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Found 22 results

  1. =VX9= Gaming Community is Recruiting! One Team, One Killin’ Machine At its core =VX9= is a gaming community striving to promote a great environment and atmosphere while cultivating long lasting friendships and spanning multiple games. One of the fundamental values of a strong community are the people who come together to make up its members. We work hard to recruit motivated, driven gamers who want to be part of our community’s vision.Throughout the years =VX9= members have excelled in their game play across many titles by combining their skills to create a successful community. We focus on people first so you do not have to worry about having a certain ship or being a certain rating. You can improve in =VX9= through playing with our more experienced members. Alternatively, if you like more competitive gaming, we participate in clan wars. If you think you have what it takes to be a part of =VX9= read the requirements below, join our website and fill out an application. If you have any questions, feel free to comment here, send me a message on the forum or check out our discord channel. One Team! Requirements: 18 years old + TeamSpeak 3 with working mic Website: http://www.vx9.com Application page: http://www.vx9.com/forums/forms.php?do=form&fid=1
  2. The Armada Dominion Armada de Britannia & Armada de Germania Established 2016 Why should I join Armada? We strive to improve, division, communicate and to dominate. We are just a group of guys and gals who are trying to have a good time with fellow members. If you have been annoyed of snotty or arrogance of some that pride themselves on being top in their stats, you won’t find that kind of attitude here. We strive to achieve excellence in our stats, however, we are not going to let it get to our heads and create a toxic atmosphere on/off the battlefield. We will keep our composure and obliterate our opponents, respectfully. We are anime friendly. Plus you get a neat forum signature! ARMDA/ARMDG Membership Requirements - Have a desire to compete and the availability to do so. - Discord Account with minimum ability to listen to communications by a speaker, earbuds, headset, etc. - We have no standing in-game stat requirements for any of our in-game clans or any clan activities. Process in joining the community: Join Armada Discord, contact the leadership team, be interviewed (about 5 minutes) and be told by Interviewer the next steps. Armada Member Expectations - Discord - We are a Discord clan. Aside from requiring every clan member to join discord, we expect activity from each member. Specifically, checking in on clan announcements, participating in discussions, utilizing voice or text communications and requesting for or finding division mates. - The game account you join us with is your primary account you have a commitment to, even if you have an account on a different server region. - We expect MATURITY in our members on/off the battlefield. - We expect INTEGRITY, HONESTY, and LOYALTY to our members. - Rule of Inactivity: A member who is inactive for 4 weeks (30 days) without notifying the Commander or a Deputy prior, will result in being discharged. To rejoin, you will need to communicate with officers. Armada Expansion - The Armada community is looking to expand into different PC games other than the Wargaming Games, having a foothold in a variety of games to bring out our member's skills and have even more fun together. So far, we have a solid group in the space game "Elite Dangerous," Join our discord for some funny sometimes hazardous wingmates for Elite Dangerous! Join our Discord Server ( https://discord.gg/xqk3F4Z ) and contact the leadership (aka Praetorian Guard) or a member of our Recruiter's Guild if you are interested!
