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Found 6 results

  1. Yeah first game in for the weekend allready turned off, NO fun starting a battle and I am on Iowa and enemy pvp Iowa one shots me! I hit him for like 1/10th of his hitpoints. Luck shot? Triple Citadel? Heck I dont know but I swear Im hating this game more and more, I will continue to play some.. not much. I have yet to spend any money since I can not shoot a sub on my Des Moines unless its almost on top and I am sick of Torpedo damage being outrageous now this one shot ,, cmon gtfo. Guess I will only play my T6 Dd since everything else feels nerfed to hell! Glad we have ability to buy some Autobot things, feels just like WW2.NOT
  2. I've been playing WoWs for about 4 years. I'm not a great player, I consider myself just an occasional player, however with the pandemic I've been playing a lot more lately and I've noticed that A LOT of times I play against invisible destroyers! Destroyers, as you know, are the ships with the highest final speed, the greatest acceleration and deceleration, are small and difficult to hit at greater distances and still use the most devastating weapons in the game (torpedoes). Additionally they can release smoke screens to hide and assist other players on your team. Everything I said in the previous paragraph is true and acceptable, but I think having invisible ships in the game is INSANE. Yesterday, in a match, there was a destroyer less than 10km away, with no apparent smokescreen and even so he managed to go around and torpedo me without being seen!! I honestly don't know the justification for having a ship 100% hidden in broad daylight and with perfect weather conditions at close range. This greatly detracts from the game experience. When I see that there are many destroyers in the match, I am already discouraged, because there will certainly be some "USS Eldrige". I think this is the only problem in the game, this attempt to turn all destroyers into "Sansons", which can easily destroy all "Goliaths". My suggestion is that this be removed from the game in order to balance things out. I would also like to know what is the justification for the existence of a ship that cannot be seen at close range in clear weather
  3. WG seems to be nerfing quite a few UU (Unique Upgrades) to the ground. While the intentions might be good, but the measures are BRUTAL to those who grinded hard for the UU. Really, I would humble suggest that WG focus on buffing weak UU's, and leave the stronger ones AS THEY ARE. -For the very same reason WG did not nerf Giulio Cesare into T6. -People GRINDED hard (UU campaign / Research Bureau) to earn certain upgrades -People even PAID in last year's April fool's event to get certain upgrade. I would not claim to be some sort of elite, but I do play a fair bit of competitive including KotS, owned 250+ ships, and contributed slightly to supertesting ships. From my understanding, Yamato/Zao/Moskva/DM/Groz UU are some of the strongest, and even theirs DO NOT deserve much nerf. Make it so that UU should moderately outcompete existing upgrades, albeit just very slightly. -Nerfing UU upgrades, even a slight one, might really screw up with player's effort of easily >50-100 games and even REAL-MONEY purchases. -With the UU now sold in Research Bureau, they share the same valuable resource as a RB reward ship, and should be heavily considered to be mostly nerf-proof, the same way as any premium/reward ships. And seriously, if UU has been behind such a high grind/pay wall all along, why not just make it slightly pay/play to win? Would be a win-win for WG's marketing, and players would feel rewarded to have a nice UU after all the efforts :D
  4. Snargfargle

    Complaining Threads

    Too many threads around here are started solely to complain about something. Maybe there should be a requirement that all complaint threads be tagged thusly. Or, if you are not complaining then it might be a good thing to tag your threads "question," "video," "compliment," "example" or other descriptive marker so that people who are tired of the complaint threads can find them. Of course, since this also is a complaint thread I'm tagging it appropriately.
  5. USS_Taylor_Swift

    Buff sector selection for AA

    This is the result of a match I just had with a full AA build Missouri. Both CVs relentlessly attacked me for nearly the entire game. I was able to do absolutely nothing but retreat for the duration of the game. There is absolutely nothing fun about it. With my full AA build, I was able to shoot down a whopping 20 airplanes out of their magical infinite hangers. Who designed the manual AA sector selection system and thought it was a good idea? Once the red planes go through their attack on you, their planes have flown over to the AA weak side of your ship and by the time you switch sectors, they are already attacking and now once again flying to the other side. This whole system is just bad, but we should at least be able to switch sectors immediately or within 2 seconds. I just don't understand how this was played in testing and enough people thought "this is really fun! We did a great job and our players will love this!"
  6. anonym_Hf93Jbjm9WjT

    Complaint about supercontainers

    I don't deserve this (I wish there was a way to give unwanted gifts away, to more needful/worthy players) : Advice is welcome, most sincerely. edit : (update) I think the Supercontainer came from a WG code, H2K0WGFEST18 that I borrowed off somebody's discord today.