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Found 1 result

  1. TJRD: The Jolly Roger Division is now actively recruiting players who wish to be a part of a team that works together and has the ability to advance. We are a recently formed leveling and advancing clan with the direct goal of giving our members the ability to expand their skills and interact with like-minded people. Our goal is to expand our skills so that we can get our feet wet and trained up in Clan Battles and Ranked play. We are a newly formed clan of experienced players that wants to create our own community of active players. If this sounds like the clan for you then here are some more about us: We are looking to create a great community of active, mature players with strong and able leadership. Each of our members has a voice in clan decisions and we want them to provide as much feedback and ideas as possible so that the clans can improve and grow. We division and play together daily which improves our effectiveness as a team, especially in competitive modes. This enables us to try out different things and exchange information about the game to improve each player's success. We provide invaluable training resources, updates, and guides through our Discord channel so that all our members have easy access to them. Our goal is to reduce the skill gap between our players by improving and growing them. This makes everyone a valuable team player and an asset to the clan. Our requirements are fairly simple: Discord is a necessity. In order to work together and be able to learn and work well together, we need to be able to interact. Good average damage with good average experience and battles. Be a Team Player (willing to learn, improve, and teach). Being open to learn and help learn will speak volumes. At least one tier 10 that's not a battleship. Preferably at least 1 tier 10 Cruiser or close to obtaining a tier 10 Cruiser Given that we're trying to build groups for clan events, such as clan wars, brawls, and scrimmages against other clans we require a tier 10 ship such that everyone can take part. IMPORTANT: We would rather have a mediocre player who is fun to have around and we can teach to improve, than an inactive, toxic elitist. If you want to check us out and get to know us before joining here is our Discord link: https://discord.gg/dRa6kKR Hop on in and see what you're missing out on! If you have any questions or comments, then leave them below or message @ColiasLore, @imsharkbait @Harry_Bulzonya or @Syph0n81directly. It's not about your time in battle, it's about your impact in the battle that makes the difference.