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  1. I finally reached my 19 point commander. But I am not sure what it means or does. Can someone explain the benefits and how to use him?
  2. Isn't Hood a premium? Shouldn't I just be able to drop captains in and out, no problem? I do it in all my other premiums....
  3. So now that we have 3 unique commanders in the game already, for the US, Japan, and the UK, which historic naval figures may potentially become future unique commanders for any of the other nations that are currently in the game? For the record, you may name as many people as you like, but just keep it relevant to their respective nations and don't think about coming up with potential unique commanders for nations that already have one since I feel like it'll be limited to one unique commander per nation, and it is only fair if we give the other nations a chance and not have an overflow of either US, Japanese, or British captains since wargaming has already implemented them and they probably won't be adding anymore to those nations.
  4. Since we now have both a US and a Japanese unique commander, I suppose the next thing to do is for wargaming to create a unique commander for Germany. Why, you might ask? Well for just one reason as to why: It is one of the most developed tech tree so far in the game, excluding the US and the Japanese tech trees of course, so it only makes sense for one of the more developed nations to get a unique commander as oppose to any of the other nations thus far. But anyway, the German Admiral who I believe should be wargaming's next unique commander is Erich Raeder, as he was the grand admiral of the German Navy from the beginning of World War II, and served in the German Navy from 1894 to 1943, and was the Chief of Staff for Admiral Hipper in 1912 and served alongside him throughout World War I, and even played a major role in the Battle of Jutland with Hipper's battlecruiser force. For that reason, I feel like he would make an excellent choice as a unique commander for Germany, as he played a major role in the naval history of World War II.
  5. I have a Cleveland that's going to be a "keeper" ship with a permanent commander. Right now, it's spec'd out as an AA escort with the following skills: Priority Target (1 pts) Expert Marksman (2 pts) Basic Firing Training (3 pts) Advanced Firing Training (4 pts) total: 10 pts Which additional skills would be useful for this ship? Would you recommend, for instance, Intertial Fuse for HE (4 pts), for instance?
  6. I an 28k exp away from the Nagato, and i just reached 11 points on the Fuso. Am i close enough to make it to 19 points by tier 10? I messed up with my current 3 tier 10s. I'm just wondering if I am ahead, behind, ect. What skill should i reach before tier 8,9?
  7. Commanding battleship Koenig, the Korvennenkapitan Gustav Bohler finally received enough XP to be promoted. I expected a promotion to Fregattenkapitan. He was instead promoted back to Korvettenkapitan and the XP started out as 0/41000. It will take me a long time to advance another commander to this point so I can't yet reproduce it. I did close the game and come back to it the next day, getting the same rank. Is this a bug? Looks like it.
  8. I decided that my next goal in wows is to get an elite 19-point commander. The metagamer inside me wants to figure out every single possible way to speed up this task as much as possible. So Here's what I know to do so far: 1. Premium account for +50% (multiplicative) 2. Dragon flag for +333% (additive) 3. Zulu hotel flag for +50% (additive) 4. Restless fire/FTW camo for +250/333% (additive) while available, Then use premium ships with their camo for +50% or standard ship premium camo for +30-100% (additive) 5. Various in-game events for +25%-200% (additive) 6. Equal Speed Charlie London +50% 7. AT flag or military month flag +5% 8. Daily win bonus, move commander between ships for multiple daily bonuses. +50-200% (multiplicative) And there are a couple of things I want to ask for clarification on. As these questions are answered I'll update my post and it will become more of a guide for all other players. 1. Do ship premium camoflages increase commander xp in addition to normal xp? Do standard ship permanent camoflages increase xp in the same way as premium camoflages? Would a T10 ship with permanent camoflage get more or less commander xp than a T8 premium? 2. Do premium ships have any other commander xp bonus besides the +50% listed on their camoflage (would they get their premium bonus on top of that of another special camoflage) 3. Does the base XP bonus unique to the Sims also affect commander XP? 4. Does the Missouri have any special crew training multipliers beyond normal premiums?
