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Found 1 result

  1. This isn't a rant, but I've noticed a pattern; lately, there has been a bunch of "Wargaming has insulted me, and my honor. Good day sir!." Types of posts lately. And in the most polite way of saying, I'm thinking, "This isn't a flag stop(train reference); you don't need to announce you want to leave." Then I thought, "Ok, maybe they have a goal I can't see." My thoughts are people do this for a couple of reasons: They want people to convince them to stay. They hope Wargaming notices them. They hope their leaving will start a change. They had some sea salt ice cream and desired everyone else to try it. They are hoping to start a discussion about recent changes. I see it like this; the CC program basically got disbanded. It is still active, but the majority of the big names have left. Wargaming acknowledges this, and I'll paraphrase their announcement, "Ok, it was good working with them, sorry to hear that. Good luck at your next job." So, even people who dedicated a good portion of their free time to seeing Wargaming grow and flourish got a "thank you for your service." But nothing got changed, so then why do people feel the need to announce it? I understand this question seems obvious, and some of you will say, "They will be back in a month." Which they probably will be, cause a single choice isn't forever, unless you request your account to be deleted and burn your chances of reconnecting by doing some dirty deeds done for dirt cheap (Using some cheap hacks you bought from someone shady). I'm not looking to insult anyone for their decision by flinging insults, except saying they are salty. For a couple of good reasons: I don't gain anything by being overly rude to someone. Second, I don't learn anything productive by insulting a person. It is just a game, and making a Yo-Mama joke is childish (but sometimes funny under the right context). From my experience, if you don't like how something is being handled, you make a formal complaint. On the other hand, if the problem is you and not the situation, you politely excuse yourself. For example, if the problem is that part of your city smells like a sewer, contact your local statesman; otherwise, get used to the stench, and avoid the area if possible. I hope you guys can inform me why people behave this way; cause I thought about it, but I don't see anything constructive coming from their announcements to leave the game. Thank you in advance for your much helpful, and insightful opinions.