter and leave like the fighter consumable on carriers. The attack force is made up of three dive bomber wings of the lowest matching tier (tier 6 for ship tiers 6-7, tier 8 for 8 to 9, and tier 10 for ship tier 10) to the player's nation and is only available on ships of nations with aircraft carriers and thus naval aviation. This consumable could be carried on battleships and maybe high tier cruisers. Surveillance aircraft: similar to the bomber wing in use, except this is a high flying spotting aircraft. There is only 1 and it will fly in circles around a 9 coordinate square providing spotting as appropriate for an aircraft. However, this aircraft can only be shot down by fighters, and not ship AA. It would have an action time of 1-2 minutes once on station, 1-2 uses carried on the ship, and a long cooldown (~5:00). This consumable could be used at tier 4 and above with the plane model being a copy of the naval spotter plane used on battleships. It could be available on cruisers, battleships, and carriers. Sea mines: Finally, something for destroyers. Starting at about tier 3, this consumable would be available. On each use, the DD would drop a stationary sea mine into the water, with friendly ships given an indicator for its location (friendly fire is possible). After a short cooldown of 10-30 seconds, another mine could be launched. DDs could carry between 3 and 10 of these depending on tier. Damage from the mines would be similar to that inflicted by an aerial torpedo, with a chance to cause flooding increased. If a ship is hit by an enemy mine, a marker for the location will appear on the interface of all player on their team, showing that there was a mine at that location, and thus providing a minefield warning. The indicator would function like that which marks torpedoes, but would be a sea mine shaped red outline (or white/green for friendly players) for detected mines. Exploded mines would show the indicator with an x over it for enemy ships only at their location. The mines would stay anchored for the duration of a battle, and can be detected by hydroacoustics. This consumable particularly adds an interesting option for area denial. Sonar Buoy: This would function as a sea mine, but is instead a surveillance buoy dropped into an area. It essentially acts as a stationary, long duration hydroacoustics consumable. It can be destroyed by shooting it or ramming it, resulting in a ribbon. This consumable could be carried by destroyers or cruisers of tier 6 or higher, and would be particularly useful if submarines are implemented into the game. It should have 1-2 uses and a long cool down. For opponents, the bouy could be spotted at a range of .5-1 km, after which it is indicated on the interface and can be targeted. Anchor turn: This idea is not as fleshed out. Essentially, the ship drops its anchor, making a very tight turn to the next indicated direction before cutting the anchor loose. 1 use, BB, CA, and DD ship types. Slow Radar: This would be a long lasting radar consumable (2-3x the length, same recharge), but its visibility is only in a tight cone of 30-60 degrees. This cone then rotates around the conning tower clockwise, completing one full rotation every 20-30 seconds. Range of the radar would be the same. It could be deployed on any ship that uses radar. Those are my ideas. They may not all be good, but I think each would add some depth and variety to the game and introduce new strategies and gameplay mechanics.
  6. SGT_Ronson_1