  9. I have Steven Seagal as a Captain. I assigned him to my Texas and then also used him on my Arizona to level him up. When I got my Missouri last week (pre patch I placed him on there. Everything seemed okay until patch Now I can't see his Commander XP. It now says "RETRAINING REQUIRED". It also says his specialization is the "New York" just below that. My other commanders all look fine but only Steven Seagul is missing the Commander XP line. This only started today, as of patch When I move him back to my Texas or Arizona he is fine and shows his Commander XP level properly but when I move him back to the Missouri, it says 'RETRAINING REQUIRED.' (sorry not sure how to embed from imgur.)
  10. Just noticed the discount of 1 doubloon per skill point for resetting commander skills was gone and the new system with elite commander exp in place. However my 19 point commanders have the option to redistribute skills greyed out so you can't change them. I hope this is just a bug and that the 19's are locked this way till the next commander skills reset. Good thing I'm happy with the skills I picked.
  11. Greetings, I'm wondering which second T4 skill I should take for Atlanta. I have PT, LS, BFT, AFT. I'm trying to decide between CE and IFHE for the second option. Thoughts? I don't plan on moving this captain around to other ships.
  12. I have 3 pts left now, but I'm not far away from 4, so a 4pt'r is fine. What do ya'll recommend?
  13. hey all, I am really torn. Should I get APHE on the chapayev? Right now I have radio location. 14% fire chance is cool What about the Mogami? Also, should I get APHE on the benson and/or kiev?
  14. RPF (or, as it's now called, Radio Location) is not OP. It's not something that DDs should be afraid of, or any other ship. But I still think it's a terrible idea given the current game meta, not for what the skill can do, but for the effects the skill will have on an already camptastic high-tier meta. I played the test server extensively and tested out skills and builds with various ship lines, and as I suspected, the RPF skill is not that big a deal for smart players. I'm a DD main, and I'm fine with facing it. Why? Opportunity cost. If someone spends 4 points on RPF, that's 4 points they can't spend elsewhere, weakening their build. Good players have solid instincts for knowing where ships are, where they'll appear, the flow of the game. RPF is useless to those players, and for potatoes, they won't be able to make good use of it and they'll be giving up other valuable skills. For example, with German BBs...if you take RPF, it's going to be a suboptimal build. My German BBs will use a secondary build (for a 19pt capt): Preventive Maintenance, Jack of All Trades, Expert Marksman or high alert (haven't decided yet), Super (for extra charge of heal and hydro), BFT, AFT, and Manual Secondaries. 19 points. You can't get RPF without giving up a needed skill for a secondary build (imo). It's even worse for cruisers and DDs; I've theorycrafted builds for most of my ships and there's no way that RPF doesn't block you from getting a more useful skill, because 4 points. So, why do I think RPF is a mistake and should not be included? Because potatoes. The NA server is campy AF. And it's hard enough to get DDs to go cap. Hell, part of the reason I play mostly DD is because it's so obnoxious to lose games when DDs won't cap and play the objective. So now, you've got this skill that every potato on the server thinks is OP, and every potato DD driver thinks will result in being permaspotted. Which means getting DDs to push up, cap, and spot will become even harder. Getting cruisers to play aggressive will become even harder. People will camp harder. The high-tier meta is already damn near unplayable, and now you're adding a skill which will make everyone BUT battleships afraid to push up...and that might be worth it if most BBs would play more aggressively as a result, but let's be honest, they won't. So everyone will camp in back and t10 will be even more miserable. RPF is not a skill that people should be afraid of, but they are. As a DD main, radar did not ruin my game. I adapted. RPF will not ruin my game. I will adapt. But there are so many DDs who freak out about radar and won't push or cap or scout (you'd think they'd just stop playing DD if they're afraid to go do DD stuff, but that makes too much sense.) I see RPF as being just like radar; it will create more lopsided steamrolls when you have DDs on one side that are smart and push, and DDs on the other side that are like "OMGWTFBBQ THEY HAVE RPF I CAN'T GO CAP BECAUSE THEY'LL KNOW EXACTLY WHERE I AM OMGPANIC!" Those are the games that make me just stop playing for a day or two or three because it's so frustrating. Close, hard fought losses are part of the game. I can get enjoyment out of a loss, if it was a good game. But when I go on a streak and lose t10 game after t10 game where I'm performing at or above server avg level but my teams are terrified to push, that makes the game not fun anymore. Even when it works against the other side (because I acknowledge this will go both ways, it's just extra frustrating when it happens to my team several times in row,) it's still frustrating, because landslide games aren't as fun as tough, hard-fought, intelligently played matches. And I think RPF is going to exacerbate this problem greatly, not because the skill is OP, but because potatoes will overreact to it. TL;DR: We need to rethink RPF. I am disappointed to see that it is being added to the game. If, overall, NA server players were less whiny about change, smarter about learning the actual effects of skills, and less scared of getting their paint scratched, I'd be totally OK with RPF, because I can adapt to it and it weakens my opponents that choose it. But I am very concerned about how many 'bad losses' we'll see because DDs overreact to the existence of RPF and camp instead of capping and/or spotting. Edit to add this note because some people are missing a major point here: I am not arguing that it can come in handy in some scenarios. It's a potato skill because of the opportunity cost, and the fact that taking it prevents you from using those 4 points on other skills. If it was a 1 or 2 point skill, it'd be silly NOT to take it. I'm glad it's a 4-point skill, because it would be unbalanced if someone could have RPF along with all the other useful skills they want.
