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Found 1 result

  1. I wonder if War-gaming actually listens to suggestions when it comes to make the community better. There are players out there that Stream and provide information as well as make it fun to watch and promote the game. Yet they make CC of people that are boring and more opinionated then hopeful to players. Why? Do they even listen to us who watch these CC on Twitch who enjoy and learn from Stream that are make it fun to watch and learn. I have seen Streamers that I can watch for hours and learn so much. Yet WarGaming does not believe they qualify as a CC because of their game stat or such. Why? If my game playing has improved watching such Streamers, then why cannot they be for others and respected by Wargaming. What do they see or look for that I do not? I look for for fun and entertainment as well as improvement in playing Warships. Example, is I have listen to a Streamer name Grease_monkey_01 do a fantastic job and make it fun to watch and make me want to play more by just being a them self no matter the outcome. I have even learn from them more so then the boring CC that are out there. There are many on Twitch I will not watch because of then boring presentation they came while playing and learn very little. Even at times your own Streamers, Wargaming ,are boring. Get with the times. Streamers do make the game fun, entertaining and educational for new players. Now whether you read this and act on this will be surprising as I have seen you do on other post that has been make as suggestions. Good luck in the future of Wargaming. You have done a fine job so far. Do not [edited] now by not listening of the players. Just blame this of Femennely