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Found 27 results

  1. This video explains what each Unique Commanders' improved skills and talents are, and explains how to obtain each Unique Commander.
  2. Hello all. I've been playing World of Warships for a good month now and have successfully grinded up to level 9 in the Japanese battleship tech tree to Izumo. To accelerate the process even more I have invested in Japanese premium ships with the latest one being IJN Atago. Noticed that the Commander that came with Atago was not leveled up yet so I decided to assign and re-train him on IJN Nagato. However, noticed now that he lost his "trained on" specialization on IJN Atago and is instead now trained to command Nagato. Is there any way I can get this commander his "trained on" Atago status back?
  3. Since the removal of his old Unique Italian flag tracers Luigi has been stuck with a tone of red similar to both Halsey and Yamamoto, while captains of other nations get colors more representable of the flag their commander belongs to as well as being more identifiable. Lutjens and Kuznetsov both have deep reds, Phillipe has a deep blue, and so on. So is it possible to see Luigi be given a set of Green tracers? since it calls not only to the green in the Italian flag but also makes it more identifiable at a distance what commander is firing at you, since the shade of red currently used on him is similar if not the same as Yamamoto and Halsey's reds.
  4. I’ll summarize my big portion thought into a small digestible one. Should you only play ranked if you have a maxed out commander, or is any commander lvl sufficient? I ask this because it would seem you would be at a large statistical disadvantage if you go against people who do possess maxed commanders. If the chief isn’t called commander, apologies but I got squadron names on my mind at the moment but I thought I would ask.
  5. Warships community It's in Wargaming's "Clan EULA", section 7 that Wargaming can not "interfere" in clan management. While I can appreciate that they're trying to CYA, even though they could try to do some well meaning actions, it could come back to bite them in the butt. Fair enough. So what happens now when an active clan has a commander that stops playing (either because they don't want to, or because, let's be real here for a moment, they've died). There's nothing the clan can do other than to drop all the players and start a new clan with a new name, because the clans name is still tied up with the inactive commander's account. Because WG can't interfere, they are unable to change the old clan name, unable to boot the commander, unable to demote the commander, they're just plain unable to do anything - even if they wanted to. What I'd like to propose (and I'm sure I won't get it correct the first time), is a system where the clan has the ability to: Remove an inactive Commander after, A pre-set period of inactivity, or, Some period of inactivity the clan sets (pick from a pre-made list, for example, 30, 60, 90, 180 days) Promote an Executive Officer to Commander, Given a majority vote by existing XO's The vote which time's out after, Everyone has voted, or, Some time has expired (7 days?) These terms would be visible to new recruits before they join a clan. Maybe players don't want to join a clan if the Commander can be "afk" for 175 days, pop in for 5 minutes, then take off again for another 142 days. Don't like the terms? Don't be a Clan Commander then. This system gives clans the missing clan management ability to do what Wargaming can't (and frankly won't) do. If they won't help us with this, then we as clan officers need some sort of ability to do it ourselves. There are some fine details to work out, sure, but the meat of the subject is posted between the lines there. It's been six years (Happy Birthday), and I'm shocked frankly, that this hasn't been addressed yet.
