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Found 4 results

  1. Ever since the Royal Navy battleship line has been released, they have been a thorn in the side of gameplay experience. No, they are not overpowered, and no, they cannot influence a match to the extent that other equal tiered BBs can. The problem is that they are unfun. They are both unfun to play, and they are sure as hell unfun to play against. These ships are one trick ponies - eat massive damage while spitting out massive damage. On paper, that is okay and pretty normal for a battleship line, until you see how it actually works. These ships are big, and they have screw all for armor, the damage they take is from IFHE spamming cruisers and IJN gunboats, yikes. The damage they deal, is not from big AP salvos, they’re from braindead 10k+ damage HE salvos that throw on 2 fires a pop, yikes again. Royal Navy battleships have always been a point of contention when it comes to balance, after the initial nerfs to Lion and Conquerors’ heal cooldowns, the initial flames over their impact died down. But these ships (and the line in general) still remain in game. I’d like to draw attention to the oldest RN BB in the game, Warspite. I do not own this ship, but I own her WWII era cousin - Vanguard. These two premiums are the embodiment of what the community wants from Royal Navy battleships, what got thrown out the window in WarGaming’s rush to make yet another Royal Navy line unique (I’m not opening the can of worms that is RN CLs). These two premiums, with Vanguard being released after the standard line was released, focus on being highly maneuverable, being punished when showing broadside, and absolutely slapping enemy ships with AP when the opportunity arises. These ships have an average skill floor but an extreme skill roof. I can say from playing Vanguard that, if a captain knows what they are doing, these ships can, and will, dominate a match. But, if you screw up, if you make a misplay at the wrong time, it’s back to port. You don’t get to sail around broadside all willy nilly and get off with a 10k salvo done to you that you can simply shrug off with a mega-heal. So, what needs to be done to the entire RN BB line to actually fix it and make a decent line? Not much honestly, and Vanguard’s balancing cycle highlights this. When Vanguard came off of the ST server and into the live client, she was complete crap and an embarrassment to the playerbase. WG tried to turn her into a main line ship, the community and the CCs were not going to have any of that crapagain, and rightfully erupted over the proposed changes. WG quickly reversed this balance decision and turned her into the T8 Warspite we have today, with her only real limitation being the poor turret angles, an aspect that is out of WG’s control due to historical factors. Here’s the general changes that should be implemented to fix this abomination of a line: 1. Raise the roof. Raise the citadels, make them punishable to remove the braindead defense of these battleships. I will give credit where it is due, WG is testing this on Conqueror and Monarch on the live client in what may very well be the first stage of changing this entire line. 2. Remove that damn quarter pen on the HE. Seriously, do I need to say anything else? 3. Turn on a dime. Entire line, no question. Everyone has best in class rudder shift time like the Vanguard and Warspite. I will not give specific numbers, but you should understand what I’m getting at. 4. Fix that damn AP. No short-fuse [edited]. Normal fuse with improved AP pen wherever needed for balancing reasons (ahem, Monarch). 5. Buff and nerf the heals. God. This one is a damn mess. You go from standard heals at Tier 3 to Tier 8 to super heals at Lion and Conqueror. NOPE. KILL IT WITH ̶F̶I̶R̶E̶ ARMOR PIERCING. Give T3-T7 a Warspite heal, give T8-T10 a Vanguard heal. Boom, problem solved. Although a net nerf for Conqueror and Lion, the improved rudder shift will allow them to negate damage taken by avoiding it entirely. 6. Buff sigma. Encourage AP usage by showing off devastating AP salvos on enemy targets. Nothing crazy like Stalingrad’s 2.65 sigma, but more akin to Vanguard’s 2.0 sigma. 7. WD-40. The ultimate meme of Warspite that was eventually given. Buff the entire line’s turret traverse, topping out at Vanguard-levels at T8-10. The older dreadnoughts can stay at slow levels, just not as slow as they are right now (72 seconds for a 180 turret traverse). 8. No other gimmicky crap, that’s it. 9. Oh wait I forgot. Nerf concealment, not by massive amounts, but enough to not allow some of these ships to outspot equal tier cruisers. For specific ships there will need to be changes in order to balance them out, here’s what I personally predict: 1. Buff Monarch’s gun range. This ship is the downer of the line, she’s too short ranged, push it up to around 20.5km. 2. Buff the 457mm Conqueror. Alright I lied about Sigma. Either make these guns lasers or buff the reload up to around 24 seconds to allow them to be useable. 