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Found 37 results

  1. We are currently seeking active players to participate in clan battles. A lot of our current members are getting tied up in other games. So I am attempting to stock up our CB pool so we can run all 4 nights each week, as we did in the past. To give a brief history; SKDSH was formed by us members in the command staff who met each other in a clan we used to run CBs for. Due to "issues at the top," we split and formed our own group. We do like to be competitive, but also provide a casual and laid back atmosphere. Until recently, we regularly achieved group 1 or 2 in storm league with relatively little issues and have even come close to breaking into typhoon. However, due to real life commitments, time constraints, and other games, we've been falling short lately since we don't get the volume of games in we used to. We have a highly developed naval base, with a lot of perks. We also division up frequently and even fool around in training rooms from time to time. We also take in "developmental" players in on a case by case basis and work with them to help them succeed. Below are a few baseline prerequisites I'm looking for in potential CB players. - at least 2500 battles played - 50% or higher overall win rate - .9 or higher kill to death ratio - own at least 2 tier 10 ships with 100 or more battles in each, and have good performance in them - 40k or higher damage average " prefer 50k or higher if more than 1k battles in t10" - Available to play CBs at least 2 nights a week Basic Rules of The Clan - We use Discord for in game comms, using it is required for clan membership! - Must have a sense of humor and thick skin, we like to cut up and joke around! - Be willing to play and work together as a team! If anyone is interested feel free to message me or any member of command staff in game! We are happy to help new recruits getting set up with and used to discord! Happy sailing all! , admiral
  2. Clan Privateer- PRVTR is looking for active member to add to our active new community of ex- WOT tankers. All of our current members are old school WOT tankers with a ton of experience in playing as a team and working together. We started PRVTR here to continue our traditions in WOWS. We do extensive divisions and team battles nightly. We want active players that are grinding through the tiers of ships. No tier 10- no problem. We will help you get there. Join us in our ts address and ask to speak to a Privateer member for more info. ts.gigx.co. We ask our clan members to be in TS while they are logged into the game and playing- that way you can participate and get to know your fellow clan members.
  3. [NA] The KILL community is a english speaking community and is looking to expand. [KILL] has reached high Storm and Typhoon in the past Clan Battle seasons (currently typhoon) while [KILL2] will be participating hopefully next season(haven't played). We are currently in need players who are experienced, have some experience in the game or who are quite new that want to learn/ improve. You must: - Have Discord, working mic and know how to use the application - Be active on discord. Division with clan members, [KILL] clan members and most importantly be a team player. - Not be a drama queen. We understand one might get frustrated from time to time but a constant crap stirring or unhappy individual in general is not wanted. - Expected to improve. - Be ready to focus during competitive play. Things [KILL] offer: - Max Navel Base - High Storm/Typhoon Clan Battle experience - Friendly players that will help you improve - Competitive vibe Things [KILL2] offer: - Navel Base half built (working on it) - Beginner Clan Battle experience - Friendly players that will help you improve - More laid back vibe [KILL] General things that we are looking for: - PR above 1300 - Around 2000 battles + - Have a win rate around 54% - Have or be close to 3 T10 ships Viable in the current meta - Comfortable in at least one ship class [KILL2] General things that we are looking for: - PR above 1000 - Around 800 battles + - Have a win rate around 50% - Have or be close to 1 T10 ship minimum While we prefer all applicants meet these general requirements, a player that shows clear progression will be considered. Stats aren't everything, we value a team atmosphere above all. Should you not be in line with what we are looking for, you may be invited on a probationary period where we can evaluate your potential.If you are interested, please join our discord! https://discord.gg/2rctCF2 KILL THEM ALL!!!
  4. 5th Dimension Gaming Community Fidelity, Integrity, Camaraderie and Excellence!!! is recruiting sailors, officers, into our active Warship Division . We are a gaming community set up primarily around Wargaming's Games. We are here to have fun in a mature, no drama or bull**** atmosphere. Don't get me wrong, we are competitive as well. We compete and win against the best out there. Fifth Dimension is looking for mature players or groups of players, 18+ who are committed to participate in the community, in game, with members and at the Website. The minimum age requirement is a hard rule without exception. We have been in Warships since the beginning. We have stable long term leadership. Teamspeak and microphone are a must. Prejudice and bigotry will not be tolerated. We offer perks for officers and recruiters depending on their performance. 5D Community has a lot to offer you: - 24/7 activity with expanding ranks. - Players of all ages (18+) and levels of competitiveness. - Training to become a Officer and better Captain. - TeamSpeak Server, Dedicated TeamSpeak Backup Server, Discord. - Tournaments. - In house contests. - Full website with messaging, email, gallery, forums, among other features. - Atmosphere to have fun gaming. - Stable leadership with years of gaming community experience (No drama). - No mandatory dues. - Active and Retired Military. Minimum Requirements for new members: - 18+, - 1,500 Battles, - 1 x tier 10 non-premium ship, - 2 X tier 10 ships, - Win Rate of 45%, - Active at least once every 30 days in game and TS unless otherwise pre-arranged. Contacts: Vendow, thewargod2000, B_A_D_B_O_B, Bratas, Trusin123, Meskiloco, Todd23, DeepWinter112, CJBmule, SEM4GDN1M, pfrybay, Narmor, ratpatrol and meisterbrau If you think you have what it takes fill out an application and one of our recruiters will get back to you: Register at the website and fill out an application here (www.5DClan.com). Or hop on our Main TeamSpeak: ts51.gameservers.com:9102 Discord: https://discord.gg/2qu6C7V We hope to see you in battle soon!!!!!
