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Found 1 result

  1. This isn't a crucifixion thread, this isn't a complaint thread, this isn't a call to action. This is a concern of mine that has culminated in me taking a step away from a game I thought I'd play until it died. Every match pans out the same way. The entire team huddles into a corner and waits for the enemy to come and kill them. More often than not they completely fail to take out any ships until late in the game, where the few remaining teammates are either the somewhat skilled or the lucky. I should have called it quits when I dropped to 50% for the evening. By no fault but their own, Wargaming has, over time, constructed this problem. Lowering battleship citadels. A German battleship line incapable of heavy punishment through citadels. A British battleship line that, not only had incredibly easy to use HE (a low skill ammunition type for battleships), had a super heal, incredible concealment, and low citadels. Battleships are fairly popular, WG promises to "remedy the population issue" and introduces a destroyer line that, instead of having anything interesting, gets torpedoes that are just really difficult to dodge. They also hit cruisers for some reason. An American CL line joins the fray at the same time as the IJN alternative line appears, featuring incredibly easy to use, fast firing HE spamming guns. The CV rework was pulled from months of silence, took skill based RTS carriers and made one of them incredibly powerful in the rework. Within a week all carriers were reduced to below pre-rework levels of impact. The death-ball meta that developed from this has stuck and leads to very uninteresting matches. WG is selling t9 premiums, ships that populate the highest bracket, available to anyone with enough money. It feels like wargaming has moved away from premium ships and content and moved toward lootboxes and RNG content. Every new release has "buy premium crates" plastered front and center. WG takes busted ships they never fixed and tosses them in event containers. I don't have the answer to what this game needs to keep it alive for as long as possible. I don't have any suggestions for what Wargaming could do to make this game feel fun again. I honestly don't feel as if Wargaming has the answers. Is it Russian battleships? Who knows? Is it RN CV? Probably not? The game doesn't feel like it's being tailored toward any kind of competitive scene. In the same way Pop music is shallow and built to cater to the largest crowd, so too is World of Warships. The matches are too quick. They are too one-sided. It doesn't matter if I win or lose, the disparity between the winning team and losing team is colossal. 10 ships lost vs 2. 9 ships lost vs 1. All ships lost vs none. Never in World of Warships have I seen a game where the entire enemy team has died without us taking a single loss. Recently I've seen so many examples, and even been part of several. I find it hard to believe Wargaming perceives one-sided matches as fun or enjoyable for anyone. 13 of the 15 random battles I played tonight ended with one team completely dominating another. If this is what WG is pushing toward, I'm not positive about the future of the game. If Wargaming is going to continually lower the bar and open the door for more players over improving the current players, I have even less faith. Is this similar among others? Are you having worse or better luck with matchmaking? Have you found better or worse players lately? Have you been having more or less fun? With a little regret in my heart, I have uninstalled World of Warships and removed Game Center this evening. Below is my history of matches tonight, where 13 out of the 15 were short, one sided, frustrating experiences. I feel I'll be taking a large break and trying to convince some others to as well. Today World of Warships, for me, died.