3. Remove 419mm Conqueror option (?). Not sure here, it’s a no-brainer but buffing the 457mm guns may not make this one a necessity. A reload nerf of 2 seconds may be in store though because 12 guns with high sigma will never turn out well. 4. Nerf King George V. Reload: 27 seconds, no question. 25 seconds is too fast and 29.5 is proven to be too slow (see: Duke of York). That’s about all that I can think of right now. I will not touch premiums in this post but I personally believe the option of changing Hood, Duke of York, and Nelson should be on the table. A temporary ability to exchange these ships to doubloons should be available, or free xp in Nelson’s case. WarGaming should, in my opinion, go the full way in cleansing the game of such a poor balancing choice, these premiums should not be allowed to roam about still spamming HE (less so in Hood’s case after the recent changes) after the main line has been so drastically changed in terms of play style. In conclusion, I believe that the main line of Royal Navy battleships should be completely reworked to conform more to the design of Warspite and Vanguard, rather than mid to long range fire spitters that give the middle finger to ships that fire back via having an underwater, and almost untouchable citadel. So please WarGaming, I ask of you to not simply do incremental changes to singled out ships in this mess of a line, go the whole way and turn the line into what it has always meant to be. Thank you. TL;DR: Give me my line of Warspites reee.
  2. So I ran into a close combat with a Des Moines in my Conqueror. We were about 6km and bow on each other. I loaded AP (419mm) because it can overmatch DM 27mm bow armor but it really disappointed me. The DM tried to reverse and he overturned a bit giving me about 45 angle. I turned a bit to shoot all turrets at his side armor. No citadels but many ricochets. Next round he was perfect bow on and I shot into his bow. Lucky 10k but still no citadel. The DM downed to 10k hp. I am afraid of giving too much broad side to the heavy US AP so I reversed into bow on position. I expected that one or two salvo could easily finish him. However, the next round only 1 hit some 2k; next round no hit. At that time the DM decided to speed up and ram me. I fired my last salvo, some 4k or 5k. The DM was still alive and rammed me. My question is, in such situation, should I charge in or reverse? Should I keep bow on or an angle to fire all turrets? Can 419mm RN AP citadel DM from the bow? If I had got even one citadel in the three salvo I would've killed the DM before he rammed me. When I was in my DM, I had ton of experience eating citadels from BB AP into my bow, even from 18km away. While I cannot citadel him in 5km. Feel so bad. I am pretty sure if I was in Monty or Yamato the first salvo to the 45 degree angled DM would have killed him already.
  3. Ok boys I will try to be brief and straight to the point. Its to long of a tier X grind from Ranked 16 to 2. No ocean map. Excitement don't start until halfway into the match for the majority of the games (at least in matches that I have participated so far). Some tier 10 maps are too big for the event IMO. At tier X with the current Ranked system, The Conqueror is the must toxic ship because It has the unfair advantage of out farming damage then anyone in the fleet it joins A Conqueror driver, never has to play the objective per se. All he has to do is out damage the fleet and well his star is saved from being taken away. The effect this has on the fleet it joins is Even in a lost, he will never lose a star because his damage farming capabilities This causes the rest of the fleet to try to win at all cost but, if its a loss, its no longer a wait to see who saved there star situation. Thanks to the overwhelming fact the conqueror can out damage the fleet (and probably tops the red team as well if he could). Everyone will lose a star except the Conqueror. I believe its an unfair situation. But if WOWS lets you get away with it, HECK I would use it too. But its not right. lol I can probably think of more but its a feed back thread... Speak your minds, I love Ranked, I mean its the above points that sours me to it but over all I enjoy the format. If anything I suggest a solution. A Tier 10 only ranked with different rules/regulations and a mix tier ranked with the current system. I feel player retention for the long run doesn't start at tier X. Its in the lower tiers. GL/HF
  4. I haven’t had the Conqueror very long and I just got enough XP to research the turret upgrade. I’ve read the wiki and they seem to recommend staying with the stock rifles and not upgrading to the larger ones since you lose ⅓ of the rifles and there’s an increased reload time. I’m looking for advice from others who’ve played her more which turrets they went with and why. Thanks in advance.