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Found 11 results

  1. that_wot_player

    Cruiser captain tweeks

    So I've seen a couple of times that cruiser skills are kinda borked, and I would have to agree. One thing I've seen come up more than others is that there are no more secondary focused cruiser skills anymore. Well, maybe we could drum up some noise and ask for some minor changes to 2 skills to make it more palatable. First, neither of these effects gunnery; they explicitly say reload time, which has nothing to do with the gunners. But this can be changed! We can switch out the "reload speed when an enemy ship is in detectability range" with the Outnumbered perk's main battery dispersion buff, so it would read something like: And to facilitate a brawling incentive, we can add in the Carrier's reduced secondary dispersion buff as a passive effect. This should make the skill a more enticing pick for a secondary focused cruiser build, without changing the whole perk tree. The upgraded perk would look something like: And since we removed the reload buff from the previous skill to replace it with part of this skill, we can add the reload buff in here, so it would then read: I think this would definitely make a secondary built cruiser more valid in other game modes than co op, and increase the diversity of captain builds, without having to remake a whole perk tree. What do you think?
  2. black_hull4

    Raider Skills: KMS Nurnberg

    Nurnberg is something I find more challenging to play, but with the right approach she's absolutely devastating. Last game got me 5 kills AND got Captain Karl Richter promoted to 11 points. Now I'm wondering what to choose for my top skill: Outnumbered or Concealment Expert? As a rule I only play Nurnberg in Operation Aegis & Operation Killer Whale. Targeting convoys is the Kriegsmarine's thing after all. Currently I have Grease the Gears, Swift Fish, DFill the Tubes, and Survivability Expert. Outnumbered could be useful because of the small team size in Scenarios. In KW it's at most 8 against numerous enemies, and in in Aegis it's at most 9 against multiple fleets for the first part of the battle. If I position correctly, I could get my guns reloading 10% faster & increase my speed by 8%. I need speed to dodge BB fire & to close in for a torp attack. And when both rely on a quick extraction, I faster guns means less time for enemy ships to shoot back before I kill them, or at least more damage to farm. Concealment Expert decreases my detection radius by 10% if I'm not firing. This could be helpful when I close in on the different sections of the Aegis convoy. I don't want to be taking damage until I'm in a better position to attack. It could help when escaping from the KW harbor. Does CE also decrease your smoke detection range? If so it means I could move up farther to use hydro when attacking the Aegis convoy. Which should I choose? ♦
  3. For a while now there has been a bug on wowsreplays.net where captain skills don't show up. They used to, but not anymore. In fact, I think it might be a leftover from the Skill Rework. Here are some examples: One does not simply get 11 kills in a Random Battle with an unskilled captain. GG by the way, Sky__Cancer I can also tell you I wasn't derping around in Ranked with an unskilled captain either. Anyone who can edit the code on the replays site, can you go take a look? ♦
  4. For CV commander skills I'm using the following: #1: Air Supremacy (on most carriers) or Improved Engine Boost (the latter on Kaga) #2: Improved Engines (on most carriers) or Torpedo Bomber (the latter on Kaga) For #3 and #4 I consider the following skills to pick from: a) Aircraft Armor (-10% continuous AA damage reduction) b) Survivability Expert (+25 HP per ship tier) c) Enhanced Aircraft Armor (-25% damage reduction from AA shell explosions) So far I've always picked Aircraft Armor or Survivability Expert as skill #3 (open spoiler box for details on how I chose one of the two): As skill #4 I'd then pick Enhanced Aircraft Armor. However after reading a bit more on how flak works, my understanding is that the continuous damage portion is non-dodgeable, but the flak burst portion (which is buffed by Enhanced Aircraft Armor) is. That would indicate to me the following: Survivability Expert might be generally better than Aircraft Armor, because it also helps with a flak burst that the player fails to dodge. So perhaps this should be skill #3 in most (if not all) cases? Perhaps skill #4 should then be Aircraft Armor, since the damage from flak bursts is avoidable (how much would depend on player skills). And finally - assuming that the two points above are more or less correct, should Enhanced Aircraft Armor just be deferred to a later time or perhaps skipped altogether? It would be great, if more experienced CV players could provide some feedback on my thinking about those skills and provide corrections and additional thoughts where necessary.
  5. Right now I have a captain that I run on Gremy-Okhotnik-Leningrad-Kiev. I do that by memory but I know others who keep an Excel file telling them which captains go where. After the Rework this problem of which captains go in what ships will triple in complexity since each captain can be used on three different ship types, which means, with tech tree ships + premiums, you can have something like 9-15 or even more possible ships for each captain. It would enormously help if the captain's name/information box was editable so that you type in ship names or change the captain's name so that it can function as a note or reminder of which ships belong to this captain.