  3. DHO "Dads Hideout" a place for all Dads! If you want to Division up, how about being with a group that has its own communication server, a group that has its own website with over 2700 members. We are not your pressure Clans! We division, have in clan events and competitions! Our members skill levels, range from beginner to expert so don’t worry about being judged just come have some fun. We have members from all professions and we have a lot of active and retired military and even some international members so we offer a wide range of personalities all with Fatherhood as the common factor. Are you Dad? If you are then you know the pressures of fatherhood, the pressures of the workplace heck just pressures of everyday survival and for me one of the best ways to vent those pressures is some WoWs time with my buddies. There is nothing better for getting over the daily grind except maybe divisioning with a few good friends so why not pick a clan that is not going to add to your daily pressures but one that understand the pulls on your time and that life comes first? Dads Hideout is about a lot more than just World of Warships it is place were Dads can meet and where life is real. Our forums are available to assist our members we understand that personal issues happen with over 2700 Dads there is a support network for our members. We do more than sink ships, we enjoy life…..Tell us about the baby’s first step or how they just stepped across the stage and accepted that Degree or yes brag about that car you been rebuilding for “Well Ever”! Need a new chili recipe we have you covered and when times become a little rough we are there for that as well. If you’re a father then become a brother, a DHO Brother you will be glad you did! Give me a shout back and I will get you taken care of asap. Remember the ONLY requirements we have are to be a Dad, step dad, stand in dad, grand dad.... register on our website and post an introduction about you and the family in the Welcome section of our website! http://dadshideout.com/
  4. THE HORDE is HERE! THE HORDE is a community of clans founded by WTP, OGRES, WFSDL, and BLEP. Who we are: THE HORDE is a gaming community for clans, and clan members who want to have fun and improve by working with other like-minded individuals. The goal of the alliance covers everything from enhancing the player experience, to helping member clans advance in Clan Battles. This will include joint training and recruitment along with other shared resources. Although we all work towards common goals, each member clan is still autonomous once THE HORDE’S charter has been adopted. What we are looking for: THE HORDE is not only seeking individuals, but also other member clans. Joining will increase our ability to advance our members, and provide the options and flexibility our players want. Tired of waiting for CB teams? Help us help you. Increasing our numbers helps guarantee efficient player placement at the start of each season. Players with Typhoon/Hurricane experience will receive preference as they are less common, but we want multiple teams running in every league! Tired of a dead Discord and nobody to play with? With each new addition our Discord community becomes even better! Tired of toxic clan-mates and petty drama? THE HORDE is a drama-free zone. We’re all here to “git gut,” but we recognize that there's always going to be someone better and we need to treat one another with respect. Clans wishing to become members of THE HORDE should have a minimum W/R of 50%+ and a personal rating of 1100. No less than 12 active members. Individuals that meet or exceed these requirements will be placed in a member clan based on your experience, ability, and availability. Clans wishing to join THE HORDE have additional requirements that can be discussed via Discord. Recruitment will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Let’s talk and see how we can integrate you into THE HORDE! https://discord.gg/aTX8QFR
  5. We are the Maple Syrup Defence force, Our goal as a group is to promote teamwork and communication as well as a functioning community. We are attached to -Toxic- which is a US based multi-gaming community that was found in 2012. Members play anything from tabletops to first person shooters. We are a group of friend who know how to have a good time, games change but those who you play them with don't. The point of the community is to bring those with like minds and interests together and create a family atmosphere while still maintaining some discipline. We currently play anything under the sun and are looking to expand that motto into other avenues. We are looking currently looking for community officers! Requirements -Working microphone -Ability to take a joke -Mature -Ability to listen to your commander -Leadership ability NOT REQUIRERED With enough participation and members we can host weekly events and even do clan wars! Look forward to seeing you out there! MSDF Discord Link: https://discord.gg/S9egRTH Jackel99 Out