  5. Bravo Zulu! have moved to NA and are looking for active players to strengthen our competitive ranks. Whilst we are largely comprised of Australian and New Zealand residents, we welcome all English speakers to join us. Requirements: You must have a recent Win Rate >55% @ Tier X with a minimum of 1,000 Random or Clan Battles. If your overall win rate is below that you’ll still be considered if your metrics are rising. You must be prepared and willing to use Discord for in game communications You must have a selection of Tier X ships to choose from or be very close to achieving it Our Port Facilities are coming along with a strong focus on reaching our member cap and then steel and coal bonuses. All applicants are expected to join Discord and Division with [B-Z] members before being invited to apply as we want both parties to be satisfied with the choice they've made. Formerly known as Stop the Boats, we are the inaugural King of the Tasman title holder on the SEA Server and have plans to make an impact on NA now that we're here, so why not join us and make an impact yourself?
  6. Whether you're looking to organize a clan or a group, this sheet seeks to help you do it! This sheet does several things to help a growing (or already successful) clan move to the next level. 1) Provides an easy way to consolidate player ship preferences. 2) Allow users to quickly browse ship statistics in a variety of ways. (Unlike some of my previous sheets, this sheet is designed to be as fast as possible.) 3) Track player attendance data and provide a breakdown on that data in a variety of ways that are user friendly. 4) Allow for player notes for out of game communication. (When you don't necessarily want to use a website or facebook for whatever reason.) 5) Expedite tactical preparation by facilitating easy usage of MapTactics. If you want a copy already click this link and it's all yours. If you'd rather read through this first, there's another link at the end. The link gives you the option to copy the sheet to your own google drive. 1) Provides an easy way to consolidate player ship preferences. I used my own name as an example obviously, and I entered the two ships that I've used for ranked so far in the above picture. To the left of where I entered my name, the sheet automatically pulls in everyone that is in an entered clan. Clan tags are entered in cell B1 while the tier may be changed in cell B2. Once a clan tag is entered, it turns the sheet on. To the left of my entered name is a list of everyone in the clan that I entered. That list is for spelling purposes. The sheet operates of of the list of names you can see in the above picture. It does it this way to prevent getting off kilter. What I mean by that is this - if you enter a ship as your preference, and someone either joins or leaves the clan, the manually entered data is going to be off by one if the names are coming in automatically. It's also a problem with the attendance roster I'll be mentioning later. This means that you'll have to enter names manually one time. The auto list is still shown however to help with spelling. 2) Allow users to quickly browse ship statistics in a variety of ways. (Unlike some of my previous sheets, this sheet is designed to be as fast as possible.) But yeah... you have the option of bringing in either random battle data or ranked battle data. All you have to do is use the drop down menu to select randoms or ranked. The sheet will dynamically change the type of data it's bringing in at that point. This is done mostly to help while setting up for Clan Battles, knowing which ships players like to play and feel that they have the stats to back up. The color coding is dynamically set as well. I've set some basic stat goals up to start out with, but they're completely changeable if desired. All you have to do is scroll down and set it up the way you like it. Meeting the stat goals entered on a ship results in a green rating, while exceeding it by the amounts entered into the blue and purple boxes yields their color coding. If you scroll down just a bit more you also have some more options for basic stats analysis. Here you can select individual ship classes. The grey section on the right shows how much more improvement one needs on a particular stat to reach the next color coding. Purpled out means that you're already purple on that stat. The grey section on the left brings in attendance data from the attendance tab at the bottom. We'll see more about that tab later on. For now, just know that if you keep up with attendance, you'll get that nifty breakdown when searching through tier 10 ships for your clan's next Clan Battles team. Scrolling down even more shows the user a breakdown of everyone in the clan. I've whited out everyone's name and data in my clan except for mine (since that's the one I'm using atm to turn the sheet on). Normally the above picture would be filled with everyone in the selected clans data, even if they're not entered in that original list of names I mentioned earlier. WoWs-Numbers.com has excellent recources for clans, and I realized that it's open to import all of their clan data in one giant chunk. This made the import extremely quick and data friendly. It also saves me the time of having to zip over to their website to look for this breakdown. Plus I was able to format it to be much cleaner (in my own opinion of course!). Once