    Buying consumables

    OK call me a noob already Where/ How can I buy consumables in bulk? All i can find in the port is how to sell all my consumables and I want to BUY.
  7. With the ongoing threats that the broken CV meta and Radar Cruisers pose to Destroyers. How many of you think that making Radar a damageable module would help balance gameplay for DD's? After all, the rotating Radar dish on a ship is a real thing is it not? Just like torpedo tubes, guns (both main battery and secondary), engines, and rudders can be broken. By doing this the destroyer has a better chance of surviving what would normally be a perma spotting situation by CVs and Radar and the ultimate annihilation of DD's in a battle. Any ideas?
  8. In short, give players the option to assign consumables to keys/slots as they like. It gets very frustrating to play matches in one ship class, switch to another class that utilizes similar or the same consumables and every one of them be in different slots. IE playing several battleship games and switching to a cruiser, high tier in both, and muscle memory activating your heal, and well that is actually DFAA. and wasting consumables and possibly causing your own demise since you believed you were healing all along. Same goes vice versa when planning to use a heal in a battleship and instead using hydro or speed boost. Being that i use a mouse with hotkeys i would rather assign my consumables to the keys themselves, so all heal would be the second slot. no matter in a bb or cruiser, or even a dd.
  9. I know in the movies they give away there position by going to active sonar for subs and Modern day destroyers just wanting to know If your going to make that a possible thing that maybe allows them to detect you like maybe just a radar ripple going off on your minimap like it the movies the flight of the intruder has a screen where there radar towers...Also Maybe see if you can introduce some maps with he ability that when you capture a place and hold it for 30 seconds it allows a boost to detection via a radar array on the capture points Island or a lookout tower or maybe an automated gun :) or control of Land Based artillery guns for each Division Commander
  10. Here's the beginning, now WGing needs to continue... Any1 else got any suggestions you know where to leave them. Everybody should be thinking of new Commander skills that are SHIP CLASS SPECIFIC!!! No more of this CV skills available to every1 but CV captains! All the stupid "not recommended" stickers just wasting spaces that could be filled with better skill choices! I got some ideas and still thinking, here's what i got so far... I'm sure there's gotta be some more good ideas out there! Under Water time included in Concealment stats for SUBS New Consumable Sonar Buoy: for Cruisers and DD's with tow-behind sonar systems, active for 1min or 1min30 and for premium version 1min30 or 2min Depth Charge Reload Booster: Any ships with depth charges could use this, active time 20 seconds, premium version 40 seconds... (essentially the torp reload booster of depth charges, would work the same way) New Skills Signals and Communications expert: allows you to mount 1 additional signal flag for a total of 9 4Pts BB's Sonar expert: Allows you to see torpedo locations on the mini map, both enemy and friendly. Also increases your underwater spotting range 5%... In the creation of this skill it has the option of only being active when hydro or sonar buoy is active, also determining witch classes it should be available to 3-4pts universal? Main Armament Munitions Support: increases main battery reload time 5% 3pts BB's Artillery expert: increases Main battery Firing range 10% and 5% secondaries 4pts BB's and CA/CL Oxygen Systems Management: Increases your dive time 10% and decreases your oxygen recovery when surfaced 5% 2-3pts SUBS Torpedo Tube management: Allows you to use 2 loaded torpedo tubes of the same selected type simultaneously. This does NOT allow simultaneous use of rear and front tubes, nor separate single-load tubes (sorry ZIPPER SUB). 4pts SUBS SUB Hunter: Increases Underwater spotting abilities and stacks with hydro/radar and decreases Depth Charge reload time both by 5%. 4pts DD's Helmsman's Adrenaline Rush: Increases ships top speed and rudder shift time 0.1% for every 1% HP lost 2pts universal? (other option is to just add this to regular Adrenaline Rush, some would argue that to be OP tho no doubt)
  11. Noticing the nice sale on premium consumables, I was wondering if there is a way to pre-purchase them? In WoT you can just go to the store and buy them in bulk there at the sale price... but I can't find anything quite like it in WoWS. I figured I'd check in here to see if I missing something. Tnx.
  12. Florendo19

    Is AA worth it?

    So I had played several games with defensive AA equipped on my Gearing when I decided to switch to engine boost because I was not seeing any CVs and I wanted to be able to run away from radar and catch other ships if I needed to. The first game I get a two CV game where I get perma spotted and swarmed by planes. In the end I was Auto drop torped in smoke after trying to dodge all the enemy dive bombers and torps, getting my engine killed twice, and not to mention the ever present hail of enemy shells from 6 reds. If one were to look at my stats, they would see that the most planes I have shot down in my Gearing is 7. That was this game. I would like to say I lasted longer than I should have but I still didn't last very long. My question is, should I equip defensive AA knowing that I normally run DDs with AA off and that it is only useful when facing planes or should I equip engine boost so I can improve my positioning while being more vulnerable to airstrikes?
  13. I suggest the requirement to quickly double-tap a consumable key to use it in order to reduce the times where accidental use of a consumable occurs. Maybe you're in the heat of battle and want to communicate in chat but don't properly enter chat and then use a consumable without first opening a chat box first, or maybe you just accidentally put your hands to rest to heavily on your keyboard causing you to fire off a smoke or repair prematurely in a match. Or you reach for one consumable and accidentally fire off two consumables, such as the T-consumable when you really were just reaching for the Y-consumable. Additionally, perhaps also a half-second delay between firing off consumables would also help prevent the accidental use of an addition consumable due to any sort of fat-fingering mishaps.
  14. Things that could make clans battles better and get CV's into them. consumables, Anti-Air, Static boat types and matchmaking. Consumables are out of control, to many boats have to many different consumables that give them an edge over other boats with no negative effects. Destroyers should never get defensive fire because they just can't fit enough AA mounts on their hull to get the ability and since they have a high mobility why do they need it? Cruisers should only get defensive fire if they pick an AA hull, and battle ships should get defensive fire because of the large amount of AA mounts they have already. The Anti Air in tiers 8,9,10 are to high and people stop playing their Aircraft Carrier just out of frustration of not being able to do anything. The boat types are limited and you can only play a boat one way, why not give different hull types so the player can change the boat spec to suit what he needs or wants more of. If a player wants to go Anti Destroyer he can pick a radar hull that will come with less main guns but a long range radar, if he wants to go Anti Air he can get an AA hull that will have more AA mounts with longer range and less main guns. Aircraft Carriers shouldn't be able to short drop torpedoes and bombs. Finally match making, i would wait an extra minute in queue if it means i would never have to face ships higher then one tier above me, it isn't fun and feels like i'm wasting my time playing that match.
  15. I've only been playing WOWS for a few weeks now, but I've played WOT for several years. I've noticed that you are charged for consumables even if they are not used. In WOT, if you don't use a consumable, your not charged for it. Why is it different in WOWS. Thank you for your responses and answers.