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Found 3 results

  1. USS_Taylor_Swift

    Buff sector selection for AA

    This is the result of a match I just had with a full AA build Missouri. Both CVs relentlessly attacked me for nearly the entire game. I was able to do absolutely nothing but retreat for the duration of the game. There is absolutely nothing fun about it. With my full AA build, I was able to shoot down a whopping 20 airplanes out of their magical infinite hangers. Who designed the manual AA sector selection system and thought it was a good idea? Once the red planes go through their attack on you, their planes have flown over to the AA weak side of your ship and by the time you switch sectors, they are already attacking and now once again flying to the other side. This whole system is just bad, but we should at least be able to switch sectors immediately or within 2 seconds. I just don't understand how this was played in testing and enough people thought "this is really fun! We did a great job and our players will love this!"
  2. I don't deserve this (I wish there was a way to give unwanted gifts away, to more needful/worthy players) : Advice is welcome, most sincerely. edit : (update) I think the Supercontainer came from a WG code, H2K0WGFEST18 that I borrowed off somebody's discord today.
  3. I'd really like it this time if the premium engine boost module/upgrade does NOT disappear this time.. If it does it'll be the third time I've lost a high end special upgrade off a rental/loaner ship and it's just a bit annoying. I'd demount it now with doubloons if I had them but I don't so let us see if this idiot bug happens again.. this time It'll be documented. Still unhappy that I lost a bunch of coal that I should have gotten from when I was in STW-A.... Never got a reply from anyone on that.