again you get the attendance breakdown, the difference is that here you'll see it for everyone, not just those that have a specific ship. So what about ranked? Didn't I mention something about ranked? Ever want to see who's in the lead in your clan in the race for the big rank 1? Want a quick breakdown of basic stats on it? Scrolling down just a bit more you'll find another section. The user can use this to see who's leading the pack, as well as sort to see who's got the best win rate etc while not in the game. Once again I whited out everyone's name and data except for mine. 3) Track player attendance data and provide a breakdown on that data in a variety of ways that are user friendly. Down at the bottom of the web page you should see three tabs. So far everything I've shown you is off of the "DataBase" tab. If you click on the "Attendance" tab you find the following resources. Here I've entered some examples. To the far left you'll see "Wins you Have" as well as "Wins You Need". by entering how many wins a player has in Typhoon league for Clan Battles, the clan may better make decisions on who gets priority when it comes down to those last few days. Once you have 30 wins, the cells turn black and the numbers white. The sheet also counts up how many have 30 wins just above where it says "Wins you Have." Earlier I showed you a picture from the database tab where it had an attendance breakdown. How does the sheet know how many practices you've been to and how many non-practices (events) you've attended? It's all in the name! If you enter the word "practice" in the title of the said event, the sheet will tally it up as such. This way one can make informed decisions like "huh... they've been to every clan battle night... but not a single practice night..." Typing "practice" in the name is all ya gotta do! Attendance data on all the other tabs is populated from this tab. 4) Allow for player notes for out of game communication. (When you don't necessarily want to use a website or facebook for whatever reason.) In the "Lineup" tab you'll find the following resources. In the above you may see a few different things. There are places for the user to set up different lineups of players and ship compositions, this is designed for use with Clan Battles as well as Supremacy League. Well... it's a very toned down version of the one I made for supremacy... this is a bit more generalist. You also have a section in this tab for users to leave notes. If you're using this for a small aspect of your clan or group, and you don't want to muddle up your facebook chat/group or your website with it, this facilitates that need. The big blue cell is for a user to put a link to a specific map tactics room, so everyone is using the same one for strat development. There's also a smaller blue box below it with a link to the basic homepage of the MapTactics website. Scrolling to the right the user will find a database. 5) Expedite tactical preparation by facilitating easy usage of MapTactics. It's in this section where you may leave tactic names along with links to their images. This allows the users to use the drop down menu in cell "K2" to find a tactic name. Once a tactic name is selected, the corresponding image appears. If you're one of those gamers that doesn't want to necessarily share the full breadth of your tactical genius with your group (your precious map tactics theory room... you know I'm talking about who I'm talking about...) then maybe this is better for you. It'll allow your group to see the tactics that you've already pre-prepped up for use. So that's about it. That's what it does. I've already set up protections on the sheet. So whoever owns the copy of my sheet will be able to edit whatever they want. Those who don't actually own it however will only be able to edit cells that are meant to be readily editable. Yup.... well if you like it, and you want a copy, feel free to click the link below for your own copy. This Link Gives You A Copy Of The Sheet
  7. JessieTheKitty

    NNC Clan Recruitment

    [NNC] Norfolk Naval College Clan Recruitment Introduction: We are Norfolk Naval College [NNC], A typhoon level clan for the Haifuri Community which is the home to four other clans (HAIFU, WHS, PRNA, BLUMR). We are the main competitive clan within the community whom regularly divison with people in the clan or others within the community. We also competitively play clan wars and participate in our community's King of the Seas team. Furthermore, we or our fellow clans are here to help with learning how to play, or learning how to improve. Our Requirements: Must have or higher than 1200 Personal Rating (Found on https://na.wows-numbers.com/). Must have two tier 8 non premium ships. Must have a publicly view able profile. Must have and will use discord communications app. Able to demonstrate and have the ability to learn and adapt to the game. Cannot be inactive for more than 21 days without contacting the commander without risk of removal. 51% Winrate or higher. How to join: Simply join the discord, contact a recruiter / deputy commander / commander to apply for a position in one of our clans. Haifuri's community discord: https://discord.gg/7t6GcQK (Please respond to our staff when you first join) If you have any other questions feel free to message me or any other officer within the Haifuri community and we will do our best to assist you.