  6. This would be similar to RESEARCH BUREAU, and probably shall be "managed" from the same interface/screen - Tech Tree - reset, and also from the Commander page, with his HISTORY, or career steps to current rank. This must be some new, special commander type, that's bound to a branch and keeps history for all ships in that branch. The objective is to complete a CAREER in Navy, taking a Level 0 Commander, and make it progress until Level 19, using all ships in a branch, achieving a progressive amount of Cmdr XP, preferably but not necessarily during a Tech Tree RESET - when you reset a branch, offer to create a "Career Commander" L0 and that player should use this same commanders with all ships re-researched. Probably limited to 1 Career Commander per nation, at least in early stages. Or one per each of ~8 branchs, like CV, BB(BB,BC), CL(CA,CL), DD(DDG, DDT), UB. This "Career Commander" would unlock some nation-specific Talent and "Improved Skill", similar to Legendary captains, but only one, single improved skill and talent. Something as German gets better secondaries, British gets better heal, Russian get longer range, Japanese improve torpedos, so on. No SUPER powers, but a distinctive skill that must be unlocked by playing with all ships in that branch, and only provides the buff to the ships in that branch. So it becomes a requirement to keep a captain's HISTORY, for the ships in the "Career Branch". From the T1 to T10, how much Cmdr XP earned on each ship. The XP requirements for each tier shall be similar to half Cmdr XP, as we have 10 tiers for 19 Commander Levels: T1 > L2, T2 >L4, ..., T10 >L19 (Unlock improved skill) This would be very simple to track, from the "Career Commander" page, showing the achieved XP for each ship/tier in the branch. After the first Career Commander is unlocked with a Branch RESET, it should be possible to create a new Career Commander for each complete branch you own, using the same existing interface to create a commander, except that a Career Commander must be created as L0 and becomes "locked" to a branch - so he keeps XP history for 10 ships! There shall be a cost (Doubloons?) to use this method, and be free, or much cheaper, when creating during a branch reset. These Career Captains must have some distinctive image, either a simple overlay icon, or a different backgroud or uniform color.
  7. So I discovered recently that the Isoroku Yamamoto Kraken heal will only heal "healable" HP (the stuff that you heal via the repair party consumable). Now that's fine in itself, if it wasn't for the fact that it will prevent you from using a regular heal because you've run out of "healable" HP. If your confused, think about it like this: Your HP is a basket of eggs and everytime you get hit, some of them fall out and some of those that fall break. Your heal puts the unbroken ones back in the basket. Now a free heal like the Kuznetzov "I'm about to die" one just adds new eggs to the basket, which still allows you to pick up some of the ones that fell out. On the other hand, Yamamoto's just slowly picks up the non-broken eggs leaving your actual heal with none or very little to pick up, preventing you from using it effectively. I personally think this is a big issue and needs to be fixed. I don't think the reward for a Kraken should be "Congrats, you can't use your heal now!" Here is a replay demonstrating it if you wanna confirm it for yourself: 20211105_200832_PJSB507-Ashitaka_35_NE_north_winter.wowsreplay (Any periods of static camera is probably me typing) Note: If it wasn't obvious, this only affects ships that actually have the repair party consumable.
  8. Hello everyone, greetings from the Warships Legends Community, my name is Victor and I have a question to you all. I think Wargaming didn't changed the game that much, so the Legends may be very close the to Warships. That being said, I would like to ask: "Which is more important on a Commander: the Increase Damage or Increase Penetration?" I'm still on Low tiers like Tier 6 with the Gaede (my fav DD and the thickest caliber Destroyer) and I just choose Erich Bey to increase Concealment, Philippe Auboyneau to increase HE damage and Anton Gurin to increase AP penetration. But, when it comes to Battleships, I really don't know what exactly to do. Or select Ciliax to increase the AP damage or select Jaujard to increase the AP penetration. I hope you can clarify this question for me, as for the new players. By the way, greetings from the Warships Legends Community. Feel free to play with us someday. Peace!
  9. HEYO19191

