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Found 8 results

  1. HEYO19191

    Commander Skills

    I've attempted to add a poll to this post. If the poll fails to appear then i will either edit this or comment my question.
  2. Since we have all of these changes coming with commanders, can WG please allow us to change their portraits/names after recruitment or getting them with a ship? At least a portrait change would suffice and would really help when sorting through commanders as opposed to having a bunch with the same portrait/names that are trained to different ships, plus immersion. Anyone else want this? I have for awhile, even for credits or something.
  3. So its been 2 years now since the Pan-European Faction was introduced into the game (which absorbed the old Polish Faction into it). And of course with the Pan-Europe DD Branch being released in-game this previous year. It's not the first time a Multi-National Faction has been added in game of course, but what it's introduction has done is introduce something new: it introduced Individual Naval Officer Ranks and for the various Navies represented within the overall Faction instead of having a single encompassing rank structure for the entire faction. They also included the proper accompanying Naval Officers Uniforms and commanders names for the nations represented (Polish, Swedish, Dutch, etc.) So hence we come to the main subject of the proposal: introduce the same rework for the Pan-Asian Faction Commanders. For those of you who recall when the Pan-Asian Faction was first introduced back in February 2016, at the time it only consisted then of 2 Premium Destroyers: Tier 6 Anshan and Tier 8 Loyang. The commanders appeared and were named as they are now, but their ranks however were in their Chinese translations. When the Pan-Asian Destroyer Line was first introduced that included ships from Siam / Thailand (RTN), Indonesia (TNI-AL) and South Korea (ROKN) along with from both Communist China (PLAN) and Taiwan / Republic of China (ROCN), the commanders rank names were simply changed to their English Translations but their commanders names and portraits remained the same. So here is my main proposal: rework the Pan-Asian Commanders to be similar to how the Pan-European Commanders are. Include those from South Korea, Indonesia and Siam / Thailand along with their correct names, uniform portraits and rank structures (if that's not possible for some, then their closest English translations). Also reintroduce the correct Chinese translations for the ranks of the Chinese Ships Commanders. If they want to take it a step further, also include the correct uniform portraits and rank structure for the PLAN ships commanders. Seeing as how WG has already introduced the standard with Pan-Europe, they can easily do this for Pan-Asia as well as for Pan-America when it gets released and for the Commonwealth when the Indian Navy ships get released and for when others may be released at later dates. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republic_of_China_Navy#Rank_and_rating_insignia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ranks_of_the_People's_Liberation_Army_Navy#Historical_ranks https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republic_of_Korea_Navy#Ranks_and_rates https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indonesian_Navy#Rank_structure https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Thai_Navy#Rank_structure
  4. Hey guys, i just recently came back to the game, and with all these new features i seemed to of lost myself an Optimus Prime Commander but getting it in the container when my reserve was actually full. Is that the end of it? or is there a chance i could get it back? Couldnt seem to find any info about it this morning, so i thought id ask
  5. I'd like you to add a field to the game... call it Player Assigned Commander Name or some such thing. With the upcoming commander skill changes, I could see some quality usage coming from the ability to rename commanders. You may want, for example, to rename them to Commander USN Cruisers. The names would not need to be displayed to other players; this removes any issues about obscenities and the like. It would be just for the player's eyes only. So if they wanted to rename the commander to something like Commander Xrf8s78403 $&*i8759458 Spitune they could. It'd add some personal organizational options for some of us disorganized souls. thanks.
  6. I’m sure this topic has come up before. But I think it would be cool to have the ability to rename our ship commanders In game without modding the Global.mo file
  7. It says he has special skill for the Daring but I can't find what the skills are. Can anyone enlighten me?
  8. In recent weeks I've noticed something odd about my commanders. I have a commander on the Nassau working on 41,000 with 10 points. I have a commander on the Konig also working on 41,000 but only has 8 points. The Konig commander is also farther along in XP than the Nassau commander, so I'm stumped by this.