  8. [MIA] is a community of multiple clans who anyone can fit into depending on their skill level as well as dedication. [MIA] was founded by 9 of the original silver league champions of The Western Fleet. We left because of the autocratic and despotic leadership within TWF was both unsympathetic towards the opinions of their players and player feelings. We were not in control of our own destinies and with growing hostilities between the players and autocratic leadership, our leaving was inevitable. Yet, we still tried our hand at diplomacy only to have our negotiations fail. The separation caused a great deal of enmity between the newly formed MIA and TWF. We founded MIA to be as egalitarian as possible, with a focus on player happiness and the consent of the players. This focus will allow us to guarantee the longevity of MIA and the loyalty of our players. MIA currently has three different clans with different levels of competitiveness as well as levels of engagement. The clan differentiations are generally flexible and a player can move up as they demonstrate ability and determination in competitive gameplay. [MIA] is our most competitive clan playing Clan Battles daily and aims to place high in hurricane. The current requirements for [MIA] is ~1900 PR and 58% win rate. However, the statistical requirements are flexible and recent stats are given much more weight (we don’t really care about your 900 PR in an Omaha). However we expect you to play at a level consistent of Hurricane level players and fit well with our competitive teams. [MIA-P] originated as [TSPC], this is MIA’s second competitive clan. MIA-P has been a hurricane finisher in the past and the goal remains going forward. While the PR requirements are not a high as [MIA], it is still an excellent clan to join for those who wish to play Clan Battles and be a part of a large WoWS community. The current requirements for MIA-P are 1500 PR and 52% win rate but similarly as above, the requirements are flexible(We promise we don’t care about the 500 PR Furutaka, we have those too). [MIA-I] is our casual clan where the clan battles generally do not take place and is instead a location for our members to improve their skills or for inactive members to remain in the community. For MIA-I, our requirements are 1100 PR but this is not strict and as long as you are willing to improve, we’ll be happy to help you with that. If you are interested in joining our illustrious and lovely community, please drop by our discord at https://discord.gg/bRHN2Aj and/or message one of our admirals (Brujo62, Maverick_1716, Lord__Caedus, TheRealSenpai247, Katarya) in game or on the forums.
  9. The 90th Battle Group is always looking to recruit good, active players into our ranks. We currently have 9 Divisions and over 350 members, and are a gaming community involved in several different games. We are a highly active fleet and have members in our Discord at almost any time of the day or night. We do not discriminate on win rate, damage dealt, or statistics in general. Instead, we prefer members that will be active, available, and most interested in having fun with like-minded people. We all get along and have a great time, so having a good sense of humor will help you fit right in with everyone. While we have a competitive side, the 90th is about having a great time and a lot of fun. We also try to keep the toxic community out of our ranks, and we try to be respectful to everyone. The 90th was formed the day Clans where allowed and has grown from there. We plan to continue to grow as a Battle Group, not only in regular play but the competitive scene. We have proven ourselves as a threat over and over on the competitive scene in such events as Clan Wars and Shipstorm, and will be stepping into KOTS. The 90th is currently in the Typhoon League in Clan Wars. While many clans have gone inactive, shut down, and dropped off the face of Warships the 90th has CONTINUED to grow and strengthen. We have ZERO tolerance for drama and nastiness in our clan. What Perks are there in joining the 90th? You will be playing with a large group of highly active players who want to have a good time and kick butt. Almost all of our divisions' ports are fully upgraded, including one at the 50 member mark and several others close to it. This means purchase costs of Tech Tree ships are cheaper, you get bonus XP in battles, and lower repair costs. The 90th also offers regular training; we have many members who want to help others improve as players, even if it just simple things like learning to communicate, position. You name it, we offer it. Want to be competitive? The 90th's main fleet is where it is at if you are looking for some hardcore coordinated battles. Just getting your feet wet in the competitive aspect of the game? Then the 90thB and 90thC will be where you will start. Just want to play casual? No competitive? No Training? Just hang out with people and shoot ships then the 90thD, 90thG, and 90thR are for you. The 90th Fleets There is always room to move up within the fleet by proving your abilities, improving stats, and showing you are a TEAM PLAYER 90th - Full Competitive Requirements - 1000+ Battles, 52% + WR, 1200+ PR, Great-Unicum Damage, 3 or more Tier 10 ships preferably with 19 point captains. The ability to train up to twice a week for clan wars, Ship Storm, and KOTS. You must be very active and use discord! 90thG - Competitive Requirements - 1000+ Battles, 50% + WR, 1200+ PR, Great-Unicum Damage, 2 or more Tier 10 ships preferably with 19 point captains. You must be very active and use discord! 90thB & 90thI & 90thC - Semi Competitive Fleets Requirements - 1000+ Battles, 48% + WR, 950+ PR, Good-Unicum Damage, at least 1 Tier 10 ship preferably with 19 point captain. You must be very active and use discord! 90thD, 90thE, 90thF, 90thR - Casual Fleet Requirements - Prefer you are active, and use Discord this is a relaxed fleet with little to no competitive play, no Ship Storm or KOTS. Rules We do have some rules which you can read about in the link below: Rules We do REQUIRE discord to be apart of the 90th. It is a wonderful communication program with both text and voice coms. You can download it at the link below. The link below that is to enter our server. You will be put into the quarantine room make sure you read the rules, then answer the questions. Once you download discord private message me for our discord server link. Download Discord Come Join Us! Send us an application at the link provided below or contact one of command staff directly in game! Recruitment Feel free to check out our website 90th Battle Group Website
  10. Then [RBMK] and [RBMK2] - "Mistakes. Were. Made." are just the clans for you! We have ACTIVE and CONSISTENT members that division and play DAILY. This enables us to place high in Clan Wars (currently top 20 Over-All NA). If this sounds like the clan for you then here is some more about us: We have a great community of active, mature players with strong and able leadership. Each of our members are provided with training and resources so that they, and the clan as a whole, can improve and grow. Several of our members are current and former Military and Law Enforcement. We also have players from all time zones including SEA. So there's always somebody on to division with. We division and play together daily which improves our effectiveness as a team, especially in competitive modes. This enables us to try out different things and exchange information about the game to improve each player's success. We provide invaluable training resources, updates, and guides through our Discord channel so that all our members have easy access to them. We even run training sessions and scrimmages with other clans! Our goal is to reduce the skill gap between our players by improving and growing them. This makes everyone a valuable team player and an asset to the clan. Here are some basic requirements to be considered for membership: Good average damage with good average experience and battles. Active in-game and Discord. Be a Team Player (willing to learn, improve, and teach). Hardcore - Always go out with a bang! IMPORTANT: We place great emphasis on the activity and personality of our members. If you are active in Discord, division with us, and have an affable attitude you will drastically improve your chances of membership. We would rather have a mediocre player who is fun to have around and we can teach to improve, than an inactive, toxic Unicum. If you want to check us out and get to know us before joining here is our Discord link: https://discord.gg/hYnH9NF Hop on in and see what you're missing out on! (I highly recommend our state-of-the-art Memes channel). If you have any questions or comments then leave them below or message @Ivan_Namirettov directly. And remember: It's not about your time in battle, it's about your impact in battle that makes the difference. Good luck and see you around!