  6. Sun Tzu Warriors [STW] is now recruiting for Clan Battles! Who we are: [STW] has enjoyed competitive play since the early days of Supremacy league, rising to gold level play earning the respect of our peers. Season 1 of Clan battles we managed to finish 4th overall on the ladder and since that time we have grown into one of the largest ships communities in North America. Like many clans, we have experienced player turnover due to game changes and other issues. We have seen the fall of the 155 Mogami, (still salty about losing the old AFT) to the rise of extreme Russian Bias (who gives a cruiser 305 MM guns with 950 M/S shell velocity and 2.65 sigma). STW’s Claim to fame has always been its diversity in its community. On any given night you can enjoy a relaxed game with friends talking ships, boozing it up and crashing into islands or jumping into one of our many division channels for organized high level play. STW has several types of fleets. Casual fleets consisting of ranked, random and scenario play and Battle fleets consisting of competitive play. [STW]-Known internally as “STW Prime”, is an invitation only Battle Fleet. STW members are held to the highest level of skill, commitment and attitude. They are not only responsible to spearhead STW as high on the leaderboards as possible but also serve as teachers and mentors to our membership. [STW-D/N]-These are our intermediate Battle Fleets. These members understand the importance of specific roles on a team and are always working to improve their skills through training competitive play. Any STW members with a desire to play clan battles can request a position in these fleets. [STW-M/I/P]- A portion of our community is less interested in competitive play and more interested in the comradery found here in STW. While most play ships they also develop friendships that transcends World of Warships. These are our Non - Battle Fleets. What we are currently looking for: While we are always interested in recruiting new members this recruitment window is directed at players for our STW Prime Battle Fleet. If you have found yourself in an environment that you do not enjoy and wish to be part of something better please reach out to us. Whether you wish to devote your time to fighting alongside our best or helping us teach and train others we have a place for you. We require you are 18+ years old.. Drama will not be tolerated. When it comes to our invitation fleets we use a “per player evaluation” that comes from three factors. Skill, Commitment and Attitude. I appreciate you taking the time to read through this post and would love to talk to you more about STW. If you have any interest in joining or learning more about us please respond below or feel free to message me on Discord (K_Bomb#7795) Respectfully, [STW]K_Bomb Deputy Fleet Commander https://www.suntzuwarriors.com/
  7. Hello to every soul out there who has pondered "oh what shall I do? where shall I go!?" We are made up of folks who play Warsheeps, Spacesheeps, Landsheeps, and what not. Not interested in joining a clan? No Worries, we are wanting people on our server to interact with, play with, have fun with, whether you got a clan or not! Here is our discord link, we've been around since 2016 and would love to have you aboard for future fun! https://discord.gg/xqk3F4Z
  8. QRCho3WjebGlWjDcKBo38B58waqmN_Z0Y-tc7FZX4Fc.mp4
  9. Hello! ADOPT is a clan and community that for over a year has been dedicated to teaching anyone willing to learn. Our Discord is open to all whether you are in the clan or not. We pair new players and players that are wanting to learn with good experienced players. People can division, ask questions, watch our training videos, or just be apart of our community learning by chatting with us. Join our discord to chat with us! https://discord.gg/JFfx8j6 This is open to anyone wanting to join the clan or learn! If you are interested in joining our clan you must join our discord. Please message me or our admins on Discord as we are there more frequently :) I will check messages here as often as possible. ADOPT is recruiting both experienced players for our competitive team and our learning team. What can ADOPT offer you? Clan base unlocks. A positive learning environment. Both a competitive and learning team. Tactics discussion and preparation with the team. A community that extends beyond ADOPT. Multiple allied clans and others are all welcome in our discord. A group of others to division with and chat with. In clan and with other clans. Fun clan events Training events. Requirements to join for the competitive team. 54% Win rate or above. This is open to discussion. Over 1,000 battles. A positive attitude and a willingness to take constructive feedback. Experience in clan battles or other competitive game types. Ability to be on most clan battles times. A selection of clan battles ships. I know this is always changing so we will happily discuss your selection of ships. Good communication in game. Both verbally and clear microphone. We will recruit people for this team also based off synergy with the rest of the team. Involvement with tactics and game play discussion. Regularly active in our Discord in divisions and chatting. Requirements to join the learning team Any stats :) Over 500 battles and at least 1 tier 8 non-premium ship. A positive attitude and a strong willingness to learn. Attendance in our in clan training discussions. We do a few of these or record them if you cannot make a single time. Good communication in game. Both verbally and clear microphone. Involvement with tactics and game play discussion. Regularly active in our Discord in divisions and chatting. Videos of our clan battles and training streams.
  10. one4nukes

    Please Remove this post

    [USAGI] Usagi, 2nd Fluffle of the Bunny Fleet is looking to invite you into our clan
  11. I would like to pose a challenge to everyone in the gaming community. Attempt to be more helpful to your fellow players, to forgive and forget, work WITH not against and try to make everyone's experience better. Ignore your stats, PLAY the GAME. If you're a good player, try to help instead of shaming players that are still learning. If you're going to post suggestions or questions in the forums, try to articulate what you want or are trying to explain. Take a breath and slow down prior to posting if you're angry, and move forward. Is this a difficult challenge? Yes, it definitely is... especially for my loud mouth. But I think I have gotten significantly better than I used to be, especially considering my ole salty Sailor background... I know for me, I am making a conscious effort starting today! Good luck and see out on the sea. (Sea what I did there?)
