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Found 61 results

  1. Hi all step 3. Tier 7 and above > are not scenarios tier 6 only ? So no scenarios for this, a nice target rich environment, and fun to do these missions step 4 tier 8 and above? This is even worse! 1 What tier 8 game has carriers? 2 can’t use Cleveland or Atlanta... what ship are we supposed to use? Tier 7 and 6... question # How can we do this ? Any help appreciated, as they indicate you can do the chain in random, co op , scenarios and test, restrict the last 2 very badly as above.. Help! take care jean
  2. George Doe Charles-Henri Honore Bert Dunkirk Vasiliy Vnamensky Reinhard Von Jutland https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/customizations/
  3. I recently got a new ship and commander from twitch prime as well as some crates. I don’t know how to use the crates, or assign the commander to the new ship. Also, assuming I get camis I don’t know how to use those either. THANKS
  4. Help: Master Chief's commander title

    Greetings, Is there a way to change my commander's title? I can change name and the picture. For role-playing purpose, I want to title to be Master Chief/ John 117 instead of "Commodores". Thanks
  5. Ishizuchi commander questions

    Im still working on the commander build for the battecruiser, but I am a bit torn on what to get for my third commander skill. I think I am going to get BoS (Basics of Survivability) to unlock the bottom row of skills. I was thinking of getting IFHE, though I am not sure if I should get IFHE or AFT instead. Also yes I know that CE is important as well, yeah just looking on what I should get for my commander. And if you are wondering what I currently have on my commander I have... 1 PT (Priority Target) 2 PM (Preventive Maintenance) 3 HA (High Alert) 4 EL (Expert Loader) Yeah these skills came with the commander when I somehow earned it so yeah. Anyway any feedback will help~.
  6. Hello Captains! For this week's weekly thought, I'm I have read a lot of you don't like the new name of John Doe for the Seagal replacement commander. So you know what? Give me a better name! Best name might get put into the game as a replacement. American Commander names only, please. Get creative, but not offensive. If you have to ask if this is offensive, it probably is. (TO NOTE: If you don't like this particular Captain or want Seagal back, this ain't the thread for you. Move along, now. Don't be that guy!)
  7. Got one premium day from Planes, one from Ships, and seven from a supercontainer, used all three of the extreme crew bonus paint, called upon Ark Beta and Albany (which I normally hardly use) this weekend in addition to Marblehead, and a lot of bonus stacking...the last 300k was done in the duration of this week, which is 100% daily bonus on weekdays and back to 200% on weekend. Only problem is he's probably in the worst place to reach that rank, but he'll have to provide for others to reach the same place...in that disadvantaged flattop and a few other low-level ships that don't pay well...
  8. So last free re-spec i reset my 19pt Gaede commander. I pulled him from a BB earlier in the line for strict DD'ing. I'd like your suggested commander skill build for the Gaede, as I haven't played the Gaede since reaching it (more or less). I've searched the forum but mostly find people are slamming the ship. I'm at least 40K away from the Maass. Should I just save the commander for the Maass and free xp through the Gaede? Or do you have a strong skill build for the commander that will make playing the Gaede some fun? tiafyc
  9. Long story short, what tier 4 skill should I pick up for my tier VI carrier Ryoujo? Thanks~
  10. Bring Commander to new ship

    I am about to finish my grind for the North Carolina. I have a 12 point Rear admiral with 3 undistributed points. My question is how do I bring him to the NC. What option do I use since I have never done this before? Any help is appreciated!!!
  11. Ok, so I'm wanting some opinions from veterans here about some of the options and why they're chosen. Let's start off by saying everyone in my reserve is getting reset....yay! We can change them as needed down the road... Let's assume a 10pt Captain at the helm. Definitely include caveats such as "with DD's I'll grab Survivability but with BB's I have to grab Superintendant" For me...I'm been neglecting Priority Target for most builds...I'm paranoid I guess! I assume when I see Detected that there's incoming...so I mostly pick Preventive Maintenance. That 30% reduction to my engines/props and main damage modules from being knocked out seems to be a no-brainer. I seem to be in the minority here at the first skill choice (especially when it seems Preventive Maintenance seems to work in synergy so well with Last Stand). Any input here is so helpful! What skills belong together (Expert Rear Gunner and Evasive Maneuver, but was told to drop the last because I couldn't re-strike as fast. Hmm...why not let my CV returns float a bit and give a huge HP bonus as my AA ships and fighters roll in...?) Thanks! <S!> War
  12. Soooo I've got multiple 13-17 point commanders. I recently tried to accelerate their training using the Elite Commander XP and have found ALL of them stuck at 425. No matter how many signals or different types of camo I use or battles survived/won or lost.... none of my commanders will not accumulate any more than 425 Elite Commander XP as shown in lower left of the Commander Skills screen. Every single one if my commanders has no more that 425 Elite Commander XP and will not accumulate any more. So what gives? Someone has to know what's up with that and how to fix it. Thanks Burk
  13. I had fun with the free rental of the Ohotnik. I reassigned my highest-ranking commander from another Russian ship. The rental expired and my best Russian captain has completely disappeared along with the Okhotnik. What's up with this?
  14. I was buying my faragut and selected it without commander (so I could my commander from the nicholas) and then selected to pay the 25 dublons in order to get the 3 points. I didn't notice that when i clicked the naval academy training (to get the three points), my 'without commander' became unchecked, and then I purchased the ship. How do i un-purchase the ship so that I can do it again, the way I want, and without the game undoing my selection???
  15. I just found out that I can use my ARP commanders in standard IJN-line ships. This is great, as I've been mostly just using Takao and transferring her from ship to ship in order to gain points (still not level 19 but slowly getting there) and thus have a bunch of unassigned 10-point Japanese commanders available. I've disabled the ARP skins and Takao is now Isamu Kimura who, having been educated in the US before the war, speaks perfect English while commanding what is now an uncamouflaged Atago. Unfortunately, Haruna, who I transferred to a Myogi as Masao Suzuki still speaks like a Japanese schoolgirl. I've got the audio set to English and have tried setting voiceover to standard and even to Steven Segal but to no avail. Does anyone know how to get a transferred ARP commander to speak English in a standard IJN-line ship? Edit: fix here!
  16. Isn't Hood a premium? Shouldn't I just be able to drop captains in and out, no problem? I do it in all my other premiums....
  17. Future Unique Commanders