    Commander Skills

    I've attempted to add a poll to this post. If the poll fails to appear then i will either edit this or comment my question.
  10. What is the best way to increase commander skills? If not all the way to 19, then to 10+
  11. Want a NEW 21 skill commander for your new British yacht, HMS Black Swan? Here is a budget breakdown for you: So you buy a 10pts commander ---in the new world, you can buy a 10-skill Run-of-the-mill commander from WG for 1,500 doubs retire it with doubloons ----100% of experience earned at the cost of 110 experience per 1 doubloon.|| 183,000 / 110 = 1664 Doubloons per 10p Captain use the newly acquired EXP on your legendary commanders Voila, day one 21 pts commander! ----19pts to 21pts: 1,200,000 / 183,000 = 7 (6.55 rounded up) Commanders needed to be Exchanged Win-Win! You pay, WG runs the game! From scratch: 1500 doubloon for 10pts commander 2,700,000 exp needed to reach rank 21 2,700,000/183,000 = 15(14.75rounded up) Commanders needed to be Exchanged. 15* 1664 = 24,960 24960 + 1500 = 26460! Cost: 26460/25,000*35= 37.044 Cost: $37 out of your credit card (Plus 15 organ donor commanders died for your one true master) F2P refer to #10 and #14 of this thread More calculations(Though not as good as mine, but thanks to her, don't know why she is paying so much for his doubloons): If you have credits, 280M gets you from 0 to 21. (and an hour of clicking, recruiting & retiring) If you have doubloons, 22148 doubloons can get you from 19 to 21. ($80 according to some of the my friends below)
  12. Fala, galera! Tudo bem com vocês? Não costumo postar muito aqui no fórum, comecei a acompanhar a uns meses, mas queria tirar uma dúvida e saber da opinião de algum de vocês sobre o reset das habilidades dominadas de um Comandante. Na minha reserva de Comandantes tenho alguns que acabei montando as habilidades equivocadamente para determinados navios ou linhas. Ainda não possuo nenhum com 19 pontos de habilidades, apenas uns 3 ou 4 com 11, 12 e 13 pontos, e gostaria de saber se vale a pena resetar-los com dobrões ou exp de comandante elite + exp livre. Ou se não, se existe eventos da WG que podemos aproveitar e resetar os comandantes a um custo menor. Apesar de não ter nenhum com 19 pontos ainda, juntei um pouco de exp de comandante elite durante o teste de submarinos. Se existir algum material ou tópico que isso foi discutido, peço, se possível, responder com o link
  13. i was reading thosr 2 commanders description and i see we can get more than 2 of each. is it worth? if you run all japanese lines and wants quick leveled commanders, it will be good to have then running on many ships? (without switching ship to ship) i know it is cheaper to get dasha on armory and i will eventually get her on as many countries as i can. those Japanese special commanders are always available? i see when there are AL collab some japanese commanders come along, maybe north american and british too. does anyone get 3 fubuki shirakami or marine houshou? azur lane collab always comes with countainers? 100% chance of getting commanders? i have seen a video where the youtuber got at least 2 kagas and 2 atagos.
  14. Captain_Bob_Ross

    Commander Dasha

    Will y’all kindly bring back commander Dasha, through missions, armory or online store, if not some combination thereof? I was out of the game when she was in it. You folks already have the artwork and other features, and I have some time and a little cash to spend. Thanks for your time.
  15. After getting Friesland, this is one captain I made (with Dutch names): REEEEEEEEEE! His last name is perfect but what if I wanted someone with more facial hair? I'm not going to risk re-rolling. Even if I create a new commander it'll take me forever to get the right combination. Why can't we have World of Tank's system, where you can manually choose from the preset names and image? These two games must use the same engine, so importing it to WoWS should be easy, right?
  16. So, as I wake up to paying attention to my Commanders, should my first priority be to Go 19 Young Man, Go 19? I have a 14. Should I get his butt to 19 as soon as I can, while working on my 10s in the normal course of events? A 19 has 'wealth' to share, n est pas? (Such as...?) And moving tech tree Commanders to Premium ships, then back, gets me "2 Daily Victory" bonuses, I'm told. Is that the limit? If I run the same ship out there 3 times in one day, would I not get 3 such bonuses for the Commander? (Bypassing the issue of loss of bonus XP for the ship.) Thanks.
  17. I have a Captain with 10 points that I'm using for the German cruiser line. Currently on the tier 4 Karlsruhe. I'm new at this. I started with Priority Target and Expert Marksman. I was going to do Superintendent 3rd but there is a line through it with the message "the skill is inefficient with the ship's selected configuration". Most skills I've seen for the German cruisers use SI for the 3rd skill. Should I just ignore that message and continue with SI? Also, was thinking CE for my 4th skill. Please let me know if you have other suggestions to consider. Thanks
  18. SJGUNNER_invader

    Make Jingles Crap Again!