  11. Welcome to [CUTE] competitive gaming community! About Us We are a clan that is based on casual wows, which doesn't restrict anything except having a wows NA account with a mature attitude, and a competitive side where you need to meet specific requirements before you can be a team member. On the casual side we do share some weeb parts since most of us are former KNTAI members, but we do love other stuffs like airsoft, alcohol and food (You'll find a specific person that posts food pictures everyday, charge him if he doesn't). For competitive we are currently focusing on Supremacy League, our main goal is to be the best NA team not once but all times. [CUTE] can also be "Creepy Unfriendly Terrifying Edgy", as all current members can describe ourselves a weirdo :D What do we offer A good casual environment Friendly atmosphere with competitive parts Good players for you to have good fun with Training sessions for people that want to improve Practice or skirmish for people that are interested in competitive Huge variety on game choices even if you are burnt out on wows If you are interested... Important: Applications are only open for CUTER and 2CUTE before any further updates. We have filled most of our spaces atm. - Please message us through #ask_recruitment_things on our discord - A link to the page from your profile on https://na.wows-numbers.com/ - Division test with recruitment officer will be held for all applicants - Meeting the requirements does not guarantee entry into the clan - Conversely, requirements are only standards which can be negotiated by division test performance or other factors - For promotion, you'll need to show yourself in either CB/Scrims/KotS. We'll assess your performance before considering promotion. Applicant for all clan must meet these shared requirements: - A NA WoWs account with public statistics - Ability to speak English - Good, mature behavior - Discord and a working microphone - (Competitive) By joining you agree to dedicate time towards weekly training and competitive matches. - (Competitive) Replay enabled game client Casual Team (2CUTE) Remember, requirements are only standards which can be negotiated by division test performance or other factors - 47% Win Rate - Over 750 Battles, and a T8 tech tree ship Light Competitive (CUTIE) Remember, requirements are only standards which can be negotiated by division test performance or other factors - 50%+ WR - Over 1000 Battles, and a T10 tech tree ship Competitive team (CUTE) Remember, requirements are only standards which can be negotiated by division test performance or other factors - 56%+ WR - A screenshot or page from your profile on https://na.wows-numbers.com/ - Minimum 3 T10 ships from main class Flagship Team (CUTER) Remember, requirements are only standards which can be negotiated by division test performance or other factors - 60%+ WR - Specialist in at least one class in T10, strong sub class highly preferred - Prior competitive experience What we hope you to achieve if you are in comp: -The ability to play multiple ships competitively -Show progress and development (Either competitive or randoms) -Training higher point captains for competitive play -Ability to skillfully communicate with teammates at the competitive level -Be initiative and have your own plans while in game, we don't want people that only listens to call or not following the calls. Mercenary If you are not from our clan and you wanted to be a merc on our team, please contact Shinano/Zuikaku for more details. But please be sure that you are willing to play under our clan name and are fit with the competitive requirements above. No exception for mercenaries. Contacts Private message on forums to me or Join our discord here! If you are interested to join... Poke on one of our personnel or logistic (P or L in the org chart below)officers on the forums about joining. For the lols: If you are a weeb, 80% of the CUTE population loves DD or lolis, join us and be a lolicon!
