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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, all! As of late, I've been thinking a decent amount about the lack of more famous ships from the Great War present in WoWS (in their WWI configurations, I mean). These are ships whose names are fairly well known and that played important parts in the First World War at sea, and frankly the fact that they aren't already in the game is a bit sad to me. I'd love to see more love for low tier premiums, considering they tend to be quite fun due to where they sit in the matchmaker and the fact that they are typically pretty cheap to grab. I'm gonna go into detail with some hypothetical stats for them, but by all means, I'd love to hear opinions from others as to things that could be added, removed, or changed. Anyways, off we go with the first one! Tier IV German Battlecruiser Seydlitz Seydlitz was the only ship of her class, commissioned into the Kaiserliche Marine in May of 1913. She was an improvement over the previous Von Der Tann and Moltke class battlecruisers, sporting a more refined armor arrangement and higher top speed. She operated under Rear Admiral Franz Von Hipper's 1st Scouting Group, serving as Hipper's flagship for much of the war. In 1914 she and the rest of the 1st Scouting Group took part in several operations, with Seydlitz showing up late to the Battle of Heligoland Bight and taking part in the bombardment of Yarmouth, Scarborough, Hartlepool, and Whitby while avoiding interception by Vice Admiral David Beatty's 1st Battlecruiser Squadron. In January of 1915, she and the rest of the 1st SG took part in the Battle of Dogger Bank, in which Hipper's battlecruisers engaged Beatty's while attempting to disengage. Seydlitz was struck by a 13.5 inch shell from the battlecruiser HMS Lion, striking the rear barbette and detonating. While not penetrating the barbette, the explosion flashed into the turrets, igniting propellant charges and destroying the two turrets aft in the resulting explosion. The ship was saved by quick actions from an executive officer, who ordered the magazines to be flooded. All the while, Seydlitz struck back at Lion, crippling her engines and causing the flagship to fall behind the rest of the British group. Seydlitz and the rest of the 1st SG escaped with damage, though the armored cruiser Blucher was lost. After some repair, Seydlitz once again bombarded Yarmouth and Lowestoft in early 1916, though she struck a mine on the return trip and required around a month to repair. On May 31st she and the rest of the 1st SG sortied ahead of the High Seas Fleet, in an action that would eventually turn into the Battle of Jutland. Here she and Derfflinger contributed to the destruction of the battlecruiser Queen Mary, which exploded under a hail of fire from the two ships. Throughout the remainder of the battle, Seydlitz was hammered by British gunfire and one torpedo, barely managing to stay afloat due to expert damage control. She managed to limp into Wilhelmshaven under her own power, where repair work lasted until October. After this, Seydlitz never saw combat again, eventually being escorted into Scapa Flow along with the rest of the High Seas Fleet. She was scuttled on June 21st, eventually being raised and scrapped by 1930. Now, let's get into some hypothetical stats. Main Armament: 5 x 2 28 cm SK L/50 (Range 15 km, reload 26 sec, 180 rotation time 40 sec) Secondary Armament: 12 x 15 cm SK L/45, 12 x 8.8 cm (Range 4.5 km, reload 8 and 4 sec, respectively) AA Armament: 12 x 8.8 cm (Range 4 km, reload 4 sec, DPS 16.2) Speed: 26.5 knots Rudder Shift: 14 sec Turning Radius: 620 meters Concealment: 13.5 km sea, 8.5 km air Consumables: Damage control and repair party. Basic tier IV stuff; I'm not a fan of consumable gimmicks. Health Pool: 42,500 Armor: See below So what makes Seydlitz special? Seydlitz has a gun suite that should be fairly standard for other German BBs of her tier range. The smaller caliber of her main battery is countered by a fairly quick reload, high muzzle velocity, good AP performance, good turret angles, fast rotation speed, as well as decent range. However, her shells would have typical German BB dispersion, similar to other BBs (think Nassau and Kaiser). I'm not sure if she should receive standard or short-fuzed shells, so I'd love to discuss that. Her secondary armament, while limited in range, is fairly adequate, as with other similar-tier German BBs. AA defense is fairly poor, which is one of the reasons I have her sitting at tier IV. However, this should be at least somewhat helped by her maneuverability, which should allow her to at least dodge some torpedoes. Speed and maneuverability for Seydlitz are a bit special for her tier. Her high speed of 26.5 knots can allow her to get around the map much more quickly than other BBs of similar tiers, giving her a fair amount of choice with positioning. It can allow her to run down or flee from slower, stronger BBs. Furthermore, she possesses a turtleback like the rest of the German BB line, which should protect her quite well from being citadelled. The 100 mm strip along her stern and bow should also serve to protect her from being overmatched, and her relatively small superstructure spaces should somewhat minimize the amount of farming HE can do to her. Concealment will allow her to get into range fairly quickly, as well, while not particularly stand-out for her tier. Playstyle-wise, Seydlitz will give captains a low tier version of the playstyles enjoyed by some of the more high-tier German BBs, such as Bismarck, FDG, or GK. This can offer newer players a cheap, historically significant ship to get a taste of this style, as well as giving more experienced captains a low tier historical battlecruiser that can allow them to play just as they would in the higher tiered BBs they're more comfortable with. All and all, I think Seydlitz would be a fun, aggressive low tier ship with more options for gameplay than some of the other low tier tech tree German BBs. Anyways, that's all just my brainstorming. I'd love to hear what everyone thinks, as well as suggestions, criticisms, and all the like. Hope you all enjoy! I'll probably work on some more concepts later on. A link to her wiki page as well; her history is pretty neat!