    So now that we have 3 unique commanders in the game already, for the US, Japan, and the UK, which historic naval figures may potentially become future unique commanders for any of the other nations that are currently in the game? For the record, you may name as many people as you like, but just keep it relevant to their respective nations and don't think about coming up with potential unique commanders for nations that already have one since I feel like it'll be limited to one unique commander per nation, and it is only fair if we give the other nations a chance and not have an overflow of either US, Japanese, or British captains since wargaming has already implemented them and they probably won't be adding anymore to those nations.
  18. Potential Unique German Commander

    Since we now have both a US and a Japanese unique commander, I suppose the next thing to do is for wargaming to create a unique commander for Germany. Why, you might ask? Well for just one reason as to why: It is one of the most developed tech tree so far in the game, excluding the US and the Japanese tech trees of course, so it only makes sense for one of the more developed nations to get a unique commander as oppose to any of the other nations thus far. But anyway, the German Admiral who I believe should be wargaming's next unique commander is Erich Raeder, as he was the grand admiral of the German Navy from the beginning of World War II, and served in the German Navy from 1894 to 1943, and was the Chief of Staff for Admiral Hipper in 1912 and served alongside him throughout World War I, and even played a major role in the Battle of Jutland with Hipper's battlecruiser force. For that reason, I feel like he would make an excellent choice as a unique commander for Germany, as he played a major role in the naval history of World War II.
  19. I have a Cleveland that's going to be a "keeper" ship with a permanent commander. Right now, it's spec'd out as an AA escort with the following skills: Priority Target (1 pts) Expert Marksman (2 pts) Basic Firing Training (3 pts) Advanced Firing Training (4 pts) total: 10 pts Which additional skills would be useful for this ship? Would you recommend, for instance, Intertial Fuse for HE (4 pts), for instance?
  20. I an 28k exp away from the Nagato, and i just reached 11 points on the Fuso. Am i close enough to make it to 19 points by tier 10? I messed up with my current 3 tier 10s. I'm just wondering if I am ahead, behind, ect. What skill should i reach before tier 8,9?
  21. Commanding battleship Koenig, the Korvennenkapitan Gustav Bohler finally received enough XP to be promoted. I expected a promotion to Fregattenkapitan. He was instead promoted back to Korvettenkapitan and the XP started out as 0/41000. It will take me a long time to advance another commander to this point so I can't yet reproduce it. I did close the game and come back to it the next day, getting the same rank. Is this a bug? Looks like it.
  22. I finally reached my 19 point commander. But I am not sure what it means or does. Can someone explain the benefits and how to use him?
  23. Maximizing commander XP

    I decided that my next goal in wows is to get an elite 19-point commander. The metagamer inside me wants to figure out every single possible way to speed up this task as much as possible. So Here's what I know to do so far: 1. Premium account for +50% (multiplicative) 2. Dragon flag for +333% (additive) 3. Zulu hotel flag for +50% (additive) 4. Restless fire/FTW camo for +250/333% (additive) while available, Then use premium ships with their camo for +50% or standard ship premium camo for +30-100% (additive) 5. Various in-game events for +25%-200% (additive) 6. Equal Speed Charlie London +50% 7. AT flag or military month flag +5% 8. Daily win bonus, move commander between ships for multiple daily bonuses. +50-200% (multiplicative) And there are a couple of things I want to ask for clarification on. As these questions are answered I'll update my post and it will become more of a guide for all other players. 1. Do ship premium camoflages increase commander xp in addition to normal xp? Do standard ship permanent camoflages increase xp in the same way as premium camoflages? Would a T10 ship with permanent camoflage get more or less commander xp than a T8 premium? 2. Do premium ships have any other commander xp bonus besides the +50% listed on their camoflage (would they get their premium bonus on top of that of another special camoflage) 3. Does the base XP bonus unique to the Sims also affect commander XP? 4. Does the Missouri have any special crew training multipliers beyond normal premiums?
  24. I have Steven Seagal as a Captain. I assigned him to my Texas and then also used him on my Arizona to level him up. When I got my Missouri last week (pre patch I placed him on there. Everything seemed okay until patch Now I can't see his Commander XP. It now says "RETRAINING REQUIRED". It also says his specialization is the "New York" just below that. My other commanders all look fine but only Steven Seagul is missing the Commander XP line. This only started today, as of patch When I move him back to my Texas or Arizona he is fine and shows his Commander XP level properly but when I move him back to the Missouri, it says 'RETRAINING REQUIRED.' (sorry not sure how to embed from imgur.)
  25. Just noticed the discount of 1 doubloon per skill point for resetting commander skills was gone and the new system with elite commander exp in place. However my 19 point commanders have the option to redistribute skills greyed out so you can't change them. I hope this is just a bug and that the 19's are locked this way till the next commander skills reset. Good thing I'm happy with the skills I picked.