  12. Now, a few disclaimers. First, I AM ROYALLY TERRIBLE at Battleship play, but I got Frenchflakes to redeem for coal, so necessary evil, yadaydaya. Secondly, I'm Aware toxicity I'd an unfortunately accepted part of the internet, even I dabble in it a bit, much to my chagrin. Third, there is a difference between Advice and Armchair Admiraling, people are innocent until proven guilty. Lastly, no screenshots will be used to notify people of what match and who was involved in this kerfuffle. NOW LET'S BEGIN! I was queueing in the Arizona with my Lil Bro, he was in his Aigle, it was around when the match was starting his router started to die. He tried moving a bit, his router died, his destroyer Notsered, and he was unable to reconnect to the internet, the team was blasting him on Team AND All chat verbally to go spot and contest the cap (spoilers, a Vaquelin, Leander, 2 Fubuki and a Lyon were there with a Fuso approaching) and i explained to them his internet broke down, in the midst of them screaming at me for explaining this, I fired an HE salvo I had loaded at the Vaquelin, they started getting all REEEEEEEE mode and screamed out in all chat (3 of my teammates, out of a team of 12, not counting me and my now disconnected brother, cripes man) that a Battleship not only had the gall to load AP, but fired at a Broadsiding French DD instead of the 2 Invisible DDs, the invisible Leander in the smoke, and the two bow tanking BBs at mid-long range. Riiight. I switched to AP as the Fuso got greedy but only managed about half of his health to punish his broadside. Then everybody was screaming at me when I fired at the Vaquelin again because I had no targets due to islands....riiiiiiight, I can't just loop a shell over an island to a Leander 6km away...then when I did had a chance to hit the Leander, managed to AP shatter off his broadside, then they yelled at me again, thinking I shot at a *Destroyer*. You get the gist, it was a series of yelling, telling me who to shoot. Even though I never had a shot at hitting whatever they told me to fire at because of cover, not concealment, cover. And these people were a lightning storm, screaming at out Destroyers, our Carrier, me, the still disconnected Aigle....so much so the enemy team thought I was actually stupid due to all the All chat screaming. And they joined in. For reference, I didn't let the toxicity get to me, that's sadly normal, and I've dealt with worse in CSGO, the problem is the Armchair Admiraling, as when our Spee noticed I blocked him, he turned his torps on me and fired them at me at a range of 2km, rather than turning to stop being broadside on and use those torps on the Lyon, unfortunately, the Lyon killed me before the torps from the Allied Spee did, because I didn't listen to him Armchairing me with bad orders, because it wasn't advice, it was ordering me to do the impossible. And that's what got under my skin, people ordering me to do things that physically weren't possible and saying it was, there was no room for explaining to them they are wrong because they are too trapped in their own echo chamber to be reasoned with, fortunately, I had some sympathy from an enemy DD player who actually read the map, no, it wasn't the Vaquelin, he hated me for actually doing damage to his precious EA boat. Aaaaaand that concludes my rant. And my play session for the day. All in all, it was only one of 2 bad matches today, first in the Bad Zeppelin, second in the Arizona.
  13. ALL FATE GAMING MEMBERS ARE ACTIVE WITHIN 30 DAYS Many guilds flaunt their large numbers but are inactive, not us! Who We Are. Fate Gaming is a casual PC gaming community, who are now an LLC and trademarked. We are open to all who have a laid back attitude and who are here to have fun. There are no guild applications, minimum playtime requirements, prerequisites or officer hierarchy. We're run by the players, for the players. We play a variety of games, chances are if it has multiplayer we have someone who plays it!Who We Are Looking To Recruit. Our community is currently looking for laid back, mature individuals who are 18 years of age or older. We are mainly comprised of players from the US who all speak English and tend to to play in the evenings but we do accept players from all parts of the globe. We are not looking for players who desire hardcore game play, who are angered easily when they die, or who are looking to boss others around. Instead we value positive, upbeat, team orientated individuals. If you are looking for a hardcore group of players this is not the organization for you. No Tryouts Needed! The great thing about our community is that there are no guild applications, try-outs, or background checks. You simply joining our community discord, being a positive and active member within 30 days (this means typing something or joining a channel) is all that we ask of you. How To Join Us. Does Fate Gaming sound like a community you are interested in joining? If so check our our links below. Website: https://fategaming.comDiscord: https://discordapp.com/invite/mXgYf9y
  14. WHO WE ARE Fate Gaming is a casual gaming community open to all who have a laid back attitude and who are here to have fun. There are no guild applications, minimum playtime requirements, prerequisites or officer hierarchy. We're run by the players, for the players. We play a variety of games such as Call of Duty BO4, Rainbow Six Siege, Destiny 2, Battlefield V, Monster Hunter World and now Apex Legends. WHO ARE WE LOOKING TO RECRUIT Our community is currently looking for laid back, mature individuals who are 18 years of age or older. We are mainly comprised of players from the US who all speak English and tend to play in the evenings but we do accept players from all parts of the globe. We are not looking for players who desire hardcore game play, who are angered easily when they die, or who are looking to boss others around. Instead we value positive, upbeat, team orientated individuals. If you are looking for a hardcore group of players this is not the organization for you. HOW TO JOIN US Does Fate Gaming sound like a community you are interested in joining? If so check our website at https://fategaming.com/ and hop into our Discord server!