  15. The Skill Tree is currently a simple and straight forward path to take. Almost everyone within your ship class will be picking from the same set of skills. While there is some diversity there are definite skills that just seem out right bad choices for your class. Personally I would like to see more Trade Off Skills (Positive & Negative): IE: More Turret Rotation Speed but Higher Dispersion, Better Ship / Torpedo Acquisition at the Cost of Higher Detection or the likes. Or Nation Specific Skill Trees / Class Specific Skill Trees: IE: I will never be able to use Air Supremacy as a BB, CL/CA, DD, why is it even available for my Captain, instead give me a Class Specific Super Skill (Which this one is for the CV Line). What do you think about when you see the current Captain System?
  16. Both AFT and BFT provide bonuses to "...main battery guns with a caliber up to and including 139mm and secondary battery guns." So my question is this: do these bonuses apply to all secondary battery guns, or just the secondaries that are within that 139mm caliber range?
  17. I am looking for a reliable site for what skills I should train different commanders with for different ships. I know play style makes a difference as well. Started with the Closed Beta and was off-game for awhile, any suggestions or links for more research than just the wiki are appreciated ty.
  18. So i got a 2nd ARP kongou commander... Probably a known bug. But i will take 2 commanders...
  19. So I am wondering if you got this commander how many skill points would the commander have? 15?
  20. This mod replaces the "Mental Model" captains of all Arpeggio of Blue Steel ships with their Kantai Collection "Fleet Girl" counterparts. Iona is played here by I-401, and the "Unknown" silhouette is replaced by a silhouette of Takao from KanColle. The others should be pretty self-explanatory. No idea if or what I should do for Gunzou or the Dragon Kings. Let me know if you have any ideas! Update: Updated to replace the Stuffed Bear Kirishima, and added Haguro. Update 08/2016: Added Ashigara and Takao, Replaced V1 Myoko and Haguro; they are now in the bonus .zip Update 09/2016: Added Nachi Includes two full sets and bonus portraits of Kongou, Ashigara, Myoko, and Haguro! Samples in the spoiler: Ashigara, Takao, and Nachi will be in the update post down the page. Download V1.3: Link! Download V2.3: Another Link! Download Bonus Portraits: A Third Link!? Instructions: -Extract the "gui" folder and all contents into your World of Warships "res_mods" folder for the current version, e.g. "World_of_Warships\res_mods\"-Replace any original files if asked-Enjoy This mod should function forever, until either the captain portraits format changes, ARP ships go away, or the game is not supported. Just keep moving the folder to the current version of your res_mods folder. Using the bonus portraits: Drop the preferred image in the correct folder, e.g. Games\World_of_Warships\res_mods\\gui\crew_commander\base\Japan ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits:Conversion of images and mod assembly primarily by me, Scourge of Ages. TheSupremeOne34 contributed Takao V2, Ashigara V1, and the new versions of Myoko and Haguro in V1.I own no rights to World of Warships, Arpeggio of Blue Steel, or Kantai Collection.The art assets used are used under fair-use/attribution/please-don't-get-mad, without the permission of their artists. Sorry if you're an artist and feel stepped on! PM me if you have an issue I can fix. Assets used - V1:Kongou, Haruna, Hiei, and Kirishima - drawn by "Hao (Patinnko)"Ashigara, Myoko, Haguro, Nachi - drawn by @nacht_01 on TwitterTakao - drawn by "Kayama Kenji"I-401 - drawn by "Katahira Masashi"Unknown - Takao drawn by "Kayama Kenji" Assets used - V2:Kongou, Haruna, Hiei, and Kirishima - drawn by "Rane (Etsu)"Ashigara - drawn by "Suzumaru"Myoko - drawn by "Takayama Chihiro"Haguro - drawn by "Uro (Uro Zi)"Takao - drawn by @ShirataniConaca on Twitter Nachi - drawn by "Suzumaru"I-401 - drawn by "Ichikawa Feesu"Unknown - Takao drawn by "Kayama Kenji" Bonus assets:Kongou - drawn by "Tea (Nakenashi)"Ashigara - drawn by "Akasaai"Myoko - drawn by "Rokuwata Tomoe"Haguro - drawn by "Betti (Maron)" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anticipated questions/statements and answers: Q: I'd like to use some of these portraits for another mod or purpose. A: Feel free to do so! Please just remember to credit the artists. Q: Where did you find the source images? A: Mostly from, an anime wallpaper site. Also Twitter: check out @nacht_01 and @ShirataniConaca Q: I didn't even know there were other ARP captains in the game! A: Well, the portraits are in the source folder, so they apparently are. The other captains (and more ships!) are coming in future events. No news on when they start in NA, though. Q: I'd like to use an alternate portrait for Kongou, Myoko, or etc. A: Easy! Just go into the mod file, and rename whichever portrait you'd like to either "Kongou" or "Myoko" or whatever is appropriate. You may want to back-up the original first though. Post questions, comments, nitpicks, etc below.
  21. There was a burst of chat in the past few months that sort of faded... almost a wave actually but let's call it a burst... about a complete redo of the commander skills. How about an update WoWS - any idea as to maybe "when" other than the trademark response? Is it even possible you might show us a bit of waterline and toss a preview at us to chew on and chew up? Although every company, especially Apple, believes they know what their customer wants and needs, that's just not true. We're your biggest asset. :-) And you spent tons of real coin to get us here. It's just when you look at some of the existing skills - like Jack of All Trades - you wonder, "what were they thinking?" I'm unaware of who would take that over other skills at that level. By now there are (or should be) at most a couple variations of skills per ship class/type which - if you think about it - makes sense. The skills are supposed to be commander skills but they tie back more to ships than to commanders. By the way... Do you really think a 15pt or above commander moving from one destroyer to another requires retraining at the same cost/rate as a 3pt commander? He IS 15 points after all...been around the block a few times... if you wanna improve the economy, think about encouraging up-tiering commanders by reducing the retraining values once you hit each major point level. Well it's Saturday night in the US of A - enjoy your battles everyone !
  22. Hello there, two questions: Basic firing training works up to 139mm cal of main battery and secondaries. Does the 139mm rule also apply to the secondaries or only the main guns? Which skills do you think are the best for your German battleship commander? Cheerio
  23. I was going through the variety of new French names and (3) portraits when I stumbled upon this combination. So very close! 1st game:
  24. I have a ticket in asking they be reinstated.... but I am curious as to why this happened in the first place. I sold the Nassau. The commander went into dismissal mode for five minutes - as I worked frantically to stop his dismissal. Why could I not call him back to the fleet and stuff him into his new ship, the Kaiser? The message kept saying "reserve was full" but from what I could tell there was room in reserve. Have they never felt it reasonable to presume there was a delay in cutting his orders? If you don't want to fix it so a commander pending dismissal can be placed into one of his nations' ships (logical to me) then how about giving us ten or fifteen minutes so we can determine if there is a way to get around it? Heck, I even dumped another commander from the reserve - but that didn't help because he went into the five minute countdown! Arrgh...
  25. Real quick - in the lower tiers, where new players do not have commanders... do they go into combat against players with commanders? If so, does that seem "unfair"?