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Found 4 results

  1. Seriously, I've been waiting all year for the Haida to come on sale on Canada Day weekend - and nothing. No bundle, no discount, nothing. :( I'm very sad. I'm uninstalling right now! Lol, no. But seriously, it would have been nice if you had given a little thought to your Canadian neighbours. I mean, I'm very certain next weekend is going to feature a metric tonne of bundles and discounts on American stuff for Independence Day weekend, am I right? Little help pls Wargaming? :)
  2. TheDgamesD

    Dasha Captains

    No Italian/Regia Marina Dasha? I'm not mad wargaming, just disappointed and sad. Especially since there's bound to be a line for them eventually, same (possibly) for the Commonwealth. Sure its only premium ships currently but that doesn't mean you couldn't've released one anyway, The Italian Navy is not only my favorite from WW2 from a historical standpoint, but also based on designs/looks. As such it deeply saddens me I wont have a Italian Dasha captain to use on them
  3. Banika


    The in game ensigns for Pan Asian, Commonwealth and the up coming Pan American (I assume) are just symbols with no historic meaning. They are fine for organizing the incumbent ships in the tech tree and premium shop but do not fit on the ships when in play. Please consider updating the in game ships with the current naval ensign, on the rear of the ship, by replacing the likes of the commonwealth flag with the corresponding national ensign. For example, Australia would become , Canada and New Zealand . The same could be done for the others. While this would have no effect on game play it would be very respectful to those nations, and as every other ship in the game fly's a national ensign, even the single ship Polish navy (who coincidentally served with the Royal Navy as did commonwealth ships) it would only be fair.
  4. Today the Australian Government announced the new design for an ASW Escort Frigate for the Royal Australian Navy: the BAE Type 26 GCS has beaten out the FREMM and F100 designs for the contract. Cureently the class is planned to be 9 ships built as ASW specialised Escort ships will be built under with the lead ship to be named HMAS Hunter to be Commissioned in the Mid-2020s as the ANZACs retire. some oddities/fun facts: this "Frigate" is looking to displace 1000 tonnes more than our current Hobart Class Destroyers (as well as being Longer and a wider Beam and a longer range) and 5200 tonnes more than the ANZAC Frigates they will be replacing. Thoughts on the Type 26 beating out FREMM and F100 and the capabilities that each class brought to the table? Or on if ship classifications (Frigate vs Destroyer vs Cruiser) even matter anymore beyond semantics and politics?