  12. =VX9= Gaming Community is Recruiting! One Team, One Killin’ Machine At its core =VX9= is a gaming community striving to promote a great environment and atmosphere while cultivating long lasting friendships and spanning multiple games. One of the fundamental values of a strong community are the people who come together to make up its members. We work hard to recruit motivated, driven gamers who want to be part of our community’s vision.Throughout the years =VX9= members have excelled in their game play across many titles by combining their skills to create a successful community. We focus on people first so you do not have to worry about having a certain ship or being a certain rating. You can improve in =VX9= through playing with our more experienced members. Alternatively, if you like more competitive gaming, we participate in clan wars. If you think you have what it takes to be a part of =VX9= read the requirements below, join our website and fill out an application. If you have any questions, feel free to comment here, send me a message on the forum or check out our discord channel. One Team! Requirements: 18 years old + TeamSpeak 3 with working mic Website: http://www.vx9.com Application page: http://www.vx9.com/forums/forms.php?do=form&fid=1

    [U571] Däs Boot recruitment

    "Anfangen ist leicht, Beharren eine Kunst." “Starting is easy, persistence is an art.” Ahoy captains, this is Deputy Commander and Head Recruiter MONKEYBOMBS1945 looking for all players who are ready to take the next step into the competitive scene. We are a Storm League clan with King of the Sea experience. We work closely with our allies always forming new bonds and scrimmaging to better ourselves and push higher into the rankings. What we are looking for: 1200+ PR (negotiable) 52% or higher win rate (negotiable) Good attitude and willingness to take feedback Must have 3 non CV tier 10's minimum Ability to communicate via Mic You can check the clans stats out here at https://na.wows-numbers.com/clan/1000051901,U571-Das-Boot/ or accept this invite and come visit us on our discord https://discord.gg/62uh4R4. Till then captains good luck and fair seas o7.
  14. Welcome to the Arpeggio of Blue Steel! Our clan is one of the oldest clans in World of Warships, and has currently got approximately 120 active members, including our three sub-clans. We have a mixture of both competitive minded players, and those who are more casual about their gameplay. We have an extremely active playerbase, with members from all around the world, meaning you will almost always find someone to division with. The clan Discord is 100% public, and we welcome all visitors, regardless of if they intend to join the clan, or just make use of the server. You can find the link to the server below. We have some basic requirements for joining the clan, ranging from average to above average statistical performance. If you narrowly miss our recruitment guidelines, we can consider making an exception if you can assure us of both high player activity, and commitment to improving over the long term. Requirements for Joining [ARP]: Overall PR of 1600 or higher Overall winrate of 55% or higher Owns at least 2 tier 10 ships Highly active on Discord and in game Interest and commitment to competitive clan gameplay Friendly and mature character Requirements for Joining Lower [ARP] Clans: Overall PR of 1000 or higher Overall winrate of 48% or higher Owns at least 2 tier 8 ships (not including premiums or event ships) Moderately active on Discord and in game Friendly and mature character To join [ARP], all you need to do is come and visit our Discord server, where one of our recruitment officers will help you join our clan. Please note you must have a functional microphone, since we will ask for a quick voice conversation during recruitment. You can find our Discord server at: https://discord.gg/sMtnye7 If you have trouble accessing the Discord channel, or have further questions, please feel free to PM any of the clan leadership in the game, Discord, or here on the forums. The leadership of [ARP] has a large number of members who help to coordinate our in-game clans, and manage the placement of members. Please contact any member of clan leadership if you have questions about clan recruitment, or other clan related topics. Fleet Admiral: Teahee Admirals: Iris_ Cruiser_Montpelier Razor_Antilles Vice Admirals: _aster_ Kaitaro IJN_Battleship_Fusou ZuikakuKaiNi There are a number of regular questions we receive from new recruits: Do you require a name change? No, there is no pressure to change your name to any particular naming style. Do you have to like anime/manga? No, there are members of our clan who are not fans of either. We do however ask that you respect others who are interested in these things, and be tolerant of them. We try to keep our Discord organised in a way that keeps most anime posts in select channels. What if I am below the required stats for joining? We mainly use stats as a guideline of a player's skill, but we know that there are other factors that can't be measured by PR. As such, we will make exceptions for players who show signs of improvement, and are willing to be an active part of the [ARP] community. Are there compulsory clan member meetings? No there are not, however if you want to join the competitive side of the clan, you will be expected to attend training sessions and scrimmages. Is Iris a lewd sunflower lolicon? Absolutely.
  15. About Us Zero Fleet is an upcoming Competitive Clan with experienced players from Hurricane and Typhoon level clans as well as experienced in tournaments such as KoTS. We are an enclosed laid back community. Our aim is to become a community of like minded players who can explore our competitive interests together while being able to consistently place within high Typhoon+ rating placements in Clan Battles. What We Offer A Group of experienced and friendly-outgoing players. High level Clan Battles experience. A well established community of like minded players. Tournament participation such as King of The Seas. Easy going environment for more social players. Requirements There is a basic guideline set out for the clan which is the following: 1550+ Personal Rating. At least a 55% Win Rate. At least 3 or more competitive Tier 10 Ships. Minimum 1000 battles played. Prior competitive experience. Discord is mandatory. *Requirements can be negotiable depending on a wide range of factors, however it is still preferred to be closer to meeting majority of requirements. If wishing to apply, please fill out our Recruitment Form: https://forms.gle/LbiANSdytq1QW1eX7. Application process will continue from there.
