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Found 6 results

  1. FirstDayAdmiral

    Taking Randoms Too Serious

    I think we all have rounds where there's someone that needs a break. You have a collection of people that play randoms. You have the competitive folks that forget that it's not esports. They also forget that they are playing against the next groups I will list. So they have this idea that they are against players of the same level of experience. There's the impaired group. Meaning drinking after a long day. The spirits crowd loves firing up competitive people. Typically trolling the competitive anger chat. Mom or Dad lets their kid play their account. So the competitive people that think they are talking/playing against a similar player, are actually losing their mind over the actions of a kid at the helm. Next is just the group that rolls in and wants to go lone wolf. I call those anarchists. You won't convenience these guys to do anyyyyything they don't want to do. "It's my game and ill play it any way I want." Lastly is the medical group. People with issues that impair play. I am a part of that group. What I'm getting at, is all the emotion over Randoms is useless. You're gonna win and lose. The people youre playing with could fall into any number of categories. Complaining and losing your mind in Randoms is useless. I continually say that Ranked is where you should be if you want to show your worth to an extent. This isn't targeting anyone directly. Just something I noticed and I wanted to throw out a friendly reminder that you're not up against people of your same mindset. I see needless stress, I think we all play to get a needed break. I hope everyone has a good day.
  2. I have found that lately in Clan Battles there is 3 major Strategies. A CV(FDR, BVR), lots and lots of Petros/Nevskies, maybe 2 Kremlins(Stalingrad may work but it depends) if a team is feeling that or a Thunderer to clean AA...Finally maybe a Halland to sneak into caps for some teams. This is about the max use of the META I've seen lately. I played about 40 CB Battles from every type of Clan, from the top to the bottom and even 2 Asian Teams tonight. There are rare exceptions and sometimes you might see a variation but not often. This also seems to mirror what was seen in KOTs except there you couldn't bring CVs and some games had greater variety even. Destroyers had a much more vital role. . . I am not saying you cannot run whatever you want. I am just saying it appears a little more varied than the Venezia/CV comp of last season. Though it is kind of narrow? Primarily Russian Ships are going to be it. They all have the 12k Radar, they are most survivable, and armored. Destroyers hmm, you might field 1. Petro takes rocket strikes, and AP bombs better than any other ship in the game AFAIK so why would you bring anything else to tank a Cap or keep vigilance over it?
  3. We have griped for years about this. When are you actually gonna do something to make games more competitive? There is nothing more demoralizing than logging in, getting blown out 3 matches in a row. Not a single good game. Losing is not fun, but at least the matches can be fun when competitive. What you guys are serving up daily is hot garbage with more garbage on top. When you get pubstomped 3 games in a row its time to log off. I also find its harder to get myself to log in. There are so many things I could choose to do with my time and dealing with the aggravation that you all serve up is dropping lower and lower on the list of things I want to do. People spend RL money on camos, flags, ships, etc... and want to have fun and engaging matches. Not blowouts that are boring for the winners and the losers. This last game was the final straw for me. 7 Minute match.... 7 minutes.
  4. First off, I'm stating this opinion from the perspective of a clan that is using a CV in our lineup. Tonight we got a late start, but got 6 games in. 3 of our 6 games were against BB teams and we won 2 of those by pretty comfortable margins and curb stomped the third. In our 3 games against other CV teams we won 2 and lost the third by 2 points. So, do I think that the advantages of the CV outweigh the advantages of the BB? My answer would be a definite YES. Basically against BB teams, we had a HUGE reconnaissance advantage. At the start of those games, our CV would send planes to scan the whole map. This allowed us to see very early on how the enemy team was going to deploy, which side was going to get the push, what ships we going where, etc. We could see what their battle plan was from the get go and make our own adjustments to counter it pretty easily. The BB team on the other hand could do no such thing in return. They were largely in the dark to what we were doing while we knew what they were going to do ahead of time. They brought DDs to scout, but they couldn't scout anywhere near as quickly or efficiently as our CV could. Typically, the DDs died very quickly either blapped by rockets, or perma spotted by planes and focused down. The enemy would naturally "death ball" for AA, but then we could just encircle and cross shot them. I get WG wants to try new things, but I really think smaller clans that don't have a good or at least competent CV player, or don't even have a T10 CV in their fleet at all really got shafted this season. If WG is bound and determined to have CVs in CBs then they need to at least fix the MM and make it so CV teams only play other CV teams and BB teams only play other BB teams. Again, I'm not saying this as a clan that doesn't have a CV and is "just whining about CVs." I'm saying this as a clan that is using a CV and observed numerous unfair advantages our CV gave us against teams that didn't have one. What do you guys think? Is this already a serious issue? Or do we need to give it more time before jumping to conclusions?
  5. Hello. I have been hearing rumors that with Wargaming experimenting with tier 8 clan battles and tier 9 ranked, that there will probably be a competive season consisting of tier 3 ships. This really got me thinking that it would be pretty interesting to have a clan battle or ranked season with these mighty ships. What ships do y’all think would be good when a ranked or clan battle season comes in the near future focused in on tier 3 ships???
  6. In Reference to Clan Battles and Match Making, While in the Struggle from Gale to Storm league, my clan faced off against Typhoon League clans. I know this is because of the Alpha/Bravo rating system, where Typhoon clans had Bravo(presumption of Bravo)ratings in Gale league. This prevented us from advancement. There is nothing in the system that prevents the same players who made a clan Typhoon league rating possible in Alpha from playing in the Bravo rating or vice versa, thus preventing the advancement of lower league clans(because random chance loves us all). There also seems to be excessive numbers of Storm league teams in Gale league matches, probably for the same reasons. There needs to be a match making change to prioritize "like rated" teams, who do not have a rating TWO or even near two leagues higher than the rating of the team played against. At the very least, something clearly needs to be done to prevent such imbalanced and lop sided match making.