  6. Ok so I finally got 19 points on Yamamoto, and I was wondering what I should spend the last 3 available points on: Basics of Survivability or Vigilance. Personally I'm leaning towards BoS because of all the HE spam and it also reduces the reload of RP, and since the Yamato is pretty much a static playstyle I don't really have to worry getting torped by an undetected DD cause my teammates (no matter how bad they are lol) will default spot it before it even gets close. Also is this the right place in the forums to be asking a question like this. Thanks.
  7. So I was reading through the patch notes for update 0.8.7 and I noticed that in light of the upcoming AA changes, (and changes in the Manual Fire Control for AA Armament Commander skill) they're offering a commander skill reset. However, the wording in the patch notes sounds like you only get this reset if you press the button and choose to participate in this reset. PSA, all of you make sure you activate this. Apparently they're not just going to give it out for free anymore.
  8. I just started grinding the German BB line the other night as something different (I play mostly IJN CA's) and have been reading up on what people take as commander skills, but a lot of it seems outdated. Any recommendations for the current meta?
  9. I've been reading what commander skills people like on their captains (mostly for CL's and CA's) and a majority of people seem to like PT. I've tried both and I've always liked IFA, which seems to make me the odd one out. My reasoning and experience with both are as follows: I tend to be pretty aware of my surroundings, so if the IFA indicator goes off and catches me by surprise it tells me I've missed something and need to take evasive action RIGHT NOW and figure out where the shells came from. Since the game auto-locks on targets, and because larger ships have a longer turret traverse, I found PT a little misleading since I may be targeted by the enemy but may not be under a real threat for another 20-40 seconds if at all. Knowing when the threat is immediate vs not would change how I maneuver. Early in the game IFA tells me when BB's have fired at me from range, allowing me time to dodge the incoming shells AFTER they're already in the air. With PT I might know someone is targeting me, but if I don't know who or where they are I could be turning directly into their path in an attempt to make myself harder to hit. IFA will also let me know shells are coming before I can see them. I see the main asset of PT as telling you when you're about to be focus fired by the enemy. I play a lot of IJN CA's and tend to hunt DD's and fill support roles earlier in the game, and cap late in the game when I can leverage my speed/maneuverability. Therefore, I'm rarely the target of focussed fire from multiple ships, and if I am I'm likely WAY out of position and that's my own fault. In keeping with the previous point, if I'm engaging someone at under 4km or so (the range where IFA stops becoming effective) there's either a big problem/it's a desperation move, or it's a DD away from the herd and I'm more worried about getting a good firing angle and watching for torps. Maybe a dumb reason, but I tend to see the "detected" icon but in the heat of the moment usually miss the numbers beside it when using PT because of the text size and colour, rendering the investment in that commander skill useless. I also have a little routine for myself when I see the IFA indicator, which involves zoom out if I'm scoped in, identify where the shells are coming from, identify their trajectory, and then figure out the best course of action (e.g. single evasive maneuver, it's just a ship I'm targeting already so no problem, I don't have much data on the area of the map they came from and should give it a wide berth, etc). This could be a large part of it. Am I the odd one out here or are there other people that think like me? Do you prefer IFA or PT and why? How does your play style impact your choice?
  10. Given that we can change our Commander Skills around for free, I needed a spreadsheet to keep track of the Skills I wanted to change, and to compare skills between the same ship types. This spreadsheet prints out on 8 1/2" by 11" paper, in Landscape mode. It is self explanatory, and you can put in the information for 7 ships. To the right of the spreadsheet is example logic to count the total Commander Skill Points for a ship, if you check the boxes with an "X". You could copy this below each ship in the spreadsheet if you wish. Edit, color, add or change as you please. Good luck, and good hunting! >this was done in Excel 2016. WOW_CommanderSkills_April2_2019.xlsx
  11. I want to improve my secondaries, and I finally got my Captain trained up to get a T4 skill. Which would you suggest? I'm leading towards the range increase - but I figured I'd rely on the more experienced wisdom of the forums: Manual Fire Control for Secondary (-60% dispersion) Advance Fire Training (+20% range) LittleWhiteMouse recommended both those skills in their MA review - as well "HE Inertia fuse," but no info on what order is suggested as preferred.