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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all Captains, I wonder if this idea have been visited previously by someone else or discussed in passing. However, I've had an eureka moment few days ago and though I'd share with the community. Just maybe the WG staff will take notice or implement them in the future, should they like the idea of course. (let's please not discuss the pros vs cons, usage of Radar itself in-game, this is not the thread for it) We have from secondary modules, AAA guns that get destroyed by shells damage; but not any other ship parts (Radar, Hydro, etc) However, the main usage of the "Damage Control Party I/II" consumable is limited to fire & flood damage as it is currently used. Why not allow these consumables to effectively repair the Radar (or hydro) on the ships once they are hit by the shells? in another words, introduce an area on a ship (which has Radar) to be 'hit' then to be repaired by using the "Damage Control Party I/II" (DCP). i.e. A shell hits Des Moines conning tower (again, as an example), thereby disabling its Radar consumable temporarily. The Radar consumable will be down until the cool down counter is complete, or the player activates the Damage Control Party I/II. Much like we do now with fire & flooding damage. This would make the abundance of Radar in higher tiers to be somewhat mitigated without driving a hard wedge into what is already designed into the game. It would give the players the chance to intentionally temporarily disable the ship that has radar. Allowing more tactical play/option for players. Conversely, the ship with radar would be more careful in implementation of it's radar asset or be suggested to play more wisely, tactically, or just go ham with it in fear of having it down temporarily. For the WG team, I would imagine it would take some work to add this into the game (should they take the idea on-board). But I think having the already used DCP to include the radar damage system would be a somewhat a feasible option? As a sidenote, the conning tower on ships. Besides taking damage, I believe it has no other uses in-game. Why not double the usage of that section to include the above mentioned idea. I hope what I wrote makes sense, if not I can attempt to explain further. What are your thoughts gents?
  2. GrimmeReaper

    New Consumable

    I propose a new universal consumable for all... THE SALT SHAKER... Yes that is right the SALT SHAKER. You use it to spread salt on your fellow captains, once used your detection range becomes the entire map for 60 seconds, meaning everyone knows exactly where you are... And is free to fire upon you. If you use this on a Teammate, Team Killing Penalties are suspended for 60 seconds as well. Now I all hope who reads this has a good laugh as I did thinking it up. Enjoy!!!
  3. On USN destroyers Range: 9.5km Duration: 30 seconds On IJN destroyers Range: 11.5km Duration: 25 seconds Both nations Cooldown: 145s/125sec (prem) Charges: 3/4 (prem) Not found on any other ships Becomes available in its own slot starting at tier 8 (Benson, Akizuki, Kagero). Retroactively added to premium destroyers Harekaze, Asashio, Kidd, and Black (shares slot with Radar) When activated any battleship in range loses all rudder and throttle control for the duration. Throttle remains locked at its current form, while rudder centers itself. The ship is forced to travel in a straight line until the consumable effect ends or the battleship travels out of range. Any battleship traveling into the range of the consumable while it is active will also be affected. The only indications that it is occurring should be a small indicator near the speed/rudder dial indicating speed and rudder are unresponsive. This consumable should better balance destroyers vs battleships and enable skilled plays to take place. One could even say it's required, because currently a battleship has to make some pretty serious mistakes to actually be sunk by torpedoes.