  15. D1xKnight

    WoWS dying?

    Recently i came across a few videos stating that WoWs is slowly dying due to complaints from the community demanding that the game has more improvements and such, so i'm investigating the reason behind this problem, since after 2015 videos for WoWS have slowly been declining in popularity and views, and that it has become irreverent now and a lost game in history, since then less and less people are coming to WOWS *Just a opinion* so is this downfall of wargaming's *ONLY* good game is caused by the people in the community? leave your comments below!
  16. So, ?I have enough doubloons to get a premium ship. I greatly enjoyed the Warspite and i have the duke of york, and several other premium BB that I enjoy. Should i get the HMS hood while it's on sale? EDIT: I have decided against getting her folks. I will save my doubloons for any christmas discounts instead. Thank you all for your feedback regarding this ship. Y'all have a good one now y'all hear!
  17. Sea Renegades is Recruiting! We're looking for casual and competitive players that are active and looking to join a tight community. We typically will run an alpha (Typhoon CB S2) and/or beta team every evening of clan battles. Check us out in game, we have all port additions giving benefits to repairs, XP, and research discounts. We have loads of oil saved up and will be able to afford all the new additions to the port coming in 0.7.9. Basic criteria for admission: Friendly 1200+ PR (using wows-numbers) 55+% WR Casual players welcome Interested? Hop on our discord server (https://discord.gg/VYDwfm3) to receive a friendly welcome or contact @FreshSqueezedfor additional information about our recruitment process. Fair winds and a following sea!
  18. Heyo Captains! Please find below all of your NA Community Contributors with links to where you can find them: @Lord_Zath - "Zath's Replay Theater: Any replay, any result, I'm here to help YOU!" YouTube / Twitch @Khreegor - "A Low sodium Cruiser monkey looking to bring some fun! #stillnotpeach" Twitch @Angry_Nerd - "Defender of Freedom - If you're looking for expert game play, sound tips & tactics, you're in the wrong place." YouTube @SeaRaptor00 - "USN DD and German CA/CL enthusiast, lead Wiki editor, and competitive Warships caster" YouTube / Twitch @CaptainJiveTurkey - "Sub Driver. On my channel, I talk about Cold War naval platforms, tactics and history." YouTube / Twitch / Facebook @Business6 - "Ships and Giggles" YouTube / Twitch @ViirtualSenpai - "Ex-eSports and top-tier competitive WoWS player looking to educate and desalinate the seven seas, one player at a time." Twitch @TechDeals - "There is no such thing as too good a deal or too much firepower" YouTube / Twitch @Talleyrand - "The Pan-American Navies Espscialist" Website (ES) @Hyf1re - "Beard? check, Aviators? check, Drink? check, Welcome aboard!" Facebook @LittleWhiteMouse - "Mostly Tame Canadian" ShipComrade Articles / Summary of Premium Ships / Patreon @Notser - "-" YouTube / Twitch @Mejash - "Holy guacamole" Twitch / YouTube @NoZoupForYou - "Thanks for Watching, Zoup Out!" YouTube / Twitch @iChase - "You've got questions? I've got Answers!" YouTube / Twitch @FuryTomic - "A die hard anime fan who’s willing to help others." YouTube @ASHLEYakaASHLEY - "I play games and stuff. Come see me play for proof that it is perfectly okay to play like trash. Have fun, try your best, and remember the Golden rule - DBaD!" Twitch @SIR_VENOM_IK - "Striving for average-ness in everything we do!" Twitch / YouTube @keviseeb - "-" Twitch / YouTube @StatikTheWarmonger - "-" Twitch / YouTube @CitizenS9 - "-" Twitch / YouTube @OniTheWicked - "Low salt, high octane, maximum destruction." Twitch / YouTube @LevelC4p - "A causal-competitive gaming YouTuber and streamer that creates content around gaming news, tips & tricks, and highlight moments in his favorite shooters and strategy games." YouTube / Facebook @Sone_mg - "I like setting ships on FUEGO!" Twitch @OverLordBou_TTV - "A chill and casual WOWs player looking to bring joy and torpedo beats to all" Twitch @Destroyer_KuroshioKai - "#ships.edu" YouTube If you are interested in applying for the Community Contributor program please keep an eye out for the next application season.
