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Found 3 results

  1. We all know the in game report system is useless, but the compliment system is equally bad or worse. I would love to see players receiving a "played well" compliment receive some benefit (to hell with the "nice manners" etc). This ideally would be a free flags, camo or credits for their accomplishment. This could be done minimally enough without destroying the economy and would promote positive feedback for once. In addition, the game needs much more positive support for recruits. I can care less about getting recruitment containers as a well established player with tons of ships, camos and flags. I want my friends/recruit(s) to benefit from me helping them. Paying a huge sum of recruiter points to give us both a container isn't that. Allow recruitment points to purchase more options for the recruit. I feel like recruits aren't getting nearly enough from WG in general to support that brand new grind. Credits are probably the biggest bottle neck.
  2. The real let down is that not even 1 of your own team compliments you (well, one player did in team chat). 20180825_172556_PJSD518-Asashio_35_NE_north_winter.wowsreplay Then later you do this and nope, notta, zip, zilch, no sale. 20180826_014007_PASB518-Massachusetts_25_sea_hope.wowsreplay How come it's so easy to report players but not so easy to give them a pat on the back. There is no reason to waste your daily allotment on AFK players, the game already knows. Compliment your team mates when they do well. Recognition goes a long way and it takes so little time to compliment some one. I suppose in the first replay, that the team thought all was lost and none stayed to watch a route. Probably thinking why did we get the Asashio on our team? That damn thing can't even torp most of the ships, we lose automatically. To the enemy that complimented me, I promptly complimented you back, Thank You. GL and fair RNGs
  3. People (generally) just quick trigger the report button for virtually anything. You need to do something special, usually in-chat and not a carry, to receive a compliment. If karma is to get you anything (as I have heard they said at some point you will get rewarded for high karma), they should just separate the reports and compliments, and you get something based on how many compliments you have. You can get reported for being nice to someone another person was harassing or bullying. You can get reported for carrying and someone thinks you're hacking. Reported for saying virtually anything in the spirit of competition that millennials now get offended by and need a safe space to venture into after hearing it. Considering you need to be extra nice to receive a compliment, and they are THAT rare, the amount of compliments someone has, disregarding reports, can say something about the type of player they are. Okay, here comes the controversy.... Regarding the far too sensitive chat ban, I was reported the other day for saying that a bunch of guys that YOLO'd into three times as many ships as they had got "word for sexual assaulted". Okay, I understand that if I joked about the violent criminal act that is one thing and bad taste. But this word is used in sports and other competition all the time. Who hasn't used the term to describe a massive defeat in sport or game? Can't we take a look at the context of which some words were used? Must we be so hurt and broken up by a word? Cmon millenials. What is going to happen when WW3 starts up and the kids are so pampered, pudgy and spoiled they cant even lift a rifle to defend themselves? Yes, maybe as a white male, once jock hockey player, I am insensitive. Am I wrong, but must I receive a chat ban for this? Or couldn't the individuals actually offended by this not just say I am offended by that and move on? Or mute me? Must we all be so terribly offended by words that we need to censor them. I remember when I was a kid we would say "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me". Is the saying now, "words are so scary and dangerous that when I hear something that I don't like I need to seek the individual that said them, attempt to ruin their life so I feel better, but not before I find a safe space to hide in". Rant complete.