  16. Greetings from Decus Praesidium Guild! We are a very active mid sized clan from all NA time zones who are growing our ranks with the primary purpose of enjoying the competitive challenge of clan battles. We have a fairly light hearted but competitive attitude and constantly strive to improve together. We are looking for reasonably competitive and experienced shipmates interested in playing clan battles, who are respectful of others and are looking to enjoy playing with competent team mates in reliable divisions. If you have found yourself frustrated with the state of play quality recently and are looking for friends to play with, You owe it to yourself to check us out! Good hunting to you, Karandar We have a great website for discussions, tips & tricks and such. http://dpgwarshipsclan.freeforums.net We use Discord as a daily news and voice platform Please have a microphone and PTT set up for access to our Discord channel. Our Current Port bonuses: -15% to post service battle repair costs-15% credits to purchase ships+5% XP to all battles+25% FreeXP every battle+10% commander XP+7% Coal40 member roster 7% bonus to steel
  17. Do you want to paddle your way to victory? Then look no further! Then [CCPLZ] Combat Canoes Please IgnoreTM is recruiting! Here we strive to hone our skills all the while enjoying the company of both mature (and at times immature) players. While we started as a fun-casual clan, we are focused on getting better to be fun-competitive! As a Clan Wars focused group, we encourage comradely in our daily plays and general attempts at improving your play. As of Season 13, we've made it to Storm-Group II and aiming for Typhoon and up next season! Suggested Application Requirements: At least 1 T10 ship (not a BB) PR of 1000 at WoWs-Number > 1000 battles >50% WR Experience per battle average will be taken into account. We are willing to make exceptions on a case by case basis. General Clan Requirements: If you are: No Drama-momma Willing to div up and play randoms, co-op, and ranked Like having fun but want to play to get better while enjoying fellowship with other gamers. Willing to use Discord Almost fully upgraded Naval Base! -14% to Ships Credit Cost +4% Base XP +7% Coal +5% Steel -15% Service Cost +10% Cmdr XP +25% FXP Join our discord and say hi! Please feel free to message anyone below in discord or in-game if you are interested! Commander: Jedi2155 Deputy Commanders: kira1679 ToadyJanker CozMcFly Metalus Advisors: SF_Jaggd xalloc lrdplatypus Kensema
  18. Welcome to the [DAKI] Clan! DAKI is a laid back competitive clan for those who like to play KoTS, Clan Battles as well as talking and interacting within a community! We welcome players who wish to be part of a community while having an opportunity to improve as a player. We have experience running in both Clan Battles, Kings of the Sea with experience dating back as far as Supremacy Leauge. So what do we have to offer? An engaging and interactive community. An already existing team of experienced players, capable of high-level competitive play. Many of our players are already veterans of multiple clan battle seasons along with Kings of the Sea and Supremacy Leauge. Many awesome members! Requirements: Our requirements are not completely set in stone, however, players should aim for the following: 1500 PR, 55% Win Rate, 1000 Battles. Exceptions will be made based upon the leadership discretion. Should be active on discord. A nontoxic, attitude and a willingness to learn and improve. Players who wish to join us should also be both mature and friendly. Notice: We're currently focusing on continued recruitment of competitive players and community members who wish to play competitively inside of an ever growing community. All applications should be done via Discord. Discord: Our discord is public so even if you're not here to join feel free to stop by and say Hi, find people to division with and play some games! https://discord.gg/T6E26jX
  19. DemonLordCipher

    [LFC] Mildly Alright Player.

    I'm looking for a place to go; Just came from [SPICY] and didn't feel engaged enough with them. -Two Tier Xs: Des Moines and Montana -I have memes :^) -Oh right, EDIT. I have Discord too. Akula#9809
  20. WTP is a clan for solid social players that understands life happens, but maintains a strict activity requirement. We continue heading in a competitive direction, and will give preference to discord users & people with availability. Join our Discord ~ Don't be inactive for 2 weeks without a reason ~ No hidden stats ~ 53%+ W/R ~ Don't embarrass the clan ~ Play CB if needed ~ 18+ ~ Have a (twisted) sense of humor ;) PM me for more info, or a discord invite if you would like to hang out Feel free to check out Feed The Fish, our new sister clan. https://na.wows-numbers.com/clan/1000050535,-WTP-Walk-The-Plank/
  21. Hello. I have been hearing rumors that with Wargaming experimenting with tier 8 clan battles and tier 9 ranked, that there will probably be a competive season consisting of tier 3 ships. This really got me thinking that it would be pretty interesting to have a clan battle or ranked season with these mighty ships. What ships do y’all think would be good when a ranked or clan battle season comes in the near future focused in on tier 3 ships???