  19. Sea Renegades is Recruiting! We're looking for casual and competitive players that are active. We typically will run an alpha (Typhoon CB S2) and/or beta team every evening of clan battles. Basic criteria for admission: Friendly 1200+ PR (using wows-numbers) 55+% WR Casual players welcome Interested? Hop on our discord server (https://discord.gg/VYDwfm3) to receive a friendly welcome or contact @FreshSqueezedfor additional information about our recruitment process. Fair winds and a following sea!
  20. Sea Renegades is Recruiting! We're looking for active and competitive players. Friendly 1200+ PR (using wows-numbers) 55+% WR Casual players welcome Interested? Hop on our discord server (https://discord.gg/VYDwfm3) to receive a friendly welcome or contact @FreshSqueezedfor additional information.
  21. Here you will find a poll regarding premium/permanent camouflages. Leave your thoughts below! I’d also like to add several open questions for the discussion: Would you change the perks of Tiers IV-IX camouflages to be in accordance with the benefits of Tier X camos and each tier’s economy? What are your thoughts regarding the benefits of Tier X camos? Are there any permanent camouflages you don’t like aesthetically? Which ones? Thank you for your time. ”Ad Astra Per Aspera” Phantom out.
  22. (Place tongue firmly in cheek before proceeding. And remember: Irony is Truth) Invisible ships that whine about radar and battleship AP Big fat clumsy ships that whine about invisible ships, fires and walls of torps Floating citadels that win by hiding behind cover and lobbing lameness onto hapless targets that can’t fire back at them Smoke, smoke, smoke and some more smoke Fire-spitting smoke clouds featured prominently in the naval battles of the early to mid-20th Century Overpenetrations: 16” shells go right through a canoe, you know, for only 10% damage The Dispersion Slot Machine---feeling lucky? Well, are you, punk? Hair-pulling and rage incumbent upon the attempt to get a few digital stars next to one’s name through “competitive play” (mark you: there is no monetary compensation for this) Wailing, frustration and rage about the matchmaker Wailing, frustration and rage about “having a bad team” Wailing, frustration and rage about “losing 10 games in a row and it’s not my fault” Cyclones: “Well, Yuri Ivanovich, you have to encourage people to close the distance somehow.” “Great idea, Igor Semyonovich, let’s implement it!” (leaked conversation from WG St. Petersburg office, circa 2016). Angling: Because 2700 lb shells aren’t that dangerous if they hit you at 65 degrees. To borrow a phrase from WoT: "Bounced off!" Overmatch: The number 14.3 is extremely important in naval combat (who knew? I’ll tell you: The designers of 460mm Japanese naval guns. Smart!) One of the greatest innovations in naval strategy in this period involved pointing the bow of the ship toward the enemy and slowly reversing. Don’t you dare cross the T, noob. What do you think this is, a historical game? British battleships: Because to heck with your angling Great Naval Battles in bodies of water full of large masses of strangely-shaped land An aircraft carrier? Never seen one of those. Deep Water torps: Because battleship players are stupid and there are too many of them Radar: Because if your own DDs die, how will you ever see the little buggers? Egos and Tempers the size of the USS Midway Who knew the Soviet Navy boasted such a formidable surface fleet with artillery more accurate than anything any capitalist pig-navy could ever devise? “Destroyers in World War II primarily performed fleet and convoy escort, as well as antisubmarine warfare duties” Oh wait…. Detonations: “We at Wargaming.net believe in fun and engaging gameplay!” Detonations: “Buy this piece of striped cloth and hoist it up the mainmast. It will prevent the unlimited supply of torpedoes in your hull from going off when hit.” Fires: Because how else can a 127mm gun sink a 60,000 ton ship? 33% Skill, 67% Luck. Want to change that? Carry harder and git gud, scrub. “I play World of Warships because it helps me relax.” “I play World of Warships because of the friendly, welcoming and helpful community.” Losing credits? “May I interest you in a premium account, dear sir?” Armor penetration mechanics more Byzantine than organic chemistry Soviet Battleships: The End of the World is Coming