    This Message comes from all of the minions in salt mine so pretend like you read it We demand The Mighty Jingles who is also Rock-star , Horse Thief , Brain Surgeon , Noob Gamer Extraordinaire to be a very very very crap commander in World Of Warships. War-gaming Its a humble request to make jingles as crap as much possible we want him to Call out "Jolly Good Show we sank an enemy aircraft carrier" whenever we sink a destroyer Jingles being a disciplined and boring commander is unacceptable by the salt mines community and if our demands are not fulfilled we will STOP THE SUPPLY OF SALT IN World of WARSHIPS #makejinglescrapagain
  19. Hello guys ¿Does anyone know how can i select the original language for each commander? just like World of Tanks: Mercenaries, for example: Japanese commander speaking Japanese, German speaking German, etc. Hola chicos ¿Alguien sabe como seleccionar el idioma original de cada comandante? justo como World of Tanks: Mercenaries, por ejemplo: Comandantes Japoneses hablando Japonés, Alemanes hablando Alemán, etc.
  20. I would like to Dismiss some of the Captians i have and be able to recoup some of their Captian XP and transfer it to Elite Commander Experience to use towards another existing captian of that same nation. I have all regular tech tree ship with their own captians. I Currently have 90 commander's in reserve and 305 ships of which 106 are premiums or event ships(no captians in them, training tech tree captians). Only 9 Premiums with captians are those that don't currently have a regular tech tree as of yet. Of those 90 reserved captians 15 are rotated in or are available for future ship lines like the up coming French DDs. That leave 67 captian that are good for nothing given some countries have completed Tech Tree such as the USA and IJN( All these ships have 10pt+ captians). I think it would be fair that we should receive some credit for unused captian that will never be use. I would love to get full value for them but 75% would be acceptable. All captian have been earn and worth something. Part of the problem is receiving new captian with premium ship. Hello, we use these ships to train current captians most go unused.
  21. rafael_azuaje

    Commander Victor Znamenskiy

    A few months ago, wows made an event to get a Russian special commander. but I could not participate because of personal problems and I lost it, will there be any way to get it? I'm playing with Russian cruisers and that commander will surely help me a lot.
  22. Hello while I know there is no name your commander feature it would be nice to see the option to add french names to the commanders you get for the Canadian ship in the game. Canada is founded on Canadian dualism meaning that it would be nice to see some French name options for my captain? Thanks
  23. So I have the Alex, Tsar Alex, Dunkirk etc. I have a question on the unique skill/talents of these commanders; Do you actually need to "select" the "+" in the Skill tree to receive the "unique" Skill or is it passive. e.g. Tsar Alex Expert Marksman or are those improved skills passive?
  24. não estou reclamando do Yamamoto e muito menos da colaboração com Alexander Ovechkin, que rendeu a possibilidade de conseguir até 4 comandantes únicos (1 Russo; 1 Americano; 2 Bi-Nacionais[RU-US]), mas eu gostaria de um Segundo Comandante Único Japonês. não estou pedindo por um "Segundo Yamamoto", apenas por um comandante com Habilidades Aprimoradas sem nenhum tipo de "Talento", como os de Yamamoto e William F. Halsey. as skills poderiam ser as mesmas que temos no Yamamoto (PM/EM), mas se forem outras não seria um problemas, desde que elas forem úteis para uma (ou mais) linha(s) japonesas
  25. If you are planning on playing the upcoming Ranked season in a tech tree ship, the retraining sale this weekend is the perfect opportunity to move a high point Commander to your chosen ship(s). Also, if you have an RN DD that you like (thinking Jervis or Lightning) this is a good time to retrain a permanent Commander. Remember that after the RN DDs become available, you cannot swap Commanders freely. Retraining to a new ship is 50% discount (250 Doubloons). Recruiting a brand new Commander to a ship is 80% off (5 Doubloons for a 3-pointer). Everyone else may have already thought of this, but it just occurred to me in the middle of my last battle and I thought it might be good to pass it on.