  22. =VX9= Gaming Community is Recruiting! One Team, One Killin’ Machine At its core =VX9= is a gaming community striving to promote a great environment and atmosphere while cultivating long lasting friendships and spanning multiple games. One of the fundamental values of a strong community are the people who come together to make up its members. We work hard to recruit motivated, driven gamers who want to be part of our community’s vision.Throughout the years =VX9= members have excelled in their gameplay across many titles by combining their skills to create a successful community. We focus on people first so you do not have to worry about having a certain ship or being a certain rating. You can improve in =VX9= through playing with our more experienced members. Alternatively, if you like more competitive gaming, we participate in clan wars. If you think you have what it takes to be a part of =VX9= read the requirements below, join our website and fill out an application. If you have any questions, feel free to comment here, send me a message on the forum, or email me at griffith@vx9.com. One Team! Requirements: 18 years old + TeamSpeak 3 with working mic Website: http://www.vx9.com Application page: http://www.vx9.com/forums/forms.php?do=form&fid=1
  23. [ZR] Absolute Territory Who Are We? ZR was formed at the start of Supremacy Season 4 in order to participate in a competitive warships. Since we started we’ve been able to improve and challenge NA’s top teams. ZR was formed for the sole purpose of seeking a higher level of play beyond what can be found in random battles. Most of our members are in their twenties and are weebs. You have been warned. What We Have Accomplished So Far: Supremacy League: -One of the top Supremacy teams in seasons 4 & 5 King of the Seas: -3rd Place in NA KotS 5 and represented NA in the NA vs. EU clash -1st Place in NA KotS:Supremacy, and represented NA in the NA vs ASIA clash. Clan Wars: -2nd Place in Clan Wars Season 1 -1st Place in Clan Wars Season 2 -1st Place in Clan Wars Season 3 Our Ambitions For The Future: -Represent NA in future cross-server events What Can We Offer? -A skilled group of players to have fun with -A friendly yet competitive atmosphere -Opportunities to distinguish yourself in competitive play -Weekly practice leading up to tournaments -Continuous participation in tournaments and other competitive modes What Do We Look For In A Clan Member? - A high level of skill, knowledge, and understanding of the game - Understand the flow of battle and act accordingly - Be able to coordinate between teammates to achieve victory - Communicate via discord and must have a working mic - Must be fluent in English - Does not create problems and unnecessary “drama” - Open to criticism and motivated to continually improve. - Considered experienced in at least one of the classes - 18+, or mature enough that we don’t notice. - Must at least tolerate excessive weebness Requirements: -60% solo win rate overall (ships and tiers will be taken under consideration) -Excellent performance in T10 ships is highly desirable -Competitive experience necessary -Available for at least 2 days a week for clan battles and KOTS scrims Tier 10 - For BB: Yamato, Montana, Conqueror, Republique - For CA: Hindenburg, Des Moines, Moskva, Zao, Minotaur, Worcester - For DD: Gearing, Grozovoi, Yueyang - For CV: Hakuryu (More is better) These ships must have a high level captain that can be moved onto it on short notice. Preferably 19 captain points. Meeting these requirements does not guarantee your acceptance into ZR. Contact Us: Send a private message in game or through the forums to: @huevos22
  24. We are a new clan starting up all of us founding it are coming from top hurricane teams. We are currently Selectively recruiting we value Quality over Quantity with the goal of eventually becoming a top tier competitive clan. We also aim the continually improve ourselves and those around us. Our recruiting requirements are 60% win rate Overall and around 2100 PR overall Must have Tier X's as our clan is highly Clan Battles focused Above 60% win rates in their Tier X and must play their Tier X's to a high level. Exceptions can be made(within reasonable parameters) for those who's abilities far exceed what their stats suggest. We also consider past 30 days all the way to 180 days. Player profiles must not be set to private. And must be able to fluently speak English Due to the nature of PR being easily farmed however we cannot base everything on statistics alone so each recruit will be decided upon based on a case by case basis and for those that are accepted in will be on a performance based trial run as to whether they stay and have a place or not. Many of our core founding members come from competitive backgrounds and can easily distinguish between exceptionally skilled players and stat farmers. For those of you interested in joining or any questions our Discord. Our discord is also open to anyone who would like to join and get to know us or if you just want someone to Div with.
  25. Hello Captains! I am here today to Introduce you all to [WPS] What Purple Stats? On Monday 3/18/2019 [5D] Fifth-Dimension’s 1st Fleet (NA Server) voted to leave the [5D] Community as a whole in a effort to raise the bar competitively and function as an independent clan on the NA server. We thank the Fifth-Dimension community for all of the great times, support and companionship. Best of luck to all of you and see you on the High Seas! [WPS] What Purple Stats? is the newest competitive clan on the scene here on the NA server. While we may be in a new clan base, we are not a new group, as you all know, but we are always looking to add quality peeps to the party! With that out of the way, [WPS] What Purple Stats? would like to take a quick moment to invite anyone curious, intrigued, or just plain bored to come over to our discord and find some people to hang with, maybe div up with, or perhaps simply just meme?!?!? The Purple link is below: https://discord.gg/xj6t5FZ Come say HELLO!